The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on B&B
As Amber and Rick worked on their issues, Tawny juggled to keep Becky from learning the truth about her baby. The Spectras and Forresters' fashion rivalry continued, but Macy set out to create harmony between the families. Taylor's ultrasound got off to a troubling start.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, June 14, 1999

Tawny can't believe what a fool she was to forget about those pictures of baby Eric. Becky knows about the birthmark and if she sees those pictures she will realize that Eric is really her baby. Becky is trying to accept losing her baby, and her mother wants her to look at Amber's pictures of Amber's baby to help her. Tawny calls as Becky is starting to look at the pictures. Tawny tells Tilley not to go to the trouble, but Tilley says she doesn't mind. Besides, it will be good for Becky. Tawny hangs up and decides in order to stop Becky from looking at those pictures, she is going to have to go there. Tawny gets Kimberly to watch the baby as she heads home.

Amber thanks the party goers for coming and Thorne presents Rick with a surfboard as a graduation present. Amber plants a big kiss on Rick in front of everyone. Brooke makes innuendos to Thorne as he and Macy are leaving.

Tawny calls Sarah from the car and fills her in. Tawny orders Sarah to get over to her trailer ASAP and stop Becky from looking at those pictures. Tilley continues to glance at Tawny's pictures and remarks at Little Eric's big blue eyes. Becky remembers her baby had blue eyes also. Sarah arrives and insists Becky leave with her for a checkup. Becky says she feels fine, but asks Sarah if she knows if her baby ever got adopted.

Rick comes home and finds Kimberly holding his baby. The lovestruck teens seem at a lost for words at the oddity of Kimberly holding the baby that has kept them apart. Amber is happy her party brought the Forresters together, but Ridge belittles her in front of the family. Amber joins Rick at home and he admits he was blown away by her party. Amber reminds Rick that he is worth it and this party was just Amber's way of showing him how much she cares. For the first time, Amber feels their marriage is going to hold up.

Sarah tells Becky that her baby is being raised by a loving family. Becky admits she has been thinking about her baby a lot. Tilley comes across a cute picture of a naked Eric with his birthmark showing, and starts to show the picture to Becky as Sarah tries to stop her. Becky reminds Sarah she is trying to move on and if she can't be a good mother, she will at least be a good cousin. Tilley is just about to hand Becky the picture as Tawny barges in and tells them to hold it right there!

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Amber feels wiped out after the party, but is glad she made some progress with Rick's family. Rick changes the baby's diaper, notices his birthmark, and wants to take a picture of the baby showing off the birthmark. Amber realizes her mother left her camera and wonders why Tawny took off in such a hurry.

C.J. brings Kimberly back to Macy's for some privacy. While glancing up at the stars on the back patio, C.J. tries to make a move on Kimberly, but she can't help but wonder why Tawny left the party so abruptly.

Tawny walks into her trailer and stops Becky from looking at the picture of Eric with the birthmark. Tilley and Becky want to hear about the party but Tawny brushes them off claiming she is tired and wants to be left alone. Tawny tries to dismiss Sarah, but she isn't going anywhere until Tawny tells her what's going on. Sarah fears their secret is going to come out eventually, so why not do the right thing and tell Becky the truth. Tawny won't hear of that and is determined not to let Becky find out. Sarah reminds Tawny that what they did is illegal and if this became public, her career as a midwife would be over. If Sarah is worried about her career, then keep your mouth shut, Tawny advises. Only the two of them and Amber know the truth and that is something the three of them will take to their grave.

Kimberly gets caught up in C.J.'s kiss by thinking she is kissing Rick. When she realizes she is kissing C.J., she takes off. Amber is happy her problems are behind her and wants she and Rick to start focusing on each other and their baby. Rick reminds Amber he is to find a job and try to get into college.

Sarah fears if Becky finds out the truth she could sue for custody, but Tawny says nothing is going to change the fact that Eric is a Forrester. Amber calls Tawny and asks why she left so suddenly. Tawny makes up an excuse and doesn't tell her the real reason. Sarah feels that Tawny should tell Amber what almost happened, but Tawny is determined to handle this herself. Tawny is going to make sure Amber stays a Forrester for the rest of her life and rips up the picture of Eric's birthmark.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

With the fall showing creeping up, Adam hopes Clarke's designs will be ready. Sally has all the confidence in the world that Clarke will put out a magnificent collection. Adam likes Sally's passion and tells her that is what attracted her to him in the first place. With things going well at Spectra, Adam suggests a little afternoon delight, but Sally quickly nixes that idea. Sally mentions that the showing is going to wreak havoc for Macy who is marrying into the enemy camp. Adam wants to wait and tell Macy until just before the showing, but Sally does not want to lie to her daughter. Adam reminds Sally if they tell Macy that Spectra is going to share the runway with Forrester, she will tell Thorne, and Spectra can't take that chance. But if they wait and tell Macy, then her marriage to Thorne will start out with major complications, Sally counters. Adam feels that if Macy and Thorne can not weather this, then maybe their relationship is not meant to be.

Ridge pumps Brooke for information about her mystery man. Brooke says it's an impossible situation because he is getting married, so why tell Ridge who he is? If Brooke feelings for this man are real, Ridge suggest she go after him.

