The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on B&B
After her drunken confrontation with Brooke, Macy went home, where Thorne told her that their marriage was a horrible mistake. Ridge figured out that Morgan, not Taylor, had sent the email, and he told Morgan that she'd better pray that she wasn't pregnant.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, June 12, 2000
by CBS

Becky wakes up in a hospital room with C.J. at her side. Amber brings Macy, Sally and Becky's parents in. Joe and Tilly embrace their daughter. During an advertising meeting with two Forrester executives, Brooke plays footsie with Thorne under the table. When the others are gone, Thorne kisses Brooke and promises her that they'll be together soon. Brooke suggests that Thorne talk to Macy's sponsor alone. Macy calls and tells Thorne about Becky. She asks Thorne if he can come home. Thorne has to see someone first. Macy hangs up and takes a swig from a flask. Morgan thanks Ridge for what he did the night before. She asks if he'd like to try one more time to make sure she's conceived, but Ridge wants to be there when Taylor gets home. Becky snuggles with C.J. in her hospital bed. Ridge is surprised that Taylor wants to hear the details of how he helped Morgan. When Taylor asks if Morgan chose another donor, Ridge is horrified, realizing that Taylor thought he was supporting Morgan during her insemination.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000
by CBS

Taylor explains that Morgan told her that she'd selected a donor and was ready to go through with the insemination, but she wanted Ridge to be there for her during the procedure. When Ridge asks Taylor about the email she sent him, a confused Taylor explains that she lent Morgan her laptop. Clarke offers to help Morgan conceive, but Morgan coyly tells him it won't be necessary. Clarke realizes she found a donor and Morgan adds that the insemination was anything but artificial. Thorne confirms that he wants to end his marriage, but he wants to help Macy recover first. John advises Thorne to keep the other woman as far from Macy as possible. John tells Thorne that Macy is too dependent him. Thorne is upset about the pain he's caused Macy and feels responsible for her drinking. John will tell Thorne how to help Macy get sober, but he's not going to like it. Brooke is having lunch with Rick when an inebriated Macy interrupts. With alcohol-induced bravado, Macy tells Brooke that Thorne has no intention of leaving Macy. Ridge angrily confronts Morgan about her deception. Furious, he demands that Morgan admits what she has done to Taylor and to his marriage.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000
by CBS

John explains that Thorne needs to tell Macy that their marriage was a horrible mistake. Thorne thinks it's cruel, but John insists that honesty is the best for Macy. Macy insists that Thorne would never have been happy with Brooke and warns Brooke that she's met her match. Macy starts to pick up a drink, but lurches away from Brooke when she gently takes Macy's arm. Stephanie is stunned when Taylor admits that Morgan wanted Ridge to be her sperm donor. She's certain that Morgan came back to L.A. to get her claws into Ridge. Taylor doesn't believe that Morgan has designs on Ridge. Ridge is incredulous when Morgan tells him that she loves him. Ridge thinks what she did was vile, but Morgan insists it was beautiful. Ridge is distraught that she tricked him into cheating on Taylor. Morgan just wanted to replace the baby that Stephanie stole from her. She tells Ridge that Taylor never has to know anything. Brooke calls Thorne to let him know that Macy has been drinking. Thorne decides that this has to stop; he's going to tell her the marriage is over. Macy, still tipsy, comes home and puts her arms around Thorne and kisses his neck. Thorne tells Macy that they have to talk.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Stephanie warns Taylor that Morgan stops at nothing to get what she wants - and Morgan wants Ridge! Ridge wants Morgan to get out of Los Angeles and as far away from he and Taylor as possible. Morgan tries to convince Ridge that she'll have her baby and everything will be fine; no one ever has to know. Ridge only agrees to wait until Morgan finds out if she's pregnant or not. Taylor stops by to pick up her computer and asks Morgan how the procedure went. As Ridge leaves, he tells Morgan that he's going to be there when she takes her pregnancy test and Morgan had better pray that she's not pregnant. Brooke tells Rick that Macy's recovery can no longer depend on her marriage because Thorne is going to tell her that its over. Thorne tells Macy that she must know the truth: their marriage was a horrible mistake. He took advantage of her and married her for the wrong reasons. Macy tries to assure him that they can work things out, but Thorne tells her that he wants a divorce.

Friday, June 16, 2000
by CBS

Brooke fantasizes about the moment Thorne tells her that Macy agreed to the divorce. Macy reminds Thorne of the promises he made in Amsterdam and insists that divorce is not an option. Thorne points out that they can't pretend that Ridge's deception didn't happen and they can't pretend they have a marriage when they don't. Macy asks Thorne if he'd be asking for a divorce if Brooke was not in the picture. Macy tells Thorne that she loves him and begs him for another chance. He takes her in his arms. Kimberly tells Sally and Clarke that someone has to get through to Brooke and heads out. Sally is sure that when all is said and done, Thorne will come to his senses and choose Macy over Brooke. When Brooke realizes that Kimberly wants to talk about Thorne and Macy's marriage, Brooke tells Kimberly to back off and let them work this out. Kimberly implores Brooke to leave Macy and Thorne alone so they can work on their marriage, but if Brooke doesn't, Kimberly promises her serious trouble.

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