The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on B&B
Doubts filled Amber's mind prior to her wedding. Eric and Stephanie joined Rick in trying to stop Amber's wedding. Rick took Deacon to the church, where Deacon announced that he was Little Eric's biological father. Thorne continued to plead his case to Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, November 13, 2000

The picture starts off with Amber in her wedding dress. She pulls out a picture of her and Eric when they were a family with the baby. Darla comes in all excited and Amber asks her to get C.J. for her because she needs to see him and Little Eric before the ceremony. Darla runs off to get Amber's bouquet leaving an unsure Amber alone.

Next we see C.J., Clarke, Sally and Conner. Sally leaves to go check on C.J.'s best man, Little Eric. C.J. thanks Conner for giving his son a family. Conner tells him that he only got him custody, he and Amber are the ones giving Little Eric a family. He promised C.J. that no one will ever come between them again and wishes him good luck!

Amber is saying there is nothing to be nervous about because C.J. loves her. Darla agrees and tells her all she has to do is walk down the aisle. Stephanie and Eric enter the room to talk to Amber. Darla tells them they shouldn't be here. Stephanie tells Amber its all right to do the right thing for the baby but this isn't the way to do it. Eric told her she would be making the biggest mistake of her life. Darla tells her not to listen to them. They let her know that Rick is working on something but he needs a little time. They tell Amber that they love her and it's not to late for her to walk out now.

Sally and Clarke enter and ask them what they hope to accomplish by breaking in like this. She asks them to beat it before she calls the cops and have them arrested for harassment. Stephanie tells Amber she is trying to keep her from making a mistake. Sally says Amber doesn't need advice from her or any help. She lets Stephanie know that Amber chose to marry C.J. making her a part of their family now. Stephanie pleads with Amber to wait until she hears from Rick. Sally tells them to tell Rick that if he knows what good for him he won't come near this place.

Rick is with Little Eric's biological father and tells him once the papers come and he signs away custody and Rick gets Little Eric, he will get his money.

Cut to the church scene with C.J. coming out with Little Eric in his arms. Darla walks down the aisle and everyone is looking on smiling (how cute). The bridal march starts and everyone stands. Amber walks out in her long white wedding dress and veil. She is looking back towards the door at Stephanie and Eric.

Amber walks down the aisle and the minister starts the ceremony. Amber doesn't look happy. Jonathan calls Rick and tells him that the papers will not be there until tomorrow. Rick says tomorrow is too late because Amber will be married by then. Deacon tells Rick if he wants to stop the wedding they have to do it on their own.

Stephanie gets Eric's phone and calls Rick and tells him he better get over there and tells her about the baby pronto. Rick tells Deacon that they have to go. Deacon wants his money but Rick says he will get nothing until he signs the custody papers. He asks Rick to give him a check for 100K and he will guarantee the wedding will be stopped. Rick gives him the check.

C.J. recites his vows while Rick and Deacon are on their way to the chapel. Amber starts to recite her vows but C.J. stops her so that he can add some non-traditional vows in the mix (plus give Rick time to get to the chapel). He tells her how difficult this year has been but standing here today he knows in his heart everything was worth it. She made him believe in love when he thought he would never love again. How happy she has made him and gave him his life back and so now he is giving her everything he has and everything he is for the rest of his life.

Amber starts reciting her vows and is almost to the end when Rick bursts into the chapel and stops the wedding. That was such a surprise.

TUESDAY, November 14

The show opened at the church where Amber and C.J. were to wed. Amber admonished Rick for breaking up her wedding ceremony and insisted that he leave immediately. Rick told Amber that C.J. was going to lose custody of the baby and that she didn't have to go through with the marriage. The Spectra-Garrisons tried to throw Rick and the rest of the Forresters out but they would hear nothing of it. Rick asked Amber if she would be marrying C.J. if he didn't have custody of Little Eric. Amber evaded the question and continued to insist that Rick leave the church. C.J. proceeded to tell Rick that he and the rest of his family were no longer allowed visitation to Little Eric due to their lack of respect for C.J. and Amber's relationship. Deacon showed himself and shocked everyone (except the Forresters) with the news that he was Little Eric's natural father. C.J. and his parents refused to believe Deacon's claim but Amber trembled with fear over what she felt to be true. She lunged at Deacon and called him names for how he hurt Becky. Deacon tried to say that Becky led him on and told him that she was on the pill and that he had no idea that he had a son. Deacon said that he was here to stake claim to his son and asked that the Spectra-Garrison's hand him over. Amber sobbed and looked at Rick with disgust as she asked him why he would do this. C.J. tried to say that he had legal custody of the baby but at Stephanie's prompting, Connor was forced to step in and admit that if Deacon was who he said he was, then he, as the baby's natural father, had custodial rights that superseded all others. Amber cried out in horror as C.J. stood there speechless.

