The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on B&B
Morgan and Ridge flew to Paris on business, and Morgan was preoccupied with memories of the abortion. Brooke donned the wedding dress that Thorne had gotten for her, and she asked him to have at least a dance with her. Amber was horrified to see Rick and Kimberly having dinner at Rick and Amber's special table at Café Russe.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, March 20, 2000

Thorne sat in his office, listening to opera music and thinking about when he had seen Brooke at the restaurant with Giovanni. He later went to Ridge's office to deliver some invoices. Ridge wanted the two of them to put the past behind them and try to get along for the sake of the family. Thorne said that Ridge was not going to lay a guilt trip on him because Ridge and Eric were the two who had destroyed everything.

Ridge admitted to Thorne that what they had done had been wrong, but that they had done it for all the right reasons. He told Thorne that their mother was well again, and he was married to a wonderful woman who loved him. Thorne told Ridge that he didn't want to make amends because he didn't trust Ridge. They were called into Brooke's office due to an emergency.

Taylor and Morgan were having lunch at the Insomniac Cafe. Taylor noticed that Morgan seemed to be distracted. Taylor asked if she had interrupted something between Morgan and Stephanie. Taylor said that although she loved Stephanie, she knew that Stephanie could be vicious about protecting her family. They then discussed the possibility of Morgan renting Taylor's beach house. Morgan received an emergency call from the office, and they left.

Brooke was in her office, thinking about Thorne seeing her with Giovanni. She said to herself that Thorne might love Macy, but he belonged to her. Stephanie entered Brooke's office. Stephanie accused Brooke of hiring Morgan to get back at Ridge. Brooke said that she had realized that they had worked together in the past, but she hadn't realized that they'd had a personal relationship.

Stephanie said that it was insignificant because Morgan had just been a teenager. Stephanie then changed the subject, saying that she couldn't believe that Brooke had hired someone without consulting Eric. Brooke recived a phone call, and Stephanie left. Brooke wondered what was really going on.

Stephanie joined Eric at home by the pool. Eric was surprised that she had gone back to the office so soon. She asked him if that was the reason that he hadn't informed her that Brooke had hired Morgan. Eric said that he hadn't thought that Morgan would be a problem. Stephanie told him that she didn't want Morgan anywhere near Ridge. She said that Morgan was an opportunist. Eric wanted to know if there was more going on than Stephanie was telling him.

Everyone with the exception of Eric had gathered in Brooke's office. She told them that a fire had broken out at Forrester International, and most of the designs had been destroyed. She was sending Morgan and Ridge to Paris immediately. When Brooke and Morgan were alone, Morgan informed Brooke that she couldn't go to Paris with Ridge.

Meanwhile, in Ridge's office, Ridge asked Taylor if it bothered her that he was traveling to Paris with an ex-girlfriend. She replied that Morgan had dumped him and had no interest in him.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Brooke was in her office, talking to Morgan about Paris. She did not understand why Morgan did not want to go to Paris with Ridge. Morgan tried to give an excuse about how well they were working together. Morgan was trying not to make a big deal out of why she did not want to go, but it was obviously too late. Brooke blurted out, "Is this because you and Ridge used to date? Why didn't you tell me this before?"

Morgan looked shocked after Brooke said that. Brooke said that Stephanie had stopped in and accused Brooke of hiring Morgan to get back at Ridge. Brooke said if Morgan did not want to do it, then Brooke would get someone else that would do her job. Morgan headed for the door, and Brooke asked where she was going. Morgan replied, "I have a plane to catch."

Ridge was in his office, smooching all over Taylor before they boarded the jet. Ridge asked Taylor to go with them, but she declined. They were smooching some more until she spotted Morgan watching them. Morgan stated that the limo was waiting and that the pilot wanted to leave before it got dark.

Ridge had left, and Taylor was putting on lipstick when Stephanie entered, shocked to see her there. Taylor told Stephanie that Ridge and Morgan had just left to head to the airport. Stephanie was not pleased at all. She tried to convince Taylor that she should have some concerns about Morgan being around Ridge. Taylor said that Morgan was her friend, and Taylor was not worried because she trusted her husband. Taylor left the office.

