The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on B&B
Upon seeing Deacon and Amber together at Café Russe, Eric agreed with Brooke about splitting Amber and Rick up. Deacon decided to profess his feelings to Amber. Eric informed Rick of Amber's date at Café Russe. Brooke set up a plan to split up Amber and Rick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Thorne and Brooke return to their room after the tennis match. They were both very impressed with Rick's performance. Brooke remarks how happy Rick seemed and she hopes that he can continue to feel this way. She feels that him being with Amber is a mistake. The doorbell rings and Thorne goes to take a shower. It's Brad at the door. He tells Brooke that Rick's mind is still on Amber and he has tried to call her several times. Brooke tells him that they need to do whatever they can to push him toward Amanda. She tells Brad to make sure that he has his camera so that he can take pictures because that is the only thing that would get to Amber. Brad tells her that they are having a gathering at the hotel and that Amanda would be there. Eric calls and Brooke tells him how great Rick was at the tennis tournament. Eric tells her that whatever her plans are toward Rick and Amber that he was all for it. She tells him to call Rick because he was in his room.

Amber arrives at the Cafe Roose to meet Rick for dinner. She is surprised when she sees Deacon instead. Deacon says that Rick also invited him, which Amber doesn't understand. Amber tells him that she had been to the restaurant many times with Rick and that at first she felt like a fish out of water. She said that she had gotten used to it. Deacon tries to explain to her that she doesn't have anything in common with Rick and that he was also too young for her. She explains that she is only slightly older than Rick. Deacon explains to her that Rick was young in life experience. He said that Rick was a boy and Amber was a woman. He said that he was a man and he understood her and could make her happier than Rick.

At the hotel, Rick is still trying to get in touch with Amber without success. Eric calls to see how he is doing. Rick tells him about the tennis match. Rick asks his dad to stop by the Lair to check on Amber because he can't seem to get in touch with her. Eric tells him that it wasn't necessary because he could see her now. He tells her that she is having dinner with Deacon at the Cafe Roose at this very moment. Rick hangs up the phone and joins the others in a game of "Spin the Bottle." When it's his turn, he is paired with Amanda. Brad gets his camera ready for the moment.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Brooke recalled Amber's words that she would get out of Rick's life if she knew that he wasn't completely committed to her. Brooke said to herself that after tonight she would have the ammunition to get Amber out of her son's life. Thorne ordered room service even though he would have rather gone out. Brooke asked him if he was disappointed that she was so focused on her son right now and wasn't in the mood to go out. Thorne did his best to support his wife, although admitting that he wasn't sure tricking Rick and Amanda into a compromising position and getting pictures of it was the best way to handle the situation.

The gang urged Rick and Amanda to follow the dare and submit to a kiss which they eventually did. Charlie tried to get the kiss on film but had a problem with the camera. His girlfriend noticed that he didn't have the shutter open and teasingly explained to him that there was nothing wrong with the camera, just the person trying to snap the picture! Charlie vowed to find another opportunity to get what he needed.

Deacon admitted to Amber that he was in love with her. She was stunned by his words. She told him that she was totally committed to Rick and he would be wise to accept that. Deacon explained to Amber that he worried that Rick would let her down. He tried to make Amber question Rick's loyalty and commitment to her by reminding her that Rick was a college boy and was currently out with out of town with his friends having a good time. Amber told Deacon that even though Rick and she were apart, they were always together in their hearts. Then Amber gave Deacon a compliment, saying that he could be a really nice guy when he wanted and that she hoped they could remain friends after she and Rick married. Deacon said that if Rick really wanted to marry her, they would have done so already, and that if he was waiting until they got the baby back, perhaps he wasn't interested in marrying Amber for the right reasons. Deacon excused himself from the table leaving Amber alone to make a call to Rick. Charlie answered and told her that Rick wasn't able to come to the phone because he was in the bathroom. Amber asked Charlie to tell Rick that she called and that she loved him. After hanging up the phone, Charlie made it clear that he had no intention of delivering Amber's message.

