The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on B&B
To Ridge's chagrin, Taylor advised Brooke to forge a healthy relationship with Stephanie before Stephanie learned about Brooke and Thorne. Ridge rushed to the mansion to stop the inevitable confrontation between Brooke and Stephanie. Tawny pulled a gun on Kimberly.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, November 29, 1999
Brooke and Thorne are kissing at his place and wondering if his neighbor, Macy has seen them. He assures her that she often stays at work late. Brooke says that she feels like she is having an illicit affair. She can't help wanting to shout their love to the world and wonders how much longer he thinks it will be. Thorne gets ready to leave for the office where he is doing an inventory and tells her that she can wait for him there. She tells him that she is having dinner with Bridget. Thorne wonders how Bridget will take the news about them and Brooke says that that is a completely different worry. She wants him to come and have dinner with them; Bridget likes spending time with her big brother. Thorne isn't sure that is a wise idea but he will think about it. After he leaves, Brooke thinks about the situation and decides she knows someone who can help her.

Ridge finds out that the night that Thorne was supposed to visit Stephanie, he never showed up. He assumes that it was only an excuse to rush to be with Brooke. Taylor tries to reason with him, saying that Thorne and Brooke are adults and have to know what they are feeling. She wants him to cut them some slack but he reminds her that knowing could kill his mother. She tells him that it isn't for sure but he will not take the risk. He says that he has to go to the office and talk with his father.

Stephanie worries that she is holding Eric back and urges him to go to the club and visit with his chums. He assures her that he is happy being there with her. Ridge calls from his car and tells Eric to come to the office so they can talk. He says that he can't but Stephanie tells him that he can. "I'll meet you in a few minutes," he tells Ridge.

Brooke stops by Taylor's place happy to learn that Ridge is out. She asks Taylor's advice about how to handle the situation with Eric and Ridge. After feeling her out for her true feelings, Taylor believes that Brooke is sincere. She tells her that there is one thing Brook can do. It may be the only thing that will resolve the situation.

At Thorne's office, Eric paces until Ridge comes in. They begin to talk about Thorne and his actions. They are both angry and Ridge says that Thorne is completely out of control and has to be stopped. He calls Thorne a loose cannon! Eric says that Stephanie is looking forward to this wedding and he doesn't intend for her to have a relapse. Just then Thorne walks in and sees his father and brother waiting for him. He tells them that if they are there to help him with the inventory, fine. If they are there for anything else, then he has work to do. Ridge starts in by taunting Thorne about leaving Macy while he goes to see Brooke but Thorne reminds him that the dinner wasn't his idea but his mother. Eric shouts that Thorne and Brooke will not happen. They continue berating Thorne and trying to make him feel guilty for his mother's condition. Finally, Thorne stops them and begs them to come together as a family on this. They aren't willing to do this and Eric demands to know what he is supposed to tell his wife about the wedding when he gets home tonight.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999
Brooke seeks out Taylor for advice on being with Thorne without hurting Stephanie. Taylor explains that since her problem is not with Ridge or Eric, she must end the problem that she has with Stephanie. Ridge accuses Thorne of dumping Macy just to be with Brooke. Thorne insists that he loves Brooke and accuses Ridge of wanting Brooke to be with no one but him. Eric and Ridge claim that they are simply looking out for Stephanie's health. Thorne angrily blames his brother for turning Stephanie against Brooke for the past ten years and then lays into Eric for walking out on his wife to be with Brooke and having two kids with her. Eric again warns Thorne to keep Brooke away. Taking a breath before entering the mansion, Sally pushes her way past the maid and is shocked to see her rival sitting in the wheelchair. Regaining her composure, Sally then takes great pleasure in boasting to Stephanie how sales have been zooming for Spectra at Forrester's expense. Stephanie finds it hard to believe and then reacts when Sally points out that everyone assumes that Stephanie is retired. Stephanie insists that she will be back at work and agrees to make a bet with Sally to prove her point. Realizing what she's been doing, Stephanie thanks her. Later, Brooke stops by the mansion with flowers for Stephanie but is told to get out.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999
Ridge is rocked when Taylor reveals that she not only had a chat with Brooke but also advised her to try to work out her problems with Stephanie. Stephanie orders Brooke to leave the mansion but Brooke urges her to take a moment to try to discuss their problems. Stephanie refuses and admits that she's glad she's out of her life now. She then realizes that Brooke wants something. When Amber considers calling Becky, Tawny stops her and guesses that they've solved the problem with her cousin and she doesn't think that she'll even look at the pictures they sent to her. Unimpressed by her mother's argument, Amber calls Becky just after she's seen the emailed photos and finds her cousin gushing over how beautiful her son is. Sally explains to Adam about her visit with Stephanie. They then start discussing Kimberly who arrives in time to hear her father complain about his daughter's feelings for a married man. Kimberly interrupts and defends her decision to disobey him and fly to Paris. He reminds her that Rick is a married man with a son but Kimberly insists that she will stop at nothing to find out Amber's secret.

Thursday, December 2, 1999
Ridge continues to argue with Taylor that this is no the time for Brooke to try to end her differences with Stephanie. He panics when he surmises that Brooke is with Stephanie right now and quickly leaves for the mansion. Meanwhile, Stephanie again asks Brooke what she wants from her. Brooke insists she has no ulterior motive for her visit but Stephanie doesn't believe her. Amber asks her mother to stop when Tawny continues to warn her about ruining her marriage. She asserts to Amber that while Becky may be satisfied, they still have Kimberly to worry about. Amber laughs that "Miss Goody Goody" would be a danger to them but Tawny sternly warns that they must do whatever they can to stop her. Rick catches Kimberly glowing and listens as she boasts that she has uncovered Amber's secret. She goes on to say that Amber has been blackmailing her cousin in Paris but reluctantly admits that Becky wouldn't tell her what the secret is. When that's not good enough for him, Kimberly runs to confront Amber but finds Tawny locking the door behind her after she arrives.

Friday, December 3, 1999
Rick gives Brooke the news that Kimberly came up with nothing while in Paris. Brooke remains confident that Kimberly will have some idea of what Becky may be hiding but Rick insists that he can't live like this. He reminds his mother that he is committed to raising his son but as she talks, Rick daydreams about Amber and her mother being only interested in spending his money. When she asks him how his life would change if he was married to Kimberly, he fantasizes about an ideal life with the woman of his dreams. In Paris Becky thanks the Forrester photographer Jacques for printing up copies of the photos that were emailed to her. Tawny locks the door as Kimberly bursts into the house and demands to know what secret Amber is keeping from Rick. Tawny warns her to stay out of Rick and Amber's life but Kimberly refuses and again asks Amber for the truth. Amber accuses Kimberly of being driven to ruining her marriage because she couldn't be with Rick. Amber blasts her for taking a job at Forrester and throwing herself at Rick but Kimberly responds by accusing Tawny of conspiring with her daughter. Hearing the baby cry, Kimberly wonders if Becky is missing the baby. Tawny startles Kimberly by pointing a handgun at her.

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