The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on B&B
Tim convinced Morgan to let Taylor upstairs on an ankle chain. Brooke showed Amber pictures of Rick kissing Amanda. Rick wound up seeing Amber kissing Deacon, and Rick called off the wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, March 19, 2001

Amber, Rick, and Little Eric arrive at Deacon's. Rick is very excited about the tennis match. Amber doesn't really understand a lot of the terms that he says. She wants to know if he missed them. He tells her that of course he did. They are interrupted by a phone call from Amanda. Rick tells Amanda that he doesn't know if he will be able to attend the party. Amber asks him about the party and he said that it was to honor him for being the MVP. She encourages him to go to the party, but he doesn't invite her along. Deacon enters the room and makes the comment that Rick didn't seem to want her at the party. Amber doesn't want to hear it. At Forrester's, Thorne, Eric, and Brooke are discussing the tennis match. Brooke is happy that her son is finally getting to enjoy his college years. She doesn't feel that being with Amber and a son that isn't his is best for him at this stage in his life. She shows Eric the pictures of Rick and Amanda kissing. She tells him that she intends to show the pictures to Amber. Brooke shows up at Deacon's and wants to speak with Amber alone. They discuss a prior conversation that they had about if Rick was not totally committed to the relationship that she would let him go. Brooke shows her the pictures of Amanda and Rick kissing.

At Morgan's, Taylor has gotten her arm through the door. She screams out for Tim to help her and her daughter. Morgan tells her that she will break her arm and pushes her back into the basement and closes the door. Tim can't believe that Morgan is holding Taylor hostage and took her child. He tells her that she has to turn herself in, but she tells him that he agreed to help her. He tells her that she was involved in a criminal act and that he could be an accessory. She tells him that Taylor would have her arrested. He said that he was going to let Taylor go, but she tells him that Taylor wouldn't be going anywhere and neither would he. He tries to speak calmly with her to do the right thing. She said that Stephanie killed one of her children and that Taylor killed the other one. She said that she only wanted a child. She begs Tim to help her and she starts kissing him and later takes him to bed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Brooke tried to convince Amber to look at the photos but Amber was reluctant to do so. She told her mother-in-law that she wasn't about to play games with her and that there was nothing that could be done to make her question Rick's commitment to her and Little Eric. Brooke replied that if that was so, then Amber had no reason to fear what was in those pictures. Finally Amber agreed to look at the photos and was stunned to see Rick kissing Amanda on the bed. She accused Brooke of have the pictures doctored but Brooke told her to face facts. Deacon was present during the exchange between the two women but kept mum. Brooke pointed out that it was obvious from the photos that Rick was no longer committed to Amber and the baby and that Amber should do the right thing and give Rick his freedom.

Amanda waited for Rick to show up at the tennis team's victory party, while her friend, Jennifer, cautioned her not to get her hopes up. The coach started the awards presentation and called Amanda onto the stage to give out the trophy's. As Amanda was doing so, Rick arrived, much to the delight of Amanda. The team cheered for Rick, who was previously named their "Most Valuable Player" and as Rick accepted his trophy, Amanda kissed him on the cheek. Afterwards, the two teens sat down and began talking. Amanda told Rick that she would like to get to know him better and suggested that they go somewhere more private. Rick told Amanda that although he liked her, his heart and his life was with Amber and Little Eric because he loved them. Amanda told Rick that she was willing to just remain his friend and wished him happiness.

Morgan told Tim that she had to go out for awhile and asked him to watch "Stacey" until she returned. Tim told Morgan that they couldn't put off discussing the Taylor and Steffy situation and that Morgan had to let the mother and daughter go free. Morgan told Tim that she couldn't discuss this with him right now because she was on her way to see Ridge and finish the work on the new collection. Morgan reminded him that she trusted him and that if the Forresters had their way she would go to prison for this.

Stephanie was at Ridge's house visiting with him and Thomas. Phoebe was already asleep. Stephanie was disappointed to hear that Taylor had not been in contact with Ridge or the kids. Ridge thanked his mom for visiting and told her that Morgan would be coming over to do some work on the collection. Stephanie expressed her disapproval but Ridge said that they had much work to do and he didn't want to leave the kids in order to go to the office. A reluctant Stephanie left and shortly thereafter Morgan arrived. Before Ridge saw her she unbuttoned her blouse a few notches and seductively snuck up on Ridge and whispered in his ear. Ridge chastised her for sneaking up on him that way. Morgan asked if he had heard from Taylor and Ridge admitted he hadn't. After Morgan asked Ridge what Taylor would think of her being there and Ridge said she would hate it, Morgan offered to leave. Ridge told her not to think of going any where because they had a lot of work to do. Morgan smiled slyly and thought to herself that she was exactly where she belonged.