Rick and his friends continued to play their drinking game and soon Rick and Amanda were challenged to go into the bedroom for "seven minutes of heaven." At first Rick balked at the idea but after a little persuasion, he relented. Amanda asked Rick if he felt guilty about their kiss. Rick said that he didn't but that it wasn't going to go any further because he was committed to Amber. He told Amanda that she wouldn't want a guy who cheated on his fiancé any way. Amanda asked him if Amber was wearing his ring or if they had set a wedding date. Rick admitted they hadn't. Then Amanda told Rick that he should be enjoying his carefree college days because they wouldn't last forever. She reminded him that his life didn't have to be complicated and that they could just have fun with no strings attached. Amanda told Rick that she was going to be the one to help him let loose and live a little. She then pulled him into a passionate kiss, which he eagerly responded to, all the while Charlie was peeking in the door getting it all on film.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Taylor wonders to herself who is with Steffy because it is so quiet upstairs. She also wonders how long Morgan plans to keep her locked up in the basement.

At the same time Tim is upstairs trying to feed a reluctant "Stacey." When Morgan comes down for breakfast Tim tells her about "Stacey's" refusal to eat, to which Morgan replies she won't starve. Again they hear noises from the basement and Tim asks what it is, again.

Morgan says that she needs to be able to trust Tim because there is something she needs to tell him. Tim implores Morgan to tell him what's going on and trust him to help her.

Morgan begins to explain that "Stacey" is not her biological child. Tim then asks if she was adopted or purchased off the black market. To which Morgan replies no. She goes on to explain that "Stacey" is her daughter now , she took what was owed to her. Tim is curious how Morgan ended up with "Stacey." Morgan says that she got "Stacey" from her mother and father to collect on a debt. Morgan goes on to say that she's in trouble. Curious, Tim asks what she means. Morgan offers to show him something, in the basement. On the way to the basement Morgan does on and on about how she didn't mean for this to happen, Tim asks if she's killed anyone, Morgan replies that she hasn't yet!

Just then Morgan undoes one lock on the door and Taylor charges sticking her arm out the door trying to grab Morgan and screaming for Morgan to let her out.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Rick and his teammates are getting ready to come back home. Brooke and Thorne are there also waiting to take the same plane home. Brooke sees Amanda and asks her how last night was, Amanda replies that it was wonderful. Charlie tells Brooke that he will pick up the pictures on the way to the airport, he's worried about how they will turn out because he's not that good with a camera . Brooke says not to worry, everything will be fine.

As Rick walks on to the plane his teammates cheer him and name him M.V.P. of the tennis tournament. Brooke looks on proudly and mutters that this is they way things should be for Rick. Rick and Charlie sit next to one another on the plane and Charlie asks how things went last night with Amanda, Rick admits that they made out and talked, but that doesn't change things between him and Amber. Just as Charlie starts to goad Rick for this Amanda walks up and asks to switch seats with Charlie. Amanda is concerned that Rick is okay after last night, Rick admits that he is fine but he doesn't plan on telling Amber what went on , which surprises Amanda. They both agree to just be friends and teammates. Brooke smiles when she sees Rick and Amada together. She looks through the pictures Charlie took and is happy that Amber will finally be gone.

Amanda walks over to where Brooke is sitting and tells her that she enjoys seeing Rick so happy, but she hates the fact that he's going to marry Amber. Brooke tells her not to be discouraged and not to give up on Rick, things will be turning around soon.

At the airport Amber and Little Eric wait with a welcome home sign. As Rick walks off the plane she tries to get his attention but he is caught up in all the congratulations from his teammates. Rick's teammates congratulate him again on his win and each pat him on the back or hug him, with the exception on Amanda, she kisses him on the cheek as Amber looks on. Rick finally notices Amber and Little Eric and he runs over and immediately grabs the baby and basically ignores Amber. Amber asks him what M.V.P. is and Brooke tells her most valuable player, Amber congratulates Rick on his success.

Brooke asks Rick if he would like to have dinner with the family to celebrate, Amber says no, she has plans for Rick and their family. Brooke and Amber exchange dirty looks as Amber and Rick leave the airport.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

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