The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 2, 2001 on B&B
Morgan scolded Tim for letting Steffy try to call Ridge, and Ridge found Steffy's drawing in Morgan's purse. Bridget urged Rick to talk to Amber, but Deacon had already taken Amber to Las Vegas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 2, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, April 2, 2001

Amber and Rick are having a conversation at the Insomniac Cafe. Amber is curious as to why Rick called off the wedding. He never admits what happened, but he does flashback to seeing her kiss Deacon. Deacon comes into the Cafe and demands that Amber leave with him. Amber tells him that she was having a private conversation with Rick. Deacon tries to tell her that Rick was not good for her. Rick tells Deacon that if he had not forced Amber to move in with him then none of this would have happened. Deacon replies that if they can't be apart for four months then they definitely don't belong together. He tells Rick to go back to his college friends and to leave Amber alone. Amber tells Rick not to pay attention to Deacon. Deacon tells Amber that he feels as if he can't win with her. Rick leaves and Deacon tells Amber not to let Rick make her feel guilty when he is the one that kissed someone else. He tells her that he would always look out for her.

Steffy is talking with Ridge on the phone. Before she can tell him where she is the line goes dead. Ridge hits redial, but is unable to get through. Morgan tries to convince him that it was a crank call, but he knows that it was Steffy's voice. He said that the only other person who could have made the phone call was Phoebe. He goes to check on her, but she is asleep. He tells Morgan that he was going to call the police and Taylor because Taylor never believed that Steffy was dead. Morgan persuades him not to notify the family and get their hopes up. She leaves the house and is clearly upset with the turn of events. Meanwhile Tim brings Steffy downstairs and confronts Taylor. Taylor is curious to know if the phone call was made to Ridge. She tells Taylor that she did make the call. Tim tells her that Ridge still doesn't know where they are because there was no way that Steffy could explain everything. He tells her that he trusted her and that Morgan would be upset when she returned. At this point, Taylor doesn't really care about Morgan. Morgan returns home and is furious that Tim allowed Steffy to use the phone. He explains that Taylor put her up to

it. She is furious with them both. Taylor tells her that now that Ridge has heard Steffy's voice that he would never stop looking for her. Ridge is at home asking for some signs that Steffy is alive. He says that if she is that he would never stop looking for her.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Brooke complains to Thorne about allowing Amber to remain a part of her son's life since she is such a bad influence. As Brooke recounts all that Amber has done to Rick, Thorne reminds her that she can't control Rick's feelings. Rick stops by to see Stephanie and nervously reports that he and Amber have ended their engagement. Pointing out that they just finished the guest list, Stephanie presses him for further information. He reveals that he can't marry someone who doesn't love him but Stephanie insists that she does and asks for reasons. He announces that he saw Amber kissing Deacon. Stephanie downplays what he saw and urges him to talk to Amber and try to straighten things out. When he refuses, she threatens to talk with her herself if he doesn't. Rick is stubborn so Stephanie starts to leave. Passing by Brooke's office, Stephanie overhears Brooke and Thorne talking about showing Amber the pictures. She hears Thorne wonder if it was seeing the pictures that caused Amber to kiss Deacon. After Thorne leaves, Stephanie angrily confronts Brooke about what she has done to Rick. Deacon tries to calm Amber who cries that she has lost Rick for good. He urges her to believe that it was Rick who cheated on her but Amber argues that she doesn't believe Rick wants anything to do with his college buddies. Deacon points out the many failures she's experienced with Rick and urges her to forget about him and move on with her life.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Finding Amber drinking to hide her pain, Deacon urges her to stop wallowing in her troubles and concentrate on Little Eric. Alexandra interrupts by bringing Eric to him. When she mentions how down Amber is, Deacon asks if she wouldn't mind watching the boy for a couple of days so he can turn Amber's life around with a surprise. Brooke insists that Stephanie not interfere in Rick's life and let him make up his own mind where Amber is concerned. Stephanie asks Brooke for the pictures she and Thorne were discussing. Showing her photos of Rick kissing Amanda, Brooke quickly denies taking them and claims they're proof that Rick's not ready for marriage but Stephanie thinks they don't mean anything of the kind. She insists that Rick belongs with Amber but Brooke fears that her plan will be ruined and orders her to stay out of it. When Brooke states that she has no plans to show Rick the photos of him with Amanda, Stephanie secretly grabs them when Brooke's distracted. Bridget stares at the photo of her with her mystery man but then hides it when Rick comes home. Rick complains to his sister about his breakup with Amber. She's outraged that he didn't confront Amber about kissing Deacon and realizes that he's excused himself for kissing someone while being engaged. Bridget insists that he owes it to Amber to talk things out before making such a decision. Convinced finally, Rick grabs the phone and calls. Amber's passed out however and ready to be taken away by Deacon who chooses not to answer the phone.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Stephanie went to see Rick. She was prepared to go against Brooke's wishes and tell Rick about the photographs that Brooke secretly had taken of Rick and Amanda kissing.

