The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on B&B
Amber took off to visit her mother in Death Valley. Rick helped convince Kimberly to go home, and Adam, Macy, and Sally bonded as they awaited Kimberly's return. Ridge and Taylor invited Brooke to dinner, and after reluctantly accepting, Brooke asked Pierce to be her date.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, March 29, 1999

If Amber has her baby in Los Angeles and it turns out to be Raymond's, the whole town will know. That's why C.J. suggests Amber have her baby out of town. All hell will break loose if the baby is Raymond's. C.J. mentions Amber visiting her parents in Death Valley, but Amber hasn't seen her mother in over a year. In fact, Amber doesn't even know if her mother still leaves in Death Valley. Amber can't go back there because her mother never wanted her. C.J. thinks it could be different now, maybe her mother has changed. Amber is glad C.J. does not know what it feels like to have someone wish you were never born. Amber fought to get out of Death Valley and she is not going back there.

Macy closes the Insomnia in case Kimberly shows up. Macy continues to blame herself for forcing the issue of reuniting her family. Myles stops by and says he didn't find Kimberly at school. Sally assures Myles that Kimberly will be alright. She just needs time to digest what happened. Myles also blames himself for withholding the truth from his daughter.

Kimberly's friend, Alexis, hides Kimberly's keys to allow time for Rick to get there. Kimberly tells Alexis that as much as she would love to talk to Rick, she knows Rick has other priorities now that he is married. Rick arrives and before Alexis leaves the two in private, give Kimberly her keys. Kimberly explains what she learned about her father's secret life as Rick hugs her and promises to help her through this.

Amber does not want to take the chance of alienating Rick from this baby, but C.J. reminds her she doesn't have much choice. No matter how bad Amber's mother is, she can't be any worse than the Forresters on the warpath, which is exactly what will happen if Amber gives birth to Raymond's baby. Giving birth in Death Valley will give Amber time. If the baby turns out to be Raymond's, Amber could write Rick a letter, live in peace, and have a lawyer handle the divorce. If the child is Rick's, Amber comes home with the child. Amber doesn't think Rick will allow her to have the baby in Death Valley, but C.J. says after Amber gets to her mother's, she can make up an excuse to stay there. Amber isn't even sure her mother still lives in Death Valley. There's one way to find out. Call her. Reluctantly Amber calls her mother who is surprised to her from her. Amber says she is coming to Death Valley for a visit which catches her mother off guard, but says that is fine. After Amber hangs up, C.J. says Amber is all set. This will be the best thing for Amber and her baby.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Amber changes her mind about going to see her mother. Amber feels her mother was only being polite when she said it was ok for Amber to visit. C.J. reminds Amber what the Forresters will do to Amber if she has Raymond's baby. The Forresters would never hurt Amber as much as her mother has, Amber says. Her mind is made up. She is not going to Death Valley.

Sally encourages Adam not to give up hope that Kimberly will be found. Adam has given Kimberly a solid foundation and no matter what kind of pain she is feeling, that foundation will not crumble. Meanwhile, Rick relates a message from Adam to Kimberly. Adam told Rick if he found Kimberly to tell her how much her father loves her. Kimberly is still having a hard time getting over the fact that her father lied to her his whole life. Adam abandoned one family and lied to the other. Rick admits Adam made some mistakes but is trying to make up for them and shouldn't be condemned for them the rest of his life. Kimberly remembers her father had all of Macy's cds and would listen to them over and over again. When Kimberly asked him about why he felt such a longing toward Macy's music, he would just say it reminded him of someone.

Eric stops by Amber's unannounced to tell her he has misjudged her. When Eric first met Amber he felt Amber was only interested in what Rick had to offer her, but now Eric can see that Amber truly loves Rick. Eric also talked to Brooke last night and they both want to be at the hospital when the baby is born. In fact, Brooke wants to be in the delivery room when Amber is having the baby! Amber's son will be a part of the Forrester family and he will always feel loved and supported, Eric says. After Eric leaves, C.J. is convinced Amber can't stay in LA and have the baby. C.J. gets Amber to picture Brooke in the delivery room. That is enough to convince Amber she really has no choice but to leave. Amber wanted Rick to be there when the baby was born, but she just can't take that chance. Now Amber's baby will be born with no one around who cares. Amber is going to Death Valley to have the baby at her mother's.

Rick calls Adam at Insomnia and informs him he found Kimberly and she is alright. Adam wants to talk to his daughter, but Rick says he and Kimberly will just meet him at the Insomnia. Adam is relieved when he sees his daughter and apologizes for hurting her. Sally helps Kimberly by saying after Adam left her, she filed for divorce on grounds of desertion so Adam and Kimberly's mother were legally married. Adam assures Kimberly that he has never stopped loving her and never will.

Amber writes Rick and good-bye letter saying she got a call from her mother who wants to see her. Amber leaves the letter on the table and packs her bags. Before leaving, Amber looks a picture of Rick and bids him good-bye. Amber hopes she is doing the right thing because when she left Death Valley before, she swore she would never go back needing her mother. But Amber does need her mother and has to keep her baby safe. So let's go see grandma...

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

On her way to Death Valley, Amber panics about the choice she is making leaving Rick. Amber is leaving because she is afraid of having the baby in front of Rick and his family. She has to have her baby at her mother's, who Amber hasn't seen in over a year. Amber prays to God to help her through this.

