The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on B&B
Rick and Amber went on a double date with C.J. and Kimberly. Brooke declared her newfound love for Thorne. Becky decided to visit Amber and the new baby. Ridge and Taylor learned they were having twins.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, June 21, 1999

C.J. is worried about his mother having dinner with the enemy and gives Kimberly a lesson on the Forrester/Spectra rivalry. C.J. informs Kimberly that Eric and Stephanie have always looked down on Sally because she used Forrester knock offs. But she had too. That was her only way to survive.

Kimberly is surprised to hear that the first time Thorne proposed to Macy, he didn't realize she was a Spectra and when he found out he dumped her. "You Bitch!" Stephanie is livid when she learns Spectra has finagled a way to share the spotlight at the Pediatric AIDS benefit. Eric is not going to let this happen and is glad he found out in time. Sally wants to talk it out rationally, but Eric issues a warning for those scheming Spectras: either back out or we'll sue!

Taylor and Ridge get the most joyful news. Taylor is pregnant with twin girls. Ridge and Taylor are delighted, but are also concerned because twins have a higher rate of miscarriage. The doctor assures Taylor that she is far enough along to where most of the risk with twins is behind them.

Macy is devastated her parents would try to pull off a scheme like this knowing she is about to marry into the Forrester family. Adam reminds his daughter that the Forresters will always try to keep them down. Stephanie accuses Sally and Adam of stealing the Forrester name while Thorne suggests the fashion rivals have two different showings.

Kimberly is sure that Thorne and Macy's love is strong enough to survive this crisis, but C.J. feels the problems between the two feuding families will just keep getting bigger.

Thorne wants to talk this problem out like adults but Eric and Stephanie have heard enough. Sally gets a few more insults thrown in as Stephanie tells Macy she doesn't to see her parents ever again. Alone, Thorne assures Macy he will not let anything come between them.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Sally walks into the office reveling in Stephanie's unhappiness and Clarke is furious when he learns Spectra will share the stage with Forrester. If Clarke knew this before leaving Forrester, he never would have left. Now Eric and Stephanie will think he stabbed them in the back. Adam considers this an opportunity of a lifetime for Clarke to go head to head with Eric and Ridge. Clarke wants out of Spectra, but Sally says if Clarke can come up with a brilliant collection, people will talk about it for generations and the Forrester dynasty will go up in smoke.

Brooke is shocked to learn Spectra will be sharing the runway with Forrester and is not going to let it harpen. "It's too late," Stephanie says. The press release and invitations have already been sent out. Brooke thinks Clarke knew about this and that is why he left Forrester.

Thorne and Macy begin to retire to the bedroom when Brooke pounds on the door. Thorne answers the door and Brooke immediately starts to rag on Spectra. Brooke can't understand why Thorne is even involved with that piece of trash family. Not one to stand back and let Brooke walk all over her family's name, Macy comes thisclose from slapping Brooke! Stephanie can't believe Clarke would use his own son to pull a stunt like this. Eager to clear the air, Clarke calls Eric and Stephanie to apologize and let them know he had know idea Sally and Adam were planning this. Eric and Stephanie don't buy Clarke's excuse. Stephanie informs Clarke to use everything they taught him at Forrester and turn that into a brilliant collection. Clarke will still have to look at himself in the mirror. Before Clarke gets a chance to explain, Stephanie tells him to go to hell. Clarke is crushed. Adam encourages Clarke to use that anger and make Eric and Stephanie pay for their arrogance. Their days of treating us like dirt are over, Sally says.

Macy informs Brooke she had no idea her parents were planning this stunt. Brooke doesn't buy Macy's innocent act and bans Macy from Forrester. Macy is surprised Brooke has even had time to run the company considering the amount of time she has spent chasing after Ridge. Brooke tells Macy that Thorne is too good of a man for her and storms out.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

At Forrester, Thorne blasts Brooke for verbally decimating Macy and thinks Brooke is upset at Macy for personal reasons. Brooke feels Thorne is wearing blinders on when it comes to Macy and doesn't buy Macy's little Miss Innocent act. Thorne announces that he and Macy have set a wedding date. It's the day after the fasion show. After all, why wait? Brooke can think of a few reasons.

Macy is livid at Brooke and at her parents for keeping Spectra's part in the showing a secret. Macy feels that her parents lied their way into the showing while Adam reminds Macy that Brooke isn't innocent either. Besides, Brooke knows this is just about business, isn't it? Macy informs Sally and Adam about her run in with Brooke and can't believe some of the things that came out of Brooke's mouth. No one has ever talked to her like that before and Macy is not going to forget it.

Taylor is surprised that Ridge is not more angry after learning about Spectra's plot. Ridge has his reasons for not blowing up, namely Taylor and the twins. Taylor can't wait to tell Stephanie the news, but wonders how Brooke will react. The news that Taylor is pregnant with twins maybe just what Brooke needs to move on with her life.

