The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on B&B
Macy advised Kimberly to move on from Rick. Brooke spread her suspicions about Amber and Raymond. Amber struggled through childbirth without a midwife, and while she was in a blackout, the baby was born.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on B&B
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Monday April 19, 1999

Brooke tells Ridge that she knows what Amber is hiding, and it has to do with the baby. Although she talked to Sally, Brooke is still searching for answers. It breaks Brooke's heart to see Rick trapped in a marriage while his heart belongs to Kimberly. The hardest thing in life is to be in love with someone and know you can't have them. Are we talking about Rick and Kimberly or Brooke and Ridge?

Sally realizes Brooke is hot on Amber's trail and because of that, C.J. calls Amber to warn her. When C.J. calls Amber, he is surprised to learn she is in labor. C.J. thinks this is perfect because she can have the baby away from Rick and his family. Tawny leaves a message with the midwife, Sarah, saying she needs to come quickly because Amber is in labor. Tawny plays devil's advocate. If this baby is Raymond's, Amber is in a real mess. Amber realizes what's at stake for her and her baby while Tawny asks why Amber even got involved with Raymond. Amber's one-night stand with Raymond could turn out to be a huge mistake. It's Rick's child, Amber yells. It has to be.

Rick is driving home to LA and still finds it hard to believe he is going to be a father. Rick calls Kimberly who invites him to her house to talk.

Later when Rick arrives, he asks himself what he is doing there when his wife is at her mother's having his baby. Kimberly asks Rick inside and admits she can't believe Rick and Amber are having a baby.

Raymond waits by the phone knowing one call could change his whole life. If the baby is his, Raymond is not going to turn his back on him. Sally says that Raymond's one-night stand with Amber was completely irresponsible since they did not use protection. But if the baby is Raymond's, when it comes to trouble, you ain't seen nothing yet. C.J. thinks of everything Rick and Kimberly have been through and if the baby is Raymond's, they will be able to pick up where they left off. Raymond can't sit around and wait any longer so he leaves and takes off to go to Death Valley.

Ridge says Rick and Amber might make a go of it, but Brooke knows Rick doesn't get from Amber what he gets from Kimberly. At least Rick is taking responsibility for his mistake, Ridge says. Brooke admires Rick for that, but when she sees Rick, she see herself. No one knows what it's like to love someone you can't have better than Brooke. Rick will not be able to let go of Kimberly that easy. Rick will love Kimberly for the rest of his life.

Sarah finally calls and says she is on her way but might get delayed because of the brewing windstorm. Amber screams in pain as Tawny tells Sarah to hurry up because Amber is having this baby tonight.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

At Insomnia, Raymond kicks himself for letting C.J. talk him into not going back to Death Valley. C.J. feels it is better if Amber has the baby in peace. That way, if the baby is Raymond's, the distance will buy Amber more time to deal with Rick. C.J. reminds Raymond that he too has a lot at stake in the baby's outcome. If the baby is Raymond's, Amber will not return to LA and C.J. will have lost a friend. Raymond accuses C.J. of wanting the baby to be his so he can have a clear shot at Kimberly. C.J. says this is not about him, but Raymond realizes if the baby is his, Rick and Kimberly are history. C.J. says Rick is not right for Kimberly. When Rick first met Kimberly, he did not tell her about Amber or the baby. C.J. would never allow Kimberly to get hurt. Whatever the outcome, Rick and Kimberly are finished.

Rick didn't know where else to turn so he called Kimberly. Rick says when he was driving back to LA, it hit him that he is about to become a father and that scares him because Rick isn't sure he is ready. Anyone willing to give up what Rick gave up for this child will be a good father, Kimberly assures him. Rick says when he is with Kimberly his problems seem small and far away. He could not have gotten through this without her. No matter what the outcome of Amber's baby, Kimberly promises to always be there for Rick. As the windstorm gathers force outside, Sarah, the midwife, arrives to find Amber's water has broke and her contractions are about eight minutes apart. If all goes well, Amber will have this baby before sunrise, Sarah says.

