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Brooke sent Kimberly to Paris uncover Amber's secret. Before leaving, Kimberly got into a brawl with Amber at Forrester. Adam forbade Kimberly to go to Paris, so she sneaked out to catch her flight. After a dream about killing his mother with his news about him and Brooke, Thorne chose to put off telling Stephanie the truth.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on B&B
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Monday November 15, 1999

"Oh God, she's dead!" Eric says as he looks up at Thorne. Thorne rushes to the phone and calls 911. He tells them to get an ambulance there now. When he returns to his mother, Eric is starting CPR and he joins in, telling Eric that the paramedics will be there in two minutes. We don't have two minutes! Eric shouts. "What did you do to her? What happened here tonight?" The paramedics arrive and begin life saving procedures while Thorne and Eric stand aside, worrying. "I'm sorry, Dad," Thorne tells his father. I tried to calm her down; I thought she could handle it." Eric looks at him in shock and apprehension. "You did it didn't you? You told her about Brooke, didn't you?" He grabs Thorne and begins shaking him. The one paramedic tells the other that they will have to take her in. He gets up and tells Eric that he is sorry but they can't get a pulse; she is dead. "She's gone?" Eric cries. "NO, NO!" He rushes to Stephanie's side and holds her to him. Thorne gets down on the floor and cries as he reaches for his mother. "God, Mother, I killed you! Don't go; please don't go."

Thorne is in his car and awakens with a start. It was just a dream; he has never gone into the house.

Brooke comes downstairs all dressed up and tells Katie that she is feeling great, but nervous. She didn't expect this to happen. Katie says that after tonight, she and Thorne can walk down the street holding hands for all the world to see. Brooke is still worried. She just hopes everything goes okay when he tells her; she hopes it won't be a disaster. "What disaster?" Katie asks. "You said she was a battleship." Brooke remembers saying that; she says that Stephanie probably knew all along and was just pretending not to remember. That is probably why she and the family keeps pushing Thorne and Macy together. She heads for the door saying that she wants to be there when Thorne returns home. She tells Katie to say a prayer for Stephanie tonight just in case.

Kimberly goes to see Macy asking her what is wrong. Macy tells her that she is worried that something is wrong between her and Thorne. She says that she has been trying for weeks to get together with him and tonight it happened. But they weren't together more than thirty minutes when he said he had to go home to see his mother. She is having trouble feeling anything for Thorne these days. Kimberly wonders if she thinks Thorne is having second thoughts. "Why would he?" Macy wonders. Nothing has happened to change anything except his mother's stroke. But somewhere deep inside her, this name keeps popping up. Brooke Logan! No matter how hard she tries to shove it down, it still comes into her mind. Kimberly wonders if Thorne has said anything that would indicate that he has changed his mind about Brooke but Macy says that he definitely has not. But that doesn't mean that Brooke has given up. She is still making moves on him and she is around all the time; she was also at the hospital too much and she knows she wasn't there to see Stephanie. Kimberly tells her that if something was going on between her and Thorne, Brooke wouldn't be able to keep quiet about it; she would be telling everyone about her new love. "You are right," Macy agrees. "What was I thinking? Thorne and Brooke? Ridiculous! He is just stressed out over his mother's stroke.

Eric returns with the ice cream and he and Stephanie eat it beside the fire. She is in a positive mood but she also wants him to understand that she may always be in this chair. He won't believe it because she feels things so deeply in her heart. Because of her deep feelings, she will soon regain her basic feelings. She tells him that God doesn't work that way, but one thing for sure, she hasn't lost the feeling in her heart. Right now her heart is burning with love for him. He suggests that they go to bed but she gives him a strange look. He tells her not to worry, there is no pressure about that. They have the rest of their lives to figure things out. He offers to help her to bed but she tells him that she has gotten used to doing it for herself. She goes to the bedroom and he hesitates in the living room.