Meanwhile, over at Forrester Creations, Bridget is in her mom's office and the two discuss Amber and C.J.'s wedding. Brooke said that it was for the best and that Rick needs to move on with his life. Bridget explains to her mother that as much as she doesn't like Amber, Rick loves her and wants her and the baby back. Brooke refused to believe that Rick was truly in love with Amber, citing that he more than likely just didn't want to lose little Eric. Brooke said that it wasn't like Rick would or could do anything to stop Amber and C.J.'s wedding. The look on Bridget's face made Brooke question her statement but Bridget admitted nothing. The topic turned to Bridget's concern for her mother's social life, or lack there of, since breaking up with Thorne. Brooke told her Bridget that she was not lonely and that she enjoyed spending time at home with her. Mother and daughter embraced.

After Bridget left, Brooke sat at her desk and looked at a picture of her and the kids. Just then Thorne walked in. He said he was there to pick up something for the photo shoot and that he couldn't resist stopping by to see Brooke. Brooke asked Thorne if Kimberly was in the photo shoot, to which Thorne replied yes. Thorne reiterated that nothing was going on between him and Kimberly and that the night he slept with her meant nothing. Brooke asked him how he could be so unfeeling about having sex with a woman. Thorne reminded Brooke that he still couldn't even remember the night and that when he thinks about how he had sex with Kimberly it makes him sick. Brooke said she found it hard to believe that sex with a beautiful young woman like Kimberly could make him sick. Thorne was hurt and angry that Brooke could degrade him like that with such a sarcastic statement. Brooke apologized but told Thorne that she could never get over the fact that he slept with another woman.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

The show opened at the church with Sally asking Connor if he was certain that Deacon Sharpe had legal claim to Little Eric. Connor reiterated that if Deacon is indeed the baby's natural father, then he would have custodial rights that supersede those of C.J.'s. Amber took Little Eric and left the chapel, stating that no one was going to take her son away from her. Rick chased after her, leaving C.J. and his family to do battle with Deacon and the Forresters. Shortly thereafter C.J. also left the chapel to go find Amber. Sally questioned why Deacon would align himself with the Forresters but Deacon kept quiet. The minister stated that he wouldn't be able to perform this wedding today under these circumstances and he instructed the Spectra-Garrison's to inform the guests.

Meanwhile, Amber asked Rick how he could bring this despicable man into their lives. She asked Rick if he hated C.J. so much that he would forsake an innocent child in order to prevent C.J. from having him. Rick explained to Amber that he made a deal with Deacon to relinquish all his custodial rights to Little Eric and turn them over to Rick. Rick told Amber that he knew she was only marrying C.J. because he had custody of the baby and that he wanted to find a way to prevent her from having to make that decision. Rick went on further to say that he couldn't accept the fact that he was losing Amber and the baby and that's why he had to go to such great lengths to keep that from happening. Amber was speechless but she no longer appeared upset, nor did she deny Rick's claim about marrying C.J. so that she could share in the parenting of Little Eric.

C.J. burst into to the bride's room where Rick, Amber and the baby were. He demanded that Rick get away from Amber. The two men exchanged insults while Amber told them to stop yelling in front of the baby. Just then Darla came in and told them that the wedding was put off. C.J. was furious with Rick for ruining his wedding and the two men started to fight. Amber asked Darla to take the baby home and she and C.J. would meet them there later. C.J. wanted Amber to go but she said she wouldn't leave for fear that C.J. and Rick would end up killing each other. C.J. told Rick that he didn't know what Rick was trying to pull, but that he and Amber were still going to marry and would fight Deacon for custody of Little Eric and make certain that Rick would never see the child again. Rick told C.J. not to get overly confident but would not share with C.J. his reasoning behind the comment. Amber kept mum as well, and then she and C.J. walked out on Rick. Before leaving, Amber and Rick exchanged knowing glances.