Stephanie brings fresh flowers to the guesthouse when Thorne stops by to talk to Rick. Stephanie notices the letter Amber left for Rick. Thorne mentions Brooke thinks Amber is hiding something while Stephanie says it is time for everyone to put aside their suspicions and support Rick and Amber. Kimberly is still having a hard time dealing with the fallout of learning about her father's other family. Sally relates to Kimberly's hurt assures Kimberly they are here to help her. Kimberly apologizes for her selfish behavior and realizes that when she was growing up, her father was dealing with the pain of losing a wife and child in California while trying to keep his other family together.

Amber stops along the side of the road and remembers the times when her mother, Tawny, would bring men home and not have time for Amber. That pain still cuts very deep with Amber. Tawny never wanted Amber and was always putting her latest fling ahead of her own daughter. Amber gets back in her car and remembers a time when she and her mother were forced to move and Tawny lashing out that she is paying the rest of her life for one mistake, getting pregnant with Amber. Now, Amber knows her mother never wanted her, so how can she go back there? Amber is pregnant and needing help and Tawny is all Amber has.

Kimberly embraces Macy and Sally and wants to get to know them better. Sally says her door is always open. Adam is delighted he has his two beautiful daughters together, and wonders how he can top that as he looks at Sally. Rick comes home to find Stephanie and Thorne. Thorne says he will catch up with Rick next week while Stephanie mentions the note Amber left. After reading the letter, Rick is surprised to learn Amber may be gone a while. Amber arrives at her mothers and starts to back out again, but knows she can't risk having the baby in front of Rick. Amber knocks on her mother's door and when Tawny opens the door, she is shocked to find her pregnant daughter standing there.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

The first ten minutes of B&B was pre-empted today for CBS coverage of the crisis in Kosovo.

After getting over the shock of seeing her estranged daughter again, Tawny wonders what Amber has gotten herself into this time. Tawny concludes Amber has gotten pregnant by a high school drop out that wants nothing to do with the kid. Nothing could be further from the truth, Amber replies. Tawny has hoped Amber would not make the same mistake she had and tells her daughter she will not raise this baby for her. Tawny barely makes enough money to feed herself, much less two more mouths. Amber says she has a husband who loves her and only came here for a place to stay. Tawny doesn't have the heart to turn her daughter away and agrees to let her stay.

Taylor invites Brooke and a date to join she and Ridge for dinner. Brooke's first reaction is no. How could she sit through a dinner with Ridge and Taylor while she is still in recovery mode? Thorne suggests Brooke accept the invitation because if she doesn't, she is sending the message that she is still obsessing over Ridge. Thorne tells Brooke to go on this date and let the world know that she is over Ridge. Thorne admits it will be tough whether it be tonight or next month, but this dinner will be a step toward moving on with her life. Brooke calls Taylor and agrees to join them for dinner tonight at the Cafe Ruse. Thorne encourages Brooke to ask Pierce to be her date.

Tawny hates to see her daughter in this mess since she always wanted to world for Amber. Amber finds that hard to believe especially since Tawny admitted she had wished Amber had never been born. Tawny tries to explain how hard she had it trying to support the two of them after Amber's father left. Amber never felt her mother cared about her, but Tawny says she always loved her daughter. Amber blasts her mother for telling her she was the worst mistake in her life. Amber's life was never the same after that and Amber went so far as to try to kill herself. That is what those words did to Amber and that pain is still very real and for that reason, Amber will never forgive her mother. Now Amber is back and pregnant at the same age Tawny was when she was pregnant with Amber. But Amber is not like her mother. This child will be loved like Amber never was.

Friday, April 2, 1999

When Brooke backs out on tonight's dinner because of work, Ridge accuses her of not being able to handle him with Taylor. Ridge even suggests the tow of them not work together anymore if it's going to cause problems. Brooke admits it is difficult but nixes the idea of she and Ridge not working together. Even though it sounds weird, Taylor wants to be Brooke's friend. Ridge and Brooke are over but Ridge feels Brooke is stagnating. The two of them have got to find a way to forge a new way of looking at each other. Ridge wants Brooke in his life, but can't if Brooke will not look at him differently.

Tawny admits being a sorry excuse for a mother because of what was going on her life, not because of Amber. Tawny never wanted her daughter to grow up and be like her. That's why they always moved because Tawny was constantly looking for something better. The last thing Tawny wanted was for Amber to be a carbon copy of herself.

C.J. informs Raymond that Amber went to have the baby at her mother's. Raymond intends to have a say in his son's life and wants to go to Death Valley. C.J. warns against going because if the kid is Raymond's, he will be the first to know. Besides no one is going to say Amber's baby is Raymond's unless he says something. Raymond knows Tawny and says she is a wildcard. He is sure Tawny will flip when she finds out Amber might be pregnant with his baby. Amber's going to her mothers could wind up blowing up in her face.

Brooke changes her mind when Taylor walks in. After Brooke leaves the office, Ridge says that Brooke did not want to disappoint Taylor. But make no mistake, tonight's dinner will be a major challenge for Brooke.

Amber tells her mother about Rick and the type of family he is from. Tawny is thrilled for her daughter and wishes she could have been there for the wedding but realizes she would not have fit in. Amber describes her wedding but says there is something else Tawny needs to know about her baby. Amber admits that the baby she is carrying might not be her husbands.

Brooke and Pierce arrive first at the Cafe Ruse and Brooke dose ok until she see Ridge walk in with Taylor. As Brooke gets up to leave, Ridge and Taylor join them. Ridge makes a toast to the four of them. He doesn't want the four of them to forget their history, but Ridge hopes they can build on their differences. Brooke reluctantly holds her glass up for a toast to new beginnings.

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