The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on B&B
Brooke took Bridget on a bonding trip to Hawaii. Kimberly tried to seduce Thorne, which caused him to tell Brooke that he wanted to marry her as soon as she returned. Stephanie got a court order instructing Amber to move to the mansion, but Amber wouldn't go without C.J.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, September 18, 2000

The show starts with Rick and Eric discussing the baby situation. Stephanie arrives and joins them. She asks Rick if he is okay with everything. He tells Stephanie that she is the one who will be doing most of the work. They have a court order that states that Stephanie will make decisions regarding the baby. Rick says that he hopes that Amber will go along with everything, but Eric tells him that she has no choice. He explains that Amber pleaded guilty to a felony so she has no choice in the matter. Stephanie said that she only wanted to do what was best for the baby. She said that she was going to the apartment to talk with Amber. Eric wants to join her, but she says that she needs to do it alone. When Stephanie arrives, the baby is being taken care of by someone else. The lady assumed that Stephanie is the grandmother and gives the baby to her and leaves. Stephanie is walking around the apartment with the baby and finds many safety hazards for the baby. C.J. walks in demands that Stephanie leave. He asks where the babysitter is? She tells him that she just left the baby with her and didn't even bother to ask who she was. He said that she probably knew who she was. Stephanie tells him that she would leave, but that she wanted him to safeguard the apartment for the baby. He tells her that the baby would be safe as soon as she left. Stephanie told him that she was taking the baby with her. C.J. replied that she would over his dead body. Stephanie told him that it could be arranged, but that she was taking the baby.

Bridget and Brooke are on the plane heading to Hawaii. Bridget is very excited. Brooke tells her that she and Rick were the most important people in her life. Bridget says to herself that she will never accept Thorne and she hopes that Kimberly is making progress. After Bridget falls asleep, Brooke takes out a picture of Thorne and says that soon they will be together.

Thorne is at home drinking, when Kimberly walks up and grabs the liquor and pours it out. She tells him that she watched her sister destroy her life by drinking and she wasn't going to lose him to drinking. She tells him that he needs to get on with his life. She said that Brooke was not the right woman for him and that Bridget would never accept them as a couple. She tells him that he had already lost his family, his job, and his self respect and that she didn't need to lose more. She tells him to cut Brooke out of his heart and let her in. She tells him that she knows that she is only 19 and a virgin, but that she would be good for him. She takes his hand and places it on her face and tells him to let it happen now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Kimberly is trying to convince Thorne that they should be together. She is telling him that her feelings are real, he makes her heart race (whatever). She insist that he feels the same way about her. Thorne tells her that he is confused on how to get through to her. Kimberly insist that she is in love with him. She tells him that when he realizes that Brooke isn't what he needs, to give her a call. She leaves.

Stephanie is at C.J. and Amber's demanding that C.J. get the baby. C.J. tells Stephanie that she cannot tell him what to do. Stephanie shows him the court order that she has obtained from the Judge. They are going at it when Amber comes back into the apartment to asks what the commotion is all about. Stephanie gives Amber the court order and tell her that she better look at it. Amber tries to convince Stephanie that C.J., Little Eric and she are a family now. Amber is begging her not to take this out on C.J.. C.J. has already lost his sister and wife. Stephanie claims that she asked C.J. to correct the hazards that are in the apartment but he got really angry with her. Stephanie continues to beat up on C.J. when he leaves to go into the other room. Stephanie feels that C.J. is hostile and that the environment is a bad thing for the baby. Stephanie looks very sympathetic to Amber but she tells her that if she is not at the guest house by 8 pm with Little Eric; she will call the cops for violation of the order.

