The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on B&B
After testing negative for HIV, Rick decided to give his marriage to Amber another chance. Thorne proposed to Macy. Adam and Sally found a way into the upcoming Forrester showing.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, May 24, 1999

Amber starts to tell Stephanie the whole truth but Rick walks in with his HIV test results. Stephanie lets Rick and Amber have some privacy and joins Eric and Ridge at the mainhouse. Stephanie admits she is disappointed in Amber but also curious because Amber was about to tell her something important before Rick walked in. Eric feels that Rick needs more time to make any decisions regarding his marriage. Rick informs Amber he just had an HIV test. Amber is surprised Rick thinks he got HIV from her and says that she is fine. Rick wants to know how she can be so sure. Teenage girls are now one of the highest risk groups because they don't think they can get it. Amber can't be sure what Raymond's sexual history is and if the baby is infected. Is Rick HIV positive?

Brooke stops by Thorne's looking for Rick. Thorne breaks open the champagne to celebrate Amber being out of Rick's life. In time, Rick will be better off, Brooke says, but he still has to go through annulment proceedings and visitation then back to dating, hopefully with Kimberly. Thorne isn't sure Rick and Kimberly will get back together considering Kimberly just hung out all night with C.J.. Thorne shows Brooke some of his disco moves he and Macy showed the kids at the party tonight. Thorne admits he is lucky to have Macy back in his life.

Rick reveals his test results are negative, and wants Amber and the baby to get tested. Amber is planning on leaving and taking the baby with her since her marriage is over. Rick says it's part his decision if the marriage is over and he has made it...

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Amber wants to tell Rick the whole truth but Rick says he doesn't want to hear it. He is tired of everyone telling him how to fell and has made a decision regarding his future. While Rick does not condone Amber irresponsible behavior with Raymond, the night she spent with him was before Rick and Amber had a commitment. Rick admits if he had know Amber slept with Raymond, he would not have married her, but because Amber gave birth to his son, Rick would have married her as soon as the baby was born. Amber says she just wants to get her life back even if that means living alone. You won't have to be alone, Rick announces.

Macy walks next door to Thorne's, notices two champagne glasses, and concludes Thorne was entertaining. Thorne accuses Macy of being jealous while Macy asks who he was with tonight. Thorne explains that Brooke came over looking for Rick and they celebrated the fact that Amber is out of Rick's life. Thorne admits he does not want to hurt Macy, but unless they take some risks, the only thing they will ever be is next door neighbors. Macy whispers what she'd really like to do to Thorne and he draws her into a hot passionate kiss.

Brooke stops by Stephanie's and notices Rick talking with Amber. Brooke heads over to the pool where a scantly clothed Ridge is swimming. Brooke takes Ridge's towel and admires the scenery when Ridge steps out of the pool. Ridge congratulates Brooke on her detective work concerning Amber. Brooke is happy that Rick will be getting out of that marriage and away from all that responsibility.

Amber is shocked when Rick says that she and the baby are not going anywhere. They have a marriage and a family and Rick has decided he wants things to stay that way. Sure Amber took a chance when she had unprotected sex with Raymond and Rick for that matter, but they made a vow and you don't just say those words and bail when things get rough. Amber tries to tell Rick there is more to the story, but Rick won't hear it. All that matters is doing what's best for Eric. Rick wants them to start fresh and put all the lies behind them. Amber says she can't stay married to Rick if his only reason to stay married is because of the baby. Rick assures Amber that she is more than someone he just cares for and kisses her. Rick wants Amber to promise him there will be no more lies.

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Amber is delighted Rick has decided to stay with her. She admits she will never be comfortable with the baby, but realizes what is best for the baby is to be raised as a Forrester. Amber mentions she needs to make an appointment to get herself and the baby tested for HIV. Tawny warns against having the baby take any kind of blood test.

Brooke thanks Thorne for being such a good friend through all this and heads over to Rick's to bring him home. Brooke is surprised to find Amber and Tawny still there but at least it gives her a chance to work out visitation. Amber relishes the chance to tell Brooke that Rick wants to stay married. Sally and Adam search for a head designer while Macy comes to work with a smile on her face and admits her cheerful mood is because of Thorne. Adam voices his opinion of Thorne but Macy says the Thorne she knows is sensitive and cares deeply for her. Thorne is a big part of Macy's life and Adam is just going to have to get used to it.

