The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on B&B
Taylor's condition deteriorated, and she and Ridge argued over her refusal to take medication. Kimberly tried to get closer to Rick, who agonized over remaining faithful in his marriage. Against Amber's wishes, Stephanie left Becky alone with Little Eric, and Becky absconded with the baby.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on B&B
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Monday August 23, 1999

Taylor argues with her husband about her decision not to take any drugs to combat her TB until she has given birth to their twins. Ridge admits his fear that she won't survive any lengthy time without the proper medication. As they argue, Taylor starts coughing. At the Insomnia Rick confides to Kimberly that Amber will be very upset if Becky doesn't get the job in the Forrester Paris office. Kimberly wonders why it's so important which sets off Rick warning her to stop questioning his wife and his marriage. When Kimberly again states her guess that his marriage is not going to last, Rick insists that he has made a commitment to Amber and their son. Amber brings the baby to the mansion and asks Stephanie to make sure that Becky stays up in her room and nowhere near the baby so that she will be fresh when she lands in Paris tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 1999

As Amber prepares for her special dinner with Rick; she talks to herself about her success at keeping Becky from finding out the truth about her baby. When Rick comes home and finds Amber waiting, she apologizes for neglecting him while Becky has been in town but assures him that she will concentrate on him and their baby now that Becky is moving to Paris. When Rick asks why she's been so concerned about Becky, Amber admits that she didn't want Becky to wallow in her grief over the baby she gave up for adoption. Playing with the baby, Becky asks Stephanie why she is giving her the chance to be with Rick; Jr. Stephanie claims she doesn't see any harm in it. Becky tries to feed the baby and considers trying to breast feed him until Stephanie returns to the room.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Brooke continues to try to seduce Thorne at his beach place but he finally pulls back and admits that they are not going to make love tonight. When he reminds her of what happened at the cabin, she makes fun of him by suggesting that he's holding back because of his mother. Thorne insists that he is not interested in going to bed with her and asks her to leave so he can get some work done. Tawny welcomes Sarah into her trailer and boasts that Amber has solved her problem with Becky by helping her get the job in the Forrester Paris office. Sarah asks how Amber is doing with the baby and admits that she expected she might have trouble adjusting to him. Tawny claims that this baby has made Amber complete in her life and boasts that she might be moving to Beverly Hills soon to join her daughter.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Seeing the birthmark on Rick, Jr., Becky calls nervous Sarah and admits that she just saw that birthmark again. Sally finds Kimberly staring at a photo of Rick with c.J. and asks her about her feelings for Rick Though she admits she's uncomfortable talking about her relationship with Rick. Kimberly does admit she feels that Rick's marriage is not going to last. Stephanie is disturbed to find Brooke at the door. She again orders her to stay away from Thorne but Brooke vows that one day, Thorne will be her husband. Before she and Rick go to bed, Amber returns to the mansion to pick up Rick, Jr. and asks Stephanie where the baby is. Stephanie begins to panic when she realizes that both Becky and the baby are gone.

Friday, August 27, 1999

After her chat with Sally about Rick; Kimberly considers a life with Rick Meanwhile, while Amber is at the mansion getting their son, Rick considers all the effort Amber went to tonight to seduce him. He ponders how he can be faithful to his wife when he doesn't care for her the way he does Kimberly. He then fantasizes about being on the beach with Kimberly. Coming out of his dream, Rick wonders what is taking Amber so long. He's interrupted when Kimberly calls and asks if they might spend some time together at the beach. She even suggests that he bring his son with him so that she can get to know him better. Brooke argues with Stephanie about allowing a youngster like Becky to take care of a baby.

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