Brooke arrives at Thorne's house and lets herself in. "This is where it all begins," she tells herself. "I have waited so long for this. All the years with Ridge, the mistakes with Eric, all this time I've been searching for love and never knowing what it was. I wonder why it took so long? Why did I have to go through so much pain before I found true love? Well, it doesn't mater because it is here now and it is here to stay. We will share a life together and nothing and no one is going to stop us." The door opens and Thorne comes in. From the look on his face, she knows that something is wrong. "How did it go?" she asks as she puts her arms around him. He tells her that he didn't tell her. He explains that he went for a drive before going to his mothers and pulled over beside the road to think about what he would say. Suddenly, he saw himself in front of her and telling her about them. He saw her reaction and heard the accusations. He tried to calm her but she got more and more upset. He was unable to stop her and she died. "I saw her die, Brooke!" He tells her. "I don't know if she is strong enough or not but I couldn't take the chance. I'm sorry. I know how much you were counting on this." She goes to him and tells him that it is okay. Stephanie will know the truth when she is ready to hear it. Until then, she loves him. He thanks her for understanding and tells her that he loves her also. She tells him that before he arrived, she was thinking and she asked herself how it had taken her so long to find this happiness. It is because something this good and this perfect has to be earned; it has to be tested, she tells him. We are going to get through this and then we will share a life together. I really believe that, she tells him. I believe it also, he says and they kiss. While Thorne pours them a drink the telephone rings. Without thinking, Brooke picks it up and begins to answer it but she realizes that it isn't her place and offers it to Thorne. He tells her to go ahead and answer it. She does and it is Eric. He is surprised to hear her on the phone and wants to know what the hell she is doing there. He tells her to go home where she belongs. Brooke tells him that he has never been cruel to her before this. "Well maybe I should have," he tells her. "You have never showed any compassion for my family. If you want my respect then stay away from my family and that includes Thorne." She begs him to stop treating her like this. What happened to Stephanie wasn't her fault. He shouts at her to get the hell out of there now. Thorne grabs the phone and tells his father not to ever talk to Brooke like that again. Eric shouts at him. He tells him that this isn't what he wants but Thorne tells him that he has no idea what he wants or needs. He lays the phone down on the table while his father is still yelling at him and he and Brooke begin kissing. "PICK UP THAT PHONE, THORNE! PICK UP THE PHONE AND TALK TO ME!"

Tuesday, November 16

At Forrester, Kimberly stops by to see Brooke. She confides in the CEO that she knows she is not supposed to give outside interviews without clearing it with Forrester first, but she had the strangest phone call from some reporter. The woman asked a lot of questions about her and Rick, she says... and since it came so soon after her fight with Amber, she thinks there might be a connection there. Brooke thinks it sounds just like Amber or Tawny's work, but Kim points out that it was a young woman's voice... a young woman who claimed to be French, although that was probably a lie, too. Maybe it wasn't, Brooke thinks; she suspects it might be Becky.

At Insomnia, C.J. tells Rick all about a night out with some of the guys... including some of the fine women that were there. "You should have been there!" he tells his buddy. Of course, Rick is not exactly enthused by this, reminding C.J. that he is married. C.J. senses from the tone of Rick's voice that something is wrong and he asks if something's going on with him and Amber. Rick tries to say nothing's wrong, claiming that Amber is busy taking care of Little Eric 24/7 all the time, while he is all wrapped up in school and work. C.J. isn't buying it, though. He advises Rick to be honest with himself, pointing out that staying in an unhappy marriage isn't going to help anyone.

Tawny tells Amber about her encounter with Becky in Paris, including how Becky remained adamant that she wants those pictures of the baby. Amber points out that she wanted to give the pictures to Becky in the first place... and now, she fears that things are even worse after Tawny confronted her cousin. Becky can call Brooke at any time, she points out, so Becky is aware that she has Amber over a barrel. Tawny thinks the pictures will placate Becky, but Amber remains unsure. Tawny then comes up with another idea... what if Amber became pregnant again?