Brooke and Bridget are in Hawaii. Brooke asks her if she is excited about the trip and hopes that it will change things between them. Brooke says that she feels that they have grown apart and wants to help her accept the choices that she has made. Bridget really appears kind of skeptical about it. Later in their suite, Thorne is calling Brooke. He is really looking beside himself. Thorne can't relax or talk to his family or go to work. Brooke promises that she will fix things when she returns. She tells him that she will have a private party for him later (vroom-vroom). They share "I love you's" and they get off the phone. Bridget walks in just as they are saying I love you. She glares are Brooke and goes in the other room and calls Kimberly for the status back at home. Kimberly reports that nothing is happening but he is weakening. Bridget tells her that they don't have much time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

The show began at C.J. and Amber's place with Connor Davis telling them that the court order was legitimate. Amber asked Connor if there was anything he could do, so he placed a call to the judge. Connor spoke with the judge's clerk who informed him that the court order was signed by the judge and must be enforced accordingly. Connor told Amber that his best advice is for her to comply with the court order or face jail time. After Connor left, C.J. suggested that he, Amber and the baby run away. Amber refused to consider that but told C.J. that there still may be another way for them to be together and still comply with the court order.

Meanwhile, the Forresters prepared for the arrival of Amber and Little Eric. As the eight o'clock deadline passed, Eric picked up the phone to call the police. Just then, Amber, C.J. and Little Eric arrived. Amber informed the Forresters that she would agree to move into the guesthouse, but only if C.J. moved in too.

Bridget and Brooke returned from a day at the spa. The two have a pleasant conversation and Bridget thanked her mother for the trip. Brooke told Bridget that they would have many more trips like this in the future. Bridget assumes that this meant that her mother would be breaking it off with Thorne. She hugged Brooke and said how happy she was. Just then, Brooke added that they would still continue to do things together even AFTER she and Thorne are married.

Back in L.A., Kimberly pulled out all the stops to show Thorne that she is indeed a woman, not a girl. She noticed Thorne sitting on his patio, and decided to give him a sexy little show. Kimberly undressed, knowing full well that Thorne could see her. She proceeded to step in the shower and lather up. Thorne couldn't believe his eyes. Then he realized that this was a set up. He called Brooke and told her that they must go public with their relationship as soon as she returned from Hawaii. Brooke told him that they just need to be a little more patient. Thorne wouldn't take "no" for an answer and insisted that the day she returned, which is also the day of their next showing, would be the day that they announce their engagement. Thorne went on further to say that he would take care of all the details.

After Thorne hung up with Brooke, he noticed Kimberly again and said he couldn't take it any more. Next we saw Bridget calling Kimberly telling her that Thorne and her mother just spoke and they are planning their wedding. Kimberly was shocked and told Bridget that she just need a little more time. Just then, the doorbell rang. Kimberly hung up with Bridget and said, "come in." Thorne barges in only to find Kimberly standing there in her towel with a big smile on her face.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Eric tells Amber that their deal involves the baby and her, but they won't drag C.J. into it. Amber sees her solution as a way for everyone to get what they want and for Little Eric to be surrounded by all the people who love him. Amber insists that they accept her offer or she and the baby will leave. Thorne tells Kimberly that he doesn't like being manipulated, but Kimberly insists that she was just trying to get his attention. She's ready to show him just how much she loves him and drops her robe from her shoulders. Thorne pulls the robe back on and tells her that her fantasy has gone too far. He points out that she's a virgin, but she insists that he's the man she's been waiting for. Kimberly begs him for a chance to make him happy. Thorne tells Kimberly that his future is with Brooke and they'll be announcing their engagement at the preview of Morgan's new line. C.J. is irritated and tells Amber he can barely stand to be in the same room with the Forresters, let alone live on their property. Amber tells him that all that matters is that they are together. She doesn't want to be there without C.J.. They kiss. Eric thinks the idea of C.J. moving in is preposterous. Stephanie tells C.J. and Amber that they won't compromise, but when it's clear that Amber is about to leave with Little Eric, she changes her mind and tells Amber that C.J. can move in as well. Rick isn't happy and promises himself that he'll get Little Eric back...and Amber too.

