The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on B&B
Ridge figured out that Morgan had Steffy and Taylor. He barreled his car through the front of the house to get to his family, and Morgan and Tim escaped. Amber chose to leave Las Vegas with Rick, and once home, the distraught Deacon discovered that his new friend, Bridget, was a Forrester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, April 16, 2001

Rick, Amber, and Deacon are still in Las Vegas. Rick tells Amber that he still loves her and how he felt when he saw her kissing Deacon. Deacon tells him that Amber felt the same way when she saw the pictures of him and Amanda. Amber doesn't know what to do because she feels that they are both pulling her in opposite directions. Deacon asks to speak with her alone and she leaves the room with him. He tells her that he is not going to take pot shots at Rick because Rick was just a kid. He tells her that she and Rick were from different worlds and that his mother would never accept her. He tells her what the past few days had meant to him and he begs her to stay with him and not go with Rick.

Morgan and Ridge are at the Café Russe. Ridge tells her that he is glad that he has been able to confide in her because he doesn't have many people to confide in. When she asks about his family, he explains that they really love Taylor and would never believe that she would just leave. Ridge is trying to get her to tell him more about the day that Taylor came to visit before she left town. She doesn't want to talk about Taylor anymore. They dance and Ridge is trying to see if he can any information from her. He tells her that he wants to be alone with her. He tells her that he hasn't even seen her house. They decide to leave and Ridge drives her to her house. Morgan wants to go anywhere but home. Ridge pulls up to the gate, but it won't open. He finally gets her remote and opens it anyway. When they pull up, two dogs bark at them. She tells him that she was watching the dogs for Tim. Meanwhile, inside the house, Taylor has been trying to get Tim to see that Morgan really wants Ridge and that she would do anything to make it happen. Tim doesn't believe her and doesn't think for a moment that Morgan would really do harm to them. They hear a car pull up. Tim doesn't recognize the car, but says that it is a Mercedes. Taylor feels that Ridge has come to rescue them. Morgan tells Ridge that she wants to just call it a night because she is not ready for anything more at this time. Ridge agrees and prepares to leave. Taylor decides to get Ridge's attention by throwing something through the window. Ridge asks Morgan what is going on when he sees something being thrown through the window.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Inside Deacon and Amber's Las Vegas hotel room, Rick waited while Deacon and Amber chatted alone in the next room. Rick wondered why Deacon and Amber's conversation was so long. Meanwhile, Deacon desperately tried to convince Amber that they are meant to be together and that he loves Amber immensely. Amber sadly told Deacon that although the last few days together with him in Las Vegas had been wonderful, it hadn't stopped her from loving Rick. She asked Deacon to forgive her for hurting him and left the room to be with Rick. She explained to Rick that Deacon isn't the evil person they both thought he was. Rick concluded that Amber had fallen in love with Deacon. Amber assured him that she's in love with him. Deacon, who was heartbroken that Amber was returning to Rick, came out of the room and verbally lashed out at Rick. He warned Amber that she'd never feel as secure with Rick as she would with him. Deacon predicted that Rick will break her heart, and then she will regret returning to Rick.

In the driveway of Morgan's home, she stopped the dogs from attacking Ridge. In a desperate attempt to stop Ridge from going into her house and discovering Taylor and Steffy, Morgan lied and told Ridge that there's a man inside. She lied that the man is her boyfriend. After Tim restrained Taylor, he came outside and pretended to be angry that Ridge was with Morgan and threatened that to allow his dogs to attack Ridge if he didn't leave immediately. Ridge chose to leave. Inside the house, Morgan told Taylor that its finally happening between her and Ridge and that he looked at her like he used to when they were in love years ago. Tim realized that Morgan is still obsessed with and in love with Ridge. Morgan admitted that she's still in love with Ridge, and now her obsession has become a reality. Morgan told Tim that they would have to get rid of Taylor. Tim asked her for clarification of what she meant.

Meanwhile, Stephanie stopped at Clarke's office to question him about Morgan.

