The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on B&B
Bridget gave Deacon another chance, but she continued to work with Rick in secret. Thorne overhead Brooke saying that Ridge was her soul mate, and Thorne confronted her about her feelings.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, July 16, 2001

Tony tries to tell himself he doesn't need to go get an AIDS test, that he would have seen the symptoms by now. He has to quit doing this to himself. He brightens when he thinks about Kristen. Just then she shows up. They hug and she says that she has never been this close to anyone in her life. She has never been so intimate with someone. He should never be afraid to tell her anything. They sit down to their table and she asks him if they are moving to fast. He tells her maybe a little. He says that he is always ready to make love to someone, but that he doesn't want to rush it with her this time. He tells her that men always want to make love to a woman, but then they lose all the mystery and you can't get that back. He doesn't want to lose the mystery with her, he wants to take his time and get to know everything about her. She tells him how sweet that is and jokes about how he will get to know ever inch of her. He takes her to the next room and tells her that she isn't tempting him; she is teasing him. It isn't wise to tease a man when it comes to passion. She asks what he is going to do about it and he smiles and they hug.

Brooke, Eric, and Ridge try to talk some sense into Bridget about Deacon. Deacon tells them he is a changed man because of everything that has happened. He tells them he wants to be a loving devoted husband to Bridget. He asks them why would he stay? He already can see his son; he doesn't want their money. Bridget is a great woman with a lot of compassion and he doesn't want to lose her. Ridge tries to drag her out of the room to take her home, but she stops him and tells them they can't make her decisions for her, she can fight her own battles. She tells them she wants to stay with Deacon, that he loves her. She then turns to Amber and asks her what her feelings are for Deacon. Amber denies any feelings for him and tells her that she never encouraged Deacon to fall for her. Bridget believing otherwise, asks her to admit in front of everyone that she is over Deacon. Amber begrudgingly does. Bridget then asks Deacon to take her home, but Eric says he will. Deacon agrees and they leave the hospital. Once Bridget arrives home, Deacon is there and offers anyone coffee. Eric says they are not going to fall for his lies. Deacon says all he can do is prove each and every day that he loves Bridget. He tells them he will not get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness, that's not his style. The only person who forgave him is the person that he really cares about. That is all that matters. Everyone goes to leave, but Ridge offers Deacon a warning: that is he ever hurts Bridget, he will have to deal with him. Deacon agrees. After everyone leaves, Deacon goes out on the deck to talk to Bridget. Deacon tells her they will come around, but she says it's not her family she is worried about. She tells him that she will trust him, that is what any wife does for her husband, but there is a price to pay. She tells him that she loves him more than anyone has ever loved him and that her heart and her life are in his hands now. He tells her he won't ever hurt her again. Meanwhile Amber arrives home and Rick finds her standing outside the door. She asks how little D is and corrects herself and says Little Eric. She apologizes and says she has had a little too much of Deacon today. Rick asks her if they can talk. She agrees. He tells her nothing in-depth; he just wants to connect with her. She tells him that she feels like she left everyone down. If she had only gone with Deacon, Bridget would not be in this mess. She tells Rick that she would never leave him again. Rick says that he knows she wouldn't. Rick says that he has noticed sparks between her and Deacon. Amber acts confused. He says that if she would be happier with someone else, just to say so. If she ever starts to feel differently, that she must tell him right away. He won't be angry; he just has to know. She says that will never happen. They hug and in her mind she says goodbye to Deacon. Deacon standing on the deck takes out a picture and Amber and him and tears it in half and tosses it. He also tells Amber goodbye.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

At home, Thorne felt it was obvious that Brooke doesn't want to be there. She admitted that being at home reminds her that Bridget is no longer living there. Out of desperation, Brooke tried to think of ways to break up Bridget and Deacon's marriage.

Thorne told Stephanie he's very worried about Brooke because of Bridget's return to Deacon. Stephanie refused to have any part in Thorne's plan to take Bridget to Big Bear for the weekend. Stephanie reminded him that although Brooke has been nice lately, it doesn't change the person and it doesn't change the past.

In her office at Forrester Creations, Brooke shared her despair over Bridget with Ridge. He tried to assure her that Deacon's marriage to Bridget wouldn't last. Brooke explained that Deacon and Amber share an undeniable chemistry. She elaborated that they share an intense passion for one another that they can't escape and can't be ignored. Ridge suggested that they don't have to give into it and perhaps they can be happy with someone other than their soul mate. Brooke vowed that she doesn't want Bridget to be in a marriage in which her love isn't shared. Ridge comforted Brooke with an embrace.

