The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on B&B
Backstage, Thorne tried to tell Kimberly that she had a one-way infatuation with him, but to prove him wrong, Kimberly kissed him. Bridget raised the curtains, exposing the kiss to the world, and the mortified Brooke refused to marry Thorne, a man she couldn't trust. Thorne and Rick clashed, and Brooke's children demanded that she choose between them and Thorne.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, September 25, 2000

It is the day of the fashion show. Thorne is in Brooke's office making last minute preparations for the wedding. He calls Brooke in Hawaii and tells her to get home as soon as she could because he couldn't wait for them to be married. I am not sure what kind of plane Brooke flew in on, but all of a sudden she is behind Thorne and they start kissing. Thorne tells Brooke that Rick agreed to be his best man and Brooke says that she doesn't have a maid of honor because Bridget still doesn't approve of the marriage. Rick finds his mother and congratulates her and she asks him to speak with Bridget.

Kimberly is getting ready for the show and has many memories of her and Thorne. She seems to be really upset and Morgan is getting worried that Kimberly is going to be too stressed out to model. Thorne comes by and Morgan asks him to talk with Kimberly since he seems to be close to her. Taylor comes in to congratulate Morgan on her show and tells her not to stress herself out since she is pregnant. Morgan says that nothing is going to happen to this child. Bridget finds Kimberly and tells her that their plan didn't work because Brooke and Thorne were getting married that very day. Kimberly can't believe this. She said that she didn't think that there was more that they could do because Thorne had not even kissed her. Kimberly leaves.

Thorne finds Kimberly and tries to console her. Everyone wonders what is going on with Kimberly. Taylor tells Stephanie that she would explain it to her later. Brooke can't believe that Eric and Stephanie won't be attending their own son's wedding. She tells them that Thorne had never been happier. She tells Stephanie that she wouldn't have time to fight with her because it was her wedding day. Rick also tries to get them to attend. He tells them that they supported his marriage to Amber, although they didn't approve. Stephanie decides to go home.

Thorne and Kimberly are talking. She is very upset that he won't even give them a chance. He tells her that they would never be together even if Brooke wasn't in the picture. He tells her that he wished that he could prove to her that it wouldn't work. She tells him that it could. He asks her that if she thought that one kiss would mean anything. Bridget is watching them. Kimberly suddenly grabs Thorne and kisses him, as Bridget raises the curtains. Everyone is stunned and photographs are being snapped and Brooke and the Forresters look stunned. When Kimberly and Thorne finally come up for air, they look extremely shocked.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Before the Forrester showing, Kimberly and Thorne were horrified when they realized that the curtain had been raised and the audience was watching them kiss. While reporters were shooting photographs of them together, Thorne looked out into the audience and spotted a very shocked Brooke. Thorne left the stage and ran after Brooke who left the room. Thorne tried to explain to an angered and shocked Brooke that the kiss really wasn't what she thought it was. He told Brooke that Kimberly has a crush on him and that she is convinced that Thorne feels the same way about her. Thorne continued to explain that it was Kimberly who initiated the kiss in the hope that he had similar feelings. Brooke then realized the reason that Kimberly had returned to work was to be near Thorne and that Kimberly had conspired by requesting photo shoots for Thorne to supervise. Thorne told Brooke that the kiss didn't matter, that he and Brooke had been through much worse together and survived. Brooke didn't want to hear Thorne's explanations or his coaxing to go ahead with their evening's plans to get married. Brooke told a hurt and jolted Thorne, "We are not getting married. There will be no wedding."

Backstage at the Forrester showing, Bridget told Kimberly that she had seen her and Thorne kissing and raised the curtain. Bridget explained her actions and told Kimberly that her mother had the right to know. Bridget was curious how Kimberly had gotten Thorne to kiss her? Kimberly admitted that she kissed Thorne. Bridget had observed that Thorne was way into the kiss and it just about killed her mother. Bridget was certain that because of her pride, that Brooke would never marry Thorne. Kimberly was pleased that Brooke had seen the kiss.

Taylor, Ridge, Stephanie and Eric spoke to reporters about Kimberly and Thorne's surprise kiss. They admitted they knew nothing about it. Stephanie was particularly pleased when she learned that Brooke had witnessed the kiss.

