The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on B&B
Macy confronted Ridge in hopes of learning what had gone on between him, Thorne, Eric, and Brooke in Venice. Morgan flipped out during her visit to a fertility clinic with Taylor. Ridge let it slip to Stephanie that Morgan planned to have another baby, and Stephanie ordered Morgan to leave town. C.J. excitedly prepared for a romantic getaway with Becky.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, April 24, 2000

At the Forrester's, the family is celebrating Little Eric's birthday . Becky doesn't feel well and is unable to eat much of the baby's birthday cake. C.J. decides to eat the rest for her . Amber gets extremely upset and goes outside and cries. Eric follows her outside. She tells him that her cousin is dying and that Little Eric will lose his mother . She wonders if she is doing the right thing, but Eric says that he just doesn't know. C.J. sees them together and wonders what is going on, but they cover. Becky decides to leave. Amber tells her to take the car because she was going to stay behind and help Stephanie clean up.

Rick and Kimberly also decide to leave. Brooke wonders what is going on between Amber and Stephanie. Thorne doesn't know. Brooke asks about Macy. Thorne said that he was supposed to meet her at a meeting. Meanwhile Macy is getting upset because Thorne hasn't made it to the meeting. She tries his cell phone, but Brooke answers it. Macy hangs up. Thorne arrives at the meeting , but everyone has gone. He realizes that Macy will be very upset.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Taylor tells Ridge that she has a lunch date with Morgan. Morgan has only given her an address as to where to meet her.

At Thorne and Macy's: Thorne apologizes for missing her A. A. meeting. Thorne promises to make it up to her. He suggest that they can possibly take her out to dinner for a celebration. Macy appears really pissed off. Macy ask Thorne where was he. Thorne tells her about the celebration at his mothers and whom was there. Macy thinks that everyone was invited except her. Thorne continues to tell her that he had tried to get a hold of her but it was too late and that she was invited. He tells her that Ridge and Taylor missed the party. Macy wonders why he couldn't miss it.

Macy suggest that they take the day off together. Thorne tells her that he can't because of an important meeting that he must attend. Macy says, "I suppose Brooke will be there." Thorne can tell that Macy is pissed and takes off.

Taylor arrives at the address Morgan that she had given her and is standing at a fertility clinic. She goes inside and find Morgan waiting for her. Taylor is totally puzzled. Morgan greets her and tells her that she has met the doctor and that she is determined to do this even though Taylor is advising against this. The doctor invites them in and he had asked Taylor if she was interested in insemination. Taylor tells him that she is happily married with three kids. Taylor suggest that the doctor tells Morgan all the facts about the insemination. Morgan is off in her brain thinking can she ever replace the child Stephanie took from her.

Ridge returns to his office to find Stephanie waiting there for him. Stephanie ask him did she get his message about the party. Ridge is pretty cold to her. Stephanie asks why is he avoiding the family and Ridge tells her that he isn't. Just her! Stephanie tells him that she will not allow Morgan to tear the family apart. Ridge goes off on her about what she did. Stephanie says she has not regrets and defends herself. Ridge tells her that she has damaged Morgan over the years and that he cannot believe that she would have his child aborted. He reminds her of what she had told Morgan about him not wanting any children and how she convinced her to have an abortion. He tells her that she has betrayed him, "I had a right to know."

Macy is sitting alone in the kitchen after her and Thorne's talk. She is about to take a drink of wine when she decides to call Roberta, of course she is not home. Then she starts to desperately look through the drawers for a corkscrew and gets the bottle open. She stops herself and says, " bottle open, she stops and asks herself, "What am I doing?" Taking the bottle to the sink, she pours the contents down the drain. She cries out, "What is happening? What am I to you, Thorne? An obligation? A frustration? Do you want me, or Brooke? I have to know!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Stephanie insists that Ridge needed protection from Morgan back then and he still does now. Morgan is not as helpless as he thinks she is. When Stephanie finds out that Morgan is living at the beach house, she tries to make Ridge realize that Morgan is seeping into every aspect of his life

. Ridge tells his mother to leave Morgan alone. Morgan looks through the profiles of possible donors, insisting that she knows exactly what she wants in a father. Taylor is dismayed that the meeting with the doctor has left Morgan more enthusiastic about having a child through artificial insemination.

When the doctor describes the actual procedure however, Morgan feels light-headed and flashes back to the abortion clinic. Later, Taylor tells Ridge about Morgan's reaction in the exam room. Sally asks Amber how she got Stephanie to give her another chance. When Becky arrives to have lunch with Clarke and Sally, she tells them how well everyone got along at the birthday party.

Sally is now certain that something is going on. After Becky steps away, Sally accuses Amber of keeping secrets again and promises that she won't get away with it. Stephanie accuses Morgan of returning to L.A. in order to get revenge on her. Stephanie orders Morgan to leave, but Morgan won't let Stephanie run her out of town this time.

Thursday, April 27, 2000

Sally presses Becky for clues as to why Amber and Stephanie are suddenly so close again. Becky thinks Stephanie has a better appreciation of what's important in life after her stroke. Sally and Clarke remain skeptical. C.J. notes that Eric seems worried. Eric assures him that it has nothing to do with Becky's son.

C.J. wants to take Becky to Santa Barbara for a few days. Eric tells him to have fun, but gives C.J. his cell phone number in case of emergency. Stephanie thinks Morgan is still in love with Ridge, but Morgan insists she's accepted that Ridge and Taylor's marriage.

Morgan promises Stephanie that she will never let Stephanie's darkness and hatred touch her or the baby she plans to have. Morgan points out that when she has this baby, it will not only help her, but also help Ridge recover from the loss of their child. Morgan knows that thought frightens Stephanie. She orders Stephanie out of her house. Eric calls Amber, insisting that C.J. be told about Becky's condition.

Friday, April 28, 2000

C.J. surprises Becky with a bikini, a sundress, and hotel reservations in Santa Barbara. Becky is overjoyed to find out that C.J. has arranged for them to leave today. Macy confesses to Kimberly that she was so upset earlier that she almost had a glass of wine.

Macy is still wondering about the conversation she overheard between Ridge and Eric and decides to get some answers from Ridge. Brooke is incredulous when Ridge tells her that he's proud of the way she's moved on with her life. She admits that she's accepted Thorne's marriage, but it doesn't hurt any less when she sees him. When Ridge points out that Thorne didn't have to marry Macy, Brooke tells him that he's rationalizing.

Eric tells Amber that if they don't let C.J. know about Becky's condition, they're setting him up for the worst tragedy of his life. Eric insists that it's Amber's moral obligation and he should know before they go to Santa Barbara in case anything happens to Becky while they're on the road.

Amber goes to C.J., saying that there's something he needs to know about Becky. Macy confronts Ridge, explaining that she knows something happened in Venice involving Thorne, Eric, Ridge and Thorne's sudden proposal to her. She's not leaving until she finds out what went on.

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