The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on B&B
Brooke tried to appeal to Ridge, but Ridge felt that they only shared memories. Tony professed his love for Kristen but struggled in his attempts to tell her about his health. Brooke planned a trip to Paris, and Stephanie announced that she was going on a Cruise with Pam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, August 6, 2001

Taylor and Kristen talked about Kristen's life with Tony. Taylor said she and Tony should slow down. Kristen wondered why Taylor would say that. Taylor told Kristen she didn't think that she and Tony should sleep together. Kristen got upset and spat that she was not a schoolgirl. Kristen told Taylor that she had been taking it slowly, but she decided she was ready to move to the next step and left.

Meanwhile, Tony and Sofia talked about his HIV and his situation with Kristen. He told Sofia that she needed to go and be tested. Tony called Taylor and told her that he wanted Sofia to be tested, and they were on their way. Sofia and Tony arrived at the office and told Taylor that they had always been very careful and had always used protection.

Brooke and Megan were talking about her future with Thorne. The Forresters told her it was over, and she should move on. Brooke started talking about Ridge and how he was the only man she would ever truly love. Brooke blamed Stephanie and Taylor for her and Ridge not being together. She told Megan that her happiness was with Ridge, and she was going to go after him.

Meanwhile, Thorne told Ridge that Brooke was not going to contest the divorce, and she would be on the hunt again. He told Ridge not to be na´ve. Ridge defended Brooke. Thorne told Ridge that he had been right in Venice. They had been right all along. Brooke would never be over Ridge, and she was a slut. Ridge told Thorne that Brooke was in a depression, and there was nothing to worry about. Thorne left.

Brooke walked in on Ridge working with a model, and she told him how she loved to watch him work. She told Ridge that Thorne had given her the annulment papers; their marriage was over. She blamed it on Taylor, Stephanie, and Eric. "It's all their fault," she said. Brooke cried on Ridges shoulder, and he told her everything would be fine. It would just take time. Brooke told him everything happened for a reason, and that was because they were meant to be together. It was finally their time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

In Stephanie's office at Forrester Creations, Thorne told his mother that it was time for him to pack up his things and move out of his and Brooke's house. Stephanie supported him by telling him he had done the right thing by divorcing Brooke. Thorne told Stephanie that he was certain that he had done the right thing. Stephanie further advised him that he was not the first member of their family to be taken in by Brooke, but he was hopefully the last one.

Brooke told Ridge that her divorce from Thorne was meant to be so she and Ridge could finally be together. She admitted to Ridge that she'd never love any other man except him. She revealed that it was time for them to be honest about their feelings for one another.

Brooke angered Ridge with her total disregard for his marriage. He advised her to give Thorne more time to calm down. Ridge assumed that because she had just lost her husband, she was not thinking rationally. He advised her that she and Thorne belonged together and that Thorne would change his mind with time.

In Eric's office, Kristen couldn't contain herself over her happiness with Tony. Eric questioned Kristen about how many other sexual partners Tony had previously had. He warned her to protect herself from disease.

In Taylor's office, Sofia received the results of her HIV test. She was HIV negative. Tony was grateful that he hadn't transmitted the HIV virus to her. Sofia attributed her being HIV negative to the fact that she and Tony had used condoms whenever they had made love.

In Eric's office, Tony told Kristen that he couldn't be more in love with her. Kristen wanted to know why he hadn't been calling her lately. Tony told Kristen only the partial truth about why he hadn't been around. He told her that he had been going through some difficult days. Tony refused to specify exactly what the problem was. He told her that for the moment, he just wanted to hold her.

Back in Ridge's office, Brooke wouldn't give up on the notion that she and Ridge should be together. She told him that they were soul mates. Ridge told her it didn't matter if they were soul mates because he had no intention of leaving Taylor and the children. Ridge advised her she'd better give up on the idea of the two of them together. He further acknowledged that they had been happy together once. He told Brooke that they had lots of memories together, but that was all.

Brooke revealed to Ridge that she didn't want to be with any other man, and that would leave her only two choices: pursue Ridge and be with him, or be alone for the rest of her life. Brooke tried hard to convince Ridge of how much they belonged together. She admitted that she loved Ridge, and he was the only one she'd ever love. Ridge's response to Brooke's confession of her feelings for him was to simply walk out of the room.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Finding him packing his things, Brooke urged Thorne to take his time, since she was leaving on a business trip the next day. He continued with his packing and refused when she asked for a chance to talk. When Bridget stopped by and questioned her mother about her failed marriage, Brooke was uncomfortable discussing whether she had loved Thorne.