Amber has a secret, Kimberly predicts, and she is determined to find out about it. And if Becky is involved, she guesses, then the best way to find out is to confront her! She asks Brooke to fly her to Paris. Think about what it would mean for Rick, Kim reminds her boss as an incentive to go along with her plan. Brooke agrees and says she will make the arrangements. Kimberly points out that if she can find out what this secret is, she will be able to be with Rick. Brooke prepares to go down to the travel department to make the reservations and tells Kimberly that she will get back to her. She leaves... and just then, Rick comes in and, seeing Kimberly in his mom's office, wonders what is going on.

When Tawny suggests that Amber get pregnant again, Amber says that might be too painful. Doesn't Tawny remember how agonizing it was the first time? No, Amber says, she will not go through that again. When Tawny says that they will have to deal with Becky somehow, Amber says that she will send her cousin the pictures of the baby for now... and if that does not work, then she will think of some other way to deal with Becky! Don't worry, Tawny assures her; she promises to find an answer to save her daughter's marriage.

Becky is in her lonely apartment, in bed. She is disturbed as she sleeps, tossing and turning in her bed. She dreams that she hears Little Eric crying and wakes up in a panic. Sitting alone in the dark, she thinks about Amber and wonders if she made the right decision concerning her son. Is Amber using her son to hold her marriage together while Rick could be in love with another woman? She asks herself as she looks at Kim's picture in a magazine.

When Kimberly tells Rick about her trip, he thinks that his mother put her up to it. She assures him that this is her idea, and this may be the chance for them to be together. Rick says for her to go on with her life; he knows they both can't have what they want. Kimberly, however, is unwilling to take no for an answer.

Wednesday, November 17

Tawny encourages Amber to get some pictures of her family made as quickly as possible because Becky won't wait for long. They are standing in Stephanie's foyer talking and Stephanie is curious as to what is going on. Tawny is saying that she is going to ask Stephanie if she can stay at the house but if she doesn't allow that, they will make other arrangements. Amber leaves for Forrester and leaves Tawny alone with Stephanie. Tawny tells Stephanie that she is glad that she is doing so much better. She would like to help her if she could. She thought that she could move into the house for a while and help her as well as Amber and Rick with the baby. Stephanie has many excuses but in the end, she gives in and tells Tawny that she can stay.

In Paris, Becky is looking for a phone number in the rolodex when Michelle comes in with a woman and her child. She asks Becky to look after the child for a while while they do business. Becky tries to get out of it but Michelle is insistent. Becky begins talking to the baby and soon she becomes more comfortable with the baby. When Michelle and the mother return, Becky is hesitant to give him up. When she is alone, she tells herself that she can't even look at another baby without being reminded of Little Eric; she says that she is dying inside. She wonders what he looks like now and if he has gotten any bigger. It is so hard being so far away. "Look what you have done to me, Amber!" She cries out. "Anyway, you aren't going to like this, and if your mom ever found out, she'd go through the roof. But I have to make sure he's okay. I have to talk to someone about my baby."

Rick tells Kimberly that he has asked her to give up on them because he didn't want her to get hurt. He has to focus on Eric, his son, and Amber. He thinks that it is his mother that has put these notions about Amber in his head but she tells him that it is her; she just knows that Amber has another secret. She can't stand to see him suffer because of that woman. The two of them have a right to be happy. He tells her that his son also deserves to be happy. She tells him that he will be when the two of them are together; she would do anything for Rick's son. She asks him how he would feel if she found out some iron clad proof but Rick says that if there was any out there, his mother would already have found it. She grabs him and kisses him just as Amber walks in the office. She slips back outside but listens at the door. Rick tries to stop Kimberly but she keeps telling him that they are right for each other. She finally tells him that she is through talking about this; she is going to do something about it. He says that whatever she has in mind isn't going to do either one of them any good. He walks out with Kimberly begging him to stay. After Rick rounds the corner, Amber goes into the office and slams the door. At first the two only exchange insults but soon it becomes violent. Amber has the upper hand at first, and pushes Kimberly against the wall. Kimberly says that she can take care of herself but Amber taunts her, saying that she just blew it with her husband. Kimberly tells her that she is wrong and she wasn't kissing Rick goodbye if that is what she was hoping. She says that she is sorry that Rick ever got involved with a manipulative little liar like her. When Amber asks her who the hell she thinks she is, Kimberly says that she is her worst nightmare. She says that she knows that there is something out there tha she is afraid of and she is determined to find out exactly what it is. Once again, Amber has her up against the wall and is choking her when Kimberly uses some martial arts (why didn't she use these back when Amber threw her into the pool?) and begins kicking and karate chopping Amber all over the room. As Amber lays on the floor, helpless, she bends down and asks her how it feels. Frightening isn't it? To know that your life is in someone else's hands. She tells her that she is no longer calling the shots; she is. She is going to hunt and dig and do whatever it takes to uncover that she has been hiding from Rick.