C.J. enlightened Sally that he had moved in with Amber to the Forrester house in order to keep his family together. Sally, C.J. and Darla were angry and saddened when they learned that Thorne was planning to announce his wedding plans to Brooke at the Forrester showing. Darla later showed them Thorne and Kimberly kissing.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Wednesday's show opened at the Forrester's guesthouse where Rick was getting dressed for his mom's wedding. Amber was also there with the baby. Rick told Amber that the last time he wore this tuxedo was when he and Amber were renewing their wedding vows. Rick and Amber did a bit of flirting, which was initiated by Rick, while Amber tried to remain nonchalant. Rick told Amber how pleased he was that his mother was so happy and that Thorne is everything he has always wanted for his mom.

Thorne was in Brooke's office, desperately trying to get a hold of Brooke on her cell phone, when Ridge and Stephanie came in. They asked Thorne what he was doing kissing a teenage girl. Thorne tried to convince them that there is nothing between him and Kimberly. Ridge pointed out that it sure didn't look like "nothing." Thorne told his mother and brother that he thinks of Kimberly like a sister. Stephanie and Ridge had a difficult time believing that was the case after witnessing their passionate kiss. Thorne told them that he is in love with and committed to Brooke and that he planned to marry her as soon as possible.

Bridget was at Kimberly's house and the two discussed the kiss between Thorne and Kimberly. Kimberly told Bridget that she was certain that Thorne was as swept away by their kiss as she was. Bridget agreed that it looked pretty intense. The girls discussed how it will be front page news by tomorrow morning and soon everyone will be talking about Thorne and Kimberly as a couple. Bridget expressed some remorse about hurting her mother that way, but quickly agreed with Kimberly that it was for the best. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Brooke, so Bridget made a quick get away. She told Kimberly before leaving, not to be too rough on her mom, but to make sure she gets the point across that Thorne is not the man for her.

Bridget headed straight for the guesthouse to inform Rick about what happened at the Forresters' showing. She told her brother that there wasn't going to be a wedding. Rick was naturally confused, so Bridget filled him and Amber in on the fact that Thorne was caught on stage kissing Kimberly in front of everyone. Rick was flabbergasted, to say the least. He asked Bridget where their mother was and demanded that they go find her, as she would be in need of their comfort and support.

Back at Kimberly's, Brooke barged through the door and demanded to know what Kimberly was trying to pull with Thorne. Kimberly remained amazingly calm and downright smug as she told Brooke about her and Thorne's feelings for each other. She told her of the romantic dinners they shared, the heartfelt conversations and the night that Thorne came into her bedroom after watching her take a shower while sitting out on his patio. Brooke called Kimberly an angry, delusional liar and refused to believe her. Kimberly realized that she had made an impression on Brooke though, after she told her about how much she, a young woman with no baggage and her entire life a head of her, had to offer. She told Brooke that she was a woman with decency and morals, unlike Brooke, who slept with and married both Thorne's father and brother. When Brooke told Kimberly that she never realized, until now, just how manipulative she was, Kimberly replied that it must be like looking in a mirror. She assumed that Stephanie had felt the same way about Brooke when she went after Ridge, then Eric and now Thorne. Kimberly went on further to tell Brooke that she could offer Thorne everything because she was at the beginning of her life. Then she sarcastically asked Brooke where she was. With a look of hatred in her eyes, Brooke replied, "10 steps ahead of you, little girl." Then she stormed out. The show ended with Kimberly standing there grinning from ear to ear, proud of the fact that she got her point across to Brooke, and much more.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Stephanie is overjoyed and relieved that Kimberly appears to have singlehandedly destroyed Thorne's relationship with Brooke. Eric thinks Kimberly is out of her league and is no match for Brooke. He's concerned that Stephanie is in for a big disappointment. Brooke asks Thorne about everything she heard from Kimberly, including the night he watched her in the shower. Brooke doesn't buy his explanation and only sees that Thorne was vulnerable to Kimberly. Brooke can't understand why Thorne deliberately kept her in the dark. She believes Thorne was intrigued and titillated, otherwise he would have told her the truth. Thorne insists that he has no feelings for any woman but Brooke. In tears, Brooke tells Thorne that her feelings of being cherished vanished when she watched him with Kimberly. She leaves. Rick accuses Kimberly of going after Thorne to get back at Brooke. He insists that Thorne and Brooke are getting married, but Kimberly tells him that it's not going to happen. She tells Rick that she loves Thorne and he wants her as well. Thorne tells Rick that the wedding has been postponed because of a misunderstanding. When Thorne admits that he kissed Kimberly, Rick punches him. Amber notes that Bridget didn't seem very surprised by what happened between Kimberly and Thorne. Stephanie asks Kimberly how she really feels about Thorne...and how he feels about her.

