The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on B&B
Taylor advised Brooke to prove to Bridget that Bridget was a priority. Kimberly dared Thorne to admit that he didn't want her. The Forresters contemplated having Amber's parole conditions changed to force her and the baby to move in with them.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, September 11, 2000

Brooke is in her office on the phone talking with Thorne. They are still disagreeing about how to handle Bridget. Brooke feels that she needs time alone with her, but Thorne says that she is letting Bridget run their lives. Brooke hangs up with Thorne when Kimberly appears at her office door. Kimberly tells Brooke that she is ready to get back to work. Brooke appears happy and tells her that they had hired a model for Morgan's new line, but would be happy to let her do it. Kimberly wants to have the photo shoot at her beach house with Thorne supervising because he is the only one that she trusts. She tells Kimberly that she will arrange everything.

Rick, Eric, and Stephanie are discussing Little Eric. Rick feels that C.J. is out of control, and he wants his son back. Eric explains to him that he has no legal rights to the child, so he suggests that they contact a lawyer. Rick wants to speak with Amber before deciding on a legal recourse. He felt that Amber would have probably moved into the guest house if C.J. hadn't shown up. Meanwhile, C.J. and Amber are discussing the Forrester's. C.J. believes that they are trying to take the baby away from them, but Amber doesn't believe it. She says that they were her family at one point and she knows that they care for the baby. C.J. tells her that they would have no use for her if it weren't for the baby. He walks out on Amber. There is a knock at the door and she assumes that it is C.J., but it's Rick and he wants to discuss things.

Brooke phones Thorne at his beach house and informs him that Kimberly had decided to return to work. He thinks that it is a wonderful idea. She tells him about the photo shoot at the beach house and informs him that he will be supervising it. He doesn't like the idea because of Kimberly making her feelings known to him, but Brooke talks him into it. Kimberly is at her house thinking that she will make Thorne see her as a woman, and not a little girl.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

After watching Kimberly's sexy, playful shoot, Thorne tells her that she made her point. When Kimberly teases him, Thorne tells her that this has gone far enough, but Kimberly feigns innocence. As the shoot continues, she is about to remove her bikini top when Thorne interrupts. He concedes that she is an attractive woman, but she has to stop this behavior. Stephanie tells Brooke about Rick's decision to ask Amber to move back to the guest house with Little Eric. Amber wonders what's really going on, pointing out to Rick that he's saying all the things she used to want to hear. Rick tells Amber that he misses her. He thinks she deserves better than to be C.J.'s rebound relationship. When C.J. returns, Amber assures him that there is no enemy; they all just want the best for Little Eric. C.J. admits that he's afraid that she's slipping away. Amber insists that she's not going anywhere, but C.J. says that the people he loves keep disappearing. C.J. confesses that he loves Amber and kisses her passionately. Rick tells Stephanie that there's more going on between C.J. and Amber than he realized, but adds that things are better between Amber and him than they've been in a long time. He's confident that Amber will decide to move in with them. Thorne tells Kimberly that he's not going to ruin what he has with Brooke. When Brooke calls to tell him that she can't have dinner with him because of Bridget, Thorne is frustrated. Kimberly invites Thorne over for dinner.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000
by RKG

The show opens in Ridge's office where he and Taylor are discussing Morgan's pregnancy. Taylor says she can't believe that Ridge isn't more interested in Morgan's pregnancy and specifically who the father is. Ridge replies that he'd be happy if he never had to hear about Morgan or her baby again. Just then Morgan walks in and claims she heard their conversation. She tells Taylor that she is going to put an end to the lies once and for all and come clean about her pregnancy. Ridge is in a state of panic but tries to remain calm for Taylor's sake. Morgan admits to Taylor that she became pregnant while Taylor was out of town visiting her father. She goes on further to say that everything she has told Taylor up until this point has been a lie. The father is not a married man who wants to keep his identity a secret. Her baby was conceived through artificial insemination, states Morgan. She tells Taylor that Clarke offered to say he was the father and help raise the child. Taylor is amazed that Clarke would agree to do that. Morgan asks Taylor's forgiveness for all the lies and promises to be straight with her from now on. Taylor accepts this and leaves. When Morgan and Ridge are alone, she tells him that she loves him and she will prove it to him by not destroying his marriage and family with the revelation that he is the true father of her baby.