The phone rings and Stephanie answers it. It is Becky calling from Paris. She tells her that work is going very well and asks about Stephanie. She then tells her that she wants to know about the baby. Stephanie says that she has been expecting this call for a long time. She tells Becky that when she left, she said that she was going to miss Eric more than anyone else. "I do, Mrs. Forrester," Becky says. "I still think about him all the time. How is he? Is he okay? I really need to know."

Thursday, November 18, 1999

Stephanie tells Becky that the baby is fine but wonders if amber hasn't been telling her the same thing. Becky says that she hasn't talked to Amber in a while. Stephanie explains that Amber has been out a lot taking care of her; she is just recovering from a stroke. Becky is heartsick about that but Stephanie assures her that she is recovering even though she is in a wheelchair at the moment. She goes on to give a positive report about Amber, Rick and Little Eric. She says she knows what the problem is; she says that Becky is homesick. She encourages Becky to think about herself and the future.

Later, when Becky returns home from work, she looks through the mail and is angry and disappointed that there are no pictures. She remembers all the promises that Amber made for the baby, about the things she and Rick could give him. "He is my son Amber and I am going to do whatever I have to to make sure he is safe and happy."

Brooke calls Kimberly with the final arrangements for the Paris trip. Kimberly tells her that she has everything and has packed; she will be going directly to Becky's apartment from the airport. Once she hangs up the phone, she wonders how she is going to explain this trip to her father and decides that she will have to leave before she sees him. However, Adam comes into the room just as she is about to exit. When she tells him where she is going, he tells her that she is not leaving. He will not have his little girl running off with some sleezeball photographer. She tells him that she doesn't need his permission and takes her suitcase and starts to leave. He stops her. "You may be 18 and you may work for the Forresters but I am still your father," he tells her sternly. "And what you say goes?" asks Kimberly. Adam tells her that if she had given him time to think on it, he may have given her permission. But trying to sneak off like this only tells him that she has something to hide. Furthermore, since coming to LA she has become disrespectful and obstinate. He orders her to go and unpack her bag and he leaves the room. She tells the empty room that she isn't trying to be dishonest and disobedient, she just wanted to go to Paris and discover the truth; she may be the only one who can do that. I have to go, she decides. She picks up her bags and quietly leaves the house.

Amber tells Tawny about her fight with Kimberly. She is so busy griping about it that Tawny tells her to forget Kimberly; the real threat to the marriage is Becky. They have to keep her happy or she will go directly to the Forresters with the truth. No, it is Becky tht they have to keep happy, not Kimberly. Tawny is trying to figure out a digital camera for the taking of happy family pictures but Amber wants to just gather up a lot of old ones and send them. Tawny tells her that they have to take them tonight; Becky wants to see new ones. Rick comes in and is surprised to see Tawny. She explains that she is staying a while to help with the baby. He doesn't think it is such a good idea but doesn't want to discuss it tonight. All he wants to do is jump in the shower and go to bed. Tawny tries to get him to pose for some pictures but he leaves the room for his shower. Maybe tomorrow he tells her. While he is in the shower, Becky calls wanting to know why they are trying to keep her in the dark about everything that is going on back in LA. First there was Kimberly and now Stephanie's stroke. She reminds Amber that they had a deal and she still hasn't gotten any pictures. Amber explains that Rick has been busy studying for midterm exams and Becky asks if he has been studying with Kimberly. Amber tries to get her to calm down but Becky says that the only thing that will calm her down are about a dozen 5 by 7 reasons. When Rick finishes his shower, Tawny has made tea to try to calm Amber down. She encourages him to cozy up to his wife and relax. As he does, Tawny takes a picture. This angers him. He yells at her and stomps off to bed.

