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As Stephanie recuperated at Eric's house, she continued trying to put Macy and Thorne together. Brooke saw Macy and Thorne out at dinner, and Thorne decided that he had to set his mother straight about him and Brooke. Tawny confronted Becky in Paris, but Becky had the upper hand.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 8, 1999 on B&B
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Monday November 8, 1999

In Paris, Tawny reminds Becky about how good she has it using the Forrester connection, powerful people and powerful connection. Tawny says that she should appreciate all that the Forresters have done for her but Becky sees it the other way around. She thinks that she has done a lot more for them than they have done for her. Tawny tells her that she made the right choice by letting Amber and Rick have the baby. Becky says that all she every wanted was a picture of the baby and Amber wouldn't even do that for her unless that is the reason Tawny is there now? Did she send the picture, yes or no? When Tawny tells her not to take that tone with her, Becky guesses the answer. She begins to rant about how she trusted Amber and she betrayed that trust. "You thought you could force me out of the country and forget about me. Well, I have news for you. You are wrong, dead wrong!" Tawny tells her not to get all worked up and start threatening the child. He has all that he will ever need or want. Becky asks how she would know that being all the way over here in Paris. She claims that Amber is only using the baby for bait to keep Rick. She says that Raymond told her what was going on and before that, Brooke warned her that the marriage would never last. Tawny asks her if, while she was living with Amber, she ever heard them fighting? Did she ever hear Rick say that he was unhappy? She tells her not to dwell in the past; to get on with her life. She is young and beautiful, living in Paris with a wonderful job. She could have anything she wants. "Except my son," Becky replies. "All I want is a picture; Amber promised me!" Tawny tells her that she is sorry but that isn't going to happen. "FINE!" Becky says as she begins packing her suitcase. "I'm going back to LA!"

Amber is making dinner from scratch when C.J. stops by. He can't figure out why she would go to all that trouble when she is a Forrester and doesn't have to. She says that it can't be too hard; all she has to do is follow instructions. She puts the black bean soup into the blender and turns it on. Black bean soup goes all over her and the room. C.J. laughs at her until he sees how affected she is. He helps her clean up the mess while telling her that she doesn't have to put herself through this. She says it is the only way she can prove that she has changed. He tells her that she doesn't need to change; Rick fell in love with the crazy carefree girl that she used to be, a girl he hasn't seen in a long time and one he misses. She feels that this is what the Forresters want out of her, to be more like Kimberly. She says that Rick wants her to be like Kimberly also. C.J. says that no matter what she does, she will never be Kimberly and Kimberly will never be her. She used to be a lot of fun and that is what Rick fell in love with. Bring her back, he pleads.

Eric is comforting Stephanie when the doctor comes in and asks her if she is all right. She tells him she is fine, but it isn't what her face says. He asks Eric if they thought to make the house handicap accessible. Eric and Ridge tell him all the things that they have done and the doctor is pleased. He then tells them that a physical therapist will be coming in to explain the use of the wheel chair. Eric gives Ridge a sign and he ushers the doctor out of the room.

As Ridge leaves the room, Thorne rushes up to him and asks how his mother is. Ridge replies rudely that she is stuck in a wheel chair because she can't walk, thanks to him. That is how she is doing. Thorne says that he isn't getting into this with him and Ridge says that of course he isn't; he is too busy drooling over Brooke while their mother goes through hell. If he was really interested in how their mother was doing, he would break it off with Brooke. Brooke says that isn't fair of him and he turns on her and says that she is just selfish. His mother has never done anything to her while she has taken his mother's husband, her company, and almost her life. All she can do is stand around playing the martyr. But he is not going to let her hurt his mother again, not now and not ever. Thorne says that no one wanted his mother to get hurt. Ridge says if that is so, what are they going to do about it. Thorne says that he won't talk to Ridge while he is like this; they will talk about later when he calms down. Ridge sneers that all he wants to do is go chasing after Brooke like some... He is unable to finish because Thorne attacks him. Brooke breaks them up but Ridge then attacks Thorne and pushes him up against the window. He forces him to look at their mother, asking him how he can live with himself because he sure as hell doesn't know.