Thorne and Kimberly are at her house going over the proofs from her photo shoot earlier that day. Kimberly tells Thorne that she believes Macy would be proud of her and how well she is doing. She then states that she owes her happiness all to Thorne. Thorne reiterates that he cares for Kimberly but only as a friend. Kimberly reminds him that this is how his relationship with Brooke began, as a friendship. Kimberly goes on to say that if Thorne was really a priority in Brooke life, she would be here with him right now. Meanwhile, Brooke and Bridget are discussing their dinner plans for that evening. Bridget wants to go to the Insomnia but Brooke nixes the idea do to the fact that C.J. might be there. Bridget tells her mother that she doesn't want to have to hide from everyone because of the shame over her mother's relationship with Thorne. Brooke tells her that the gossip will die down and that everyone, including Bridget will have to accept her relationship with Thorne. Bridget gets angry and walks out on her mother.

Bridget heads straight for Kimberly's house were she encounters Thorne and Kimberly in what looks like a compromising position. Thorne is rubbing Kimberly's shoulders, touching her neck and face and then leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek. What Thorne is supposedly trying to do is comfort Kimberly after he has just told her that they can only be friends. Bridget notices the intimate moment between the two of them and is shocked. The show concludes with Bridget's eyes opening wide while she exclaims, "Thorne and Kimberly?!?"

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Bridget watched Thorne kiss Kimberly and misinterpreted what she saw. She angrily approached Kimberly and accused her of using Bridget so she could have Thorne for herself. Kimberly explained to Bridget that she is in love with Thorne and that they are perfect for one another. Kimberly explained to Bridget how they can help each other out.
Rick went to the Café Russe to talk to Amber. Amber was working, but Rick arranged with the host for Amber to take a break and join him for lunch. Amber told Rick she doesn't appreciate the games he is playing with her including all the stuff he has said to her including the kiss. Rick tried to explain that it's not only Little Eric he's interested in but her also. Amber wouldn't believe that Rick could be interested in her. She pointed out to him that he had been angry with her for a long time about Little Eric and that she had wanted him to say all of those things for so long but didn't. Amber also told Rick she has a guy in her life that really loves her and that he would always be a temptation because he was her first love. She also pointed out why Rick could never be truly happy with a girl like her. Rick denied it and said that at one time he was very happy with her. Amber told him to cut out the act that she wouldn't be hurt if he admitted it was Little Eric h! e loved not her. Rick was adamant with her that he's falling in love with her again. Amber got angry when Rick asked her if she thinks Little Eric is better living in the slum with her and C.J. Amber responded by telling Rick that Little Eric is not going to live in Beverly Hills. He's going to be just like his mother and live in the slums with all the real people.
Thorne called Brooke on her cell phone just as she arrived in front of Taylor's house. Thorne made Brooke promise that he and Brooke would go public with their relationship tomorrow. Brooke hastily agreed.
Taylor advised Brooke that Bridget would accept her and Thorne's relationship if she handled it right. Taylor advised Brooke she needed to spend quality time with her daughter and to make sure that Bridget understands that she is the most important thing in Brooke's life and mother's number one priority. Brooke told Taylor that tomorrow things would get more complicated because she and Thorne are going public with their relationship. Brooke did tell Taylor she had made a decision then left. Brooke called Bridget on her cell phone to ask her to vacation with her in Hawaii. Bridget was still at Kimberly's when she answered the phone and was elated at Brooke's invitation. Kimberly promised Bridget that while she was in Hawaii with Brooke, Thorne would be hers by the time she and Brooke returned.

Friday, September 15, 2000

In Limousine:
Bridget was really excited about the trip to Hawaii with Brooke. Brooke was happy that Bridget was happy, but said she needed to tell Thorne, and exits the car to enter Thorne's home. On the way in she mused to herself, "He's not going to like this."

