The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on B&B
Taylor was leery of Eric and Ridge's plan to break up Thorne and Brooke. Amber received flack from Kimberly for refusing to visit Becky during Amber and Rick's European honeymoon. Sally asked Stephanie if Brooke had something to do with Macy and Thorne's failed relationship.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, January 3, 2000

At the office, Ridge and Eric are discussing Thorne and Brooke. Eric feels that they have to do something about the situation. They feel that Thorne only cares about Brooke's feelings. Eric said that Brooke was selfish and had caused enough problems in his family and that he was going to stop her. Since Thorne was planning on telling Stephanie about his relationship with Brooke once he returned from Venice, Ridge and Eric felt like they needed to at least try to prepare Stephanie. Eric then said that he had a plan. He invited Ridge to sit down and have a drink, and then instructed his secretary to hold all of his phone calls. We don't actually hear the plan, but Ridge tells Eric that he didn't think that he could do it. He also said that he didn't think that Taylor would go along with it. Eric said that he wasn't asking him to do it, he was telling him. He tells Ridge that it is their fault that Brooke is involved with the family so they had to do whatever it took to make it right. Eric tells Ridge to go home and talk with Taylor, and that he wanted them in Venice because this was their only hope.

Stephanie and Taylor are at the mansion. Stephanie is telling Taylor how she threw Brooke out of the house. She also said that she thinks that Brooke is out of their lives once and for all. Taylor tells Stephanie that she shouldn't keep getting so upset about Brooke because it wasn't good for her health. Stephanie said that she feels that she made a mistake in planning the impromptu wedding between Thorne and Macy. She feels that she has pushed them farther apart. She thinks that her having the stroke was the cause of Macy and Thorne's problems in the first place. Taylor tells her that Macy and Thorne were grown-ups, and if it was meant to be they would find their way back together. Stephanie also said that she wouldn't push Thorne.She said that if she had stayed out of it, they would probably be planning their wedding now.

C.J. visits with Amber at the gatehouse. Amber is packing for her trip to Venice. She tells him that they are going on the Forrester jet. C.J. realizes that Kimberly's shoot is over there, and that Amber is trying to rub Kimberly's nose in it. Amber said that she didn't have anything to fear from Kimberly. She said that Rick had done everything to make their marriage work, including remarrying her. He also told Kimberly to stay out of their lives. Amber feels that this will be the ultimate vacation.

Rick is in the photo studio gazing at a picture of Kimberly, when she walks in. Kimberly said that she had forgotten her keys and had come to retrieve them. She tells Rick that she is very excited about going to Venice, but that she also wished that he could go. He tells her that he is going. She said that maybe they could get a break and do some things together. Rick tells her that he wasn't going on business. Kimberly is stunned to learn that this will be his honeymoon. Rick offers to go somewhere else, but Kimberly says that it is okay. He says that Amber has been a lot more relaxed lately. Kimberly says to herself that since Amber's guard is down, she will feel more comfortable, and then she will find out about Amber's secrets.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Eric stands in the shadows and watches Brooke and Thorne kissing passionately before heading out to the plane and on their way to Italy. He tells her that he has reservations for two rooms but only one will be used. She is glad because she knows that Rick is going and she wants to tell him about them herself. Thorne promises that when they return, he will tell Stephanie about them. Eric fumes as he watches the lovers in one last embrace before rushing out of the office.

Amber and Rick are on their way but first, Amber has to make sure she hasn't forgotten anything. She asks if Helen is ready and Rick tells her that she is running late but said she would be there in time. They leave her a note and head for the car. Both of them talk about what a good time they are going to have in Venice.

After Rick and Amber leave, Tawny comes out of the shadows and removes the note left for Helen. She takes another note out of her purse and puts it in the place of the first. Looking pleased with herself she says, "Venice, here I come!"

Kimberly and Giovanni are about to leave for the airport when Kimberly tells him that Amber and Rick will be on the plane. He warns her to be careful and not get into anything with her. "Don't you think I can take her?" Kimberly asks with a smile.

Ridge tells Taylor that he needs her help. His father has come up with a plan to break up Thorne and Brooke. Taylor hears the plan and tells him that she wants nothing to do with it. She says that this is just another case of Ridge chasing Brooke around the world to "save her from herself." Ridge denies this but tells her that his mother's life depends on her helping him with this plan. Taylor says that he can go chasing Brooke if he wants to but she will not leave her babies for someone like Brooke. She insists that Stephanie will be able to handle this situation if they cushion the blow. When the phone rings, Ridge says that it is his father; if she isn't going to help them, then she can just tell him herself. She takes the phone and tells Eric that she isn't going. He begins to shout and rage at her.

Helen comes home and finds the note. Opening it she reads that instead of going to the LA airport, she should go to the airport in the valley. She can't understand this but since it is further away she had better hurry.

