The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on B&B
Taylor discovered that Tony was seeing Kristen and deliberated warning Kristen about his possible condition. Tony agreed to take the HIV test. Brooke tried to convince Thorne that he'd misunderstood what she'd said about Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, July 23, 2001

Thorne asks Brooke for answers. He questions her for the things she said to Deacon about her and Ridge. Says she didn't mean it the way he thinks she did. She wanted to get her daughter away from him; she would have said anything. He says that Deacon should be with his soul mate; Amber, as she should have been with her soul mate; Ridge. He also mocks that she doesn't' want Deacon to make the same mistakes that she did and end up marrying his second choice. He says he always overlooked Ridge putting his hands on her, her always turning to Ridge in a crisis, but he will never overlook those details again. The sad thing is, he says, is that he thought that she was talking about him the whole time. She tells him that's not true and she is sorry she made him feel like that. He says he will always be the consolation prize, since she couldn't have Ridge. He vowed he would never play second fiddle to Ridge again. She says that she will always have feelings for Ridge. He can accept the feelings between them, but she doesn't just have feelings for him. He asks her to tell him it was all an act just to get rid of Deacon; she can't answer him. He says he can't believe he put his family through this, Macy and her family, for what. "What do you mean for what", she asks. He asks if this is the happiest she has ever been? She doesn't answer. She says she loves what they have together and she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. He asks if she thinks she can do better? Then he asks her if she thinks he can do better. "Playing second fiddle to Ridge, yeah I think I can do better", he spats. Meanwhile Megan rushes to Ridge to alert him about Thorne and Brooke. She proceeds to tell the story to Ridge. She tells him that she thinks Thorne is going to end his marriage to Brooke. She tells him that Brooke compared Amber and Deacon to the feelings that him and Brooke have together. He says that she's been mistaken; she must have meant Thorne. She tells him that is what she initially thought. She pleads that he must do something. He says that he must stay out of it. She asks him is something still going on between the two of you. He says that he is a happily married man. Their feelings are only nostalgic and that they would never act on them. "What if Taylor wasn't in the picture", she asks. He simply answers that she is. He tells her that their marriage will be fine, but Megan thinks differently.

Sofia stops by Kristen's looking for Tony. Kristen says he is not here at the moment. Sofia explains that he has been preoccupied lately. Kristen asks if she wants to leave a message, she replies no. She goes to leave, but Kristen invites her in. Sofia talks to her about Tony's offer, it is very attractive and he must let them know soon. Sofia also tells Kristen that she is very nice to treat he so well, after the way she has treated her (Kristen). Sofia tells Kristen Tony would never lead her on. Kristen asks why she is telling her this. She says that she wants Tony to be happy, even if it is without her. Sofia tells her that she can trust Tony with her life. Meanwhile, Tony stops in to see Taylor again. He asks for a prescription for pills to help him relax. She asks if he has taken HIV test yet. He answers no. He says he doesn't have the time. She tells him it only takes a half an hour, if they would find any HIV antibodies, it could take up to two weeks for the results. He asks for a prescription again, but she says not until he takes HIV test. He snaps that he can't be running between doctors right now. She offers to go with him tomorrow. He says that is no good. He can't afford to lose a couple of weeks worrying about the results. Then she asks about his girlfriend; does she have the weeks to spare? She tells him that he is not alone, and explains why AIDS is an epidemic. He tells her to quit taking it so seriously. She says you can't play games with your life. He says he must go; he will let her know when he is ready. She says anything is better that not knowing the truth. She also tells him that he will always wonder if he has infected his girlfriend. She says that he must protect her.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

At the cabin, Thorne furiously told Brooke there's nothing more to say. She had said it all when she told Deacon her heart belongs to Ridge. Thorne then started to leave the cabin but Brooke stopped him. She desperately tried to make him understand that she's not in love with Ridge.