Stephanie did show Rick the photographs. He was shocked to see them. Stephanie advised Rick that Brooke had arranged to have the photographs taken and she had shown the photographs to Amber. She enlightened Rick that the reason Amber was kissing Deacon was because she had just seen the photographs and she was totally devastated by it. What Rick had really witnessed was her kissing Deacon out of devastation and heartache over Amber thinking she had lost Rick. Stephanie advised Rick to calm down before he confronts Brooke.

At Morgan's house, Tim worried that Ridge now believes that Steffy is alive and will search for her. Morgan assured him that she will try to make Ridge forget about the telephone call from Steffy. While Morgan smooched with Tim, Taylor slipped a drawing that Steffy had done with Steffy's name on it, into Morgan's bag. Morgan left to go to Ridge's house with the bag. She didn't realize the drawing was showing on the outside of her bag. Taylor prayed that Ridge would see Steffy's drawing.

Eric was at Ridge's house trying to determine if Steffy's telephone call was an hallucination by Ridge, a cruel prank, or if it really was Steffy! When Morgan arrived, Eric questioned her about Steffy's telephone call since she was present when it happened.

She told Eric that they both know that its not possible that Steffy called because they both know that Steffy died at sea. Eric asked Morgan to help Ridge concentrate on his work, in an effort to get his mind off Steffy's telephone call. Morgan promised she would do so, however, Morgan had another agenda, that of seducing Ridge!

Amber was not impressed with Las Vegas or Deacon's efforts to help her forget about Rick. Amber asked to go home. A few minutes later, Deacon showed up at Amber's hotel room as an Elvis Presley impersonator. His version of Elvis's song "Don't be cruel" really cheered Amber up.

An enraged Rick arrived at Brooke's office to confront her over the photographs that she had arranged to be taken in San Francisco of he and Amanda kissing without his knowledge. Brooke was surprised to see him there and to see how angry he looked!

Friday, April 6, 2001

Brooke is defensive when Rick comes to her, waving the photos of him and Amanda in her face. She tries to explain why she did what she did but he refuses to hear her and announces that he's going to find Amber to tell her the truth. She accuses him of doing this just to get back at her but Rick insists that he loves Amber and the baby. Meanwhile, downstairs at the casino, Amber tells Deacon she's tired of watching him play the slots and wants to go home to Little Eric. He convinces her to stay and she's amazed when she tries a slot machine and suddenly wins a $25,000 jackpot. Calming down, she offers half the money to Deacon. As a casino photographer snaps their photo, a smiling Deacon boasts that his luck changed when he met her. At Ridge's place, Morgan presses Ridge to forget about the phone call because it was a prank. She comes on to him again but he insists that he's not interested and only concerned with finding Steffy. He asks her to stop talking about this and get back to their work. Morgan does so while Ridge stares into the mirror. Ridge notices something in the mirror and finds a drawing Steffy made sticking out of Morgan's purse. He takes it and realizes who drew it. He grabs Morgan by the neck and starts choking her, demanding that she tell him where Steffy is. Taylor works on Tim to help her and Steffy escape but when that fails, she warns him that she has sent Ridge another clue.

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