The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on B&B
Deacon and Amber got closer on their trip. Rick located Amber and pursued her to Las Vegas, where he had a standoff with Deacon. Ridge decided to get close to Morgan to find out if Morgan knew anything about Taylor, and Taylor tried to convince Tim that Morgan could kill them all if she got Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, April 9, 2001

Ridge chokes Morgan and demands to know where Steffy is. She struggles to convince him that Taylor dropped the drawing Steffy made when she stopped at her place on her way out of town. She blasts Taylor for leaving Ridge at a time when he so obviously needs her. After checking on Phoebe, Ridge comes back and apologizes for his outburst, suggesting that they continue to work. While Morgan guesses to herself that she has him fooled, Ridge tells himself that Morgan is hiding something. After saying hello to an old bartender friend named Kenny, Deacon asks Amber to see a show with him. In spite of the $25,000 jackpot she won at the slot machine, Amber announces to Deacon she still wants to go back to Los Angeles and adds that money can't help fix her problems. Deacon entices her into another gamble, betting that his life is more pathetic than hers was growing up. She agrees and explains a few stories about life with her mother Tawny. Deacon outdoes her by revealing the terrible things his stepfather did to him and what it was like growing up with a mother who was a topless dancer for a living. Amber finally agrees that he had a worse life than hers. Rick stops by the club to find Amber and learns from Alexandra that Amber left with Deacon. Finding him surprised that she's not there, she points out that he hurt Amber badly and he's mistaken if he thought Amber was just going to sit around and wait for him. She then hints that they'll be gone at least overnight. Rick decides to call Ted the private investigator to find Amber.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Worried about what Rick may do, Brooke confronts Stephanie about showing him the photo of him kissing Amanda. Stephanie defends telling Rick the truth but Brooke claims her effort to ruin Amber and Rick's relationship is just like what Stephanie did to her and Thorne. Stephanie assures Brooke she understands what she is saying but states that it's obvious that the two are devoted to each other. Rick interrupts with a call to inform Stephanie that he's hired Ted the Private Detective to find Amber. Stephanie suggests to Rick that Amber wouldn't have gone too far from the baby. Brooke decides to go to the Lair in hopes of stopping Rick. Rick gives Ted some credit card statements from Deacon and asks him to use these to track Amber. Brooke arrives and argues with her son about her actions. Stephanie is next to stop by and defends Brooke as his mother. She also advises him that he must come clean to Amber about what happened between him and Amanda. Beeped from his office, Ted informs Rick that Deacon used his credit card and can be traced. Thanks to a heads up from the bartender, Daryl ruins Deacon and Amber's moment in Las Vegas and demands a share of their big jackpot in order to pay his huge bar bill. Amber pulls the thug aside and warns him to forget about any idea of using her money. He threatens her but, advising him that she's had a miserable week, she orders him to get out. When he won't leave, she grabs a knife and slices off his ponytail, vowing to cut off something next that he won't be able to grow back. Deacon returns and frightens his stepfather off with a threat. Amber claims this proves he's not like his stepfather.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

In Deacon's apartment, Rick, Brooke and Stephanie continue to discuss Amber and her whereabouts. Rick is furious with Brooke for interfering with his life. Brooke, Stephanie and Rick continue to wait for the phone call that will tell them where Deacon and Amber on. The P.I. finally gets the phone call and they find out that Deacon and Amber are in Las Vegas. Rick is shocked to learn where they are. Brooke offers to watch Little Eric for Rick so that he can go see what kind of woman Amber really is. Stephanie tells Rick to head to the airport and she will make the airplane reservation.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Deacon and Amber are walking to the tattoo parlor and Amber is reluctant to give in to the idea of getting a tattoo. Finally she gives in and they go in to pick out the tattoo that she'll get. Once inside Amber can't decide what tattoo to get and threatens to leave until she hears that they can do a broken heart tattoo. As Amber walks in to the room that she will be getting the tattoo in and is surprised to see Deacon in there also already getting his tattoo but he won't reveal what his tattoo is of. All of the sudden he screams in pain much to Amber's amusement. Amber states that she has a high pain threshold but as the tattoo needle hits her skin she screams in pain also, much to Deacon's amusement. The two take turns laughing at one another. Amber doesn't think she can go through with the tattoo but Deacon offers to hold her hand, which calms her down. As he's holding her hand Deacon slips off into a daydream. He dreams that he, Amber, and Little Eric are at the park having a wonderful time playing on the merry go round, having lunch and playing soccer. Deacon smiles to him self as he continues to hold Amber's hand.

While Amber and Rick are out getting their tattoo's Rick tries calling their hotel room and gets upset when there is no answer.

Back at the hotel Amber asks to see Deacon's tattoo, and much to her surprise he got the other half of her "broken heart" tattooed to his hip. Amber tells him he shouldn't have done that because she is still in love with Rick. Deacon reminds Amber that Rick is gone and not coming back. Amber tells him she needs time; she can't just start over. Deacon tells her that's exactly what she needs, to get on with her life, Rick is an idiot if he can't see how wonderful she is. Deacon leans in to kiss Amber, she kisses him back and they continue to kiss as Rick's plane begins its descent into Las Vegas.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Ridge confides in his parents about his feelings for Morgan and that she's hiding something from him. Though Stephanie doesn't like it, Ridge announces his decision to get closer to her in hopes of learning what her secret is. Taylor argues with Morgan about Ridge being gullible enough to believe Morgan's story. As they argue, Ridge calls and convinces Morgan that she should join him tonight at the Café Russe. She returns inside and takes great pleasure in stunning Taylor with the news about their late- night date. Rick arrives at the casino and finds the same friendly bartender who clued in Daryl about Deacon. He shows him a photo of Amber and offers the bartender a wad of cash to have him use the bar's computer to find out Amber's room number. Upstairs in their suite, Deacon and Amber lie next to each other in bed and grow closer, comparing their disappoints and ability to survive. Deacon again apologizes for coming on to her over the past few months and admits that if he really knew Amber, he'd know that she wouldn't deceive Rick. Amber finally comes around and starts passionately kissing him. As they roll around on their bed, they're interrupted by Rick's pounding on the door. Deacon leaves the bedroom and opens the outside door to find Rick waiting.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Deacon won't let Rick inside the hotel suite and asks what he wants. Rick explains he's there to see Amber and denies that their relationship is over. He finally punches Deacon in the nose to force his way in and asks Amber to forgive him for being fooled by his mother. He explains the setup in San Francisco and admits it almost worked. She's touched when he admits he still loves her. Deacon pipes up, urging Amber not to fall for Rick's lies again. Bearing a bag full of groceries, Tim greets Morgan and compliments her on her revealing black dress. Taylor forces Morgan to reveal that she's going to the Café Russe for dinner with Ridge. Hurt, he asks why and she claims that she's got to do what her boss says. After she leaves, Taylor starts to work on Tim's self-esteem and claims that once Morgan gets her hands on her goal of Ridge, she'll end things with him and could kill them all. Meanwhile, at the Café Russe, Ridge compliments Morgan on her dress design and then reveals that he's ordered champagne for them. She quickly cuts short the conversation when he asks about the other man in her life. He then asks her why she carried the drawing in her purse. She finally comes up with an answer and Ridge pretends to be satisfied. But when they're brought their menus, Ridge steals a glance at her, vowing to find out what if anything she might know about his missing wife.

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