Brooke fumed when Bridget revealed that Deacon had told her about their talk and warned her mother to stop trying to ruin her marriage. She then pushed her mother to fight for Thorne, but he interrupted and informed Bridget that Brooke didn't want her marriage anymore because she was in love with Ridge. Thorne talked with Bridget about the marriage and ordered her to be there for her mother. He insisted that he was just as much to blame as her mother was.

Later, Thorne and Brooke agreed that they should never have tied the knot. He pleaded with her not to go after Ridge because of all the pain it would cause everyone involved, but she admitted that she would be in pain until she could be with Ridge.

Amber was amused to find Deacon dressed in a blue blazer, slacks, and scarf for Bridget's sake. He decided to take little "D" to the beach and invited Amber. When she emerged in her revealing bikini, he asked her why she was still wearing her broken heart tattoo. She admitted Rick didn't seem to mind and added that she liked it.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

In Brooke's office, Megan tried to convince her to stay and try to work things out with Thorne rather than go to Paris. Suddenly, Stephanie barged in and interrupted their conversation. After Megan left, Brooke warned Stephanie that she had better not talk badly about Brooke around the office. Yet again, Stephanie's mission was to make Brooke feel miserable about herself.

Stephanie lashed out at Brooke about her failed marriage to Thorne. She told Brooke she was no longer welcome at any family gathering, including that night's house party. Brooke defended herself by telling Stephanie that she had loved Thorne. Stephanie taunted Brooke and said she couldn't make the marriage work, and there were no Forrester men left to seduce.

While working in his office, Ridge played over in his mind Brooke's confession of her feelings for him. Taylor interrupted his thoughts about Brooke when she delivered some meeting notes he had forgotten at home. Ridge playfully invited Taylor to lock his office door and have fun with him.

Tony went unannounced to Taylor's office to beg her for medication for his stress. He told her that he was freaking out over his HIV diagnosis and how his entire life was being ruined by it. Dr. Craig advised Tony to start an HIV treatment regime with medications immediately. He explained that the treatment didn't prevent the disease from developing, but it did slow it down a great deal.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Kristen was excited that she would be seeing Tony at Stephanie's party that evening. Stephanie encouraged Kristen's relationship with Tony. She even told Kristen that Tony was a nice guy and that she approved of him.

Brooke stopped in Ridge's office. She predicted that the two of them would be together again soon. She flirted with him as though he were available. She took off her dress to reveal a two-piece bathing suit that she wanted to add to the Brooke's Bedroom line. Her effort to entice Ridge didn't work. He left the room because she wouldn't put her dress back on as he requested.

Meanwhile, back in Taylor's office, Tony agreed to take the HIV medication. Dr. Craig warned Tony that once he began the medication, he would have to take it for the rest of his life, otherwise, the HIV could build up a resistance to the drugs if even a single dose was missed. Taylor counseled Tony about changes he would have to make in his life.

Tony was horrified when Taylor told him there was a minute chance he could have transmitted HIV to Kristen, even though they hadn't had sexual relations. Tony decided he would waste no time, and he would tell Kristen that day that he was positive for HIV. He planned to tell her that she had to be tested for HIV immediately.

Friday, August 10, 2001

Stephanie was throwing a Forrester family party. Tony arrived at the Forrester home, anxious yet intent on telling Kristen that he was HIV positive. When Kristen greeted him at the door, he was disappointed to learn that they would not be sharing their evening alone together.

All poolside, Stephanie announced the separation of Brooke and Thorne to the family. She and Eric gave special thanks for Brooke's children who were in attendance. Then, she joyfully declared that Brooke would not longer be a part of their family. Ridge rolled his eyes in annoyance at his mothers' continuing vendetta against Brooke.

While speaking about her family, Stephanie announced that she would be taking a cruise with her sister Pam. Taylor became uneasy when her mother-in-law divulged her reason for the timing of the cruise: she felt certain that her family had no obstacles to overcome at that time.

Kristen then shared with the partygoers her love and appreciation for Tony. Stephanie and Eric gave her relationship their blessing. Tony became emotional when sharing his gratitude and love for Kristen.

At Spectra Creations, Clarke overheard Sophia speaking of Tony's HIV status over the telephone to her mother. Clarke confronted Sophia about Tony's health, and she indicated Tony's HIV status. Clarke was worried about his ex-wife, Kristen, and asked how she had reacted when Tony had shared the news of his health status with Kristen.

Tony and Taylor shared a brief conversation. As Kristen passed by, Tony followed her to a secluded part of the Forrester estate. Tony made an attempt to reveal his news to Kristen. However, she interrupted him because she believed he was about to propose marriage.

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