Stephanie admits she is not sure how to handle this situation with Rick and Amber. Stephanie agrees with Tawny that what Amber did with Raymond before she was committed to Rick is irrelevant, but if Rick were her son, Stephanie would want Amber out of his life. Then again, Stephanie does not want her feelings about Brooke to color her feelings toward Amber. Taylor says it has to come down to what Rick wants.

Rick confirms that Amber is staying because he wants her as his wife and the mother to his child. Brooke asks her son how he could stay married to a woman that has lied to him for months? If Rick had the kind of feelings for Amber as he does for Kimberly, Brooke could understand this. Brooke asks Rick if he really loves Amber?

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Brooke asks her son if he feels that same way toward Amber as he does for Kimberly. Rick states he never said he didn't love Amber. This baby and Amber are Forresters now and that is how Rick wants it. Amber should have been honest with you, Brooke says, instead she lied and put Rick through nine months of agony. Tawny says that doesn't matter because the baby is Rick's. The point is, Amber had to lie to get into the family. That is not love, that is selfish greed. Brooke says Amber played Rick for a fool and she can't believe Rick would want to spend his entire life with someone like that.

Sally informs C.J. if they are going to put Spectra back in the fashion game, they have got to get a hot designer. C.J. suggests he talk to his father, but Sally says she has already tried that and Clarke nixed the idea of returning to Spectra. Besides, if C.J. talks to Clarke, Sally fears that Clarke will only wind up rejecting his son. Later, C.J. heads over to Forresters and surprises Clarke when he asks his dad for a favor.

Thorne takes Macy out to lunch while Macy is still upset over the way Adam slammed Thorne earlier. Thorne has a plan to change Adam's attitude. Thorne secretly gives the waiter a black pouch. Afterwards, the waiter comes over and tells Thorne and Macy about the great Washington oysters that are today's special.

Rick is adamant about staying married to Amber. Brooke leaves but not without issuing Amber a warning: if there are anymore secrets or lies, Brooke will find them. Now that Rick and Amber have their marriage back on track, Rick suggests Tawny head back home so he and Amber can start their lives together. Tawny is happy Brooke is off Amber's back and that Amber has Rick. Tawny packs and she and Amber say their goodbyes. Tawny reminds her daughter that she has to love this baby because Amber is his mother. The only problem Amber has is their secret about the baby and it is going to stay their secret.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Adam suggest that Spectra share the spotlight with Forrester at the pediatric AIDS benefit. This benefit is just the platform Spectra needs to get back on the map. Sally likes the idea but without a collection or head designer, it ain't gonna happen. Adam tells the benefit chairman, Trevor McEvoy, that Spectra plans on being a part of the benefit with a fashion show of their own. Trevor seems surprised at this because Eric Forrester never mentioned anything about sharing the platform with Spectra. Besides, Spectra does not even have a head designer, Trevor notes. Sally advises Trevor to let her worry about Eric and as far as a head designer goes, Spectra has one. It's Clarke Garrison.

C.J. asks Clarke to rejoin Spectra and help create a new original collection. One that will turn Spectra around. Clarke thinks it is too risky and if the collection is a bust, it would be professional suicide. C.J. blasts his father for turning his back on the family business just so he can have a cushy job at Forrester. C.J. vows that he never wants to see his father again.

Sally admits Clarke is officially still an employee at Forrester, but not for long. Clarke just signed a contract with Spectra, Sally says. Adam needs Trevor's discretion because Spectra does not plan on revealing who their hot new designer is until the fashion show. Trevor starts to decline having Spectra part of the benefit until Adam gives him a check for 50k. Sally and Adam celebrate getting Spectra a part in the AIDS benefit. Now if they can only find a head designer.

Macy is suspicious of Thorne's motives when he forces her to order the oysters at lunch. After the oysters are served, Thorne is surprised when what he is looking for is not in any of Macy's oysters. A man sitting at a table next to Thorne and Macy begins to choke. Thorne performs the Heimlich Maneuver and the man coughs up a diamond ring. This isn't how it was supposed to happen, but Thorne takes the ring and asks Macy to marry him!

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