The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on B&B
Taylor assured Ridge that she had never planned to leave him. Brooke seethed when Stephanie supported Amber and Rick's decision to work out their relationship without any outside help. Amber got a reluctant Deacon to sign over custody of Little Eric in return for visitation rights.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Eric and Brooke give Bridget the good news about the return of Taylor and Steffy. They also mention that the police think that Morgan left the country. Ridge surprises Taylor with breakfast in bed. She insists on talking about the day she left and assures him that she went to Morgan's to order her to stay away from him. He discusses his plan to woo Morgan into revealing her secret and denies that he had any feelings for her. The two then make love and rejoice in their family being back together again. In Stephanie's office, Amber complains to Rick about what Brooke did to try to ruin their relationship. She promises that nothing happened between her and Deacon but hints that it's good that he came to Vegas when he did. Rick tries to calm her down and suggests that she stay away from Brooke while he asks Jonathan to come up with a way to end her legal entanglement with Deacon. He runs to find his father, unaware that Brooke is looking for Stephanie. She enters the office, muttering words about Amber the "lying little tramp" as she does so. She's embarrassed to see Amber there. Amber warns Brooke to give her and Rick the support they need or stay away from them. Meanwhile, Rick asks his father for advice. Eric calls Jonathan to come over to help Rick but then wonders aloud if Rick's ready to get married. He also suggests that he keep Amber away from Brooke for the time being.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Rick wants Deacon out of their lives and implores Jonathan to tell him there's a way Amber can come home tonight. Jonathan points out that there's just a month to go in their agreement and advises him to ride it out, but Eric and Rick ask him to look for a loophole in the contact. Brooke reminds Amber that if she marries Rick, it's good-bye to Deacon forever. Brooke points out the similarities between Amber and herself, explaining that it was hard for Brooke to forget the bad boy' in her life, too. Amber insists that she and Deacon are just friends. Stephanie joins them and is happy to hear that Amber and Rick are back together and stronger than ever. Brooke insists that there is chemistry between Amber and Deacon, but Amber just doesn't admit it. Stephanie warns Brooke to back off or it will affect not only Brooke's relationship with Rick, but her relationship with Stephanie as well. Brooke demands to know if Amber slept with Deacon. Rick interrupts and tells Amber that he wants to move up the wedding. Amber is thrilled and embraces Rick. Deacon tells Alexandra that he's not giving up on Amber without a fight, and he's sure he can win. He's certain Amber will never go through with the wedding. Deacon explains how Amber realized that she and Deacon are two halves of a whole while on their trip to Vegas.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Amber tries to convince Rick that they should negotiate with Deacon and show him some respect rather that try to strong-arm him legally. Deacon calls and tells Amber to go ahead with the wedding. When she realizes he intends to keep Little Eric per their deal, Amber tells him she'll be right there. She promises Rick that she and Little Eric will be home tonight. Jonathan tells Eric, Brooke and Stephanie that if Amber wants to keep the child she needs to stay another month. Brooke points out that Amber's less concerned about Little Eric than she is about resisting Deacon. Amber tells them that Deacon is going to let both of them go because she's going to make him an offer that he'll never refuse, but she's sure none of the Forresters will like it. Amber explains that Deacon is totally in love with his son now and would do anything to be a part of his life - including letting Amber go. She wants to offer him visitation in exchange for letting Amber and Little Eric come home tonight. Brooke thinks she's proposing this plan because Amber is attracted to Deacon and doesn't want to let him go. Amber leaves with a document for Deacon to sign. Deacon cleans up the apartment, anticipating an important evening with Amber. He imagines what they could have together. When Amber returns, Deacon promises her that they're going to have a great month together and at the end he knows she'll never want to leave him.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

At Deacon's apartment, Amber sat and thought about the new agreement that she wanted Deacon to sign. In a pleasant mood, Deacon was anxious to make things nice for Amber during her last month at Deacon's apartment. Amber informed Deacon that she doesn't intend to stay the month as was previously agreed on. She explained that the new agreement allows him visitation rights with Eric in the future. She advised him, under the old agreement, he would lose his parental rights and have no visitation. Deacon said that wouldn't happen, because at the end of the month, Amber would chose to stay with him.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Rick, Stephanie and Brooke anxiously awaited while amber brought the new agreement to Deacon. Stephanie advised Brooke of the benefits of the new agreement. The Forrester attorney pointed out that the new agreement doesn't include a payment of one million dollars to Deacon.