Kimberly boards the plane and finds her seat. There is a "nerd" sitting in the seat beside hers but she tries to ignore him, especially when he seems to recognize her. She smartly puts him in his place and settles back for the trip. "Tomorrow, Amber, I will know your secret."

Friday, November 19

Amber goes to wake Rick but he is sleeping so soundly that she decides to let him sleep. She sees a smile on his face and thinks he is having a sweet dream about them. However, the dream is about Becky. In the dream, he comes upon her at Forresters and tells her that he is so glad that she found out Amber's secret; now they can be together for always. He kisses her and she tells him that she never gave up hope.

On the plane, Kimberly is having the same dream. She awakens to find herself snuggling up to the nerd next to her, to his great delight. She quickly rights herself and recalls the phone call she got from Paris. She asks if that was Becky and if so, why all the questions. She is going to find out!

Giovanni is upset that Kimberly isn't available for the planned photo shoot. Brook explains that she has gone to Paris and he thinks that she has gone to be photographed by another photographer. Brooke tells him that it is personal. She explains the situation and this disturbs Giovanni further. When Brook says that Kimberly will find a way to expose her daughter in law for the manipulative person she really is, Giovanni says that he doesn't want Kimberly to get hurt. It is wrong to encourage a relationship where none is possible. There can be nothing in Amber's past that would be so horrible as to be worth breaking up a child's home. Brooke justifies her actions by saying you cannot build a home on a foundation of lies. She just hopes Kim is successful and then they will see if that marriage will survive.

Again, Becky comes home and eagerly checks the mail but there are no photographs. "Every time I talk to you, Cuz, you are telling me a different story. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Just one look and I'll know the truth. I'll know if you are using me and my baby."

Tawny isn't happy when Amber comes into the living room without Rick. She tells him that Rick got up in the middle of the night to study and didn't return to bed until very late. Tawny isn't sympathetic; she reminds Amber that they are trying to save her marriage. They are going to take the pictures today and email them to Becky. Rick comes into the room and Tawny manages to get him to sit for some pictures. He isn't happy and it shows in the pictures. Tawny takes a few of the two of them then gets the baby for them. Rick now shows his joy being with his family and Tawny takes several more pictures. Rick goes to get ready to go to his mother's with the baby and Tawny tells Amber that the pictures were great. These should make Becky happy. It takes a while for them to figure out the computer but eventually, the pictures are ready to send. Tawny suggests that Amber send a nice note and she does. Finally all it ready and she hits "send." Tawny says that when Becky goes to work tomorrow, she will have a nice surprise waiting. She will realize that no one could give Little Eric a happier home. And tonight, she adds, you can go into phase two of our plan. Amber looks at her questioningly and she says that she can start the next Forrester baby.

Kimberly arrives at Becky's place and pounds on the door. Becky is surprised to see her there. Kimberly tells her that she came all the way form LA to speak to her about Amber. She pushes past Becky, almost knocking her over as she strides arrogantly into the apartment. Right away, she begins to cross examine Becky about calling her pretending to be a reporter. Becky claims she hasn't a clue as to what she is talking about and goes to open the door for her to leave. But Kimberly grabs her arm and tells her that she does know. "We are dealing with lives her. For their sake and yours, you have to tell me what is going on. What is Amber hiding?

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