The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on B&B
Kimberly went straight to Rick about the gun incident, but Rick ultimately decided to remain married to Amber. Brooke gave Stephanie a pedicure with a smile, and Taylor decided that Brooke had 'folie a deux' syndrome. Macy set out to have fun with Thorne in the dark but wound up coming on to Giovanni.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Tawny is holding a gun on Kimberly which shocks both Kimberly and Amber. Amber cries out to her mother to put it away then she tries to calm Kimberly down by saying that she would not use it. Tawny says that she would never use a weapon unless it was to defend her family or herself. Surely Kimberly can understand that? Amber continues to plead with her mother while Tawny teases Kimberly about what she would do to protect her family. Kimberly tells Tawny that she could have her arrested for this but Tawny taunts her, asking if she heard her actually threatening her with the gun. The gun only fell out of her purse while Kimberly was hounding her daughter and throwing all kinds of insults and accusations around, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Amber continues to plead with Tawny until Kimberly sees a way to run out. Amber tries to tell her that she didn't know her mother even had a gun and she would never have used it. After they are alone, Tawny accuses Amber of letting her get away but Amber turns on her, telling her that she must be insane! I was only trying to help, Tawny says. She says she did it on impulse and this angers Amber even more. She says that Tawny has just made things a thousand times worse but Tawny can't see it. Amber spells it out. Where does she think Kimberly is right now? She is with Rick telling him about his homicidal maniac mother in law. Tawny says that Rick won't believe her but Amber says that he certainly will! Tawny says she couldn't just sit there and watch Kimberly figure things out. She was about to learn that the secret and the baby were the same thing; she had to shut her up. Amber says that she didn't shut her up; she just gave her the ammunition she needs to destroy her marriage.

Taylor tries to talk some sense to Stephanie but Steph is sure that Brooke is up to something. Taylor says that the flowers that Brooke brought to her were her attempt at a good will gesture. Stephanie says that she probably dusted them with poison! Taylor says that she kinda feels sorry for Brooke; she came to make an honest effort for them to get along. Stephanie says that there isn't a honest bone in Brooke's body and if she is being "sweet" then it is only because she wants something. When Taylor says that people do change, Stephanie almost tells her about what Brooke tried to pull a few weeks ago, but she stops herself in time and says that she will never change. Taylor can see how upset she is getting and tells her to calm down and look at herself. She says that this anger she is harboring against Brooke is not healthy. She can't afford this kind of stress. Tell that to Brooke, Stephanie says. Taylor says that Brooke isn't the one who controls the way Stephanie handles life; Stephanie is. She wants her to take good care of herself so she will be around for a long time. She tells her that she knows the pain Brooke has caused her, she has been there herself. But, she tells Stephanie, she has been able to get rid of her anger and hate and it has made her life so much better. Stephanie can't believe that after all Brooke has done to Taylor that she can forgive her unless it is because she now doesn't have to contend with Brook chasing after Ridge. She wonders if she would feel the same way if Brooke were still stripping in the elevator with her husband. No, Stephanie says, Brooke is poison. Taylor says that she is a human being but Stephanie says that she has tried to destroy her family; it is an obsession with her. She is the antithesis of everything that she believes in, having no respect for family or commitment. She is getting all worked up again and Taylor again tries to calm her down. Stephanie says that Brooke is a devil.

