The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on B&B
Morgan insisted to Ridge that she could reverse the past with a new baby. Macy struggled with her sobriety due to doubts about Brooke and Thorne, and Macy discovered a wedding dress in Thorne's office with a packing slip dated the same day she'd been in Venice.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, April 17, 2000

Becky arrives at Stephanie's house with some papers for her and is stunned to see Amber there. She asks them if anything is wrong. She is glad to see that they had called a truce and told them that forgiveness was very important. She said that she learned that from the man that she loved. She said that although she was only 19, this is the first time that she has really lived. Stephanie tells her that she should take better care of herself. She told Becky not to come back to the office until she was stronger. She told her to rest and that she would be given her full salary. Becky doesn't know how to thank Stephanie. Becky leaves with the baby and Amber and Stephanie continue to talk. Stephanie feels that there must be something more that they can do. She said that maybe they should consider finding a doctor in Europe, but Amber tells her that it is a stage 4 Cancer. Stephanie admires how Amber is standing by her cousin.

Macy is cooking a special dinner for Thorne, but she can't keep Eric's phone call to Ridge out of her thoughts. Thorne comes home, but tells her that he has to get back to the office. She makes him promise to come home by 7:30 for dinner. Kimberly comes by and asks Macy if everything was alright. She tells her that everything was okay. Thorne calls and tells Macy that he was really busy and that he wouldn't be able to make it to dinner after all. Macy tells Thorne that she loves him, but he had already hung up. Macy is extremely disappointed.

Morgan and Taylor are discussing children. Morgan tells Taylor that she wants a child, but doesn't want a personal involvement with some man. She said that she hasn't had a special man in her life since Ridge. She wants Taylor to help her. Taylor suggests artificial insemination because Morgan doesn't want to adopt. Taylor tells her that she will help her in any way that she could.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Macy convinces herself not to drink the bottle of wine that she had set out for she and Thorne for dinner. She is trying to convince herself that Thorne would not have married her if he did not love her. Kimberly calls to ask if she had left an envelope at the house. Macy tells her that she has not seen it. Macy tells Kimberly that there isn't going to be a dinner because Thorne is working late. Kimberly wanted to come over and be with Macy but she insist that she is okay.

Later, Macy retires to bed. Thorne comes in after Brooke tells him that he must go home. He did not want to leave Brooke working alone that late at the office. She assures him that she will be fine.

Giovanni goes by Brooke's office tells her that he would like to help ease the pain that she is going through. He tells her some promises are made to be broken when she tells him that she is committed to keeping her word with Thorne. Brooke says that she has no choice.

Morgan tells Ridge that she has shared with Taylor that she wants to be artificially inseminated. Ridge does not find any of it a good idea. He tells her that she should not have a baby by herself. Morgan insist that she is owes it to herself and to the child she lost. Ridge is still skeptical.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Thorne realizes that with his hectic work schedule has been ignoring Macy. He suggests that he accompanies her to her AA meeting tomorrow night and then out to dinner. Amber shows Stephanie Becky's medicine and some pamphlets about pancreatic cancer. Amber wants to give Becky a few more weeks before she reveals the truth to her. Stephanie offers to throw a belated birthday party for Little Eric at her house, knowing it will be the only birthday Becky will ever celebrate for her son. Becky asks Eric, who is playing with Little Eric, if he would like her to change the baby's name. She's relieved when Eric admits he likes having the boy named after him. Brooke doesn't want to discuss her feelings with Macy, but assures her that she's learning to live with Thorne's decision. However difficult it may be to work closely with him as CEO, Brooke needs to do what is best for the company. After Brooke leaves, Macy notices that Brooke was staring at a box marked "Venice." She's stunned when she opens it and sees the wedding dress, realizing Thorne bought it the day Macy found him in Venice. Stephanie and Amber plan a party for Little Eric, hoping to show Becky how the family can come together for the sake of a child. Becky is thrilled to hear the news, unaware of their ulterior motives.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Amber tells Kimberly about the birthday party Stephanie is throwing for Little Eric. Amber wants Kimberly to agree to go with Rick when he calls, explaining that it's important for Becky to see them getting along. Kimberly doesn't believe Stephanie would invite Amber to her home and assures Amber that she and Rick will not be there. Rick later convinces Kimberly to reconsider. When Stephanie invites Thorne to the party, he senses that there is more going on than just showing support for Becky. She admits that there is, but can't reveal more. He agrees to try to change his plans with Macy. Sally is mystified by Stephanie's new attitude towards Amber. She's sure there's more to the story. When Eric finds out Stephanie is inviting both Amber and Brooke to the birthday party he's certain that Stephanie isn't telling him something. Stephanie only tells him that he'll understand everything in time. As the party begins, Amber watches Becky interact happily with Little Eric and the Forresters. She thanks Stephanie emotionally for what she's done and hugs her. Eric observes the embrace.

Friday, April 21, 2000

Becky is thrilled with the party and the way the Forresters are treating her son and Amber. Brooke is about to leave when she sees Amber, but Stephanie convinces her to stay for Little Eric's sake. Eric takes Stephanie aside and demands the truth and Stephanie blurts out that Becky is terminally ill. She begins to explain, but the caterers arrive and interrupt. Kimberly notices Brooke and Thorne talking together in a more friendly manner than lately. C.J. expresses his appreciation to Stephanie. Becky makes a speech, thanking the Forresters and saying how blessed she feels. Stephanie informs Becky that it took someone like her to bring the family together. She's touched their lives and made them realize that life shouldn't be wasted on resentment and hostility. After observing all this, Eric takes Stephanie aside and asks if Becky knows about her own condition. Stephanie admits that Becky is unaware that she probably won't live to see her son's next birthday. They rejoin the family as they sing "Happy Birthday." Darla is just as astonished as Sally and Clarke that Stephanie invited Amber to a party at her home. They can't imagine why Stephanie has changed her mind about Amber.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Morgan tells Taylor that there's something she needs to share with her. Morgan wants to have a child as soon as possible because it will make her feel fulfilled. Taylor is surprised, but agrees to help her. Thorne asks Becky to take some fabrics over to his mother, then she can take the rest of the day off to see C.J. Amber tells Stephanie that Becky is living a dream right now. She begs Stephanie not to tell anyone about Becky's condition. Stephanie tells Amber that it goes against all of her instincts. A person needs time to prepare to die, and Becky may be stronger than Amber thinks. Becky arrives and tells Stephanie how much she respects her, and that Stephanie is someone she wants her son to be around all his life. Stephanie asks Becky to come in. Becky is surprised at first to see Amber there, but then is thrilled because she believes that Amber and Stephanie have reconciled. Brooke wants Ridge to tell her what really went on with Morgan in Paris. Brooke is sure that there's a story, and if Ridge won't tell her, Morgan eventually will. Ridge tells Brooke firmly not to ask him again.

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