Ridge played with Phoebe and Thomas. Taylor had the red dye taken out of Steffy's hair. After the children went to bed, Taylor told Ridge that she doesn't feel she deserved a second chance with him because of the way she accused him of being at fault for Steffy's death. Ridge told her he understood her behavior because she was mourning the death of her daughter.

Back at Deacon's apartment he tried to convey to Amber how he feels about her. He told her that if he signed the new contract, he would be losing the two most important things in his life. Deacon refused to sign the contract. He insisted that Amber stay the whole month as previously agreed upon. He predicted that at the end of the month, she would realize that she has the same feelings for him as he has for her. Deacon begged for Amber to stay with him because this month would be the opportunity for him to make her realize her true feelings for him.

Friday, April 27, 2001

Deacon told Amber that she is afraid she will not want to leave him if she stays with him for another month. Amber admitted to Deacon that she cares about him which made him ask why she would want to leave tonight when, in a month they would have it all. Amber questioned Deacon's reasons for wanting her to stay another month and Deacon reminded her that the two of them were building something that takes time. He asked her to look at her feelings and what they are saying. He told her that he is convinced she feels the same electricity, but knows she is afraid. Deacon told Amber that he has never felt the way he feels about her and can't understand why she would walk away from it. He again pleaded with her to stay just one more month and then he would let her and Little Eric go. Amber pointed out to Deacon that he signed a document that would eliminate any future rights to Little Eric and asked him if he could live with only having Little Eric in his life for one more month. Deacon admitted that he didn't realize how much he'd grow to love Little Eric when he signed the original document. Amber told Deacon that was the reason she had a new document drawn up, to protect his rights and save him from losing Little Eric forever. Deacon thought about challenging the original document but Amber refused to let it go. She reminded him that if he challenged the document and lost, he would in essence be abandoning Little Eric just like his father abandoned him. Deacon was amazed that Amber would go to such lengths to protect his relationship with Little Eric and questioned whether or not the real reason was because his having visitation rights would mean that they would still be in contact. Deacon suggested that Amber may not be so sure about Rick anymore and that being a housewife would not make her happy. Deacon told Amber that he loves her and begged her not to go. Amber asked Deacon if one month with her was worth losing Little Eric forever. Resigned, Deacon embraced Amber, who promised him that she would never let Little Eric forget about Deacon and would tell him that his father was missing him whenever they were apart. Deacon told Amber that it would drive him crazy to see her in Rick's arms when he comes to visit Little Eric. He begged her not to marry Rick and she told him that he could not have both of them. Deacon signed the new document but vowed that the three of them would be a family one day. Amber left the apartment with Little Eric and the signed document.

At the Forrester home, Stephanie, Eric, and Thorne discussed the new document and pointed out that it did not contain the original arrangement for Deacon to receive one million dollars in exchange for custody of Little Eric. Thorne and Eric questioned Amber's commitment to Rick. Stephanie insisted that Amber and Rick were committed, despite their ages. Stephanie then realized that Brooke was alone at the guest house with Rick and set out to intervene. Eric tried to stop her, suggesting that she try to relate to Brooke's position as Rick's mother. Insisting that Brooke would have hell to pay for pressuring Rick, Stephanie set out for the guesthouse.

At the guesthouse, Brooke demanded that Rick listen to her objections about his marriage to Amber and suggested that he is obsessed and dependent on Amber and Little Eric. Brooke insisted that Amber and Deacon have strong feelings for each other and are falling in love. She tried to get Rick to admit that he has doubts about Amber and told him that she could see and sense a change in Amber since she returned from Las Vegas with Deacon. Rick asserted that Deacon is important to Amber simply because he is Little Eric's biological father. Brooke continued planting seeds of doubt in Rick's mind and feeding on his insecurities about future contact between Amber and Deacon. Rick insisted that he trusts Amber, can protect his family, and intends to marry Amber next week. As Brooke pleaded with Rick to wait a few weeks to see how the visitation arrangements would work out, Stephanie walked in the door and shouted "enough!" Brooke tried to get Rick to leave to continue their discussion but Rick insisted on waiting for Amber. Brooke warned Rick that Deacon would not let Amber go easily.

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