Brooke tells Thorne that she only wanted to make peace with his mother but Thorne doubts that that would ever happen. Brooke trie3s to convince him of what it could mean for them. If they were friends, then Stephanie wouldn't mind that they are together. Thorne says that it would be nice but he tells her that it isn't going to happen. Even though he agrees that the feud has gone on long enough, that isn't what his mother believes. Brooke is determined to make Stephanie change her mind about her. She says that Taylor believes that she can do it but Thorne reminds her that Taylor is an optimist and wants everyone to be happy. Brooke also wants everyone to be happy, especially Thorne. He tells her that if she is doing this just for him then it isn't necessary; his mother is set in her ways. But her "ways" is what gave her the stroke, Brooke reminds him. But she will just have to work that much harder at charming her. She is excited because she knows this is the answer! She says that she will make Thorne a believer yet. She won't let happen the same thing that happened the last time she was there. Thorne makes her promise not to let things get out of hand again. Brooke says that his mother can sling all the mud and bad words at her that she wants and she will stand there and take it with a smile on her face. She can do it as long as she knows that she will have Thorne to come home to. Rick is having a romantic daydream about Kimberly when Adam Alexander interrupts. Adam tells him that he needs to have a few words with him. But first, he tells him how much he admires him for how he is managing his life and this isn't a slam but an honest observation. He could have run out on Amber and his son, sending the necessary expenses every month but he chose to remain and be a real father. He has always tried to do the same thing with his daughter and that is why he is there; he needs Rick's help. He says that he has a problem that Rick can help him with. He mentions Kimberly's trip to Paris and the reason. Rick tells him that he hasn't led Kimberly on even though she went to Paris on his behalf. He even tried to stop her and Adam says he knows that. But she is stubborn when it comes to Rick. It isn't Rick's fault, but that is the way it is. Rick pleads with him not to be angry with Kimberly and Adam says he understands why she did it; she loves him. At first, he thought it was only a teenage infatuation but he has come to realize that it isn't true. She has gone against everything he has taught her about marriage and commitment. She wouldn't be able to go against those teachings unless she cared deeply. Adam says that Kimberly is in deep trouble, way over her head. She has sacrificed everything for him, even her safety. Rick is puzzled but Adam reminds him that Amber has attacked Kimberly. He doesn't care about Amber; he cares about his daughter and doesn't want anything to happen to her. Rick asks what he can do that he hasn't already done. Adam says that he can either cut her out of his life completely or he can end his marriage. If he loves Kimberly, he will do whatever is necessary.

Kimberly arrives and tells Rick about Amber's mother. She says that both of them are sick. She says that Tawny pointed the gun at her and she actually thought she was going to shoot her.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Brooke breaks from clench with Thorne. Kisses like that are the reasons why she intends to make friends with Stephanie, she explains, so she is going to see his mother again. Thorne suggests he stop by while she is there, but she says no. They then talk about how she can do this. "Maybe by finding common, like him, Thorne suggests. No, Brooke says; she can't bring him into it. Maybe by realizing that they are both crazy about their kids, Thorne asks? Steph is literally crazy, Brooke says, then taking that back as the wrong thing to say. By pointing out that they are both protective of their families? That's fine, Brooke says, except Steph wants to protect her family FROM Brooke. Brooke starts getting discouraged, but she is determined to do this, because their love is stronger than Steph's hate. She goes to change as Thorne wonders.

Amber is angry at Tawny. She asks, "How could you do this? She'll tell Rick we're crazy and dangerous. And to pull a gun in front of the baby?" Tawny points out that the gun was not loaded, and Amber had to do something before Kimberly stumbled on the truth about the baby. Amber says that it doesn't matter about the baby... all Kim has to do is see Rick and Amber will lose him. Tawny suggests telling him that Kim is crazy, but Amber says it won't work. Tawny reminds her about Becky, although Amber says Becky will not tell. Amber feels crushed by the lies. Tawny tries to empathize, but Amber says that she can't. "Rick was the only good thing in my life, and look what I've done to him," Amber laments. Tawny blames Brooke and Kim and says they will find a way to stop this... and the best way is for Amber to get pregnant.

Kimberly tells Rick the story of being held at gunpoint. He can't believe it, and Kimberly tells him that they are sick! Rick is shocked when he learns Little Eric was in his bassinet, and that Tawny pulled a gun on her when she was getting close to the secret. Kim tells him she is scared. Rick wants details, so Kimberly explains how Tawny locked her in when she was suspicious about the secret. She thinks that proves that she was getting close, but Rick wants to hear more. She then tells him how talking about Becky got them crazy... and then she went to pick up the baby and they pulled the gun. "You were right by Little Eric?" Rick asks. That's it... he's had it, he says as he is ready to leave! Kim tries to stop him, but he is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep her safe. Rick heads home. Alone, Kimberly thinks that as angry as Rick was to protect his son, it means only one thing: his marriage is over.

