The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on B&B
Macy put off accepting Thorne's marriage proposal until she could talk to her family. Thorne and Brooke spent an evening together forgetting their troubles. Amber took herself and Little Eric in for HIV tests and panicked when the doctor remarked that Little Eric didn't share his parents' blood types.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, May 31, 1999

Sally and Adam learn that Spectra's designs will be showcased alongside Forrester's designs at the pediatric AIDS foundation showing. Now if Spectra can only get a head designer. Adam believes C.J. will be able to get through to Clarke.

Clarke asks Stephanie to stop by his office where he informs her of C.J.'s offer to return to Spectra and design their fall collection. Clarke says he turned C.J. down but now he is starting to feel guilty. Stephanie thinks Clarke should reconsider the offer because it is a personal dilemma. C.J. needs to know he can count on his father. Clarke realizes that but he can't give up his career because of that. C.J. has seen Adam return and make a commitment to be a good father to Macy, and he has seen Rick make a stand for his baby. Now C.J. is questioning what his own father can do for him. Stephanie reminds Clarke that he is a talented designer who will always have a job in this business as well as a special place in Stephanie's heart. The question is, how much does C.J. really mean to Clarke?

Thorne pops the question in front of a restaurant full of people and Macy says nothing would make her happier than to marry Thorne, but not right now. Macy wants to talk with her family first and doesn't want her family and Thorne's family at war when they marry. Thorne sees this as a rejection and walks out on her.

C.J. returns to Spectra and says his father turned him down. Even though his own father treated him like dirt, C.J. is glad he went over there, because now he knows where he stands. All Clarke can think about is his career and glorious reputation. Clarke surprises C.J. when he drops by Spectra. Clarke apologizes to C.J., and although this plan to save Spectra is a long shot, Clarke has decided to accept C.J.'s offer. C.J. and Sally are thrilled. Clarke notes it feels like old times. It is better than old times, Sally says. With Clarke's creative genius, Adam's financial wizardry, and Sally at the helm handling the publicity, Spectra Fashions is back baby in a big time way!

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Adam and Sally prepare a family dinner when Macy wants to talk to Sally about Thorne. Sally asks her daughter not to spoil their first dinner together as a family by mentioning the Forresters. C.J. and Kimberly arrive and over dinner, Macy expresses how glad she is they can get together like this. If the Spectra family is going to grow, they need to take an interest in each other's lives. Macy starts to mention her news, but Adam announces his news that Spectra will be sharing the stage with Forrester during the fashion show this summer. Adam is thrilled that Spectra is on the verge of a major comeback and will be competing head to head against Forrester, much to Macy's chagrin.

Thorne tells Ridge he asked Macy to marry him but she wants her family's blessings first. Taylor mentions that maybe Macy is not the right woman for Thorne. Brooke stops by Thorne's to talk about Rick and surprised to learn Thorne proposed to Macy. Thorne explains how he proposed to Macy in front of a restaurant full of people and was crushed when she pulled away. Considering Adam's feelings toward the Forresters, Thorne is worried that Macy will listen to Adam. Brooke thinks Macy would be a fool to say no to Thorne. Thorne is an incredible man and not only would Brooke have jumped at his proposal, but she would have felt as if she were the luckiest woman alive.

Macy drops the bomb that Thorne proposed to her. C.J., Kimberly, and Sally give her their support, but Adam has something else to say about it...

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Before Adam can object to Macy marrying Thorne again, Macy makes it clear to her father that she and Thorne have grown up a lot since their previous marriage, and they now have their priorities straight. Adam's biggest concern is that Thorne has hurt Macy before and fears he will do it again. Macy assures Adam that Thorne loves her and will not hurt her. Macy doesn't needs Adam's permission to marry Thorne, but she was at least hoping for her parent's blessings.

Thorne and Brooke enjoy a cocktail on his back patio. Brooke is thankful she can be up-front with Thorne about whatever is on her mind, and not have to worry about being judged. Brooke and Thorne relate to each other in the sense that Brooke had her hopes crushed when she thought Rick would be rid of Amber, while Thorne's hopes were crushed when Macy pulled away after his proposal. It could be worse, Brooke says. They could be alone tonight. Instead they find themselves together and they should make the best of it. C.J. promises Kimberly their family will come together. C.J. wants to get to know Kimberly better and begins by kissing her. Sally admits she has misgivings about Macy marrying Thorne, but if this is what Macy wants, she will support her daughter. Adam also disagrees with Macy's decision, but admires her courage and faith to follow her heart. Adam suggests she take some more time, but Macy assures her father she is not rushing into this. In fact, Macy is sure nothing will ever come between her and Thorne again.