Friday, September 29, 2000

Brooke's Home:
Thorne was on the floor, recovering after a punch from Rick. Rick yelled at him to get up. He was very angry about what Thorne had done to Brooke. Thorne tried to explain that he himself had not done anything.....that the kiss was not the way it appeared. Rick did not buy Thorne's explanation, saying that Kimberly was certainly mixed up--that she was in love with Thorne. How could Thorne be making a play for a teenage girl on the very day that he was supposed to be marrying Rick's mom? Rick asked him, "What the hell kind of pervert are you?" Bridget came home while Rick and Thorne were fighting, and left the front door as quickly as she had come in, worrying that Rick and Thorne would kill each other.

Taylor's Home:
Brooke and Taylor were sipping tea. Taylor was glad that Brooke felt she could come to her, and Brooke said that she did not know where else to go. Taylor asked Brooke if she had spoken with Thorne. Brooke said that she had and that Thorne really did not have any explanation--that he had been caught red-handed. She then proceeded to tell Taylor that he had given her several explanations. Brooke cannot believe that Thorne has betrayed her--she told Taylor that she had trusted him implicitly, and now he had betrayed that trust. Taylor asked whether she had spoken with the children, and Brooke has not--she is worried how to explain this to Rick, since he had been so supportive of Thorne and her. She had not spoken with Bridget yet, but told Taylor that she had spoken with Kimberly. She said that Kimberly thinks her feelings for Thorne are the "real thing."

Kimberly's Home:
Stephanie told Kimberly that what happened at the fashion show was "quite a display." Kimberly countered that it was not a display but the real thing. When Stephanie deduced that she was infatuated with Thorne, Kimberly corrected her. Stephanie guessed at first that Kimberly was attempting to seduce Thorne to get back at Brooke for Macy's death, and when Kimberly denied this reason, Stephanie asked what the reason was. Kimberly told her that she would like to tell her, but that she did not think Stephanie would believe her. Stephanie herself guessed that Kimberly was in love with Thorne, to which Kimberly replied, "Deeply." Stephanie told Kimberly that there are several problems with a relationship between Kimberly and Thorne. Kimberly told her that she only perceives the problems of age and experience, and since she has been through so much in her short life, the only experience she lacks is sexual. Stephanie pointed out that Thorne is deeply committed to Brooke, to which Kimberly countered that Brooke is a woman with a lot of baggage--a history of immoral and failed relationships--just how long would Thorne remain committed to that?? Stephanie queries Kimberly that she believes she has qualities that might attract Thorne? Kimberly responded that it was not just that she might have those qualities, but that in all humility, she was a breath of fresh air to Thorne.

Stephanie noted how sure of herself Kimberly was, and Kimberly noted that she also needed a powerful friend, because Brooke has a powerful base herself. Stephanie responded that Brooke's power had always come from her sexuality, and she hoped that Kimberly was not going to "borrow a page from Brooke's book" where that was concerned. Kimberly smugly countered that she would not borrow a whole chapter, but a few pages might not hurt. The two of them smiled conspiratorially.

Taylor's Home:
Brooke did not understand how this "thing" between Thorne and Kimberly happened. Taylor told her that she believes it is a transference reaction, where Kimberly was grieving the loss of her sister and was living next door to Thorne, who had helped her cope with her loss. Brooke thought that she and Thorne were beyond fidelity issues, and was hurt that Thorne was so flattered by Kimberly's attention. Both felt that Thorne's major mistake was not recognizing Kimberly's feelings earlier. Brooke seemed threatened that Thorne's head could be so quickly turned by a young, nubile 19 year-old.

Brooke spoke about how this will effect her she had basically painted a rosy picture of how things would be between her and Thorne when they were together with the family. She knew that Rick had accepted Thorne and trusted him. Bridget.........she was harder to convince. She had taken her to Hawaii to spend quality time with her to try to convince her that she and Thorne were deeply in love with each other. How would she help her children with this now? She had talked and talked with her children, telling them what a wonderful relationship she had with Thorne, and then the curtain opened and there was Thorne kissing another woman--a woman that her son used to date.

