The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on B&B
Eric made Kimberly the spokesperson for his new line. While hiding out in a motel with the baby, Becky called Amber. Becky later noticed police surrounding her car. Taylor's doctor urged Ridge to rush to the hospital.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on B&B
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Monday August 30, 1999

Hiding out in a motel, Becky realizes she needs some supplies to take care of the baby. Becky decides to go to the store to buy diapers and leaves the baby unattended. Meanwhile, Amber blames Stephanie for the baby's disappearance. Why did you leave him alone with Becky? Amber asks. Stephanie assures Amber that Becky will be back shortly but Amber says you don't understand. Brooke asks Amber how she can be so sure Becky has taken off for good. What's really going on here? Brooke asks.

Sarah storms into Tawny's and tells her Becky saw the birthmark and knows Eric is her son. Tawny flips when Sarah says she admitted the truth to Becky. Sarah is worried Becky might call the police and wonders why she ever let Tawny talk her into this. The only way Becky is getting that baby is over my dead body, Tawny vows.

Brooke is sure there is something more going on than what Amber is saying. If Amber is sure Becky would never harm the baby, why is she so worried? Brooke asks. Stephanie advises everyone to calm down and is sure Becky will return home soon. Steph says Brooke can leave but Brooke is determined to find out the reason Amber does not want Becky around her son. Rick blasts his mother for laying into Amber.

Amber goes home and gets a call from Tawny who tries to calm her hysterical daughter down. Tawny says she will figure out a plan about how to get Eric back, but in the meantime stay away from Brooke. Rick calls his father and C.J. in hopes of finding Becky while Brooke is ready to call the police. Stephanie blames Brooke for this whole mess because she insisted on talking about Thorne. Brooke blames Stephanie for leaving the baby with an unstable Becky.

Becky returns with baby supplies and calls Amber. Bring back my baby! Amber yells. But Becky is through taking orders from her cousin and says she knows why Amber wanted her to get the job in Paris and keep her away from the baby. Becky holds all the cards now and asks Amber how she could steal her baby?

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Brooke is sure if she knew Amber's secret that would help them find Becky. Rick says Amber thought Becky was obsessed with the baby and admits he knew nothing about Becky's baby's adoption. Brooke is sure there is more than Amber is telling and she is determined to know what it is. Amber tries to convince Becky that a lot of babies have the same shaped birthmark but Becky tells her to stop lying. Eric's birthmark is burned into Becky's brain and besides, Sarah admitted the truth. Amber says that Becky gave the baby up for adoption while she provided him with a home. The baby gave you a home by allowing you to have nice clothes and cars, and eating a fancy restaurants, Becky counters. "You have to live with your conscious, but you are not going to live with my son," Becky says.

Taylor's doctor tells Jack, her father, that Taylor is fighting hard and can come out of this when she starts treatment. Jack knows Taylor will not take any medication that might cause deformities in those babies. Later, Jack visits Ridge and advises him to prepare for the worst. Ridge doesn't want to think about the possibility Taylor might not make it, but Jack encourages him to tell Taylor what's in his heart before it's too late. Ridge says he and Thomas tested negative for TB and it's only a matter of days before Taylor can have the babies and then start the medication. The doctor calls and advises Ridge to get to the hospital.

Amber begs Becky to tell her where her baby is but Becky just called to tell Amber she is the lowest form of life and she never wants to see Amber's face again. What am I going to do? Amber asks herself. She can't tell Rick that his son really died, but she has no choice. Tawny calls and advises Amber to calm down. If the Forresters see her near hysterics, they will know something is up. Tawny has thought of a plan. She tells Amber to tell the Forresters that Becky left a note saying she was going to visit her parents since she was leaving for Paris in the morning and being impulsive, took the baby. Tawny advises Amber that she has to convince the Forresters of this and encourages her not to give up now. Amber tries to find the words to say and goes up to the main house where she informs Stephanie, Brooke, and Rick she heard from Becky. Amber wants to talk to Rick in private, but Brooke wants to know the truth. Amber agrees to tell everyone the truth...

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Amber takes Tawny's advice and tells Rick, Brooke, and Stephanie that Becky left a note at the guesthouse and took the baby to Furance Creek. Brooke thinks the note is strange but Amber says this is why she told Stephanie not to leave Becky alone with the baby. So Stephanie and Eric are suppose to give Becky a job at Forrester International but not trust her with a baby? Becky vows Amber will never hurt her again and realizes why Amber was being so nice to her. If Rick knew Eric was not his son, Amber's world would come crashing down. Becky makes a bed for the baby on the floor and puts Eric down for the night. After finishing her drink, Becky crawls into bed but doesn't notice the bottle cap fall off and roll close to the baby.