Thorne and Brooke enjoy a skinny dip in the ocean. Afterward, Thorne thanks Brooke for reminding him what is important, and that's living in the moment. Life is not about the uncertainty that lies ahead. It's about the right now, and right now Thorne feels great, thanks to Brooke. Thorne shows is gratitude by taking Brooke in his arms and giving her a hot passionate kiss!

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Amber enjoys lounging by the Forrester pool. This life is just how she pictured it, and it will remain so unless Rick finds out Eric is not their son. Amber can't let that happen. Amber returns to the guesthouse to find Rick searching the internet for information about teens and HIV. Rick informs Amber he made a doctor's appointment today for her and the baby to get tested for HIV. Amber tries to back out of the appointment until Rick says the doctor will not draw blood. There is a new procedure where the doc can test for HIV by analyzing saliva. Amber reconsiders having the baby tested and says to herself as long as the doc does not see the baby's blood, everything is fine.

Brooke tries to put Thorne's kiss out of her mind as Stephanie startles her. Stephanie is surprised to learn Rick forgave Amber, but is impressed by his commitment to the child. Brooke thinks Ricks commitment to Amber is naive while Stephanie feels Amber has learned her lesson. Brooke can interfere with that marriage all she wants, but if Rick is only staying with Amber because of the baby, the marriage will fall apart all on it's own, Steph says. Amber better hope her luck holds, Brooke warns.

After sparing with Brooke, Stephanie heads over to Eric's office to give him the good news that Rick tested negative for HIV. Eric voices his mistrust about Amber and feels that Rick having to deal with HIV tests, marriage, and a baby is too much.

Thorne drops by Brooke's office and they have a laugh over their dip into the ocean. Brooke tries to rationalize the kiss by saying Thorne was just upset about Macy. Both Brooke and Thorne agree that their kiss was a mistake. At the hospital, the doctor reminds Amber that having unprotected sex with multiple partners is quite risky. Amber just wants the test to be over with and freaks when the doc informs her not only will he be testing for HIV, but he will also be performing a newborn screen test in which blood will be drawn. Rick wants to know what Amber's problem is with having the baby's blood drawn and what she so afraid of? Amber says there is nothing she is afraid of because this baby's blood is not going to be drawn.

Friday, June 4, 1999

Amber stalls the doctor from taking the baby's blood until he mentions the tests are required by law. Amber's doctor is suspicious about why Amber is so opposed to blood being drawn. Amber calls her mother and says she is in trouble. Tawny tries to get Amber to relax to no avail. If this doctor finds out the baby is not hers, then Amber's marriage is over.

Thorne remembers his kiss with Brooke when Macy calls and says she wants to talk in person. Macy is headed over to Thonre's office to give him an answer to his proposal. Brooke stops by Thorne's office and Thorne says he thinks Macy is using her father as excuse for not being ready. Thorne knows what he wants and is tired of waiting. Brooke says if Macy were smart, she wouldn't let Thorne slip through her fingers.

Rick bumps into Kimberly at the hospital and informs her he is there for Amber and the baby. Rick dismisses Kimberly's notion that if Amber had not lied about her pregnancy, they would not be married today. Rick says because the baby turned out to be his, he would have married Amber after the baby was born. Kimberly feels Amber isn't good enough for Rick and someday he will know it.

Brooke feels their kiss was natural considering how long they have been friends. If they had made love, it would have been different. Thorne says he will get over the kiss, but admits that he has thought about making love to Brooke. Things heat up in Thorne's office as Thorne props Brooke up on his desk and starts having his way with her. Macy is shocked when she walks in!

Rick and Amber are relieved when the HIV test results come back negative for Amber and the baby. The doc considers Amber lucky and informs her they did preliminary blood typing of the baby's blood. Amber hears something she has dreaded when the doc says it turns out the baby's blood type does not match Rick's nor Amber's.

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