Eric continues to hold Stephanie in his arms and comforts her. She tells him to get that thing out of her sight, referring to the wheel chair. He tells her that it is only a temporary aid. No, she tells him, I can't live like this. He tells her that she is the strongest woman he has ever known and she will have a wonderful life, even if she never walks again. Stephanie says that she can't walk, can't even go to the bathroom by herself and she will not live like that. Eric reminds her that she has always been so strong and independent and that will be a rock for building their future. He reminds her of all the challenges she has faced in the past and how she has gone on to triumph over them all. She says that she didn't have a choice but he says that there is always a choice; she just made the choice to face her problems and be strong for the family. He says that if he left the room right now and left her alone with the chair, she would eventually claw her way to it and learn how to use it. "You don't understand!" Stephanie cries out. "I don't want to be a burden!" Eric says that she is not a burden; she is the love of his life and he will not leave her alone. He will be her arms and legs as long as he is needed. She has always been his love and his heart and she is coming home with him right now. An orderly walks in at that moment and helps Eric get Stephanie into a chair. She finally looks up at him and says, "I love you."

Tuesday, November 9

At Spectra, Macy learns that Stephanie is going home today and Thorne is there to help take her home. When she tells Sally the good news, she also mentions that Thorne didn't give her the option of being there for Stephanie. She adds that this is typical these days; she feels that something is missing in the relationship. Sally tells her that Thorne has a lot on his mind with his mother being so sick; she has to give him some room. She encourages Macy to go to Stephanie's house and welcome her home. Remembering that Thorne told her that he had something to talk to her about, she thinks that now could be a good time. She decides to go to the house.

After cleaning up her mess, Amber orders Chinese for dinner. Hearing what she has ordered, C.J. says that Rick will be having a hot night. She says that he likes his food the way he likes his women, hot and spicy. The girl is back! C.J. observes. He reminds her that she doesn't have to be Donna Reed because she is a bona fide Forrester. She reminds him that everything could still be ruined. He thinks she is talking bout Brooke and tells her not to worry about her. She mentions Becky and C.J. says that she is gone now and he is glad. He mentions that he liked her; she was fun and out there, but he had a feeling that she was one person he wouldn't want to cross or have hold a grudge against him. Rick comes in at that time and tells them that Stephanie is on her way home now and his dad wanted them to be there to welcome her home. C.J. offers to stay with the baby and Rick thanks him but warns that he will also have diaper duty.

C.J. calls his mother to tell her that he will be staying at Rick's until they get back from Stephanie's. He tells her that Stephanie will be in a wheelchair. Hanging up, Sally says, "Oh, Stephanie, I can only imagine what you are going through. Oh how the mighty have fallen on the field of battle. Well, the good book tells us to pray for our enemies as well as our friends, so no matter how you look at it, you are in my prayers tonight."

The doctor breaks up the fight between Ridge and Thorne, telling them that their mother is the important person here and needs the two of them. Thorne tells Brooke to go on home and he will see her as soon as possible. The brothers then exchange dirty looks as they go into the room.

"No one taught you to knock?" Eric says when his sons interrupt a kiss between him and Stephanie. Ridge says that maybe they should have since they are on their honeymoon. Thorne asks his mother how she is doing and she tells him that she is grateful to be alive. She thanks him for all the help he gave her. Thorne seems confused but she explains that for the first time, the family is back together. "It is what you deserve, Mother," Thorne explains.

"If you and Amber can't stick to your deal, then neither can I!" Becky proclaims. "You had better call your daughter and tell her to get the baby ready because his mama is coming home." Tawny tells her that she doesn't belong in Eric's life; she goes on to say that Eric is happy with Amber and Rick. Becky says that she can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth or the mouth of her cousin. Tawny says that she is just going to screw up the baby's life. When Becky says that at least she would love him, Tawny says that she couldn't love him as much as Amber does. She is just being selfish and spiteful and these temper tantrums have to come to an end. She has to stop pestering Amber and start feeling some appreciation for all that they have done for her. Becky tells her that she isn't in control any longer, she is. Becky realizes that Tawny is scared and she knows that she has the upper hand.

Eric and his sons bring Stephanie home in the gated wheelchair. They begin telling her about all the changes they made to the house so she will be able to get around. Before they can finish, Amber and Rick arrive and rush to Stephanie and welcome her home with a kiss. Macy bursts in through the door and she also rushes to Stephanie. When she begins saying that this arrangement is only temporary, Stephanie speaks to the entire crowd of family. She tells them that she could be in this chair until the day she dies. That is the bad news, but the good news is that she isn't dying tonight. She doesn't want to be coddled or protected; she wants to live her life with what is given to her at the time. She then proceeds to tell each of them that they have things to do and they should get out of there and start doing them. She tells Amber to take Rick home and feed him and not to neglect to bring the baby by the next time. She tells Thorne to take Macy out to dinner. She says that this is the first night of her second honeymoon and she wants to spend it with her husband alone.