Brooke arrives at Stephanie's, giving herself a pep talk... she puts on smile as Steph answers the door. Steph invites her in, and Brooke apologizes for last time and is surprised that Steph is not throwing her out. What, and miss Brooke beg and grovel for what she wants? Steph tells her to sit down. Brooke sees pedicure stuff sitting on a table. Stephanie explains that Helen was going to do it for her, but Steph gave her time off to see her family. Brooke volunteers to fill in. As she works, Brooke is grateful she can show Steph how serious she is. Steph is still suspicious, but Brooke says she just wants to end this feud. Steph says she can do that by just staying away, but Brooke reminds her about being married to her kids' father. Using the kids again, Steph accuses... that's typical Brooke. Brooke gets angry, but composes herself and goes back to work. Stephanie tells Brooke to cut to the chase and admit that Steph can never trust her. Brooke is willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to change her mind. Brooke gets ready to leave and says that she will be back tomorrow. Steph then suggests that next time, Brooke tend to the gardening and gutter cleaning. Brooke exits.

While Tawny suggests that Amber get pregnant again, Amber tears into her mother, saying that she can't even bear to look at herself in the mirror anymore. She is tired of the lies; all she wanted was to be what Rick wanted, and now she is turning into her mother. Letting Tawny back into her life was a mistake. "Wait a minute! I took you in!" Tawny protests. "Yes, you did... for once," Amber admits. Tawny defends her actions, but Amber points out that all Tawny knows about is manipulation. Amber orders her mother out of her life for good... and as she heads for the door, Rick arrives. He stares at Tawny with fire in his eyes...

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Thorne is incredulous when Brooke tells him about her experience with Stephanie, especially the pedicure and scrubbing Stephanie's feet. She admits that at one point, when Stephanie was attacking her motherhood, she almost got riled up but caught herself in time. She firmly believes that this is going to be a positive experience even though Thorne reminds her that Stephanie is a stubborn woman with a lifetime of resentment toward Brooke. Their conversation and time alone is interrupted when Kimberly arrives and tells Brooke that she needs to talk to her. Thorne leaves for his own office.

Sally and Macy are talking business; Sally describes a new campaign and admits that it was all Adam's idea. Macy hastens to remind her mother that she told her in the beginning that this would work out with her father. Sally agrees saying that it looks like Adam is in this for the long haul. Darla arrives fresh from the boat. She has only wonderful things to say about her Mexican cruise; she is even dressed in a senorita outfit. Before she will go into all the wild exploits of her trip, she wants to know about the wedding. Macy has to tell her that so far, there hasn't even been a proposal. As both Darla and Sally begin criticizing Thorne, Macy jumps to his defense, as usual, making excuses for him. Darla advises her to get him out of his funk but Macy says that she has tried everything and nothing has worked. Darla says that it appears that the two of them can't get along without her and she has a plan that will get Macy's boy back in the saddle again. She whispers instructions to Macy and tells her to get right on it. The main thing is that once they are together, she has to take full control of the situation.

Kimberly tells Brooke what happened with Tawny and Amber. Brooke can hardly believe that they would use a gun. She goes to the phone and is calling the police when Kimberly stops her saying that she thinks that Rick is over there breaking up with Amber right now. This gets Brooke even more upset that her son would walk into a house with two women and a gun. Kimberly assures her that neither of them are dumb enough to show their psychotic side to Rick and Brooke agrees. She says that Tawny is her own worse enemy and now she is her daughter's as well. Brooke is happy; now her son will come home and bring the baby with him. She could be rid of Amber as soon as tonight. She praises and thanks Kimberly for all that she has done. She tries to get Rick on his cell phone. When he doesn't answer, she assumes he left it in the car. Kimberly is determined to find the truth regardless of how it turns out with Amber. She goes into her suppositions about Amber and Becky and her suspicion that there is blackmail involved. Brooke says that Amber is going to get what is coming to her and she deserves everything she gets.