C.J. & Amber's apartment:
Sally and C.J. were talking about the latest Forrester move of taking Amber and Little Eric into their home. Sally asked C.J. what he did about it and he said that he got in his car and went over and brought them home. C.J. told Sally that they were relentless and Sally informed C.J. that it was her opinion that they have just begun to fight and he can expect more from them. Amber and Little Eric enter after having taken a walk. Sally watched as C.J. tells Amber that every time he sees the baby's face he knows that everything is going to be all right.

Forrester Home:
Stephanie and Eric were speaking with Jonathan, their attorney, about Little Eric and Amber's situation. Jonathan inquired whether they really wanted to seek custody, and Stephanie informed him that they did not want to separate Amber from the baby......simply insure that he was raised in a safe environment. Jonathan told them that the solution was an easy one--simply work things out with Amber, saying that the judge would be sympathetic for Amber moving in with the baby. Stephanie told him that the problem was C.J.. Jonathan, after learning that Amber was living with C.J. and the baby, wondered whether Amber would leave C.J., and Stephanie told him that Rick was trying to find out that very thing. Rick entered and was quite dejected, saying that yes, he had spoken with Amber.

Thorne's Home:
Brooke knocked at the door, and Thorne was thrilled to see her, taking her in his arms and hugging and kissing her. He told her how happy she has made him, saying that once they go public about their relationship tomorrow that Bridget will have to work things out with them. He said that most of the reporters have already guessed about their relationship, and confirming it publicly could not come too soon for him--he needs her. Thorne sensed that there was something Brooke needed to tell him, and asked her if something was wrong.

Kimberly's Home:
Kimberly opened the door and Bridget entered. Kimberly told Bridget that she was really going to have such a good time in Hawaii with Brooke. Kimberly asked Bridget where Brooke was and Bridget told her that Brooke was next door telling Thorne that they were going to Hawaii. She told Kimberly that she would then have Thorne to herself for several days and that she had to get through to him during that time. Bridget told Kimberly, "It's all up to you, Kimberly. You've got to get through to him."

Forrester Home:
Rick told Stephanie and Eric that yes, he had spoken with Amber at Insomnia, but that she was not going to leave C.J. to move in with them. He said that Amber thinks he is only interested in the baby, but that is not true. Rick said that Amber and C.J. are growing closer; in fact, it seems that they are falling in love. Eric then suggested that they go after the baby, but Jonathan says that is not so easy. He said that a court is not quick to take a baby from his mother. The discussion ensued about legal custody and how no one really has legal custody of Little Eric--there is only the video tape which Becky made, saying that she wanted Amber and C.J. to raise the baby. Jonathan told them the baby has rights, and with no legal guardian in place, there is no one to make important decisions for him. Rick told them that he does not want to become embroiled in a custody battle with Amber.

C.J. & Amber's apartment:
C.J. and baby Eric were playing together on the sofa and Sally approached Amber, saying that C.J. had told her all about the latest problem with the Forresters. Amber admitted that the Forresters have really been putting on the pressure, and Sally told her that she really does not have to take that.......she can fight back. Sally shared with Amber that she was a veteran of old wars with the Forresters, and shared with her that sometimes she actually won and she would be happy to help Amber when the time comes. She told Amber, "When the time comes--use me" as a valuable Aly and weapon.

Kimberly's Home:
Bridget wondered if a few days was enough time for Kimberly to hatch her plan to separate Brooke and Thorne for good, and Kimberly told Bridget that she would make it be enough time. Bridget was concerned that Thorne is very committed to Brooke, and Kimberly told her that Brooke is very committed to her (Bridget). Kimberly told Bridget that in a few days she will be able to convince Thorne that it would never have worked out for Thorne and Brooke, and told Bridget that she knows that too, right? Bridget hesitantly shook her head yes.

