The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on B&B
Thorne insisted upon getting a divorce from Macy. Thorne told Brooke that he'd discussed divorce with Macy, and Macy seethed that Brooke would pay for taking Thorne away. Ridge met Morgan to learn the results of her pregnancy test. The ill Becky said her final goodbyes and passed away.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, June 19, 2000

At Thorne and Macy's, he is trying to explain that things are not right between them and that things had to change. Macy is devastated that Thorne wants out of the marriage and she asks him if it's because of Brooke. He tells her that it didn't have anything to do with Brooke. He said that he wants her to get help and he would do everything that he could for her. She tells him that she would be fine and that he could leave. He pretends that he doesn't want to leave, but he does. After he leaves, Macy takes a drink.

Kimberly is at Brooke's. She tells her to stay away from Thorne and to respect Macy's marriage. Brooke tells her that she should be more worried about Macy. Kimberly tells her that if anything happened to Macy, she would answer to her.She tells her that she had destroyed many women''s life. She said that Eric, Ridge, and Thorne were decent men, until Brooke got her hooks into them and destroyed them and their wives. After Kimberly leaves, Thorne comes by. He tells her that he told Macy everything and that she had accepted it. He said that he had asked her for a divorce. Brooke asks him if Macy is in Rehab, but he says that she is not ready for that yet.

Kimberly arrives at Macy's and immediately notices that she is drunk. Macy tells her that Thorne wanted a divorce so that he could be with Brooke. She said that he actually thought that Brooke could make him happy and that she had accepted it.She said that she would never accept it and had no intention of letting that tramp walk away with her husband. She said that Brooke didn't know who she was messing with.

Becky arrives home from the hospital. Her family is there to greet her, also Stephanie and Rick. She thanks them all for being there and talks about what each person taught her. While they are feeding the baby, she looks like she is in pain, but no one notices. With tears in her eyes, she says to herself that she knows that her son will be loved and taken care of when she is gone.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

C.J. told Sally that he and Becky canceled their honeymoon trip to Santa Barbara because Becky doesn't want to leave Little Eric and Becky isn't feeling well. Instead, C.J. is taking Becky out for a honeymoon dinner. Sally gave him her best wishes and told him she wanted to pay for the dinner.

Becky and Amber reminisced about the previous night's party held for Little Eric. Becky told Amber that she was surprised about how well Amber and Rick got along at last night's party. Becky told Amber that she and Rick did a great job of bringing up Little Eric. Becky wondered if Little Eric still looks at Amber and Rick as his parents rather than Becky?

Becky asked Rick if he and Amber would reconcile for the sake of Little Eric. Rick said that he and Amber will always love and care for Eric, but that he could see him and Amber's just friends in the future. C.J. told Amber that he enjoys taking care of Little Eric and he has grown very close to him.

Taylor startled Morgan daydreaming about when she and Ridge made love. Taylor asked Morgan if she was anxious during the insemination this time? Morgan said no because Ridge was there and he was very tender. Taylor told Morgan that she and Ridge want to be her baby's Godparents and Morgan agreed.

Stephanie, knowing that Morgan has asked him to be the sperm donor for her child, warned Ridge that Morgan is very cunning and determined to have him and will ruin his marriage. Ridge said that he will always love Taylor. Stephanie confronted Morgan and told her that Ridge said she played her hand and lost lost where Ridge is concerned. Morgan offered to tell Stephanie what really happened between her and Ridge.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Stephanie pays a visit to Morgan at the office. Morgan tells Steph that she gave up Ridge and the baby when she was a teen because of her. Steph assures Morgan that Ridge loves Taylor and his children more than anything, and that he would never jeapordize that for Morgan. Steph tells Morgan that Ridge wants nothing to do with her and she should go back to L.A. now. Morgan reminds Steph that no one controls her and orders her to leave.

