The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on B&B
Morgan used old urine to fake a negative pregnancy test to show Ridge. Thorne served Macy divorce papers, and she flew off the handle. Word spread about Macy's drinking, and Thorne's family pressured him to remain married. Macy invited Thorne to Big Bear for a surprise he'd never forget. Worried about Macy's drinking, Brooke urged Thorne to hurry to the cabin.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, June 26, 2000

Thorne boasted to Brooke that he would be meeting with his attorney the next day to get the divorce procedure going. She was thrilled but asked why Thorne was still living with Macy. He assured Brooke that he was not sleeping with his wife. Brooke then asked him to move in with her, but he asked what she was going to tell Bridget. Thorne then began to wonder how he was going to tell Macy's family.

Meanwhile, Kimberly encouraged Macy not to give up on Thorne and to blame Brooke for what had happened. However, she did realize Macy had been drinking. Macy admitted that she couldn't control her drinking and had lost all of her confidence. Thorne returned to the beach house and let Macy know that he was going to be sleeping on the couch. Upset, Macy considered getting even with Brooke.

Ridge was greatly relieved when he learned the pregnancy test was negative and let Morgan know how happy he was. He assured her there would never be a pregnancy as far as he was concerned. Morgan assured Ridge that she wouldn't tell anyone what had happened and watched as Ridge left. Back at home, Ridge explained to Taylor that he had taken care of a problem at work, and their worries were over.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Macy left Thorne sleeping on the couch, intent on confronting Brooke and convincing her to leave Thorne alone. When Thorne awoke and discovered she was gone, he quickly met with Jonathan Young, the Forrester family attorney, about his divorce. Jonathon urged Thorne to reconsider, but he refused.

Kimberly interrupted Sally and Clarke's discussion about C.J.'s grief with the news that they had another family member in trouble. She revealed that Macy was drinking, and her struggle with the bottle was only getting worse because Thorne wanted a divorce. Sally decided to go looking for Thorne and asked Kimberly and Clarke to find Macy and stay with her.

Downing another drink, Macy confronted Brooke at her place and pleaded with her to forget about her little fling with Thorne. Brooke insisted that Thorne didn't love Macy, which set Macy off, blasting Brooke for caring only about herself. Thorne arrived and found Brooke covering for Macy. Thorne apologized to Brooke, which angered Macy again. Thorne insisted that Macy go to rehab. He pulled out the divorce papers and demanded that she sign them.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Thorne pressed Macy to sign the divorce papers, but she refused and tore them up in front of him and Brooke. She grabbed her purse, which contained her alcohol, and ran to her car. Brooke urged Thorne to go after her and stop her because she had been drinking, but it was too late.

Ridge was cool to Morgan when he dropped some designs off. When she asked why, he reminded her of her devious lies and suggested that they keep their relationship at that level.

Clarke looked for Macy at Forrester but found Taylor in Thorne's office. He explained that Macy had been hitting the bottle again and enlisted Taylor's help. When she claimed that she couldn't interfere in Thorne's life, Clarke angrily accused her of being like all the other Forresters.

Ridge found Clarke arguing with Taylor and blasted Clarke for talking to his wife that way. Taylor leaked to Ridge about Thorne leaving Macy as Morgan secretly listened from outside.

Macy stumbled into Eric's office and asked for his help. She boasted that Brooke was taking Thorne from her again. He announced that he would have her taken home while he dealt with Thorne.

Just after Thorne stated that he was following through on his promise to move out, Eric confronted him and blasted him for dumping Macy for Brooke's sake. Eric vowed to do what he could to keep Thorne and Brooke apart for Stephanie's sake.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Pouring herself a drink, Macy remembered Thorne talking about the mountains and decided to go to the cabin at Big Bear. Sally confronted Macy about her drinking and argued with her daughter that she was better off without Thorne. Macy couldn't see it, however, and let her mother know it.

Clarke loudly complained to Morgan at her place about what the Forrester family had done. He muttered that he hoped Thorne and Ridge got what they deserved in failed marriages. Hearing that, Morgan leaked that she and Ridge had made love.

Ridge surprised Taylor with a quick hop into bed, and afterwards, she admitted she was surprised by his energy. When she mentioned Morgan, Ridge quickly changed the subject to the upcoming barbecue.

Thorne angrily demanded that Eric stop badmouthing Brooke and menacingly approached his father before pulling back. He demanded that Eric get out, and when Eric wouldn't, Thorne boasted that he was divorcing Macy so he could marry Brooke. After a frustrated Eric left, Thorne called Jonathan and asked for another copy of the divorce papers.

Thorne assured Brooke that all he needed was her. Macy called Thorne and asked him to go see her at Big Bear. Worried, Thorne agreed.

Friday, June 30, 2000

Brooke commented to Thorne that she was concerned about his plans to go to the cabin at Big Bear to meet Macy. He insisted that once he had the divorce papers from Jonathan, he would get Macy to sign them, and he wanted to do it that day. Brooke convinced him to go immediately in case Macy might have been doing something drastic.

Morgan leaked to Clarke about how she had deceived Ridge with the home pregnancy test by using some "old" urine she had kept just for that purpose. She intended to take the pregnancy test for real.

Taylor tried to cool off a "romantic" Ridge as they prepared for their barbecue. She mentioned inviting Morgan, which caused Ridge to suggest that she get some new friends. Sensing his overprotectiveness, Taylor told Ridge that it was something they needed to deal with.

Sally helped Macy prepare for her special rendezvous with Thorne but was forced to leave after she tried to offer her daughter some advice. Macy assured her mother that she was in control for the first time in months. Thorne finally arrived and was nervous when he spotted the lit candle and heard Macy promise him a surprise he would never forget.

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