Sarah has Amber lie down on the bed. Amber notes that Rick and Raymond are not that different while Tawny says you won't have to wait much longer to find out who the father is. Amber doesn't know what she will do if the baby is Raymond's. She hasn't made any plans. Amber does not have any money and no way of supporting herself. The best thing for you to do now is to concentrate on having this baby, Tawny says.

Brooke tells Ridge her feeling is more than a hunch, she knows Amber is hiding something and it has to do with the baby. Brooke is going to the guesthouse to meet Rick and Amber. Rick went to pick up Amber at her mother's, and they should be back by now, Brooke says. And when she gets there, Brooke is going to give Amber the third degree.

Amber has another, stronger contraction and says this is going to be harder than she thought. Amber wishes Rick was with her but she can't risk having Rick in the same room with her as the baby is born. Amber couldn't bear to see Rick's face if the baby is not his. What Amber wants more than anything in the world is for the baby to be Rick's. It won't be long now...

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Back home, Rick looks at a wedding picture of he and Amber. Just one more night apart, he says, and then they can be together as a family. As Amber's contractions get closer together, she wishes Rick was with her. Amber wants to call Rick and tell him she loves him because after the baby is born, she might not be able to do that. Amber calls Rick to tell him she misses and loves him. When Rick asks if everything is ok, Amber says she is fine and will be home tomorrow. Amber has another contraction and tells Rick she has to go. Brooke stops by the guesthouse and is surprised to learn Amber stayed in Death Valley. Rick defends his wife and blasts his mother's suspicions. Macy visits Kimberly who is upset after her visit with Rick. Kimberly tells Macy that Rick came by to talk because he is scared and has no one to turn to. Macy encourages Kimberly to let go of Rick and move on but Kimberly won't hear of it. Kimberly loves Rick and she is not giving up on him.

Kimberly would give anything to set Rick free of what he is going through. If only the baby were not his, which is not impossible, Kimberly says. If Amber's baby were not Rick's, then Rick would have no reason to stay with Amber. Marriage should be based on love not duty. If Rick had not fathered Amber's baby, Kimberly and Rick might have another chance.

Amber tells herself the pain of labor is almost over and then she will know for sure who the father is. Meanwhile, Raymond anxiously awaits to hear from Amber. C.J. calls Amber. Tawny hands the phone to Amber who tells C.J. she will let Raymond know as soon as she has the baby, but she is still in labor. Raymond feels he should be there because he could become a father.

Brooke tells her son that Amber is up to something and he should know about it. Brooke reminds Rick that Sally had something important to say at the wedding beefier Stephanie through her out. Because of that, Brooke concludes that Sally is protecting C.J.. Brooke asks Rick if Amber and C.J. have been close. Rick doesn't like what his mother is implying. Brooke continues to ask if Amber has had an old boyfriend that she has been hanging around or if anyone has tried to tell him something lately. Rick remembers when Raymond tried to tell him something important at Insomnia before they were interrupted by Latisha and Amber. Could it be Raymond? Rick asks.

Amber and Tawny explain to Sarah why a DNA test will not be necessary to determine paternity. Raymond is a great guy, Tawny says, but if this baby is his, Amber will lose her marriage. Amber's contractions are getting closer and says, "this baby has to be Rick's."

Thursday, April 22, 1999

Rick remembers a couple weeks ago when Raymond tried to tell him something at the Insomnia before Amber interrupted. Rick also remembers the night before he and Amber made love, Amber mentioned that Raymond was in town for a gig at Insomnia. Amber wanted Rick to go, they argued, and she never came home that night. Remembering this makes Rick even more confused and Brooke's nagging does not help either. Brooke presses for more information about Amber's involvement with Raymond, but Rick says if his marriage is going to work he has to trust his wife. Then talk to her about that night, Brooke counters. Keep the lines of communication open. Rick says that Amber did not come home until the next morning and had told Rick she was just out late. Brooke realizes Amber may have spent the night with Raymond.