Everyone begins to gather at the plane. First, Kimberly and Giovanni arrive closely followed by Rick and Amber with the baby. Brooke arrives and Amber wonders why Mamma is coming along on her son's honeymoon. Brooke says that she is going to direct the fashion show. Thorne arrives and the pilot is ready to leave but Amber says he has to wait for Helen. Unexpectedly, Tawny arrives and Amber is angry. So is Brooke who tries to throw her off the plane. Finally, Amber agrees that she can stay until Helen arrives then she has to leave. Tawny is pleased. The pilot then announces that they are waiting for someone else to arrive. When asked who, he tells Thorne that it is his father, his brother and his brother's wife. Brooke and Thorne exchange worried looks.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Taylor and Ridge are on their way to the airport. She is upset at Ridge about what he is doing to Brooke. She is tired of having her life turned upside down just because he and Eric are trying to break up Brooke and Thorne.

Brooke is nervous about having Ridge and Taylor on board. She hopes that Ridge does not make a scene in front of Rick. Thorne assures her that everything is all right and says that Ridge will make sure that Rick does not know too much about what is going on between them. Brooke declares that with Ridge and Amber on board, that it is going to be a long flight. Becky arrives at the office early since she cannot sleep due to the arrival of Little Eric. Suzanne tells Becky to stop thinking with her head, but instead with her heart and tells her to get her son and that he needs her. Amber tells Tawny not to get too comfy because as soon as Helen arrives, she will have to leave. Tawny tells Amber that "She knows." Helen arrives at the airport and asks the agent to help her find the plane. They look under "Forrester" but no info can be found. Helen is in disbelief and is very upset. Amber and Rick wonder what they are going to do if Helen does not show up. Tawny stresses that she can help.

Brooke interjects by saying, "Not after what you did to Kimberly" and says that she does not even have a passport. Tawny pulls one out and shows it to everyone. Brooke asks her what she did to Helen. Ridge and Taylor arrive on the plane.

Thorne tells Ridge and Taylor that he is surprised that they are coming. Thorne tells Brooke that despite Ridge and Taylor's presence; it will not stop them from having their vacation. The flight attendant welcomes everyone on board and asks Ridge if everything is all right and if they can leave now. Brooke tells him that Helen has not arrived yet and Rick tells her that it does not look like she is coming. They tell Tawny that she can stay and they leave for Venice.

Suzanne gave Becky a train ticket to go get her son. Becky tells Suzanne that he is happy and healthy with Amber and Rick and that she will not take him away from his family. Suzanne tells Becky that she will do the right thing eventually. Amber asks Tawny how the baby is doing. Taylor calls home to talk to Thomas to tell him that she loves him. Brooke asks Thorne if Taylor and Ridge seemed strange to them. He asks her what is the first thing that she wanted to do when they arrive. Ridge watches them carry on at the other end of the plane. Giovanni tells Kimberly to get some sleep in order for her to be fresh for the photo shoot tomorrow. He tells her she is a princess and that dreams do come true in Venice. Amber tells Rick that she cannot believe that they are on their way to Venice, Italy. Brooke looks on as Ridge and Taylor have a heated discussion. Taylor notices Brooke looking at her and Brooke gets up to be with Thorne. They begin to make love in the lounge until Ridge walks in on them. Kimberly dreams about she and Rick spending time on the plane on their way to Italy and what their lives would be like together without Amber. When Kimberly awakens, she is caressing Giovanni instead and she quickly gets up and apologizes.

Becky continues to debate seeing Little Eric. She says that if she goes, Amber's life will be ruined. She feels that if she goes to see him, as soon as she holds him, she would not be able to give him up. She pleads with God to tell her what she is to do.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

Eric sees Stephanie struggling with a photo album in the living room and reveals everything that she has done for the family. She wishes that she wasn't so fragile. Helen returns to the Forresters and they ask her why she is still here. She tells them what has happened. They look at the note and conclude that it was Tawny who wrote it in order for her to miss the flight so that she could go to Venice instead. Ridge continued to try to get Taylor to talk to him, but to no avail. Amber realizes that they are flying over Europe and Rick asks Amber if Becky realizes that they will be on the same continent as she. Becky says that Amber will kill Becky if she goes to Venice to see Eric but reaffirms that she has to go to see her son.

Eric suggests to Stephanie that they go out for dinner but she tells him that she is too tired. He decides that he will cook and Stephanie suggests that they invite Thorne over since Brooke is in Italy. Eric tells her that Thorne is in Venice with Brooke, much to his dismay. Tawny apologizes to Kimberly for pulling a gun on her. They begin to have a heated discussion until the baby begins to cry. Kimberly claims that that is why Tawny did that in the first place, to cover up Amber's secret. Suzanne tells Becky that her train leaves shortly and that it is a good idea for her to go to Venice to see Eric. Kimberly pulls Rick into the lounge and locks the door.

