The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on B&B
Tim struggled to obey Morgan's orders despite Taylor's pleas. Ridge resisted Morgan's advances, and while at work, Morgan was shocked to receive a call from Steffy. As Rick and Amber struggled with their breakup, Deacon kissed Bridget.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, March 26, 2001

At Morgan's house, Taylor is tied to the fireplace. She has complete freedom of movement except for the one leg that is tied. Morgan brings food to Taylor, which she promptly throws in Morgan's face. Of course, Morgan is furious and tells her that she doesn't care if she starves. Morgan actually believes that she is doing Taylor a favor by letting her out of the basement. She tells her that her child is alive upstairs. Morgan continues to blame all of her problems on everyone else. She still blames Stephanie for the death of her first child and Taylor for the death of the second one. Taylor tries to convince Morgan that she needs help. She tells her that she wished that they could still be friends. Morgan tells her that a true friend would have understood why she did what she did and that Taylor didn't try to see her side of things. Taylor wishes now that she could have acted differently, but Morgan doesn't buy any of it. She believes that Taylor just wants her in jail, but Taylor tries to convince her that she wouldn't do that. Morgan gets her purse and prepares to leave. She says that she is going to visit Ridge because he is lonely since Taylor abandoned him. Taylor screams at Morgan to leave Ridge alone because it would never work between them, but Morgan leaves anyway.

Rick is talking on the phone with Amber. He calls off the wedding. They both decide to go on with their lives. Rick is picturing the kiss between Amber and Deacon and asks if she has something to tell him. She says that she doesn't and asks him if he has something to tell her. He doesn't say anything either. She asks him about Little Eric and he calls the baby little Deacon instead. Amber is upset that he would refer to their child as little Deacon. Rick doesn't want to talk any longer and says good-bye to her. Amber is holding Little Eric when Deacon enters. He is concerned when he sees her crying, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She tells him that she needs time alone and he leaves. Meanwhile, Rick is explaining to Brooke and Thorne that it is over between him and Amber. He tells them that he saw her kissing Deacon. He decides to go home, but they persuade him to stay. He goes outside to think. Brooke places a call to Amber and tells her that Rick was well rid of her and calls her a tramp. Amber can't believe that Brooke can be so cruel. She tries to get Brooke to understand that she loves Rick and that no one could love him as much as she does. She mentions how much Rick loved the baby, but Brooke quickly tells her that the baby isn't Rick's and he shouldn't be saddled with that responsibility at his young age. She says that when she was Amber's age and in love, she was faithful to that person, but that Amber wasn't capable of that. After they hang up, Amber is crying again and we see Rick on the patio distressed as well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Taylor tried to use her fork to cut herself free from the chains that had her locked to Morgan's fireplace. Tim caught on to what she was trying to do and took the fork away. Taylor pleaded with Tim to do the right thing and free her and her daughter before Morgan ended up killing her. Tim assured Taylor that Morgan was not capable of murder and that she was just an emotionally confused person that needed help. Taylor was shocked to learn that Tim was the psychologist that treated Morgan after her breakdown. Tim refused to trust Taylor and betray Morgan even after Taylor offered to not press charges against her. Taylor warned Tim that Morgan was only using him. He decided he didn't want to listen to any more so he walked away, leaving Taylor to shout for him to come back.

Bridget and her girlfriends got ready for a night on the town. They lied to their parents about sleeping over at one another's houses so that they could use their fake id's to get into the bar. The girls arrived at the Lair, and the bouncer checked their id's. Once he came to Bridget, the bouncer asked her what her astrological sign was. Bridget stammered while trying to think of what the sign was for her fake birthday.

Deacon tried to cheer up a depressed Amber to no avail. They went down to the Lair while Little Eric napped. Deacon got her a drink and challenged her to a game of pool but Amber wasn't interested. He tried to get her to see that she was better off without Rick and that it was better that she found this out now then after they were married. Amber told Deacon that she just wanted to be alone and took off leaving him at the bar.

Bridget's friends recognized Deacon and called him over to vouch for their ages and help Bridget get passed the bouncer. Deacon walked over to the bouncer and asked him what the problem was. Bridget began to explain that she never paid much attention to astrological signs, then she looked up and saw it was Deacon standing there.

Morgan and Ridge worked on their designs for the new collection at Ridge's house. Thomas was there also and he too was drawing his own designs. Thomas showed his daddy what he drew and then Morgan asked to see it. Morgan was delighted to see that Thomas had drawn a picture of her and Ridge together. Ridge took Thomas upstairs to bed while Morgan thought to herself that maybe there still was a chance for her and Ridge. Once Ridge came back, Morgan offered to make something for them to eat. Then she asked about Taylor. Ridge told her that he still had not heard from his wife and worried that something was very wrong. Morgan began to try to play on Ridge's insecurities where Taylor was concerned until Ridge explained that he had invited Lt. Baker over from the L.A.P.D. to investigate Taylor's disappearance. A surprised Morgan asked Ridge what made him think that anything had happened to Taylor. Ridge explained that even though his wife was angry with him, she would never abandon her children. Just then Lt. Baker arrived. Morgan excused herself saying that she was going to go out to get them something to eat. Ridge explained to the police officer that Taylor has not been in contact at all with him or any of her family, friends or co-workers. After questioning him some more, Lt. Baker agreed to file a missing persons report and start the search for Taylor.

