The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on B&B
Stephanie tried to get Morgan to leave town, and Morgan expressed her bitterness about what Stephanie had forced Morgan to do as a teenager. Macy caught Roberta ordering a drink, and Macy attempted to talk Roberta out of drinking it.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, March 13, 2000

Ridge enters Morgan's office and asks her why she left his house so suddenly. He told her that she was good at disappearing like she did so many years ago. He told her that he wasn't pressing her, but he was just curious. He said that he realized at the time that she was only 17 and he was in his 20's, but Morgan seems very reluctant to discuss things.

Morgan and Brooke are discussing her upcoming date with Giovanni, but Brooke seems unsure about going out with him. Morgan tells her that she should go on the date and have some fun for a change. She tells her that everyone at the company has noticed how miserable she's been. Morgan tells Brooke that she went out on a date with Clark, but it was nothing special. She does say that there is someone that she is very interested in, but she doesn't elaborate on it. Giovanni arrives and Brooke leaves with him.

Stephanie and Thomas are in Ridge's office. Ridge arrives and the nanny leaves with Thomas. Stephanie tells Ridge that he is a good father and she never thought that she would see the day that that happened. Ridge tells her about Brooke hiring Morgan. He tells Stephanie that he wonders what happened to make Morgan just leave him without a word. Stephanie tells Ridge that Morgan was a minor at the time, and she didn't see why it mattered at this point why she left. Ridge said that he wanted a sense of closure and Morgan was the first girl that he ever really cared about. When Ridge answers the phone, Stephanie is nowhere to be found. Stephanie enters Morgan's office. Morgan said that she had wondered how long it would take for Stephanie to come. Stephanie said that she had only just found out that she was there. She said that she was surprised that Morgan would come back there to work and that she is sure that Morgan could have gotten a job anywhere. Morgan said that most people weren't offering the kind of money that Brooke had offered her.

Stephanie said that Brooke was always very generous with other people's money. Stephanie said that she was sure that she could get Morgan a great job in Milan and also get her double the pay. Morgan tells her that it is very thoughtful of her, but then she had always taken such great care of her. Morgan said that she knew that it would be just perfect for Stephanie if she left town. Stephanie tells Morgan that she should take her up on her offer of friendship. Morgan tells her that she has a lot of nerve considering what she did to her.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Mannequins: Macy and Thorne are having lunch. Macy tells Thorne that they have two things to celebrate. She hands him an envelope and it has their marriage license from Amsterdam. Macy expresses how she is so surprised that things turned out the way the way they had. (I assume that is the other part of the celebration) Especially, how she expected him to be engaged to Brooke. She did not expect to go to Amsterdam and come back with a husband! Macy brings up that famous line, "You will never hurt me again."

Giovanni and Brooke arrive for lunch. Thorne looks up and spots the two coming in and you can see the "green-eyed" monster in his eyes. Giovanni tells her that he knows that she and Thorne broke up and that she would rather be over there with him instead of seeing Macy sit there. Brooke says that she does not want to discuss her personal life with him. Gigolo Gio knows love when he spots it. Giovanni tells Brooke that the best way to work this thing out is to have some fun. Brooke likes the idea and thanks him for hanging out with her. He enlightens her with the story of he and Clarke pursuing Morgan.

Of course, Thorne can't keep his eyes off of her. Macy has not noticed that Brooke was there and ask him the amazing question, "How do you feel about Brooke, seeing her everyday? Is it uncomfortable?" HE looks uncomfortable- can't she see any of this? He answers, "No." They get on the subject of her sponsorship and how she had to be there for Roberta the other day. Thorne asks why doesn't she invite her out. Macy states that it is too soon. Meanwhile, Roberta is heading towards the bar to order her "usual."

Ridge's office: Ridge is giving Becky an envelope to take to Brooke. Becky tells him that she is out to lunch with Gio and that Thorne is out to lunch with his wife. He wonders if anyone is working..

Taylor comes in and Ridge asks her did she come to take him to lunch. Taylor lets him know that she is there to have lunch with Morgan. Ridge is tripping over the fact that they have been "lunching" together for two days in a row. He ask Taylor what do they talk about- him? She informs him that he is not the only man on the planet and that they talk "girl" stuff.

Morgan's office: Stephanie is shocked to see that Morgan is so mad. Morgan tells Steph to leave but she says she is not going anywhere. Morgan looks like she is about to have another nervous breakdown while telling Stephanie not to be so surprised about how she feels. Morgan goes on to tell her that she did have a nervous break down and had to go through years of counseling. She states that she has regretted her decision every day of her life. Morgan told her that she had trusted her as a 17 year-old girl to guide her through a difficult time of her life. Stephanie tells her that she did what she thought was best and believed that she had shown her sympathy at that time. She felt that sending her back to her parents was the best thing for her.

Stephanie tells her that it would have never worked out because Ridge was a playboy chasing skirts all over town. Morgan is not convinced that Ridge would not have wanted her and the baby. Stephanie says that she has been so successful with her life. Morgan says that is only thing she could do to keep sane. Stephanie asked her why didn't she tell Ridge then. Morgan states that she was not thinking straight at the time. Stephanie is sincerely sorry to Morgan. Morgan tells her that she feels hopeless and she hear sounds of Ridge's baby crying at night in her dreams.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

As Macy is telling Thorne about Roberta - the woman she is sponsoring at AA - Roberta is at the bar at the Café Russe ordering a gin and tonic. Macy spots her and intercedes. She convinces Roberta to take a walk with her. Giovanni asks why Thorne is married to Macy if he was involved with Brooke, but Brooke doesn't want to discuss it. They see Macy has left Thorne on his own.

Brooke tells Giovanni she wants to dance. When Thorne and Brooke's special song starts to play, Brooke can't help but look at Thorne. Tears come to her eyes and she runs out. Ridge is surprised when Taylor describes her newfound friendship with Morgan and what a release it is for her.

Stephanie can't believe Morgan is blaming her. After all, Morgan was the one who got pregnant. Morgan tells Stephanie that she only let her consider one option and made her abort Ridge's baby. Stephanie prevented her from having the baby she wanted and she despises Stephanie for it. Stephanie asks Morgan why she came back.

Morgan needs to get rid of the demons that haunt her and had to come back to the scene of the crime - Stephanie's crime. Just then, Taylor stops by to go with Morgan for lunch, leaving Stephanie wondering just what Morgan is up to.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

The Bold and the Beautiful will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

Friday, March 17, 2000

The Bold and the Beautiful will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

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