When everyone leaves the house, Stephanie wheels herself out onto the balcony overlooking the city. Eric joins her and gives her a single rose. He tells her that there are six dozen more waiting for her in the bedroom. She talks about how she has fantasized her honeymoon. Eric says that he also has a fantasy. She wonders if she wants to hear this. Eric goes on to tell her that he wants to go to bed every night and wake up every morning with his best friend. He wants to live life to the fullest and be happy with her. She is touched and tells him that those are very sweet thoughts. He says that he is the luckiest man alive. He came so close to losing her and life without her would have been terrible. "But I didn't lose you," he says. "You are what I want for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, November 10

Thorne and Macy dine at Café Russe. She is very sympathetic with his mother's feelings and what he is going through because of her illness. Thorne appears to be uncomfortable and he is definitely somewhat remote. Macy notices that and assumes it is because of the stress he has been under regarding his mother. She says that she will go over and fix dinner for Stephanie one night next week. He says she doesn't have to do that but she reminds him that she is going to be her mother-in-law soon. She reminds him that he had something important to talk to her about. Before he can say anything, the waiter comes to take their order. Macy says that they are celebrating but when the waiter suggests champagne, Macy asks for something non-alcoholic. Macy tells Thorne that she is so happy that she is being included in his family now and it only took ten years to be accepted. He tries to tell her about Brooke but she mistakes what he is saying, thinking that he is hesitant to talk to her. She tells him that she is there for him and wants him to open up to her about anything that is bothering him. He says he doesn't want to hurt her. She takes his hand and tells him that when they get home, they will go for a nice long walk on the beach and he can tell her everything. Looking very uncomfortable, he excuses himself from the table and walks out into the lobby.

Rick and Amber are feeding the baby and, as it happens with babies, a lot of the food is ending up on him. Rick compliments Amber, saying that she is a great mom. He thanks her for being there for Stephanie and being so tight with her. Amber says that Stephanie is like a mom to her, not the kind she has but the kind she always dreamed of having. Rick says that for all of Tawny's faults, she does love her daughter. Amber says that she knows that but sometimes she has a way of making things worse. Rick goes to the bedroom to study while Amber gives the baby a bath. Alone, Amber wonders how her mother is doing with Becky.

Brooke has invited Megan to dine at Café Russe. Sitting across the room from Thorne and Macy, Brooke is telling Megan where things stand with Thorne when she notices him across the room. Megan turns and sees him also and asks if Brooke knew he was coming here with Macy. Brooke says that Thorne has been trying to tell Macy about them; maybe that is what he is doing now. Megan says that she can't understand why Thorne would string Macy along while dating Brooke. Brooke excuses him saying it is his family; they keep pushing Macy at him. Suddenly Brooke notices that Thorne is upset. When Megan turns to look, she notices Thorne get up from the table and leave the room. "Don't go over there, Brooke," Megan warns. "The last thing you want is to cause a scene." She turns around but Brooke has already left the table.

Becky tells Tawny that if she wants things to work out for Amber, she had better start listening to her, but Tawny is too busy telling Becky all that Amber has done for her to listen. Becky says that Tawny is just afraid of losing all that Amber has done for her; if Amber loses her husband, Tawny won't be able to hang out in Beverly Hills. She says that they can't get rid of her so easily; Little Becky Moore is all grown up and knows what she wants and how to get it. Tawny says that she is crazy. Becky says that maybe she is right; maybe she is crazy to do the dirty work when there is someone who will do it for her. She goes to her purse and takes out the business card that Brooke gave her. She taunts Tawny with the card. She even picks up the phone and begins dialing. Tawny grabs the phone from her and asks her what she wants. Becky says that she wants proof that her son is happy and Amber's marriage is solid. Also, she wants respect from them and not left out of her son's life. "Whatever you want," Tawny says, resigned to her loss. Becky demands that she call Amber right now and tell her. Tawny calls and tells Amber that she has worked everything out with Becky and she would tell her all about it when she got home. When she hangs up, Becky tells her not to keep her waiting or she will become Tawny's worse nightmare.

