The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on B&B
Sally pressured Amber to be honest with Becky. Taylor was shocked to learn the truth about Morgan's past abortion. Kimberly reassured Macy about the marriage to Thorne.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 1, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, May 1, 2000

At Spectra Fashions, Amber and C.J. are in Sally's office. Amber tells him that she has something important to tell him before he leaves on his trip with Becky. Meanwhile, Becky is waiting for C.J. downstairs when Sally and Darla come by. Becky tells them how excited she is to be going to Santa Barbara with C.J.. Sally decides to go up and hurry him along. Darla tells Sally that C.J. was in her office talking with Amber. Before Amber can tells him what's on her mind, Sally comes in and tells him that Becky is waiting. Amber wants to talk to him on the way down, but Sally stops her. She badgers Amber into telling her what she is up to. Amber tells her that it was about Becky and that it was tragic. Sally threatens to call C.J. and Becky and tell them to come back if Amber doesn't tell her the problem. Amber tells her that Becky is dying.

At Forrester's, Macy is in Ridge's office. She is asking him about what happened between him and Brooke. Ridge tries to dissuade her from digging deeper, but she tells him about the conversation that she heard between him and Eric. She presses him about what happened in Venice. He finally tells her about the set-up and that he was ashamed that it happened. After Ridge finishes the story, Macy realizes that Thorne proposed to her after seeing Ridge and Brooke together.

Brooke is looking at pictures of her and Thorne that were taken in Venice. Thorne enters her office for her to sign some papers. She asks him to just leave them and that she would sign them later. He insists that she sign them now. When he looks into her eyes, he realizes that she has been crying. He wants to know what is wrong with her and she replies that Ridge is what's wrong with her. They change the conversation and Brooke asks about Macy. Thorne tells her that Macy was upset because when he got to the meeting, everyone had gone. Brooke wonders if more is wrong. She asks him if Macy was upset that she was also at the party. Thorne says that Macy can't ever find out what went on between them in Venice.

C.J. and Becky are in the car on their way to Santa Barbara. Becky is very frisky and kisses C.J.. They both wonder what they did to deserve all this happiness. Becky said that she believes that God has a plan for them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Amber tells Sally about Becky's cancer. Sally doesn't understand how Becky has no clue. Amber explains to her that she has been keeping the truth from her so that she can enjoy her happiness. She further tells her that after Becky took the tests, Amber went and got the results, which showed that Becky has advanced pancreatic cancer. Sally can't believe that with all the technology that there is no help for Becky. Amber said that it is too late and that she will be gone in a few months. Amber says that she wanted to tell C.J. and then she begins to cry. Sally comforts Amber and then understand why Stephanie forgave her and gave Little Eric the birthday party.

Amber felt that if she told Becky about her condition she would not have gone to Santa Barbara with C.J.. Amber said that she did not care if she was doing something wrong by not telling Becky. Sally begs to differ with Amber about telling Becky the truth. Amber says that Becky deserves to enjoy some time with the man that she loves. Sally wants to know when will Amber tell her. Just then, C.J. calls to tell his mom about Santa Barbara. Becky talks to Sally and tells her how wonderful C.J. is. Sally tells Becky to enjoy every moment and to make it count. After she hangs up with Becky, Amber and Sally embrace.

Macy is in Ridge's office at Forrester still discussing the Venice trip. He is trying to convince Macy that once Thorne saw Brooke with him, Thorne knew that Ridge was right about Brooke- that she was not over him. Thorne had come to realize that he could not let Macy slip away from him. Macy did not believe Ridge. He tells her to remember how things were before Brooke. But Macy says that she was second choice because Thorne could not have Brooke. Macy wants to know, if Thorne is so happy with his choice, why is he still angry with Ridge?

Ridge tells her that Thorne is upset at the way things had gone down. Ridge tries to assure Macy that he really does love her. He tells her to talk to Thorne, she will see that he is telling her the truth. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

In the hotel room in Santa Barbara, they go out on the balcony where C.J. suggest they have breakfast out there tomorrow. Becky begins to feel guilty because C.J. has done so much for her and she hasn't done anything, except burn dinner. C.J. tells her that he is not keeping track. He tells her that he loves her and they share a kiss.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Stephanie insists that Ridge needed protection from Morgan back then and he still does now. Morgan is not as helpless as he thinks she is. When Stephanie finds out that Morgan is living at the beach house, she tries to make Ridge realize that Morgan is seeping into every aspect of his life

. Ridge tells his mother to leave Morgan alone. Morgan looks through the profiles of possible donors, insisting that she knows exactly what she wants in a father. Taylor is dismayed that the meeting with the doctor has left Morgan more enthusiastic about having a child through artificial insemination.

When the doctor describes the actual procedure however, Morgan feels light-headed and flashes back to the abortion clinic. Later, Taylor tells Ridge about Morgan's reaction in the exam room. Sally asks Amber how she got Stephanie to give her another chance. When Becky arrives to have lunch with Clarke and Sally, she tells them how well everyone got along at the birthday party.

Sally is now certain that something is going on. After Becky steps away, Sally accuses Amber of keeping secrets again and promises that she won't get away with it. Stephanie accuses Morgan of returning to L.A. in order to get revenge on her. Stephanie orders Morgan to leave, but Morgan won't let Stephanie run her out of town this time.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Macy fills Kimberly in about Ridge's trick and how it led to Thorne marrying Macy on the rebound. Kimberly assures Macy that if Thorne wanted out of the marriage, he would tell her. Taylor wants Morgan to tell her what she's hiding. Morgan goes out for a walk so Ridge can talk to Taylor.

Ridge explains that Morgan reacted to the exam oom the way she did because of her abortion of their child and the guilt she still feels about it. Taylor is shocked when Ridge tells her that it was Stephanie who pressured Morgan into having the abortion. Taylor disagrees when Ridge tells her that Morgan has come back to put the past to rest. Taylor thinks she's doing just the opposite, stirring things up by revealing what happened and drawing Taylor and Ridge into her plan to have a baby.

Morgan returns as Ridge is defending her. Thorne goes into the steam room and finds Brooke already there. He starts to leave, despite Brooke's protests. She grabs his towel off playfully so he'll stay and talk to her. They wind up kidding around and laughing together for the first time in months. They fall, with Brooke landing in Thorne's lap. Brooke wants him to hold her for a minute, but Thorne forces himself to leave. Kimberly is in the gym when Thorne comes out of the steam room. She is stunned when Brooke follows a moment later and angrily confronts Thorne.

Friday, April 28, 2000

C.J. surprises Becky with a bikini, a sundress, and hotel reservations in Santa Barbara. Becky is overjoyed to find out that C.J. has arranged for them to leave today. Macy confesses to Kimberly that she was so upset earlier that she almost had a glass of wine.

Macy is still wondering about the conversation she overheard between Ridge and Eric and decides to get some answers from Ridge. Brooke is incredulous when Ridge tells her that he's proud of the way she's moved on with her life. She admits that she's accepted Thorne's marriage, but it doesn't hurt any less when she sees him. When Ridge points out that Thorne didn't have to marry Macy, Brooke tells him that he's rationalizing.

Eric tells Amber that if they don't let C.J. know about Becky's condition, they're setting him up for the worst tragedy of his life. Eric insists that it's Amber's moral obligation and he should know before they go to Santa Barbara in case anything happens to Becky while they're on the road.

Amber goes to C.J., saying that there's something he needs to know about Becky. Macy confronts Ridge, explaining that she knows something happened in Venice involving Thorne, Eric, Ridge and Thorne's sudden proposal to her. She's not leaving until she finds out what went on.

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