Tim brought down Steffy to visit with Taylor. Soon after they heard the dogs barking and deduced that Morgan was home. A panicked Morgan came in and told Tim that they had a big problem. She frantically explained that Ridge had called the police and filed a missing persons report on Taylor. A jubilant Taylor overheard the good news and hugged Steffy, promising her that soon they would be rescued.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Stephanie tells Ridge that she doesn't like the fact that he is working at home with Morgan; she doesn't trust her. Ridge is adamant that he has to work from home because the kids are sick and he doesn't want to leave them. Thomas wakes up and says he misses his mommy.

Morgan and Taylor continue fighting about Taylor going home. Taylor tells Morgan, again, that she won't turn her into the police. Morgan tries to convince Tim that they need to put Taylor back on the basement. Morgan is still very nervous about the cops looking for Taylor. Then she gets an idea, she takes out Taylor's cell phone and forces her to call Ridge and tell him that she doesn't want to be found and can't come home. Taylor gets to talk to Thomas for a moment and then when Ridge gets back on the phone she tells him that he needs to tell the cops to stop looking for her. As the conversation is ending and Ridge is begging her to come home, Taylor yells out that Morgan has her and Steffy, but it's too late, Morgan has already hung up the phone. Morgan is furious with Taylor. Morgan then tells Taylor she is going to go comfort Ridge in his time of need. Taylor screams at her to leave Ridge alone.

Brooke and Thorne share an intimate evening, which is interrupted by talk of Amber and Rick. Brooke hopes that Bridget learns from Rick's mistakes so she doesn't get hurt too. Brooke is worried about Bridget's mystery man because she described him as dangerous. Thorne convinces her not to worry about it.

At the Lair, Deacon tells the bouncer to let Bridget in even though they realize her ID is fake. At the bar Deacon receives some advice on comforting Amber from one of the waitresses. Deacon invites Bridget to play pool. Bridget says she can't play so Deacon offers to teach her. Once Bridget wins the game, Deacon rewards her with a kiss.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

In Bridget's bedroom, she, Julie and Betsy chattered about her encounter with Deacon at the Lair. Julie and Betsy surprised her with the photograph they had taken of her and Deacon together at the Lair. The girls were a little loud with their chatter and laughter. Their noise drew Brooke's attention and she went into Bridget's room to find out what was going on. When Brooke discovered that Bridget had lied to her about her whereabouts for the evening, Brooke made the other girls leave. Brooke made Bridget admit where she had been. Bridget admitted to going to a bar instead of her friend's house. Brooke advised Bridget that she doesn't want her beautiful daughter being taken advantage of by the type of men she could meet while dressed provocatively. Brooke told her that her leather pants were too provocative and that Bridget would have to give them away to charity.

Meanwhile, at Morgan's house, while still chained in the living room, Taylor tried to convince Tim to let her and Steffy go. Tim rationalized his friendship with Morgan by saying he is her doctor, and he can help her with her mental illness. Taylor told Tim that the fact is that Morgan is still in love with Ridge and would do anything to have him including getting rid of Taylor. Tim accused Taylor of having paranoid fantasies because he knows that Morgan would never harm her or Steffy. Taylor tricked Tim into playing Ridge's voice mail messages on her cell phone so she could hear his voice one last time. She also was trying to demonstrate to Tim how much Ridge loves her and misses her in order to appeal to Tim's sense of ethics so he might free her and Steffy. Taylor's ploy didn't work. She had a brilliant thought about getting her cell phone to Steffy. Taylor was hoping that Steffy could reach Ridge on the cell phone.

Morgan went over to visit Ridge in attempt to seduce him while he thought Taylor had left him for good. Morgan told him, when he asked her what she thought, that Taylor was never coming back home to him. Morgan justified her offer of assistance to Ridge by making him think Taylor would not return. Morgan told Ridge that she wanted to help him and that he needed her. Ridge told her that they shouldn't be having this conversation. To Ridge's surprise, Morgan undressed.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Staring coldly at her, Rick meets Amber at Insomnia. She asks why he canceled their engagement. She claims that she hates living with Deacon right now, suffering during these four months. Sensing he's skeptical about it, she asks him what has changed between them and promises that she still loves him. As they chat, Deacon enters and stares at their table. With Tim upstairs, Taylor instructs Steffy to go to her room and find mommy's cell phone. She then tells her to push the green button and then the red one if she wants to talk with daddy. When Tim returns and announces he's going out to feed his dogs, she sends Steffy upstairs. At Ridge's place Morgan refuses to put her clothes back on and tells Ridge that he needs a real woman to make love to him now that Taylor has left him. Ridge again orders her to put her clothes back on but she refuses and insists that Taylor will not be coming back. She starts to come on to him again, talking about the last time they made love and kissing his cheek but he yells at her to get out. As she dresses, the phone rings and when Ridge answers, he thinks he hears Steffy's voice and says her name aloud. Morgan stares in disbelief.

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