Meanwhile at their beach house, Deacon cooked Bridget breakfast. He presented Bridget with a diamond and told her that he is committed to her forever. Deacon advised Bridget that Brooke still feels that Amber is the only person who is right for him. Deacon decided to confront Brooke to try to convince her otherwise.

Deacon went to Brooke's office to convince her he is honest when he says that he and Amber are finished with one another. Brooke warned him that he couldn't just conjure up love for Bridget if he doesn't really feel that way. Brooke felt she had no choice but to tell Deacon about her own experience. She made Deacon promise he wouldn't tell anyone about what she was about to say. She said in order to save Bridget's life, she would share her secret with him!

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Ridge thinks back to the passionate moment when he and Brooke made love after creating their unique "BeLief" fabric. Stopping by to make sure she's okay, Rick surprises Bridget by asking her for help in making his marriage work. He points out that a lack of communication is the reason most marriages fail and asks for her to let him know if Amber and Deacon are getting close again. She agrees. Outraged that his mother is now taking back all she said in defense of Brooke, Thorne lays in to his mother for failing to support his decision to marry the woman he loves. He accuses her of being unable to forgive Brooke for stealing Eric from her. As Ridge arrives, Thorne yells at Stephanie that, in his opinion, he thinks Brooke has certainly come a lot farther than Stephanie has. Stephanie disagrees which causes Thorne to scream back his frustration with her and then run out. Ridge also urges his mother to loosen up but is amazed when she states that she feels Brooke's still in love with Ridge. She repeats her fear that Brooke is going to hurt her son. Meanwhile, Deacon confronts Brooke about his feelings for Bridget and Amber. She urges him not to give up on Amber because she knows they were meant to be together because they are "soul mates." Thorne arrives and secretly listens as Brooke goes on and on about her own soul mate. He is rocked when she finally reveals that Ridge is her soul mate and asks Deacon not to tell anyone.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

In her office, Brooke explained to Deacon why he should end his marriage to Bridget. Deacon was surprised when Brooke said her soul mate is Ridge and that she still longs for him. Deacon concluded that Brooke is worried that his feelings for Amber won't diminish, as her feelings for Ridge haven't. He mocked her for wanting Ridge but settling for Thorne. Unbeknownst to Brooke, Thorne was outside her office door listening to the whole conversation. Thorne was livid and became unglued when he heard Brooke's revelation that Ridge is her soul mate and she still longs for him.

Meanwhile, Ridge was unaware of what Thorne had just overheard, and he was trying to convince Stephanie that Brooke is no longer the enemy. Stephanie wasn't buying any of it. She reminded Ridge of the grief that Brooke had caused in her family's lives.

Megan informed Brooke that Thorne had planned a romantic evening for them at Big Bear. At first Brooke was reluctant to go to Big Bear but changed her mind after Megan cleared her schedule for her and gave her the dress that Thorne had chosen for her. Ridge later came by Brooke's office and told her he had a present. He requested teasingly that she take her dress off and put his present on! He then showed her the lingerie.

When Thorne arrived at the cabin, he dismissed the hired help who were there to serve dinner to he and Brooke. Megan arrived at the cabin to give Thorne the package containing Brooke's gift that had been delivered to Forrester Creations. She found Thorne extremely angry and distraught. He violently threw Brooke's gift across the room along with a photo of he and Brooke. He told Megan that he had isolated his family and ended his marriage to Macy because he thought that Brooke really loved him. He revealed that he overheard Brooke tell Deacon that she still longs for and loves Ridge!

Friday, July 20, 2001

Amazed that Ridge wants her to model some sexy lingerie, Brooke refuses to take her clothes off. He suggests that she's out of practice and then stuns her when he reveals that the scanty clothes are for her night with Thorne at Big Bear. Ridge is amused by her assumption that he was coming on to her and makes matters worse when he catches her blushing. She's embarrassed that he's helping her relationship with Thorne as he comments that he used to do things like this all the time to her. When "their song" suddenly comes on the radio, both remark about the past and how they've changed since then. She then rushes off after confirming for Ridge that she and Thorne are happy in their marriage. Megan offers Thorne coffee to calm him and insists that Brooke loves him but he puts down the cup and screams that he heard his wife admitting that Ridge is the only man in her heart. Thorne then rants and raves about Brooke's lies and betrayal. He explains that he overheard Brooke confessing to Deacon that her soul mate is Ridge and always will be. Thorne repeats Brooke's pleas to Deacon not to let this get back to him. He then spits on a photo of Brooke and announces that "it's over." When he sees Brooke arriving at the cabin, Thorne sends a reluctant Megan away. He then confronts Brooke out her lies. At the club Deacon reveals to Bridget that Brooke still thinks he should be with Amber and then reveals Brooke's secret feelings for Ridge.

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