Sally wonders what Brooke was doing at Thorne's in the first place while Macy feels Brooke is on a power trip and needs to be brought down a notch. That's what we are planning on doing, Sally says. Meanwhile, Brooke invites Thorne to her place tonight for a business dinner.

Later, Brooke heads over to Ridge's office to talk business and can't help but notice how happy and connected Ridge and Taylor are. Taylor tracks down Thorne in Brooke's office and asks him if he knows anything about this guy she has been seeing. Thorne says the timing is all wrong for Brooke and this guy, but she is a phenomenal woman, and Thorne hopes Brooke can find someone to make her happy. After Taylor leaves, Ridge drops the bomb that Taylor is expecting twins. The news catches Brooke off guard. Taylor's pregnancy just may be the final nail in the coffin for Brooke and make her even more determined to steal Thorne from Macy.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Ridge consoles Brooke after informing her of the news about Taylor's pregnancy. Brooke admits there is something else that is bothering her. It's about this guy she has been seeing. Ridge asks who he is, but all Brooke says is she is having a hard time juggling problems at work and at home. Ridge encourages her to lean on her friends, including Thorne. Brooke needs more than friends. She needs a man, and hasn't has one since she was with Ridge. Go for it, advises Ridge. If this other woman is the one who this man wants to be with, he will marry her.

Sarah stops by Tawny's who reminds her that the plan is never to let Becky get near Amber. Sarah says Becky remembered the birthmark which makes Tawny all the more determined to keep Becky away from Amber and that baby. Tawny just wants a good life for her daughter and Amber has that. She is married to a man who loves and respects her and that is more than either Tawny or Sarah ever had. Becky's father, Joe comes by and says that Becky has been feeling low lately and it would do her good to get out of town and see something different. Joe wants Tawny to invite Becky to go to LA for a couple days and visit Amber.

C.J. mentions how lucky Amber got when the baby turned out to be Rick's, but Amber quickly drops any talk about the baby not being Rick's. Since C.J. and Kimberly are getting closer, Amber suggest the four of them go out on a double date. C.J. wonders if Rick would be ok with this and Amber assures C.J. that Rick is totally into their marriage and a night out with C.J. and Kimberly will prove it. Amber promises C.J. that she and Rick will live happily ever after.

Joe is sure getting out of town for a couple days will be the best thing for Becky, but Tawny tries to talk Joe out of it. Amber and Becky have never been the best of friends, Tawny says, and besides, Becky needs to concentrate on going to school and getting a career. Joe asks Tawny why she is trying to blow him off.

Thorne calls Macy and tells her he has a business dinner tonight and will be home late. After hanging up, Thorne asks himself why he didn't tell Macy the meeting is with Brooke. Thorne arrives at Brooke's who looks stunning. After talking business, Thorne decides against staying for dinner. Brooke mentions Bridget is spending the night with a friend and Rick is helping out at Forrester so she will be alone tonight. Thorne reconsiders and decides to stay for dinner.

Tawny tells Joe that Becky is all wrong for LA and she is not letting Becky visit Amber. Backy walks in with her bags packed and Tawny tells her she is not going to LA because the timing is all wrong. Becky is determined to go to LA and she is leaving tonight.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Rick agrees to the double date so he can make sure C.J. is not taking advantage of Kimberly. Rick hopes his interest in Kimberly doesn't cause Amber to be uncomfortable, but Amber says she is not bothered by that. Rick and Amber get Megan to babysit.

Becky is ready to go and starts to call Amber when Tawny snatches the phone from her and advises her to leave Amber alone. Joe wants to know what Tawny's problem is, but Tawny says Amber does not have time to entertain her cousin. All the more reason for me to go, Becky says, to help Amber out. Joe says his daughter just gave up her first born child and needs a vacation, but Tawny is adamant about Becky not going. Joe says he won't forget how Tawny treated her own family.

Brooke and Thorne enjoy a nice dinner when Brooke admits that she is a different person when she's with Thorne. It's because you are free to be yourself, Thorne says and comments on how beautiful Brooke looks. Thorne thinks it is amazing how Brooke has two teenage kids, is CEO of Forrester, and still has so much energy everyday. You make me feel like it is all worth it, Brooke says. No one has made Brooke feel this wonderful and she can't ignore that anymore. Brooke tells Thorne that he brings out her confidence and she is only that way when she is around him. Brooke is falling for Thorne.

C.J. and Kimberly join Rick and Amber at Mannequins. Rick comments on how nice it is to see Kimberly...

Tawny is determined not to let Becky go to LA and get near Amber. If Becky saw that birthmark Amber's goose would be cooked! Back in her own trailer, Becky calls Amber and is surprised when Megan answers and says Rick and Amber stepped out for the evening. Becky can't believe Amber would leave her baby with someone from work. Becky could do that job, and she's family! Becky is leaving for LA. It's time she met her cousin's beautiful baby boy.

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