Raymond and C.J. still await on word from Amber. C.J. tells Raymond if the baby is Rick's, he can go back to Atlanta and forget this whole thing. If the baby is his, Raymond and go to Amber without any press or reporters. Either way, it will be over soon. Raymond kicks himself for not using protection that night with Amber.

Amber is in excruciating pain and cries out for Rick. If this baby is not Rick's, Amber doesn't think she will be able to handle it. Sarah tells Amber to start pushing but Amber says she is not ready.

Even though Kimberly went to the wedding and supported Rick, she doesn't feel Rick and Amber belong together. Macy encourages Kimberly to let her feelings for Rick go. Being with him is not an option, Macy says, but Kimberly holds out hope that somehow Amber's baby is not Rick's.

All the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together now and this baby may not be yours, Brooke says. Rick thinks that's insane, but Brooke gets Rick to look at the facts. Amber spent one night with Raymond and the next night with Rick. Rick wants proof the baby might not be his, not theory. Then call Amber, Brooke says, and find out the truth. Brooke just wants Rick's marriage to be based on truth. Amber ran out close to her due date because she is scared. Brooke says that Amber will probably have the baby at her mother's to get away from the spotlight. Brooke is determined to get to the bottom of this and calls Amber at her mother's.

Amber pushes long and hard as the phone is ringing. Amber cries out for the baby to be Rick's. Sarah asks Amber to push harder as the windstorm causes a power outage. Tawny grabs a flashlight as the baby is crowning. Sarah can see the baby's head. Is it Rick's???

Friday, April 23, 1999

Rick admits to Stephanie that his mother is making him crazy with her wild accusations that he might not be the father of Amber's baby. Stephanie says that's Brooke's accusations are serious and wonder what she bases them on. Rick agrees with Brooke that it is weird that Raymond keeps popping up and Raymond has been trying to tell him something. Also, Amber never told Rick that Raymond was at their reception. Stephanie says it is strange Amber went to visit her mother so close to her due date but to jump from that to believing Raymond is the father is a large leap. If Rick buys that then he believes Amber cheated on him. Would she really risk her marriage knowing when the baby is born her marriage could fall apart instantly?

Eric is surprised to hear of Brooke's suspicions and reminds her that they have to support Rick's marriage not try to destroy. Brooke informs Eric of all the pieces fitting together. First Sally interrupting the wedding, then Raymond hanging around trying to tell Rick something important. Whatever the outcome, there will not be a need for a paternity test. If Brooke is right, then Rick and Amber's marriage will be over the minute the baby is born. Amber screams in agony as she pushes her baby out. There is no more waiting. The baby is Rick's! It's Rick's little boy! Tawny says he is beautiful and Amber is ecstatic. She thanks God for giving her a beautiful baby boy. Amber has a son and now she and her son will have a wonderful life. Amber is so happy and wants to call Rick, but she wants to hold him first. But Amber has not heard the baby cry. Amber notices Sarah spanking the baby and Sarah says the baby is not breathing. Sarah performs CPR but that is not helping. Amber pleads for Sarah to make her baby breath.

Considering all the problems she had with her last pregnancy, Taylor can't help but think that something might go wrong with this pregnancy. So many things can go wrong. Ridge reminds her that she has him to support her this time and assures his wife their baby will be born strong and healthy. Taylor can't imagine anything worse than losing your baby.

Rick says he doesn't believe Brooke but he does have some questions. Stephanie warns Rick to not let Brooke inject mistrust into your marriage and if that continues, Rick can kiss his marriage goodbye. Rick says he will not let Brooke interfere. She just wants Rick to erase his marriage to Amber and start over, but Rick is not bailing on his wife and child. Amber tries to save her baby and refuses to believe her baby is stillborn. But there is no hope. Amber's baby is dead.

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