At home, Ridge contemplated the evening's events with Morgan. He concluded that he was wrong and that Morgan didn't know anything about Taylor's whereabouts. He looked at the picture that Steffy had drawn. He suddenly realized that he had wrongly thought the animals in the picture were cows. It dawned on him, that the animals were two dogs. He then also realized that the two dogs were guard dogs, exactly like the two guard dogs that Morgan had in front of her house.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Ridge stares at Steffy's picture and kicks himself for not staying at Morgan's place. He hops into his car and heads back. Though Sally tries to shoo her out the office, Stephanie refuses to leave Spectra and asks Clarke about Morgan and how dangerous he thinks she can be. As he flashes back to the incident with the snake, Sally claims that she's wrong about Morgan. Clarke avoids answering Stephanie until she and Sally force him to reveal that it was Morgan who freed the snake the night he almost died. He warns her to beware of Morgan. Meanwhile, Taylor tries to force Morgan to tell Tim that she's going to kill her and Steffy. Morgan runs upstairs and returns with a gun and a report that Steffy's busy watching a video and won't be able to hear what has to be done downstairs. Tim urges Morgan to reconsider but she insists that Taylor must be gotten rid of. Taylor yells that she better not hurt Steffy. Morgan explains that she wants Tim to find a nice family willing to adopt the girl in Europe. Tim then realizes that she's going to be with Ridge and asks Morgan what he's getting out of this. Morgan offers him her thanks and then orders Tim to blindfold Taylor but she doesn't want it. Taylor asks to see Steffy one more time but Morgan won't allow it. As she prepares to shoot Taylor, Ridge crashes his car through Morgan's gate and drives towards the house.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Tim tried to talk Morgan out of shooting Taylor. Morgan was determined to get rid of Taylor and aimed the gun at her. Suddenly there were headlights shining on the three of them. In a panic, Morgan fired the gun and missed. Ridge's Mercedes SUV came crashing through Morgan's living room. The crash knocked everyone to the floor but no one was injured. Ridge got out of his vehicle and noticed Taylor underneath some debris.

Ridge intended to get Taylor and leave, but then he realized that Taylor was chained to the floor. Morgan got up and pointed the gun at Ridge and Taylor. Tim egged Morgan on to shoot both of them. He warned her, if they lived, the two of them would do prison time. He tried to make Morgan feel the shootings would be more justified by telling her that Ridge had only used her to obtain information about Taylor's whereabouts.

Meanwhile at the Insomnia, Clark and Sally acknowledged that a year had past since Macy's death. Sally noticed that Brooke and Bridget came in. Sally was incensed that Brooke would have the nerve to come to her dead daughter's coffeehouse. Clarke cautioned Sally not to harass Brooke in front of Bridget. After Bridget left, Sally harassed Brooke. Sally sarcastically asked Brooke about justice. Sally wanted to know if it was just that Brooke had the only man that Macy had ever loved.

Back at Morgan's house, Ridge desperately tried to calm Morgan down. He convinced her to hand over the gun to him. When she finally handed it over, he sternly ordered her to unlock Taylor. As she unlocked Taylor, Morgan apologized for all she had done. In retribution, Taylor punched her and knocked her to the floor. Taylor and Ridge joyously embraced. Steffy came down the stairs. Taylor told Ridge that Morgan had Steffy the whole time. Ridge embraced Steffy and wept as he hugged Steffy and Taylor. Morgan and Tim sneaked out of the house. Taylor told Ridge that they had left. Ridge was certain the police would catch them. Ridge didn't have a care in the world accept to know that he hadn't lost Steffy or Taylor.

Friday, April 20, 2001

At Insomnia Sally blasts Brooke for being so insensitive and again blames her for Macy's accident. The two argue until Brooke leaves. Clarke suggests to a shaken Sally that they get their revenge by going after Forrester. Bridget surprises Deacon in an Aly and is caught off guard to find him depressed and upset. She listens as he complains about a recently failed relationship that ended after someone hired a private investigator to track him and his girlfriend to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, his girlfriend decided to go back to her friend. Bridget offers him sympathy but then begs off when her friends arrive. She does offer him her name and phone number. He's startled to realize that she's a Forrester. Ridge brings Taylor and Steffy home to a shocked Catherine. Ridge starts crying when Thomas comes running to her. Thomas then runs to embrace Steffy and confesses that he missed her. Stephanie and Eric arrive and quickly welcome Taylor home. Stephanie eyes the little girl with the red hair and thinks she's Phoebe. Ridge startles her and Eric with the news that she is actually a very-much alive Steffy. Catherine brings in Phoebe and Steffy is reunited with her twin sister and her brother Thomas. Meanwhile, Tim and Morgan hightail it out of Los Angeles, arguing as they drive. When he suggests Mexico, she refuses and vows that this is not over.

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