The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on B&B
The pregnant Taylor learned that she'd been exposed to tuberculosis. While Amber and Tawny busied themselves with keeping Becky away from the baby, Kimberly and Rick spent time together. At Big Bear, Stephanie discovered Brooke's romantic liaison with Thorne, and in a rage, Stephanie attacked Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on B&B
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Monday August 2, 1999

Brooke plans a rendezvous with Thorne at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear. An unseen Stephanie overhears Brooke's plans and decides to stop her. As Stephanie drives to Big Bear, she remembers all the times Brooke has taken from her family. Stephanie is determined to stop Brooke from hurting her family again.

Taylor is shocked to learn the homeless man, George, died of tuberculosis and fears she may have contracted the disease. Ridge rushes Taylor to the hospital where the doctor explains the possibilities Taylor has contracted the disease. Taylor fears for her unborn babies while the doctor assures her most people respond to the drugs given for TB. The ones who don't respond though, are at great risk for dying. Taylor will know if she has tuberculosis within 48 hours.

Megan informs Thorne that Brooke is waiting for him at Big Bear. Thorne calls Brooke at the cabin and tells her he can't make it tonight. In fact, it's never going to work out between them. Thorne warns Brooke that Stephanie is on the warpath and warns her to stay up at Big Bear for a couple days until things cool down. Brooke agrees to stay for a few days, but hopes Thorne shows up.

The longer Stephanie drives, the more incensed she becomes. Steph remembers how Brooke ruined his life with Caroline, and nearly destroyed his marriage to Taylor, not to mention sleeping with Eric. Stephanie call Eric from her cell phone and admits she has been thinking a lot lately about the time they were married. Stephanie tells Eric she loves him and she has never stopped loving him. Amidst the pouring rain, Stephanie arrives at the cabin. Brooke assumes it's Thorne when she hears a knock on the door, but is shocked to find Stephanie!

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Stephanie stands in the pouring rain demanding Brooke open the door. Brooke locks the door and tells Stephanie to calm down before she lets her in. Brooke has never seen the Queen this upset and grabs her purse to leave. Brooke thinks she hears Stephanie enter through the back door and when Brooke opens the front door, Stephanie is standing there.

Thorne tries to reach his mother on her cell phone. Megan offers to find Stephanie if Thorne wants to meet Brooke at Big Bear. Megan admits Brooke confided in her about her involvement with Thorne. For what it's worth, Megan says Brooke's feelings for Thorne are different than her feelings for Ridge. With Ridge, Brooke always seemed desperate, like she knew she would eventually lose Ridge to Taylor. With Thorne, Brooke was his friend first. Brooke and Thorne seem like the perfect fit.

Kimberly stops by Brooke's house and bumps into Rick. Kimberly says she wanted to see Brooke to talk about her modeling. Kimberly notices a picture of Brooke and Thorne on the table while Rick says he has never noticed the picture before. Rick doesn't think the picture is unusual since his mother and Thorne are best friends. Kimberly kisses Rick goodnight and says it's amazing her turned out so well, considering Rick has Brooke for a mother. Brooke orders Stephanie to leave but the Queen reminds her nemesis that this cabin is her family's, not Brooke's. An enraged Stephanie takes the fireplace poker and smashes the champagne bottle and glasses Brooke had set out for Thorne. Brooke tries to leave, but Stephanie stops her. Steph says she has watched Brooke tear her family apart long enough and it ends tonight. As Brooke informs Steph that Thorne wants her, Stephanie punches Brooke and knocks her to the floor. Stephanie is going to make sure Brooke does not get her claws into Thorne. The Queen blasts Brooke for not setting a better example for Rick and Bridget. Stephanie says she is not going to let Brooke destroy Eric's children and starts to strangle Brooke. Brooke grabs a vase and smashes on Stephanie's back!

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Concerned about Stephanie's strange call, Eric stops by her house but the maid says the Queen is not in residence and there has not been any word from her. Eric says Steph's call was emotional and reflective, and he is not sure what to make of it. Eric looks over some family photos and realizes there is nothing Stephanie wouldn't do for her children.

Stephanie stops short of strangling Brooke to death but accuses Brooke of pushing her to this point. Brooke lashes out by saying she and Thorne love each other and there is nothing Stephanie can do to stop them. Just as the Queen lunges toward Brooke, Thorne storms in and stops Stephanie who orders Brooke to stay away from Thorne or she won't stop next time.

Amber is concerned about Becky getting too close to Little Eric while Tawny reminds her daughter that Little Eric is her baby now, not Becky's. Amber admits that losing her own baby still haunts her and if she were not so out of her mind, she never would have agreed to raise Becky's baby as her own. Amber has a plan to keep Becky as far away from Eric as possible. Forrester has an office in Paris, France, and that is where Amber is hoping she can get Becky a job. Tawny thinks Becky would be eaten alive in Paris, but Amber reminds Tawny that Becky can not stay here. Amber has to get Becky another life, but at the same time not let her get too comfortable or else Becky would never want to leave.