Over at Forrester, Brooke and Thorne continued to discuss his involvement with Kimberly. Thorne wished there was some way that Brooke could forgive him for the mistake he made with Kimberly. Brooke told Thorne that he should go as there was no point discussing this matter any further. Thorne went back to his office and found Kimberly there in a teddy with the pretense of primping for her photo shoot. Thorne kindly asked Kimberly to go primp else where. The two get in a discussion with Kimberly telling Thorne that he needs to lighten up and let go of his all work and no play attitude. She asked him to have dinner with her that evening. Thorne firmly told Kimberly that he had work to do and that her seductive behavior wasn't going to get her any where with him. Brooke was standing outside Thorne's door and heard the entire exchange. After Thorne left, Brooke came in and chastised Kimberly for behaving like a shameless hussy. Kimberly said that those were ironic words coming from the likes of Brooke. Brooke told Kimberly that it was pretty obvious that Thorne was not interested in her. Just then the phone rang. Kimberly answered and it was Thorne telling her that they needed to get together to discuss some details for tomorrow's photo shoot. Kimberly told Thorne that she needed to put him on speaker because she was putting on her makeup. Thorne proceeded to ask Kimberly if she was still free for dinner and said that he would pick her up at Forrester. Kimberly smugly told Brooke that she was apparently wrong about Thorne's lack of interest in her. Kimberly waltzed out of the office, leaving Brooke with tears in her eyes.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

In an effort to determine if Deacon is really Eric's biological father, Sally called Becky's parents. Becky's father confirmed that Deacon is Eric's father and advised her that Deacon is bad news. Sally and C.J. paid Deacon a visit at the Lair, the bar that Deacon manages. Deacon wasn't receptive to their visit and told them to leave. Sally did manage to figure out that the Forresters offered Deacon money for custody of Eric. Sally tried to strike a deal with Deacon by promising to offer him more money than the Forresters did.

Rick told Stephanie and Eric that he had already paid Deacon the money even though the legal papers weren't ready for signing because it was the only way he was able to stop Amber's wedding to C.J.. Rick said he's now sure that Amber wants to be with him. He told Stephanie and Eric he could tell by the expression on her face when she left the room with C.J. after he had stopped the wedding. Eric was very concerned that Rick made a mistake by paying Deacon the money before he had signed to give up his parental rights to Eric.

Rick went to visit Amber who was alone with Eric at Sally's. Amber told Rick that she was surprised that he had gone through so much trouble just to stop her wedding to C.J.. Rick told her she is the only woman he'll ever love.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Amber and Rick were alone talking at Sally's house while Little Eric napped. Amber couldn't believe that Rick went to such great lengths for her and the baby. Rick assured Amber that no price was too high to pay to get her and Little Eric back in his life. Amber asked Rick how exactly he got Deacon to agree to sign over custody. Rick explained that he made Deacon an offer he couldn't refuse. Amber deduced that Rick had to pay in order to get Deacon to relinquish custodial rights and she wanted to know how much. Rick assured Amber that how much didn't matter, as he was willing to do whatever necessary.

Over at the Forrester Estate, Stephanie filled Taylor in on the situation. Taylor sympathized but was skeptical about the Forresters putting their trust in Deacon. Stephanie told Taylor that they had no choice but to enlist Deacon's help, otherwise, Amber would have gone through with the marriage to C.J. Taylor questioned whether or not Stephanie felt that Amber was only marrying C.J. because of the baby. Stephanie confirmed that she believed that to be the case. The two waited patiently for Jonathan to call and announce that the custody papers were ready.

At the Lair, Sally told Deacon that whatever the Forresters offered for the baby, she would be willing to double. Deacon believed that she was merely blowing smoke and informed her that she was out of her league. Sally said that she was a successful business woman and that she could have the cash ready with a single phone call. When Deacon informed Sally that double the Forresters' offer would be $200,000.00, C.J. was shocked and disgusted. Sally agreed to it but Deacon continued to string her along. When Sally pressed him, he sternly reminded her that he was in the drivers seat. C.J. spoke up and made the declaration that his mother was willing to give up almost everything she had for this child and that Deacon should take her seriously. When Deacon heard that this was all Sally had, he said he was going to pass on her offer.

Again, Amber asked Rick why he would do all this for her, he insisted that he loved her and wanted her to be his wife again. Amber was skeptical, as they were once married, and he wasn't happy having her as his wife then. Rick assured Amber that he was certain of his feelings now and that he knew she felt the same way. Amber expressed concern over C.J.'s feelings but Rick told Amber that she could never feel for C.J. what she feels for him. They two were just about to kiss when Rick's phone rang and Jonathan told him that the papers were ready. Amber gave Rick a tender hug and he promised that this would all be over soon and they would be together as a family again.

Jonathan, Rick and Stephanie went to the Lair to settle the deal with Deacon. C.J. and Sally watched from a distance as Deacon prepared to sign the papers. After seeing Sally and C.J. shake their heads "no," Deacon refused to sign the papers until the Forresters agreed to give him $200,000.00. Jonathan and Rick were outraged but Stephanie offered to write Deacon a check for an additional $100,000.00. With all eyes focused on him, Deacon picked up the pen to sign the documents.

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