C.J. was at Becky and Amber's place. They were hanging out. Amber asked how Rick was doing and if he was with Kimberly. C.J. was trying to avoid answering her, but she insisted on knowing. C.J. told her that Rick was moving on with his life.

C.J. told Amber that she was doing great getting her life together. Amber said that her audition had not gone well and that she had been auditioning all over town. C.J. suggested that he could speak to Macy, but Amber wanted to make it on her own. The phone rang, and it was the guy from Café Russe, calling about a job for Amber. Amber assumed that it was for a singing gig.

Amber got dressed and ran right over to Café Russe. The manager entered moments later to speak with her. Amber told him that she could sing anything that he wanted. The manager looked at her as though there had been a mistake.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, C.J. and Becky shared a big smooch.

On the airplane, Morgan and Ridge were settling in for the ride to Paris. Ridge was trying to enjoy himself and asked Morgan if she wanted a martini. She declined and said that she did not think that she should. Ridge asked her when she had done anything that she thought that she should.

The plane started to move, and Morgan told Ridge that he should sit down. He stumbled forward and poured the drinks right in her lap. The show ended with Ridge in Morgan's lap, staring into her face.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Brooke told Taylor she found it odd that Morgan had never mentioned her past with Ridge and wondered if Morgan regretted ending the relationship. Taylor realized that Brooke was asking her loaded questions in the hopes of making her suspicious of Morgan, but she insisted that she was not taking the bait. Brooke wondered if there was more going on in Morgan's mind than any of them knew.

Becky told C.J. that she didn't think Amber could handle another letdown. Amber was crushed when she realized she'd been hired to bus tables, not sing. Becky and C.J. were surprised to see Amber in her uniform. Her hopes dashed, Amber told them that she didn't deserve to be on the stage there any more than she deserved to be a Forrester. The first table she was told to clear was the table where Amber and Rick had sat on their first date.

Ridge pressed Morgan to tell him the real reason why she had broken up with him and then disappeared. Morgan wanted to forget about the past and focus on their work. Morgan remembered the day Stephanie had taken her for the abortion, even though Morgan had insisted she wasn't ready and wanted to tell Ridge about the pregnancy. She knew she could never tell Ridge, but he was the first and last good thing that had ever happened to her.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

C.J. asked Rick about his night with Kimberly. Rick didn't appreciate C.J.'s good-natured ribbing when Rick revealed that Kimberly wasn't interested in premarital sex. C.J. told Rick what a good time he'd been having with Becky. He tried to reassure Rick that Kimberly was just nervous and would change her mind.

Kimberly shared her confusion with Macy and asked if she was living in a fairy tale to expect to wait until her honeymoon. Macy told Kimberly that only she could decide what was right for her. Macy sensed that Kimberly was afraid she could lose Rick if she didn't sleep with him. Kimberly was sure that Rick loved her but thought her refusal to sleep with him might have hurt his feelings by implying that he was not the one.

Thorne and Brooke endured the awkwardness of working closely together while checking some shipments. Brooke noticed a package from Venice. She could tell by the invoice that Thorne had ordered it the day he had proposed.

When Becky took Rick up, Amber reminded her that although she loved him, she had promised Rick that she'd stay out of his life. She headed off to work. Rick gave Kimberly a gown and told her that he wanted her to wear it that night when they went to the Café Russe.

Friday, March 24, 2000

C.J. assured Becky that Rick was not ready to see Amber yet. Becky hoped Amber never had to see Rick with Kimberly. C.J. pointed out that if they pushed Amber and Rick together before Rick was ready, it could blow up in their faces, but he promised to help Becky figure out something for Amber and Rick when the time was right.

Amber was horrified when she saw Rick and Kimberly at "their" table. Brooke set the package from Venice aside when Thorne returned. Brooke and Thorne both had a difficult time working side by side.

Her eyes blurred with tears, Brooke accidentally cut herself. Thorne told her that she was going to be fine. After Thorne left with Giovanni, Brooke opened the box, which was full of white lace. Thorne returned and saw Brooke on the runway in the beautiful wedding gown.

When Thorne regained his composure, he told Brooke that wearing the wedding dress he had bought would not help her move on. Brooke asked Thorne if they could at least have the dance, even though they'd never have the wedding. Thorne hesitated then took Brooke in his arms.

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