As Taylor grows weaker, her doctor informs Ridge that the TB is spreading and they need to medicate asap but Taylor won't let them. If they don't induce labor, Taylor could lose her life. Taylor vaguely hears Ridge telling her it's time to take the babies. The time has come for Taylor to take care of herself, Ridge says. The risk is becoming too enormous to continue this way. Taylor reminds Ridge that the babies come first, but Ridge reminds her that every hour that goes by, her chances of surviving grow less and less. Ridge is scared of losing Taylor and wants her to tell the doctors to induce labor tonight so she can begin medication, but Taylor won't hear of it.

Brooke and Stephanie are suspicious of Amber's story while Rick blasts his wife for the baby's disappearance. Rick has half a mind to take off to Furnace Creek to find Eric, but Amber says Becky will be back in the morning. Amber prays to God to bring Eric safely back to her and hopes Becky is taking good care of him. Eric is her son in everyway that counts. Meanwhile, baby Eric reaches for the bottle cap and begins to play with it.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Rick starts to call Amber's Aunt Tilley until Amber says she called her when he was in the shower and Becky and the baby are not there. Amber assures Rick that Becky will bring the baby back today, but Rick won't rest until Little Eric is back home. After Rick leaves for work, Tawny arrives and vows to bring the baby home today. At the motel, Becky puts Eric on the floor and leaves to get them something to eat. Little Eric begins playing with the bottle cap again...

Eric decides Kimberly would be the perfect spokesperson for Forrester's new Princess line but wonders how Rick will react when he learns they will be working closely together. Brooke feels it would be unfair if Rick and Kimberly did not work together since his marriage is based on lies to begin with. Kimberly is flattered by Eric's offer to be the spokesperson and lead model for a line developed exclusively for young people, but is not sure she wants the responsibility until she learns Rick is interning at Forrester this fall.

Tawny calls the police as Becky Moore and reports her car has been stolen. Tawny gives the police Becky's driver's license, license plate, and cell phone number and is convinced this will lead the police right to Becky. Amber says she would give up her marriage if it meant being able to raise Eric as her son. Meanwhile, Becky returns to the motel and is horrified to find the baby choking. She frantically dials 911 and is advised to firmly hit him on the back between his shoulders five times. Becky is relieved when Eric begins breathing again but realizes she almost killed her baby. Amber senses her baby needs her and is determined to get him back.

Friday, September 3, 1999

At Forrester, Rick catches Kimberly looking at his high school graduation picture. Kimberly admits she was not going to take the job until she found out Rick is interning at Forrester this fall. Rick informs Kimberly about Becky taking off with the baby. Even though Rick knows it is not Amber's fault, he can't help but feel angry toward Becky because of Amber and Kimberly's weird relationship. Kimberly questions what Amber is really up to.

Amber says even if the police find Becky it's too late. The Forresters think Becky is going to Paris and Rick has no idea Becky has been kidnapped their son. Eric calls Amber to remind her that Becky has a plane to catch in two hours. Amber promises to get Becky on that plane. If Becky is not on that plane, Eric has no choice but to find someone else for the position. Amber feels the walls are caving in and decides to tell Stephanie the truth. Just as Amber is leaving, the police call and inform Tawny, who is claiming to be Becky, that they have found her vehicle. The police give Tawny the vehicle's whereabouts and inform her they are pressing charges against the person who stole the car. Amber leaves to find Becky and bring her baby back. Eric introduces Rick and Kimberly to Forrester's new photographer, Giovanni. Rick and Kimberly are impressed with Giovanni's resume while Giovanni says he is lucky to be working with someone as beautiful as Kimberly. Giovanni dismisses Rick so he and Kimberly can get started working alone.

As Becky is about to leave the motel, she notices the police around her car. Becky frets and the police knock on the door. Becky opens the door and the police ask her to come down to the police station. Becky asks the police why she would steal her own car and when Becky shows the officers her driver's license, they realize there has been a mistake and leave. Tawny hopes Amber brings Little Eric back and Becky gets on that plane to Paris. Tawny is sure Becky will put up a fight, but Amber will surely give her one. After Becky changes Eric's diaper, she opens the door to leave and is shocked to find Amber who orders Becky to give her the baby but Becky says Eric is her baby. Amber reminds Becky she gave him up. Whatever it takes, that baby is going home with Amber!

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