Friday, September 22, 2000

At Forrester Creations:
Eric entered the fitting room where Ridge was doing the finishing touches on one of Morgan's creations, and asked Ridge a question about an accessory for Morgan's design. Ridge could not answer the question, telling Eric that he and Morgan were keeping their distances. Eric answered in disbelief that they had a show later this week and Ridge and Morgan chose now to keep their distance. Stephanie entered the room. Eric sent the models and seamstress out and spoke with Ridge about Dax coming to take more photos of Ridge and Taylor's family--positive publicity to offset the negativity about Brooke and Thorne. Eric hoped that Bridget could reach Brooke and straighten her out about the relationship between Brooke and Thorne not being a possibility. Stephanie had hoped that Brooke's trip to Hawaii and separation from Thorne could put a wedge between the two of them. Stephanie questioned how Thorne could not see how dangerous this relationship is with Brooke. Eric stated that! he believes Thorne will, and then he will return to the family.

At Taylor's home:
Kimberly was paged, and told Taylor that it was work paging her. Taylor told Kimberly that it was her idea for Brooke to take Bridget to Hawaii to spend some time alone with her. Kimberly did not understand--Taylor had worked with Ridge and Eric to try to break up Thorne and Brooke in Venice, and here she was helping Brooke with Bridget. Taylor told Kimberly that she is concerned about Bridget, and is somewhat surprised at the strength of Kimberly's feelings about this situation. Taylor discovered that Bridget and Kimberly have spoken extensively about the situation and queried Kimberly as to whether Brooke knew about all the telephone calls between Kimberly and Bridget.

In Hawaii:
Bridget and Brooke spoke about the situation with Thorne--Bridget suggested that Brooke brought her to Hawaii to get her to go along with her relationship with Thorne. Brooke told her that was only a small part of the reason they went away together--that they needed to spend time together. Bridget told Brooke that she will never accept the situation, and Brooke told her that she and Thorne are not going to wait any longer--that they are going to be married soon.

At Forrester:
Ridge was working with a model, and there was a knock at the door. It was Thorne. Thorne asked how the rest of the family was doing, and Ridge told him that they missed him. Thorne suggested that there was an easy answer to that dilemma (meaning that they accept his choice to be with Brooke), and Ridge promptly told him that there was no easy answer to this situation. Thorne told Ridge that he was there to invite Ridge to a wedding--his wedding.

At Taylor's home:
Kimberly told Taylor that Bridget was upset about Brooke and Thorne way before she spoke with her, and Taylor, who is beginning to see Kimberly's strategy, said to her, "And you reinforced those feelings." Kimberly spoke of Brooke and Thorne's relationship as a very unhealthy relationship, and Taylor responded with sympathy for Kimberly's loss of Macy. Taylor was confused by Kimberly's concern for Thorne, saying that she thought Kimberly would be angry with him. Kimberly responded that she saw Thorne risk his life to save Macy--that she knew Thorne and Macy would have made a success of their marriage, but that no, Brooke had to disrupt them. She accused Brooke of using Thorne to get over Ridge--she said that she knew Brooke's entire history. She told Taylor that Thorne gave up everything to be with Brooke--his family, his work--and she knew that Brooke would not stay with him through everything. Taylor asked Kimberly if she thought Thorne would be better off with someone! else, and Kimberly responded yes, she did. Taylor asked her if she had anyone special in mind, and when Kimberly fell silent, Taylor questioned her about the depth of the feelings Kimberly has about Thorne, saying "you're in love with him" as more of a statement than a question.