Brooke's Home:
Rick was not buying the fact that Thorne was not responsible for the kiss that was seen by all, laughing at the idea that Kimberly threw herself at Thorne. Thorne tried to tell him that was exactly what had happened, and Rick told him that from what he had heard, Thorne was pretty plastered against Kimberly. Rick told him, "I trusted you. I trusted you, and you treat us like this." Bridget sneaked around the back of the house and was observing the exchanges between Rick and Thorne. Thorne told Rick that there is another side to this story, and Rick told him that he would not listen to him.........that he is a skirt-chaser. Thorne attempted to tell Rick that he was totally loyal to his mother, but Rick continued, telling him that he would not believe the number of times that he (Rick) had taken up for Thorne. Thorne told Rick that Kimberly had been coming on to him for weeks now but that he had told her that nothing would happen between the two of them because he was totally committed to Brooke. Rick told him to stay away from Brooke--that he did not want Thorne anywhere near Brooke.....that Thorne did not belong in this house and he sure has hell did not belong in this family. That Bridget had been right about Thorne all along. At this point, the camera faded back to see Bridget, who was visably upset at the encounter.

Thorne angrily told Rick that he HAD made a mistake, but it had nothing to do with Kimberly. He said that his mistake was with Bridget, and he was through having Rick and Bridget run his life--if he had moved into the house weeks ago, then none of this would have happened. He ended with the fact that he and Brooke WOULD be married, and he WOULD be living in that house.

Taylor's Home:
Taylor told Brooke that she could not justify Thorne's behavior to her children, especially Bridget. Taylor told her that she would have to spend time with her and convince her that just because this happened to Brooke, it would not happen to her. Brooke was afraid that Bridget would never be able to trust a man because of seeing her mother hurt so many times. Taylor told her that she would have to spend time with her children and help them through this experience--that especially Bridget would be vulnerable with Thorne and Kimberly's photo splashed all over the papers and the television. According to Taylor, Brooke needs to resolve the issue with her children before she can begin working on anything with Thorne. Taylor warned Brooke that her children might never accept Thorne--that all they will remember is the hurt that he caused their mother. Brooke said that she knew what she had to do if that happened; she just hoped that things never came to that.

Kimberly's Home:
Kimberly told Stephanie that Brooke and Thorne do not belong together--that even if she (Kim) and Thorne do not get together, that Brooke especially does not belong with him. Stephanie told her that is the reason that she cut Thorne off from the family--she knew that Thorne and Brooke's relationship would not last, and then he would come back to the family. Kimberly went on to explain to Stephanie that Macy is not gone--her spirit lives in her home, and also in Thorne's home. She is convinced that Macy would want them to be together, and because of Macy, there was a spiritual bond between them. Stephanie expressed a grave concern to Kimberly because of the age difference between her and Thorne, and also told her that relationships need more than guardian angels. Kimberly told her that she was happy that Stephanie had this concern, but that she (Kimberly) was the one who could help Thorne to work through his issues and become the person she knows he can be, and if it does not work out for her and Thorne, then it was just not meant to be. Stephanie told her that she was an interesting young woman in spite of her age.

Brooke's Home:
Rick told Thorne that he was not to go anywhere near his mother--that he would only use her and dump her just like Ridge had done, and then he would go after some chick like Kimberly. Thorne told him things would just not be that way. Rick told him that he and Bridget would fight him (Thorne) to hell and do anything to keep him away from his mom. Rick proceeded to go to the door to throw out Thorne, who stood his ground. So, Rick went over to Thorne and grabbed him to throw him out. Thorne refused to move and the two of them tumbled to the ground. Rick was fighting Thorne and Thorne sat atop Rick, telling him to get hold of himself. At that moment, Brooke entered the house to what looked like Thorne beating up on Rick. Brooke separated the two of them, asking what was happening. Rick stated that Thorne was just leaving. Thorne told them that no, he was not leaving--they all needed to talk. Rick turned to Brooke and told her that she had to choose--would it be Thorne or her children? Bridget chose this time to come in from the patio and said to Brooke that Rick was right--she had to choose--she's not going to get away with this. Will it be Thorne? Or will she choose her children?

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