Macy enlists Taylor's help in accomplishing her new goal: to unite the Forrester family. Taylor agrees to help and hopes they have as much luck as Macy did with her own family. At least there is no one trying to drive Thorne and her apart, Macy says. Even with her marriage to Thorne, that still is not going to call a truce between the Spectras and the Forresters. The only way to diffuse the tension between the two hated rivals is to sit them down at a restaurant and have them talk out their differences, Taylor says. Macy would love to have the tension gone, but thinks it will take more than a dinner to quiet this rivalry.

Ridge grills Thorne for info about Brooke's new man but Thorne acts like he doesn't know a thing. Later, Thorne stops by Brooke's office and informs her whatever is going on between them is not going to happen. Even if Macy were not involved, it would be a bad idea considering Brooke's history with Ridge and Eric. Imagine the look on Stephanie's face if she realized Brooke was involved with yet another Forrester man. Brooke agrees to drop whatever is going on. Thorne accidentally knocks something over and they both go to pick it up at the same time. Their eyes catch each other as Macy calls. Macy tells Thorne that they can't start their marriage with their parents at war and suggests they have dinner tonight with both parents. Thorne agrees to ask his parents and after he hangs up, wants to discuss what happened with Brooke. Brooke says whatever happened is over.

Macy calls and invites her parents to dinner at the Cafe Ruse tonight and warns them the Forresters will be there. Adam reminds Sally that if they dine with the Forresters, they have to be careful because if one hint of what Adam and Sally are planning gets out, it could ruin Spectra for good. Macy tells Taylor this could be a new beginning for the families or it could be the start of WWIII.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Eric wants no part in a evening with Sally and Adam. Thorne and Macy need to accept the fact that their parents don't get along. Stephanie is willing to try to have a pleasant evening for Macy's sake. Thorne finally has that gleam back in his eye which Stephanie attributes to Macy, and if this dinner is all Macy is asking in return, then Stephanie has no problem spending a couple hours with Sally and Adam.

Adam is not happy either about the idea of this dinner, but Sally gets him to change his mind. This may be their only chance to form a civilized relationship with Eric and Stephanie. Sally reminds Adam to keep a lid on their part in the showing. Sally plans to tell Macy after this dinner. Adam starts gets ready for the evening and begins to change in front of Sally which makes her a little hot under the collar.

Brooke fantasizes about making love with Thorne. Things would have been different if they had recognized each other only a month ago. Brooke tries to get thoughts of Thorne out of her mind and pictures Stephanie's reaction, but she just can't seem to stop thinking about making love to Thorne. Ridge takes Taylor to the hospital where she is about to have an ultrasound. Ridge thinks she is pregnant with a boy, while Taylor thinks it's a girl. Considering how her pregnancy with Thomas went, Taylor just hopes this baby is healthy.

Macy hopes this dinner tonight is the start of something wonderful. Eric and Stephanie arrive and then Adam and Sally. Macy is happy all of them could make it and admits the real reason she asked them to join her and Thorne is in hope that each of them can put aside all the animosity between them. Sally knows Macy's marriage is headed for trouble when Thorne and Macy announce their plan to marry the day after the Forrester showing!

Friday, June 18, 1999

At dinner, Macy mentions that she likes the idea of the Forrester fashion show being a pediatric AIDS benefit. Adam almost lets is slip about Spectra's involvement, but Sally excuses herself and Adam. Privately, Sally reminds Adam to keep a lid on Spectra's part in the showing. Sally fears once Macy learns that Spectra will be sharing the stage with Forrester, she will be furious with her and her relationship with Thorne will deteriorate. Adam thinks Thorne and Macy will just have to postpone their wedding until things settle down. Sally says Macy will not let business come before Thorne while Adam says if Thorne puts family pride before Macy, then maybe he should lose her.

Eric asks Macy about Spectra's fall showing and things get testy when Eric says it wasn't too long ago that Spectra stole some designs from Forrester and pasted them off as their own. Macy advises Eric that he will not have to worry about anything like that ever happening again. Sally will tell you the same thing, Macy says.

Taylor is feeling much more movement than she did when she was pregnant with Thomas. Taylor is scared there might be something wrong. The doctor performs an ultrasound and hears a heartbeat, but then something goes wrong and the doc does not like what he hears.

Adam and Sally return to the table and Eric questions Adam about Spectra's fall showing. It's a surprise, Adam says. How will people know about it if it is a surprise? Eric wonders. Macy acknowledges that the relationship between the Forresters and Spectras is improving. Rick and C.J. are best friends while Stephanie is the one who encouraged Clarke to rejoin Spectra. Thorne is not asking for them to kiss and make up, but would like to see a cease fire. Sally notices Trevor McEvoy, the director of the pediatric AIDS foundation, walk in and she and Adam try to slip out. It's too late. Trevor has spotted the them and comes over to say hello. Eric introduces Trevor to Adam and Sally but Trevor says he has already met them. Trevor hands Stephanie the invitation to the showing and Stephanie is shocked to read Forrester sharing top billing with Spectra! Stephanie asked Sally what the hell is going on. Let the fireworks begin...

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