After changing the baby, Tawny asks Amber where Rick went. She says that he went to freshen up and then asks where Kimberly went. Amber finds them and calls Kimberly a "Bitch." She tells Kimberly if she ever did this again, she will be toast, then pinches her and tells her not to worry that she will cover it up with makeup. Thorne asks Giovanni how they are getting to the hotel. He tells them that he has friends who will take them there by water taxi. Rick says "We are going by boat."

Becky looks at her train ticket and tells Suzanne that she is not going to Venice and that it is not her baby any more but Amber's. Suzanne says that it is what she wants to believe. Becky tells Suzanne to take the ticket back. She tells Becky that she will leave it with her and that she should go today. Everyone arrives in Italy. They are on the boats on their way to the hotel. They all look around at the sites around them. Thorne and Brooke have their own boat. She says that it's like a dream. Thorne says it is the city of Venice, a city of romance and it is all theirs. Thorne asks the driver to stop the boat. Amber and company arrive at the hotel. She cannot believe they are there and thanks Rick for taking her there. Brooke asks Thorne why he stopped the boat. He says he wanted to relish the moment. He yells "Hello Venice, Thorne and Brooke are here from America, show us your magic."

Eric says that Brooke and Thorne should be in Venice by now and that Ridge has to come through for him, especially for Stephanie's sake. He says that this relationship has to end in Venice. Thorne and Brooke kiss and he tells her that he loves her and then he kisses her again.

Friday, January 7, 2000

In Venice, Brooke and Thorne arrive to their hotel room. Brooke cannot believe that they are finally there and alone. They begin to kiss. Ridge and Taylor arrive at their room and Taylor notices that they are right beside Thorne and Brooke's The bellhop asks if they want to be moved to another room but Ridge says "No." Stephanie is having another therapy session. Eric watches her and then hears a knock at the door. He opens it to find Sally standing there. She asks how the "patient" is doing and he invites her in to see for herself. Sally tells her that she is making marvelous progress. She also tells her that the fashion world cannot survive without her for much longer. She asks Stephanie how the rest of the family is doing and notes that Thorne is probably doing better than Macy is right now. Brooke comes out of the bathroom in a towel and tells Thorne she wants to have a bubble bath and that she wants him to join her. They begin to make love.

Sally tells Stephanie that Macy is very upset at what happened between she and Thorne. They decide that they should talk to him and Sally suggests that they do it now. Stephanie tells her that he is in Venice with Kimberly and Giovanni. Eric tells Sally who else is there. Stephanie begins to get upset. Noticing this, Sally says that she does not want to cause any problems and stress for her and asks her to answer a question. She asks if Brooke was the reason Thorne refused to marry Macy. Brooke and Thorne are enjoying their bubble bath. He tells her that it fells like their honeymoon and she tells him that it could be and that a Cathedral is just across the street. He says that as soon as they get home, they will tell Stephanie about them and then set a wedding date. Ridge tells Taylor that they should spend sometime together and enjoy it. She reminds him why they are there and she worries that her walking out on her children without saying goodbye instead from a plane will hurt them and that she should have never agreed to go along. Thorne and Brooke hear them arguing and wonder what she is mad about.

Stephanie says that it is not possible that Thorne and Brooke are an item. Sally asks why Thorne refused to marry Macy and Stephanie says that he did that only for the moment. They begin to argue and sensing that this may cause Stephanie a set back, Eric tells Stephanie to get the thought out of her head and then asks Sally to go get a glass of water. Stephanie says that she should not get upset and stresses that Brooke is the one that is making her upset. Sally brings the glass of water and apologizes for upsetting her. Eric walks Sally to the door. He demands that she not bring up Brooke's name up in front of Stephanie again. She then leaves.

Thorne continues to listen to Ridge and Taylor argue but cannot bake out what they are saying and Brooke asks Thorne if they are arguing over her. He asks her to get dressed again before he loses control and makes love to her again. Ridge tries to tell Taylor that being in Venice is an opportunity for them to spend some down time together but she says that it is a job, not a vacation. Upset at Ridge not changing his mind, storms out. Just then, Ridge receives a call. It is from Eric. He calls Ridge to inform him that Sally came by to visit his mother and brought up the fact that Thorne refused to marry Macy and how upset she still is. He tells Ridge that this is hitting closer to home. He begs of him to come through for him by breaking Thorne and Brooke up and that he cannot let him down.

Thorne and Brooke go on an outing. They still cannot believe where they are. Eric says that they have to be stopped and that Ridge knows what to do to stop them for good and that he should "Just do it."

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