Thorne asks Brooke to give him some time alone with his mother. Steph asks Thorne why he is willing to give up everything he and Macy have shared for a romp with Brooke. Thorne gives Stephanie some aspirin to help calm her down while Stephanie begs Thorne to not let Brooke sink her claws into him too. After taking the aspirin, Stephanie gets sleepy and Thorne says the pill was not aspirin, but a sleeping pill. Stephanie drifts off to sleep.

Becky comes home from her date with C.J. grinning from ear to ear. Becky informs Amber and Tawny that she and C.J. hit it off and she is looking forward to hanging out with him again. In fact, Becky's date went so well she has decided she loves LA and doesn't want to leave, much to Amber's chagrin. Thorne joins Brooke in the next room and says Stephanie should be out for the night. Brooke feared for her life while Stephanie's reaction is just the sort of thing Thorne was hoping to avoid. Brooke says he can't let Stephanie control them being together. Thorne wants to take Stephanie home tonight, but Brooke asks him to stay. Brooke moves closer to Thorne while Stephanie drifts in and out of sleep...

Thursday, August 5, 1999

As a storm rages outside, Stephanie drifts in and out of sleep. Thorne hears Stephanie call out for Thorne to stay away from Brooke. Stephanie has a nightmare that Brooke finally beat her. Brooke stole Steph's company, her husband, and Ridge from Caroline and Taylor. Now, Brooke is going after Thorne and that is something the Queen can not stomach. In the other room, Thorne comforts Brooke who feared Stephanie would have killed her had Thorne not shown up. Steph blames Brooke for everything that has gone wrong in her life and now she wants Brooke dead.

Becky is happy for the first time in her life and has Amber to thank for that. Amber reminds Becky that C.J. has a girlfriend, but Becky asks how serious can C.J. and Kimberly be if she and C.J. spent the entire evening making out. Amber calls C.J. and orders him not to get too close to Becky. Amber doesn't want Becky getting too comfortable in LA or she might never leave. Thorne says his mother is not some wacko like Sheila Carter, but Brooke says that is no excuse for what Stephanie did. Brooke would never hurt any of the Forresters. Steph's reaction is proof they can't make it as a couple, Thorne says. Thorne can't put his mother through this kind of trauma. Stephanie is still having nightmares and mumbles that she has to stop Brooke.

Becky realizes Amber is angry that she and C.J. hit it off while Tawny tries to down play it by saying Amber is just concerned about her. Amber says they still have a lot of work to do on Becky before she is ready to jump into her new life. Becky is ok with herself if a cool guy like C.J. like her just the way she is. Amber and Tawny encourage Becky to broaden her horizons. In fact, there is a job in Paris at Forrester International that Amber feels Becky would be just perfect at.

Brooke asks Thorne not to give up now and if he and Macy really loved each other, they would be married by now. Thorne says there are other considerations, like loyalty, commitment, and doing what is right. What about love? Brooke asks. Nothing is important without love and that is what Brooke has for Thorne. Brooke asks Thorne to follow his heart. Trust your feelings and listen to your heart, Brooke says. Thorne tries to fight it, but he can't help but be taken in. Thorne and Brooke begin to make love as Stephanie stands in the doorway drifting in and out of conscious.

Friday, August 6, 1999

Brooke can't stop thinking about making love to Thorne, but Thorne says he can't. Stephanie is in the other room and can see Brooke and Thorne in the other room, although Steph is unfocused and semi-conscious. Stephanie gets up and thinks she must be dreaming. This can't be happening, Steph says and peaks into the other room and hears Brooke begging Thorne to make love to her.

Amber informs Becky she has found her a job in Paris as an office assistant at Forrester International. Becky likes it in LA, especially now that she is starting to make new friends. In fact, once she is settled, Becky might be able to get her son back. Tawny and Amber try to convince Becky she needs this job in Paris, but Becky says she will find a job in LA. Tawny reminds Becky that she has no marketable skills, but Becky plans to work on that with Amber's help.

Macy feels it's remarkable that Stephanie has kept her sanity all these years considering what Brooke has stolen from her. Although Macy doesn't like Stephanie's attitude toward Spectra. Macy respects Steph's commitment to her family. There isn't anything the Queen wouldn't do to protect her family. Brooke is like a disease that has infected the Forrester family.

Thorne tells Brooke he can't betray Macy while Brooke asks Thorne to live in the moment. Stephanie realizes Brooke is going to use her body to bag Thorne. Stephanie asks herself how will she stop her when she notices a butcher knife. Steph vows not to let Brooke take Thorne. Everything that has gone wrong in her life Brooke is to blame. Steph grabs the knife...

Amber advises Becky to forget everything in her past and focus on her future. Becky is grateful for Amber's help, but she is not sure Paris is the right place for her. Tawny advises Becky to sleep on it and after Becky leaves, Amber says they have to get Becky out of LA and take that job in Paris. Macy respects Stephanie for not stooping to Brooke's level and never losing control. Steph has shown super human restraint considering everything Brooke has put her through. Macy is not sure how much more Stephanie can take.

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