The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on B&B
Sally was vehemently against C.J. getting mixed up with 'the Moore girl' and her baby, but Becky's determination impressed Sally. Rick and Kimberly's first date was derailed when Amber turned out to be their server. Taylor was surprised when Morgan answered Ridge's hotel room phone and said Ridge was in the shower. Ridge was shocked when Morgan finally revealed that she'd aborted his baby.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, March 27, 2000

Brooke and Thorne are dancing in a room at Forrester's. She is wearing a dress that Thorne had ordered for her. Brooke tells Thorne that she thought that this would be their first dance, not their last. Thorne is caressing Brooke all over and is about to kiss her when his beeper goes off. Thorne leaves, and Brooke is standing there with tears in her eyes. Megan and Giovonni are in Thorne's office. Megan said that she had never seen Brooke so happy . She said that she hoped that Thorne would realize that he made a mistake in marrying Macy before it was too late. Thorne enters the office. Megan asks him about Brooke, but Thorne tells her that if there was something that she needed to know then she should just ask her. Megan leaves. Brooke enters the office with a box. Thorne tells her that they can't keep doing what they just did, and that they should just forget it. Brooke said that she had done her best to avoid him, but they work in the same company and saw each other everyday. Thorne said that if it was going to become a problem, then he might just have to quit the company. He said that he had no intention of hurting Macy. Brooke tells him that this was his family's business and shouldn't quit. She said that they would make everything work out somehow. Brooke has tears in her eyes. Thorne reaches up to wipe them away, but Brooke leaves.

C.J. and Becky are at the apartment. Becky tells him how she is fascinated by cemeteries. She said that she likes to make up stories about the people who are there. They also discuss her favorite French poet. As C.J. is reading one of the poems, Becky is caressing his face and hair and then she kisses him. They talk about love.

Kimberly and Rick are at the Cafe Roose having dinner. Amber is their server. Kimberly at first wants to leave, but then decides that she wants Amber to see how happy they are. She said that Amber did everything that she could to rub Kimberly's face in the fact that Amber had Rick. Kimberly asks for more butter, and when Amber brings it she starts talking about them going up to the cabin and spending the night. She also lets it be known that she has been in Rick's bed at his house. Kimberly deliberately knocks the rolls on the floor so that Amber will have to pick them up. While Amber is picking up the rolls, Kimberly is rubbing Rick's leg with her foot. Amber has a vision where she throws the roll and hits Kimberly in the face with it. Kimberly tells Amber to bring them more rolls, and Amber goes to get them with a devilish grin on her face.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Rick and Kimberly are having dinner. Kimberly cannot focus on the conversation because Amber is standing across the room staring at them. Rick tells her to blow Amber off. Kimberly believes that Amber is there purposely to screw up their date. Across the room Amber is reminiscing about the past. How she and Rick used to laugh and eat at that same table. Jerry walks over and ask her what was she doing, she has been staring at them for ten minutes. He ask her if it was Kimberly Fairchild, the model for Forester. Amber confirms that it was Kimberly and that she was sitting with Rick Forrester. Jerry tells her that Rick is out of her league and to get back to work. Amber goes to the table and ask if she could take their plate. Kimberly is outraged that Amber is talking to them and tell her that she wants her to get away from them and leave them alone. If she really worked their she would know that she had not completed her meal because her silverware was crossed. Rick looks at Amber in support of Kimberly for her to back off. Jerry tells her to go back over there. Kimberly tells her that the real bus boy can come and clean their table. Amber ask them later if they wanted coffee. Amber looks all pitiful and says that this is really her job. Kimberly is not hearing of it. Jerry comes over and ask if there was anything that he could do. Rick ask for the check. Kimberly tells Jerry that Amber has been bothering them. Jerry was trying to fix the situation but Mr. Rick asks for the CHECK. After Rick has paid the bill he overhears Mr. Buchanan telling Amber to get out. Rick tells Mr. Buchanan that he did not know that she was doing her job and that he and his date may have overreacted. He told him that he would not like to see her lose her job over this. Boy, he has class

Brooke saw Taylor in Ridge's office going through his desk. Brooke comes in being all sarcastic to Taylor. Taylor is in no mood for Brooke but Brooke persist. Brooke remarks that Taylor is stressed out and that she is leery of Ridge being in Paris with Morgan. She is teasing her about him sharing a suite with Morgan. Taylor tells her that she is not concerned about her husband. Brooke gives her the number as Taylor is leaving. Taylor calls Ridge and he answers the phone. Taylor looks all relieved. She tells him that she is taking the kids to the mountains with her dad. He said that was great and wish he could be there. Brooke had entered the room when she hung up with Ridge and tells her that he answered the phone. Brooke tells her slyly not to be shocked if Morgan does answer the phone.