Tim played with Steffy and the little girl continued to ask for her mommy. Tim surprised Taylor by bringing Steffy down to visit her mother in the basement. Taylor and Steffy had a touching reunion. Taylor thanked Tim for his compassion and for allowing her to see her daughter. She begged him to help free her and her daughter. Tim assured a grateful Taylor that he planned to help her.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Ridge compliments Morgan on her latest designs though she downplays them. She fantasizes about kissing him until reality hits home. Katherine interrupts with a request for Ridge's help with the kids. Ridge ends the meeting and sends Morgan on her way. Taylor is thrilled when Tim allows Steffy into the bomb shelter with her. She quickly embraces her daughter, crying as she does so until Tim suddenly shuts the door again. Taylor convinces him to release her and her daughter but as he does so, Morgan appears at the top of the stairs. Stephanie congratulates Rick on winning his match at the last tennis tournament. He admits that he'd like her to be at the next tournament along with Amber and Eric and claims that hanging out with his family is "as good as it gets." Stephanie points out that she thought he wanted to be a student totally involved in college but he claims that he misses being with the boy. He then explains his parents' concerns for him enjoying his youth without having the burden of raising a son. Stephanie assures him that his parents will come around. Meanwhile, Brooke tries to convince Amber it's time to let Rick go so that he can be happy. Amber doubts that getting drunk and making out with a coed is what she has in mind for her son but Brooke doubts that Rick was drunk. Brooke then accuses her of stealing from the people she loves including a guy like Deacon. Though Deacon wants nothing to do with her argument, Brooke points out that Rick's not the father of Little Eric. Deacon is. Amber is affected by her words and stares as Brooke leaves.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Morgan returned home to discover that Tim had allowed Taylor to come out of the locked room and was allowing her to see Steffy. An angry Morgan forced Taylor back into the room. Later Tim sold Morgan on a plan to allow Taylor to come upstairs and live in Morgan's living room while Taylor's ankle would be locked to chain, ten feet long. Morgan agreed to this plan because Tim convinced her that Taylor might have some mercy on her if she's allowed to be with her daughter. Morgan hoped if the plan worked, Taylor wouldn't have her arrested for kidnapping both Taylor and her daughter.

Bridget told Rick that Brook is not the only one that doesn't approve of Amber. Bridget doesn't either. Bridget advised Rick that Amanda is really attracted to him.

Brooke told Eric that she showed Amber the photographs of Rick and Amber kissing. Eric wasn't surprised that Amber had doubts about the photographs being real. Eric advised Brooke that from here on they should allow Rick to make his own decisions about Amber.

At the Lair, Deacon attempted to comfort Amber in her despair over the photographs of Rick and Amanda kissing. He was also realistic and pointed out to her that Rick is a different person now and perhaps she should accept that fact. Deacon explained to Amber that he's truly in love with Amber and she wouldn't have to worry about him being interested in any other women. Just as Deacon and Amber kissed, Rick walked into the Lair and unbeknownst to Amber, witnessed their kiss.

Friday, March 23, 2001

Rick watched in disbelief as Deacon and Amber shared a kiss. He stood in the doorway watching without letting his presence be known to Deacon and Amber. Amber pulled away from Deacon's kiss and asked him politely not to do that again. She explained that she was vulnerable and insecure right now and didn't want him to take advantage. Deacon continued to try to impress on Amber that Rick wasn't the right man for her and that he would never hurt her the way that Rick has. Amber told her that he appreciated his kindness but that Rick was the only man she wanted. She gently touched his shoulder saying that the right woman was out there for him but that it wasn't her. Rick continued to watch, even though he could not hear what they were saying. Shortly thereafter, Rick left without being seen. Deacon asked Amber out to dinner but she declined saying that she wanted to hang around and wait to talk to Rick.

Taylor sat in the basement lamenting her predicament. She tried to figure out what was going to happen next and how she was going to get out of there. Tim and Morgan came downstairs and told Taylor that she would be getting out of the basement. An ecstatic Taylor mistakenly believed that she was being let go. Tim and Morgan brought Taylor upstairs to the living room where she was reunited with Steffy. They told her that she was not being released but that she would no longer be confined to the basement. Tim calmly explained to Taylor that there would be some stipulations to Taylor being allowed to stay upstairs. Morgan showed Taylor the 10 foot wire that would be chained to Taylor's ankle and locked onto the fireplace. She was told that the phone and all weapons had been removed from the area. Taylor started to hurl insults at Morgan and begged Tim not to let Morgan control him. Morgan and Taylor began to argue. Tim calmed the two women down and told Taylor to take Steffy upstairs. Then Tim showed Taylor the two viscous guard dogs that were stationed outside the front door and warned her not to try to escape. Tim proceeded to attach the wire to Taylor's ankle while she did her best to fight back. Morgan stepped in and between her and Tim, they managed to subdue Taylor and attach the chain.

An upset Rick went over to Brooke's and asked her whether or not she thought he had been a fool. Brooke didn't understand what Rick was talking about and tried to feel him out. She guessed that he might be feeling guilty about Amanda. Rick started to say how he had been a fool where Amber was concerned and that he should have seen it sooner. Brooke thought that Rick's mind was changing regarding his love and commitment to Amber but Rick said that wasn't it. He told his mother that loved Amber and would always love her. A confused Brooke tried to get Rick to admit what was bothering him but he didn't want to get into details. She told her son that Rick did his best to do right by Amber and Little Eric, even though the child wasn't his and that most guys his age wouldn't even consider such a thing. She convinced him that regardless of why he was feeling the way he was, it all came back to the same thing; that Amber wasn't the girl for him. Brooke urged her son to postpone the wedding and give his future some more thought.

Amber was alone in the apartment with Little Eric and she talked to him about how much she loved Rick and wanted a life with him. She recalled the many happy memories she has had over the years with Rick and said she couldn't imagine ever loving another man. She watched anxiously for the phone to ring, hoping Rick would just call her. Amber told herself and Little Eric that she was sure Rick had an explanation for kissing another girl and that she would forgive him if only he would call. Just then the phone rang. It was Rick. Amber asked him if he had something he wanted to tell her. When he said that there wasn't, she asked about the tennis tournament party. Rick said that he didn't call to talk about that. Then he asked her if she had something to tell him. A confused Amber told him that she didn't know what he was talking about. Then Rick told Amber that he had done some thinking and wanted to postpone their wedding plans. Amber was speechless. Rick thought about it for a moment and said that better yet, he wanted to call off the wedding completely. A stunned Amber remained silent in shock and disbelief.

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