Taylor stops by Ridges office. Ridge tells Taylor that he wants to leave L.A. for a while. He tells his wife how important she is and how much he loves his family, and he decided that he needs to be spending more time with them. Taylor senses that something more is wrong with Ridge and wonders why he is so stressed out. He says that he is not. Taylor tells Ridge that she thinks that Morgan might be pregnant because she seems to be so happy. Taylor reminds Ridge that no matter what happens at Forrester the only thing really important is his family. Ridge agrees. When Taylor leaves Ridge decides to go and see Morgan. Ridge walks in and slams the door. Mogan tells him that Steph was just there and that she doesn't need another lecture. Ridge asks Morgan when she will know if she is pregnant. He also asks her if she will take an HIV test too. She tells him that she does not have any diseases. Ridge is not so sure. Morgan than tells Ridge that Taylor never has to know about what they did. Ridge grabs a hold of Morgan when she makes light of the situation. He then demands that Morgan be at work first thing in the morning and take a pregnancy test. When Ridge leaves Morgan vows to protect the baby that she is sure is growing inside her.

Amber babysits Little Eric while C.J. and Becky go out for dinner. Rick stopped by to spend some time with Little Eric. Rick tells Amber that he should have called first instead of barging in. Amber reminds Rick that he doesn't need an invitation to come visit. Rick says that he doesn't want to take him away from Becky right now since this will be the last few weeks they have together. Rick then tells Amber that Becky is worried about who will raise Eric. Amber responds by saying that Becky hopes that they could get back together and raise Eric as they did before, but Amber tells Rick that she knows that will never happen.

While at dinner ,C.J. asks Becky if she had asked Rick if he would ever get back together with Amber. Becky tells C.J. that Rick doesn't think that there is much of a chance of that happening. C.J. tells Becky that Rick and Amber do not have anything in common anymore. Becky replies that they still have Little Eric in common. Becky says that she knows that they will never get back together and that someday Amber will find someone wonderful . Then Becky asks C.J. if he finds Amber attractive. C.J. says that she is a pretty girl and that a long time ago he had a crush on her. C.J. then tells Becky that this is they're special evening and they shouldn't even be talking about this . Becky tells C.J. that if he ever finds anyone to love after Becky has gone, then thats what she wants for him. They share a warm embrace. After dinner, Becky tells C.J. that he has given her everything that she wants out of life and that C.J. has made her life wonderful and that her parents used to be disappointed in her but ever since C.J. that has all changed, and that she wants to thank him incase she never gets another chance to say it.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Rick questioned Amber as to whether Becky had spoken to a lawyer about her wish for Amber to bring up Little Eric after Becky dies. Rick advised Amber that the arrangement must be a legal one. Rick was concerned about what would happen if Little Eric's biological father would return and want Little Eric? Rick told Amber as he held her hand that she's not the only one who still thinks of Little Eric as a son.. Rick told Amber that Little Eric will be fine when Becky dies and the two of them will make sure of that.

C.J. and Becky celebrated their honeymoon at the Café Russe. Becky gave C.J. the photograph that the restaurant photographer took at Becky's request and gave it to C.J. Becky told C.J. he will meet someone special again. Becky and C.J.danced and Becky suddenly collapsed on the dance floor. C.J. rushed Becky who was in excruciating pain home. Rick was still there with Amber and Little Eric. Becky asked to be alone with Little Eric as she thought she was dying. Amber called the doctor. C. J. told Amber and Rick he was sure that Becky was dying.

Brooke asked Morgan how it was to work with an ex-lover and his mother? Morgan told her its going better than she expected with Ridge and that she could ignore Stephanie. Morgan told Brooke that Ridge helped her to get pregnant. Brooke was shocked and asked Morgan if Ridge could be the father? Morgan explained that Ridge had helped Morgan with the artificial insemination process. Brooke advised her that it wouldn't be easy being a single parent, but that she had been lucky because her children's father had always been supportive. Morgan told Brooke she's planning the same for her child.

Taylor enticed Ridge to make love. Taylor told Ridge that she thinks her increased libido is due to the fact that their problems with Brooke are all over and that she now has complete and total trust in Ridge and she knows that he would never hurt her. When Taylor fell asleep, Ridge called Morgan and demanded that she meet him at the beach house to do a pregnancy test tonight. Morgan objected because she thought it was too early, but agreed to meet Ridge.

Friday, June 23, 2000

The program begins with C.J., Rick, and Amber in the living room (from yesterday we know that Becky is with Little Eric in the bedroom). Amber and Rick are talking and Amber suggests that Rick can go home--that they will be OK. Rick makes her promise that she will call him if there is any change. He stops by C.J. on the sofa, and after he gives him some support, he leaves. C.J. tells Amber that he did not think it would be so soon. He says, "so soon.....It's too soon." Amber puts her arm around him and tells him he needs to be strong for Becky.