Thorne's Home:
Brooke told Thorne that she needed to tell him something--that she was going out of town for a few days. When Thorne questioned why, Brooke told him that she needed to get Bridget out of town for a few days. Thorne could not believe what he heard. Thorne responded, "You have got to be kidding!" Brooke attempted to explain to Thorne that Bridget needed to get away and to spend some quality time with her (Brooke). Following that, Brooke was convinced that Bridget would see what would make her happy and be open to accepting Brooke and Thorne's relationship. Thorne suggested that instead they (all three) go to family therapy, but Brooke reminded him that they are not a family yet. Thorne told her that he was sorry but he thought she was making a mistake and he did not want her to go.

Kimberly's Home:
Kimberly spied at Brooke and Thorne through binoculars. Bridget asked her what was going on and Kimberly handed her the binoculars, telling her to see for herself. Bridget saw how intense things were between Brooke and Thorne, and for a moment said that she hated to do this to her mother. Kimberly immediately interrupted her and told her she was not doing anything to Brooke--that she deserved this time with Brooke in Hawaii, and that she needed this time with Thorne. Bridget turned around and exclaimed to Kimberly, "You really do love him." To which Kimberly replied, "Yes, I do." She then told Bridget that she knew it was real because she wanted Thorne to be happy and she knew that being with Brooke would bring him pain and misery. Kimberly told Bridget that Brooke does not belong with any of the Forrester men. Bridget said that she knew it.......she just wish her mother did. Kimberly told her that she would soon, because while in Hawaii, Bridget would be able to convince her that it was so. Bridget replied to Kimberly that while they were in Hawaii, Kimberly would be here with Thorne--adjusting his attitude. Kimberly said yes, and then things would work out for everyone--Brooke included.

Forrester Home:
Jonathan came up with an idea that he believes will work. Rick was concerned about Amber, but Jonathan told him that Amber might not have any say in this matter because she had just been convicted of a felony. Jonathan stated that changing the conditions of Amber's parole might be the way to go. Since she had been convicted of a felony, living in a bad part of town in an apartment that has already been the scene of a crime, attending drug school, doing community service, living with her boyfriend who is going to school and running a business, it would make sense to have her living with the only other family the baby has known. If Jonathan knows the judge the way he thinks he does, the judge will agree that this is the best solution for all involved.

C.J. & Amber's:
Amber told Sally that she really does not want any hassles with the Forresters. Sally told her that she has already had hassles with them. She asked Amber what the baby's last name is, and told her that makes them think of him as one of theirs. She said that the Forresters will not like the idea of C.J., Amber, and Little Eric forming a little family, and will try to come after the baby, C.J., and Amber, and she better expect it.

Thorne's Home:
Thorne thought that Bridget was simply manipulating Brooke once more to go away the day before they were supposed to go public. Brooke told him that this trip was not Bridget's idea at all--it was hers. Thorne asked Brooke if he knew what this was doing to him--being put off time and time again. Brooke told him that she was certain this would work--Bridget would feel secure in her love and would want her to be happy. Then Bridget would see that Brooke's happiness lies with Thorne. Brooke told Thorne that she really believes that spending these next few days with Bridget will bring her around. Thorne wondered what if things were not different after this vacation. Brooke reassured him they would be, but Thorne told her that she did not know for certain. Brooke told him, "I'm just going to be spending some quality time with my daughter. You have to understand that. Please tell me that you do." Thorne replied, "I love you but I disagree with what you are doing."

Kimberly's Home:
Bridget continued to watch Brooke and Thorne through the binoculars. She told Kimberly that her mother was leaving. Bridget and Kimberly hugged, and Bridget told her, "Kimberly, anything you can do to stop this." Kimberly replied, "I'll do my best." To which Bridget answered, "I know you will."

C.J. & Amber's:
Sally watched while C.J., Amber, and Little Eric were playing together. She recognized them as a real, sweet, loving family. To herself she warned Stephanie that if she did anything to destroy this blossoming family, "I will personally tear you apart."

Forrester Home:
Jonathan spoke with the judge who has changed the terms of Amber's probation. Custody is another matter to be determined at another time. But, for the present, the judge has deferred judgment to Stephanie for the period of one year, while Amber is under probation. It is to be Stephanie's decision where Amber and Little Eric live. Stephanie was very deep in thought. She pondered to herself, "We have the power to take that child. But do we have the right?"

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