Ridge's office at Forrester Creations:
Ridge declined Thorne's invitation to the wedding. Ridge continued to try to talk Thorne out of solidifying his relationship to Brooke, asking Thorne if he had spoken with Bridget about the marriage. Thorne responded that he has been unable to get close to Bridget to speak with her. He told Ridge that they would be getting married tomorrow--after the showing. That they would be giving the press a statement about their relationship at the showing, and the wedding would follow after that. Ridge explained to Thorne that he thought there were about 100 women that Thorne would have a better chance of being happy with and 100 men that Brooke would be happier with, and that if Thorne really loved Brooke, he would set her free. Thorne reminded him that he had no right to suggest anything after the trick which Ridge and Eric played on Brooke in Venice. Thorne was disgusted and turned to leave when Stephanie and Eric entered Ridge's office. Stephanie immediately misunderstood the reason for Thorne's appearance--she thought he was returning to the family because he and Brooke had parted.

In Hawaii:
Brooke told Bridget that tomorrow night following Morgan's showing and the announcement of Brooke and Thorne's engagement, they would be getting married. Bridget could not believe her ears. She accused Brooke of bringing her to Hawaii just to try to soften her up--stating that Brooke knew the whole time she would be marrying Thorne. Bridget accused her of never taking her feelings seriously. She asked Brooke where that left her.......she guesses with her father. Brooke told her that she did not want Bridget to leave, but Bridget told her she wanted Thorne more than she wanted her (Bridget) to stay. She told Brooke that she would have been there always, but Thorne will not, and when Thorne leaves her, who will help to pick up the pieces then?

Ridge's office:
After hugging his mother and having some small talk, Thorne told Stephanie the reason for his visit--that he and Brooke would be getting married tomorrow. Stephanie backed away in disbelief. Thorne told her that he realized that she would probably not want to be there, but that it would mean a lot to him if she were there. Eric then asked, "Is that all?", and Thorne added that Brooke and Bridget were flying back from Hawaii and they were going to take a few moments to speak to the press after the showing about their impending marriage. Eric responded, "I see.", and launched into a tirade about how Thorne did not care what he was doing to Bridget. Thorne said that was enough, and as he turned to leave, Stephanie grabbed his arm and begged him please not to do this.

At Taylor's:
Kimberly responded to Taylor's question that yes, she does love Thorne. When Taylor asked her if Thorne felt the same way, Kimberly told her that he didn't have to say it..........she knows that if it were not for Brooke, they would be together. Taylor recognizes that Kimberly and Thorne have grown closer since Macy's death, but Kimberly does not want to acknowledge that she might be misinterpreting her own feelings. She tells Taylor that Thorne no longer sees her as a child or a little sister type, but that he has so much invested in his feelings for Brooke, that he is unwilling to admit his feelings for her. She said that when he did realize it, she will be there waiting for him.

Ridge's office:
Eric and Stephanie continued in their efforts to demean Brooke and finally Thorne put a stop to it. He stated that it was enough, that this discussion was getting them nowhere. He told them that there would be some changes around Forrester--that he was coming back to work. Eric and Ridge then left, saying that they had family business to attend to, and when Thorne attempted to speak with Stephanie, she silenced him and told him she could not support the relationship.

Dressing room at Forrester:
Bridget telephoned Kimberly. She was upset but Kimberly told her that she had made some serious progress. Bridget then told her that Brooke and Thorne were getting married tomorrow. Kimberly was speechless. Bridget asked her, "What are we going to do?"

Ridge's office/ Hawaii via telephone:
Thorne was left alone. His cell phone rang--it was Brooke. She asked whether he had informed his family, and he responded that he had and asked whether she had told Bridget. Brooke told him that she was so excited to become his wife, and Thorne said that he was excited too--that it almost did not seem real. They expressed their love for each other before hanging up.

Bridget heard her mother's conversation and is in tears. She ran crying into her bedroom at the hotel. Brooke meandered out to the patio and spoke to no one in particular, saying to Bridget that some day she will understand, and to Thorne that they WILL make it and prove all of them wrong.

Dressing room at Forrester:
Kimberly, in tears, says, "Thorne and Brooke......getting married.........tomorrow. No (beseechingly) (angrily, seriously, and with a scheming tone)."

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