Brooke leaves the room and Taylor decides to call her husband back. Morgan answered the phone this time! Of course, Brooke is still hanging out by the door listening. Taylor looks shocked and finally says hello to Morgan. Taylor told Morgan that she thought that she was calling Ridge's room. Morgan said that she was and that they have a suite because the rooms were overbooked. Taylor said fine, can I speak to Ridge. Morgan knocks on his door-no answer. She goes to the bathroom door and she hears water. Morgan says that she thinks that he is in the shower. Taylor is not liking the sound of that at all. Brooke is back in the background eavesdropping again. Meanwhile, Morgan is in the bathroom and looking at Ridge through the steam of the shower. He opens the shower door and there is Morgan, checking him out...

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Ridge catches Morgan looking at him in the shower and mischievously asks if she'd like to join him. Becky and C.J. express how much they care for each another. Amber comes home, obviously upset. Morgan and Ridge tour the damage at Forrester International, and Morgan finds out that she and Ridge will be sharing an office.

Sally tells C.J. in no uncertain terms that Becky is no good for him. C.J. wants to have Becky over for dinner so Sally and Clarke can get to know her better, but Sally refuses. Sally insists that she's not judging Becky unfairly; she just wants C.J. to be careful about getting too involved with her.

C.J. calls Becky in front of his parents and invites her to dinner. Brooke quizzes Stephanie about Ridge's past with Morgan. She can tell that Stephanie hated Morgan, and didn't think she was the right type for Ridge.

Brooke wants Stephanie to admit that it's killing her to see them together again. Stephanie vehemently insists that it's over between Morgan and Ridge, and she storms out.

Ridge teases Morgan in front of Suzanne about how Morgan dumped him. Morgan finally can't take any more and tells him that leaving him wasn't a game, and it wasn't carefree and exciting. Stunned, Ridge tells a shaken Morgan that he's sorry.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Ridge apologizes for upsetting Morgan, but he continues to wonder why she took off all those years ago if she really cared about him. Morgan wants to drop the subject. When Ridge tries to help her relax by massaging her shoulders and suggests they take a break from work, Morgan suddenly rushes out the door, claiming she's made a mistake. Back at the hotel, she makes plans to return to L.A. Ridge catches her, as she is about to leave and insists that she stay and tell him what's bothering her.

Morgan wants Ridge to forget he ever saw her again. When she tries to leave, Ridge holds her. Morgan stumbles and they fall to the ground. While Becky tells Amber about her evening with C.J. and their dinner plans, C.J. tells Rick about his special relationship with Becky.

Amber hopes that someday she can mend fences with Rick. Sally and Clarke want C.J. to cancel the dinner. C.J. just wants them to be civil and give Becky a chance. Rick arrives to spend time with the baby and Amber realizes that Becky and C.J. set them up.

Friday, March 31, 2000

Morgan swears to Ridge that he doesn't want to hear about why she wants to leave. She finally agrees to tell him and admits that she didn't leave him for another man. She left because she had no choice. She confesses that she was pregnant with his child. Ridge is shocked and asks where the child is. Through tears, Morgan tells Ridge that she had an abortion.

Rick finally believes that it was Becky and C.J. who set them up, not Amber. Sally tells Becky that C.J. doesn't have time for a steady girlfriend. C.J. is indignant, but Becky points out that as a college student, his work should come first -- even before her. Becky tells C.J. that she and his parents want the same thing for him. Becky offers to leave rather than create tension between C.J. and his parents.

Sally apologizes for her earlier rudeness and tells C.J. to get out the good china for their dinner guest. C.J. promises Becky that his parents are going to love her almost as much as he does. Amber tells Rick that she thinks it's cool that he wants to stay involved in Little Eric's life. She thanks him for saving her job.

When Rick is gone, Amber takes a call from Becky's doctor, who, thinking he's talking to Becky, explains that something turned up in her tests and they want her to see a cancer specialist right away. Amber is horrified.

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