Thorne is in the lobby crying when Brooke reaches him. She takes him in her arms and comforts him. "This is killing me, Brooke," he tells her. She asks why he is putting himself through this. He says that he didn't; it was his mother who insisted that he take Macy to dinner. Macy thinks they are getting married and it is killing him. He loves her! He tells Brooke, not the way he loves Brooke but as a friend. He doesn't want to hurt her but if he tells her he isn't going to marry her, she will tell her family. After that, it will be no time before his family hears about it. He would hate for his mother to find out about him and Brooke from Sally of all people. Brooke tells him that he will just have to tell his mother TONIGHT. Thorne doesn't know what to do but he does know he can't stand being away from Brooke.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

As Macy sits alone wondering what is taking Thorne so long, Thorne and Brooke are in each other's arms. Thorne says he hates having to disappoint Macy; he knows that she is expecting a marriage proposal. All he wants is to share his life with Brooke; they should be the ones talking about plans and the future. They kiss. He then says that tonight he will tell his mother the truth. He knows she isn't as fragile as Ridge makes her out to be; she is ready to hear the truth. Brooke tells him that she hopes this works out; they are in love and it is wonderful and positive. Thorne says that eventually his mother will see that. He will never believe that what they share is going to end up hurting her. He takes a deep breath and says, "It is time." He kisses her one more time and walks back toward the table.

Taylor enters the room and finds Ridge staring out the window. She asks him if he wants to go to his mother's but he says that since the kids are already in bed, they will just stay home. She tells him that Stephanie will be all right and he hopes she is right. Taylor says she is a motivated patient. Ridge agrees; he says that only one thing could mess things up and that is finding out about Brooke and Thorne. That could kill her, he says. His mother has to be protected. Taylor is sure that everyone knows how serious this is and no one will tell her. He hopes not. He has asked, he has threatened, he doesn't know what else to do but he has to do something about that relationship. Taylor asks if he thinks that breaking them up is the only thing to do. She feels that they are adults and know their feelings better than anyone else. Ridge says that both of them are just hopeless romantics; they are a bad fit. Still, she says, it isn't our prerogative to tell them what they can or can't do. "The doctor said it could kill her next time, and I'm not taking a chance just so those two can get their jollies," Ridge says. "It is too big a risk."

Thorne rejoins Macy and tells her that something came up while he was away; he needs to leave and go see his mother. She offers to go with him but he says that this is something he needs to do alone. He wants to tell her about it, but later. She tells him not to worry; his mother can deal with anything. They get up and walk out of the Café. Brooke is behind a plant and watches them leave. Just as Thorne passes, they look deeply into each other's eyes. "Finally," Brooke says. "His mother will finally know the truth. After tonight we won't have to hide this anymore."

Brooke goes back to the table with Megan. She tells her that she ran into Thorne and finally he is going to tell his mother about them. Finally they can get on with their lives. Megan wonders what her reaction will be since she doesn't know anything about the two of them. Brooke just hopes he can keep her from losing it.

Stephanie is working on thank you cards when Amber comes in to check on her. She says that it looks like a 3rd grader is doing the cards. Amber offers to do them for her but she says she needs the practice. She is hoping that soon she can send out hand written wedding invitations for Thorne and Macy. She tells Amber that her new husband is out on an ice cream run and Amber thinks that is so sweet. They begin talking about Stephanie's recovery. She says that she has reasons to be joyful, happy and positive. She will be having only positive thoughts from now on. They talk about the wedding and Amber says that it will be a happy carefree time; she just wishes that her wedding was like that. Stephanie says that she had a beautiful wedding but Amber reminds her of Brooke's part in it. Brooke won't be a problem at this wedding, thank God! Stephanie says. However, she tells Amber that she has to find a way to get along with Brooke for her husband's sake. Amber tells her how Brooke talks about her when she isn't around but Stephanie says that she doesn't want to think about Brooke; she has just recovered from a stroke and doesn't want to risk it happening again. Amber says she is going to get some wedding books form the library and begin collecting ideas.

Thorne arrives home but just sits in the car. "How do I tell you? What do I say first?" He remembers Ridge threatening him not to tell his mother. "You are wrong, Ridge. Mother needs to hear this. You all are feeding her a bunch of damn lies, but not anymore. Tonight she hears the truth. Ridge is always telling me how to live my life and now he is telling me I can't be with Brooke. I know that mother will handle it just fine.

Taylor continues to tell Ridge that they can't interfere with Thorne. The time is going to come when Stephanie will need to know the truth because they aren't going to keep this under wrap forever. She is expecting Thorne to marry Macy so someone has to tell her that Thorne isn't ready to marry. Ridge says that his mother will never believe that; she will know that something is wrong. Taylor asks if he thinks that Thorne should get married to a woman he doesn't love just for his mother. Ridge says that keeping his mother alive should be Thorne's number one priority. He wonders if she is suggesting that they lie to Stephanie. She agrees that Stephanie can't handle the truth right now buty in a couple of months, she will be ready. They don't have to lie, but they could bend the truth a little. Ridge says that he doesn't believe that Thorne is in love with Brooke. "You don't believe it?" she asks. "Or you don't want to believe it?"