In the bedroom, Becky is lying propped up by pillows watching Eric sitting on top of the bed eating some grapes and feeding them to him. She talks with him and tells him how she knows he's going to be a little rascal and that Amber will have her hands full. She tells him she is so proud of him, and how he is a part of her. She says that things will be different now; mommy is going to go away and that he must stay here. He will see so many things but that he will be with Amber and C.J.. He must be nice to them because he will need them. She tells him that he is the reason that she can leave--that she has done her part by giving Eric to the world. Some day, when they see each other again, she tells him that he can tell her all about his life.

Meanwhile, at Morgan's beach house, Ridge bangs on the door loudly. Morgan opens the door and Ridge enters, tearing open the pregnancy kit he has brought, handing it to her, and saying, "Go ahead....what are you waiting for?"

Amber enters the bedroom and sees Becky standing beside the crib--she has put Eric down for the night. Amber is upset that Becky has gotten up and put the baby in his crib, asking Becky why she did not call Amber to help her do this. Becky replies, "I wanted to." Amber helps her back into bed and fluffs her pillows. Becky says, "He's so beautiful. Who would have thought I'd do something so amazing?" Both agree that they are full of surprises these days. Amber tries to give Becky more medication, but Becky refuses, saying that she does not hurt. Becky asks Amber to sit with her and asks Amber if she is certain that she wants to raise Little Eric--saying that she would understand if she thought it was too much. Amber reassures Becky that she loves Little Eric--loves him as her own--and tells Becky that she never needs to worry about him. Becky reminds Amber that she gave her Little Eric one time before and asks her if she remembers. Becky then states that this time it is not a sacrifice but because she wants to do so. Amber says that Eric will be such a wonderful person because there is so much of Becky in him, and promises that she will tell him all about Becky, sobbing as she is talking with her. Becky chides Amber about not telling Eric "everything" and they smile. Amber begins to cry again, begging Becky to just try because she does not want to lose her.

Morgan appears in her living room with the test in her hand and gives it to Ridge. She explains that it will not show anything yet.....that it takes a minute. She tells Ridge that she wished there had been another way--that their first child was created out of love. She thought the other night was very special and not just to her. She tells him that if he would just be honest, she knows he felt something too. Ridge explains to her that what he felt was "friendship, concern, pity" and says that she "twisted all that........and used it against me. If you cared about me......if you cared about me at all, you couldn't have done what you did." Morgan picks up the test and looks at it. Ridge asks what it says. Morgan just looks at him and does not answer. Ridge again says, "Damn it, Morgan. What the hell does it say?"

Becky tells Amber she needs to be strong to take care of both her boys for her, and to tell her parents that she was happy. Amber agrees, they say their "I love you"s to each other, and Amber kisses Becky. C.J. comes over and sits on the bed with Becky. She tells C.J. that she guesses the honeymoon is over, to which C.J. responds, "Never. Do you hear me?" She says she still hears the words to their song in her mind........and says them, "You'll never know the gift you've given me. I'll carry it with me...........I will." Becky asks C.J. to tell her about their wedding. He says it was perfect--that it was exactly what they wanted and everyone was there and names them. Becky asks him if he was nervous and he responds that he was a least until he saw her. "You were so incredibly beautiful and I couldn't wait to make you mine." Becky remembers C.J. saying he'd love her forever and that love never ends. C.J. says, "That's right............and then you said, 'No'." and they both laugh. And C.J. talked her into it--he says there was no way he was going to let her get away. Becky repeats the vows, "To love and to cherish...", and C.J. adds, "forever and ever", and Becky repeats, "forever and ever." C.J. says that he then kissed her like this, and leaned over and they kissed tenderly. Becky opens her eyes and looks at C.J., then closes her eyes and dies peacefully. C.J. cries, "Beck.......Becky.........Baby........Oh God, Becky......Oh Baby", and sobs, as does Amber. C.J. kisses her and lies beside her on the bed crying, "I love're OK now." The picture then fades to the Polaroid taken of them together earlier at the Café Russe.

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