At Las Olas Ridge and Taylor met for dinner. He told Taylor about the fiasco with Thorne and Brooke. He vowed not to get involved. Taylor immediately wanted to try to try to help Brooke settle the misunderstanding between she and Thorne.

Kristen told Eric that she feels safe with Tony. She revealed that Tony hasn't rushed things and that he's a bit old fashioned. Back at the Las Olas restaurant, Chad asked Tony if he had been tested for HIV. He strongly urged him to do so. Ridge acknowledged that he knows who Tony is. Taylor was horrified to discover that Tony is Kristen's new love!

Back at the cabin, Brooke tried to convince Thorne how stable their relationship is. Thorne lashed out at her for comparing their marriage to Deacon's. Thorne angrily insisted its not passion that Brooke feels for him, its friendship!

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Spotting Ridge and Taylor at a nearby table, Kristen invites Tony to walk over to meet her sister-in-law. As the introductions are made, Tony stares in disbelief at Taylor, hi shrink. Taylor admits they've met before but claims it was only for a short time. Brooke calls and cries for Ridge to come to the cabin at Big Bear now that Thorne has run out on her. Taylor offers to stay behind while Ridge drives up to help Brooke. While he nurses his drink, Kristen goes on and on to Taylor about her date, embarrassing Taylor. Finally getting a moment alone with Tony, Taylor again pushes him to be tested for the AIDS virus for his sake and for Taylor's sake because of the possibility that he might be infected. Meanwhile, Thorne sits in his car in the rain, regretting his marriage and remembering some words of warning from Macy.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

At the cabin, Ridge embraced Brooke to console her over her rift with Thorne. Brooke advised her to tell Thorne that she had lied to Deacon in order to protect Bridget. Brooke revealed that it's not a lie. Even though she loves Thorne, she still has feelings for Ridge.

At Las Olas, Tony contemplated what Taylor had said about protecting his girlfriend if he really loves her. Chad warned Tony that until he has an HIV test and knows that the results are negative, he is dangerous! Tony concluded that he needs to tell Kristen about his exposure to HIV.

Taylor brought Kristen home with her from Las Olas. Taylor told Kristen there's something critical that she needs to know, but that its not her place to tell her what it is. After Kristen left, Tony told Taylor that he will meet Taylor at her office in the morning so he can be tested for HIV.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Thorne who was eavesdropping on Ridge and Brooke's conversation made his presence known. Thorne was irrational and angry. Ridge tried, to no avail, to reason with him. Thorne lashed out at Brooke. He told her that Stephanie is correct about her. "You are a slut!" He insisted that their marriage is a lie because she's in love with Ridge. In a continued rage, Thorne told Brooke that he never wants to see her again and left. Brooke desperately tried to stop him from leaving. He told Brooke that their marriage is over and pushed away from her. Brooke fell to the ground. She sat in the pouring rain crying and distraught while Ridge looked on.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Eric finds Thorne asleep in his office chair and learns that Thorne left Brooke last night now that his marriage is over. Eric assures him that his trouble with Brooke can't be that serious but Thorne quickly states that marrying Brooke was the biggest mistake of his life. Eric defends Brooke but Thorne angrily reveals that he heard Brooke admit that she settled for him when she couldn't have Ridge, the only man she'll ever love. Ridge calls Taylor from Big Bear to report that he'll be back soon, now that the storm is over, and that Thorne left Brooke stranded at the cabin. Taylor warns that she doesn't want him involved in Brooke's marital problems. Ridge advises Brooke that her best chance of winning back Thorne is to seduce him. Brooke heads home and finds Thorne packing his things. Determined to save her marriage, Brooke tells Thorne that she wants to make up. She then drops her dress and asks her husband to make love to her. Ridge arrives at Forrester and hears from Eric about Thorne's anger. Tony arrives at Taylor's office and agrees to have the AIDS test given to him. Dr. Craig arrives and administers the blood drawing, first asking him about his sex life. Later, as Tony nervously paces, Dr. Craig returns with the test results.

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