Stephanie tells Amber that she should go take care of her handsome husband now so Amber kisses her and leaves. Thorne comes into the house and greets his mother. She asks where Macy is and he tells her that she is home. Stephanie doesn't thing that they should have cut it short so that he could come and check on her. "No," he tells her. "I really needed to talk to you. It can't wait; I've waited too long already. I have something to tell you."

Friday, November 12, 1999

Brooke returns home and tells Katie that Thorne is going to see Stephanie tonight and tell her about them. Stephanie is the key, she says. If Stephanie will accept them, then everyone else will come around. If it is left up to Eric and Ridge, she would never know about them. Katie reminds her sister that Stephanie did have a stroke. Brooke says that she just got worked up into a tizzy. She reminds Katie how Stephanie attached her and her character. She remembers the argument and the stroke. She begins to worry a little. Katie wonders why she even cares about Stephanie. Brooke says that all she ever wanted was to be accepted. She then remembers how frightened and hurt she was when Stephanie physically attacked her and called her such bad names. Remembering it, she becomes frightened all over again, holding her neck. Katie says that she treats the woman with more compassion than she deserves. Brooke says that she will have to accept her now but she is worried about how she will react.

Amber is playing with the baby while Rick studies. She is out on the balcony when she sees someone coming up to the door. She rushes over to the door and lets Eric in. He takes the baby and begins playing with him, giving ice cream to Amber to put up. She tells him that she went to visit Stephanie a few minutes ago and she was doing fine. "This is an important night for Stephanie," Eric says. "It is the most important since the stroke and I want to be sure that she has all of us. That will go a long way toward her recovery if she feels she can count on all of us." They assure him that they are totally committed to Stephanie and will do anything that they can to help her. Eric tells his son that he has come to admire his decision to marry Amber and raise his son; looking at them, he can see real commitment. He tells Amber that it took real integrity for her to confess to the problems she had prior to the marriage and she has courage. Stephanie is looking at a difficult recovery, he says, and he just wants everyone to love and support her as they always have. He needs to be sure of that.

Stephanie thinks she knows what Thorne wants to talk to her about and she would rather wait until some other time. He says that it needs to be now but he wants to know what she thinks he is going to talk about. She thinks he is angry that she has taken over the plans for the wedding. She promises that she will back off and let him and Macy make the decisions. That isn't what I want to talk about, he tells her. It isn't, she asks. She is confused. He tells her that some things happened before the stroke that she doesn't remember. She remembers going to see Macy, but after that he went to Thorne's house. While there, they argued and she had the stroke. Stephanie can't imagine what they would have argued about. She asks why no one told her this, then she guesses that the family didn't want her to blame him. She assures him that there is no guilt to be had. No, he tells her. There is more; there is something that Eric and Ridge doesn't want her to know. What is it? He backs up a little. He reminds her that all she ever wanted for him is his happiness. He wants her to know that he has found someone that gives him more joy and fulfillment than he ever thought possible. "I know," she said. "No, you don't," Thorne says. She begins talking about how he loves Macy and Macy loves him back. He says to forget Macy for the moment. "Suppose there was someone else that could make me happy and fulfilled? Would you still feel the same way?" She wonders why he is asking these hypothetical questions when they both know he loves Macy. No, he tells her, I don't love Macy. She is confused and reminds him that he and Macy worked all their problems out and now they are getting married. He says that he is not going to marry Macy; he doesn't love her. He has been in denial for so long, but now he knows what his feelings are. He loves Brooke. "BROOKE!" Stephanie says. "She seduced you , didn't she? And you have the gall to stand there and tell me she is going to be your wife?" She begins to get angrier and angrier; shouting and yelling all the things she yelled the night she had the stroke. Thorne tries to calm her down saying that she shouldn't get upset. She continues and he becomes frightened. He goes to the phone and picks it up. "I can't take this," she shouts. "IT IS NOT GOING TO BE BROOKE! NOT GOING TO BE BROOKE! NOT ...." She gasps and pitches forward out of the chair across the glass coffee table just as Eric walks in the door. Thorne throws the phone down and he and Eric rush to her. "What happened here?" Eric asks. "Stephanie! Stephanie, honey!" He puts his fingers to her neck and feels for a pulse. "She is dead!" he says to a shocked Thorne. He picks up her body and pulls her to him. Thorne is horrorstruck.

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