Megan gives Thorne a fax saying that he needs to read this at once. Thorne is puzzled by her amused smile. Opening the fax, he reads an invitation to the darkroom in the media department, clothing optional. Thorne has a pitying look on his face as he wonders what he is going to do about this.

As Macy enters the photographer's studio she smiles knowing that Thorne should be getting her fax just about now. She heads for the darkroom and begins to undress. Just then, Giovanni enters the studio with his lunch and begins taking it out of the bag. As he sits down, he hears the sound of a zipper sliding open or closed. He looks around but seeing that he is alone, he simply shrugs and gets back to eating. Now Macy is completely undressed but she drops her purse. Hearing the noise, Giovanni slides his chair from the table, making a noise, as he heads for the darkroom to investigate. Macy hears the noise the chair made and assumes it is Thorne. Quickly she turns off the lights and the darkroom is in total darkness. Giovanni walks into the room. As he reaches for the light, Macy comes up behind him and stops him. She begins caressing him from behind and telling him to relax and don't say a word. Giovanni can't believe his good fortune and as he begins to turn around, she again stops him. She tells him that she is in control and they are going to have some fun. Got that? She asks and Giovanni, with a grin on his face, nods his head.

"Where's the gun?" Rick demands as he rushes into the house. Tawny tries to deny it but Amber tells her to tell Rick the truth. Tawny lies to Rick, but Amber tells him the truth. Rick turns on her and begins accusing her along with her mother. Now, he tells her, Kimberly's accusations are making sense. Tawny tells him not to talk to her daughter like that. She begins to rant at him and tell him that it is his fault. If he had acted like a husband and protected his wife from Kimberly, then this wouldn't have happened. "What kind of a husband lets his ex-girlfriend come into the house and insult his wife? And then lets his mommy send someone all the way to Paris to try to break up his marriage? No, no, my little girl has busted her butt to be a good wife to you and to be good mother to your son. And she deserves someone who is going to protect her from that kind of abuse, and if you are not man enough to do it, then by god, I will!" Rick turns back to Amber and demands to know what she is hiding. When Tawny again interrupts saying that he has let Kimberly get to him with her suspicions, he turns back to her and says that it was she who made him suspicious. He had told his mother and Kimberly to back off and leave his marriage alone, but now he sees that he was wrong. He tosses Tawny out of the house and when she hesitates, Amber demands that her mother leave. When they are alone, Rick turns to Amber and asks what kind of person she is. When she tries to speak, he tells her to save it. He is tired of her damn excuses; there is no justification for what happened here today. "I can't take it any more!" he cries out in desperation.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Kimberly and Brooke await word from Rick about his confrontation with Amber. Tawny wished she had not taken the gun out of her purse but she said she should have gotten rid of Kimberly sooner. Rick questioned whether the vows Amber made to Rick were real and if the really meant anything. Rick told Amber to spill her secret or he will take baby Eric and leave. Macy was in the darkroom with who she thought was Thorne but who turned out to be a Swedish photographer, Giovanni. Thorne is contemplating how to tell Macy about his feelings for Brooke and his feelings for her. Brooke advised Kimberly to stay away from Tawny and Amber. Amber told Rick that none of her "secrets" have anything to do with their marriage. Thorne showed up at the darkroom. Amber told Rick that she was not the problem but that Brooke and Kimberly were and begged him not to give up on their marriage. Rick showed up at Forrester Creations and asked if he could speak to Kimberly alone.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Eric lays into Taylor for urging Brooke to try to talk with Stephanie about their problems. He reminds her that Stephanie needs a stress-free life right now. Ridge offers to talk with Brooke but Taylor explains that she now thinks that Brooke is suffering from the 'Folie a deux' syndrome where someone thinks their actions are normal even though everyone else thinks they are abnormal. Later, Taylor talks with Brooke who becomes upset when Taylor explains her psychological explanation for Brooke's actions. In Brooke's office, Rick explains to Kimberly that he was not threatened by Tawny. But his confrontation with Amber has made him realize that he can't ignore his feelings for her anymore. Rick tells Kimberly that he loves her but then shatters her happiness by announcing that he is going to stay married to Amber.

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