The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on B&B
Tony accepted Kristen's marriage proposal and gave her a ring. Stephanie supported Amber, who feared for her marriage. Deacon agreed to divorce Bridget, and he and Brooke had sex.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, October 29, 2001

Clarke is talking to Eric how Tony will never stay away from Kristen. He cannot resist her, Clarke tells him. They leave to go and find Kristen and Tony. Meanwhile, Kristen asks Tony to be her husband once again. He tells her he wants to be able to fulfill her in every way a husband can and he will never be able to truly do that. She swears from the bottom of her heart he has already done that by being with her. Her only fear is that she will lose him, if he were to reject her proposal. She tells him that he is hers to have and told hold and he finishes by saying in sickness and in health. She tells him once more that she wants to be his wife. She asks him once again and he says yes. They hug and Sally spots them and orders a celebration for the newly engaged couple. The music starts to play and everyone at the restaurant joins in the celebration. After the music ends Tony thanks everyone and he and Kristen leave. They climb into a limo and start to kiss unaware Eric is their driver.

An upset Amber approaches Stephanie who was earlier taunted by Sally. Stephanie is curious by Sally's call, but focuses her attention on a distressed Amber. Amber tells her that Rick is furious with her about something he misinterpreted. Amber proceeds to tell Stephanie what she saw, but tells her that it was completely innocent. She tells Stephanie that she only needed to prove to herself that she had no more feelings for Deacon. That there was nothing left between them. Stephanie tells her that she should have never kissed him and that she has to be more responsible now that she is going to be a mother to Rick's child. Amber tells her that she is not a bad person anymore and asks Stephanie if she would please help her. Stephanie tells her that she must talk to Rick and tell him the whole truth. She tells Amber that Rick doesn't hate her; he is only disappointed in her. He is not going to leave her; he is just hurting right now. Amber tells Stephanie she can't ruin this again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Brooke telephoned Deacon to pressure him to divorce Bridget. Deacon wouldn't agree to divorce Bridget. Brooke practically ordered him to do so. Deacon still didn't agree to it.

At Las Olas Massimo complimented Sally on coordinating such a nice event and getting Kristen and Tony together. Massimo couldn't understand why the Forrester's would object to such a wonderful person as Tony marrying Kristen. When Massimo threatened to call Stephanie to find out the reason, Sally told him to stay out of it. She informed Massimo that Tony has HIV. Massimo realized why Eric and Stephanie would be opposed to their daughter being with Tony. Sally assured Massimo that Tony would never put Kristen at risk for HIV. Massimo observed how passionately Tony and Kristen feel toward one another. He advised that their passion could put Kristen at risk for HIV.

Eric, who was pretending to be a limousine driver, drove Tony and Kristen home from Las Olas as they requested. While in the limousine, Tony gave Kristen an engagement ring. Eric eavesdropped on Kristen and Tony's conversation. He heard Kristen tell Tony that she doesn't care how her father is going to react to the news that they are engaged. Tony told Kristen that she had transformed a future he had pictured full of frustration and agony into a great future. When Tony got out of the limousine to open the door for Kristen, Eric sped off with Kristen.

Deacon started to tell Bridget that he's going to divorce her, but got interrupted by Bridget's friend Betsy who arrived. Betsy and Bridget left to be sworn in at a college sorority. Brooke telephoned Deacon to see if he had ended his marriage to Bridget yet. Brooke insisted on seeing him in person. Deacon arrived at Brooke's at her request. Deacon disagreed with Brooke's order to divorce Bridget. He tried to convince Brooke that he loves Bridget and that he had changed a great deal since he first married Bridget. Brooke made Deacon promise that he would divorce Bridget.

Sally hurried to Tony's house to help him after the limousine took off with Kristen. Sally realized that it could have been Eric that was motivated enough to pull such a stunt. As Kristen was screaming to Eric to take her back to Tony's house, he told her that she's not going to marry Tony. He drove her to Forrester Fashions. Clarke met Eric and Kristen at Forrester. An angry Kristen demanded to know what Clarke was doing there and what was going on. Clarke and Eric started to show Kristen a video that they said would convince her that she wouldn't want to marry Tony after viewing it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Eric and Clarke force Kristen to view a video of a man in the last stages of AIDS. Kristen thinks they are trying to scare her, but Eric says they only want her to face reality. She is moved by the video, but repulsed by their actions. Eric says if Kristen calls off the engagement, she can save herself. Tony and Sally inform Stephanie of Kristen's disappearance. Stephanie denies any involvement with Eric's actions. She is shocked to learn that Tony and Kristen are engaged. Brooke tells Deacon that he's holding Bridget back - and he knows it. Deacon says he wants to do the right thing, but he's not sure what that is. Brooke assures Deacon that the family will be grateful if he divorces Bridget. Finally, Deacon agrees to ask Bridget for a divorce. Bridget and the girls are excited that they were accepted to the sorority. The girls talk about their new dating prospects, but think they're pretty lame in comparison to Bridget's bad boy. Bridget tells the girls that Deacon is complicated, but is still a good person. Bridget also defends her marriage, noting that she and Deacon have a lot in common and are closer than ever.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Tony and Sally went to Stephanie's house and accused her of knowing that Eric had planned to abduct Kristen to get her away from Tony. Tony warned Stephanie that nothing is coming between he and Kristen. Stephanie wouldn't accept their relationship because of Tony's HIV diagnosis. Sally threatened to call the police unless Stephanie made telephone calls to locate Kristen. As soon as Sally and Tony learned that Kristen was at Forrester Creations, they headed over there.

Clarke and Eric desperately tried to convince Kristen that if she married Tony, she would have a life of misery because of his HIV. Kristen made it clear to them, that she was not going to change her mind about marrying Tony. Sally and Tony arrived at Forrester Creations. Clarke and Eric continued to try to convince Tony and Kristen that they shouldn't get married. Eric concluded that if they must be together, they can be together as friends so Kristen wouldn't be at risk for HIV. Tony and Kristen disagreed that they could only be friends and announced they would go forward with their wedding plans.

At the family cabin in Big Bear, Bridget told her friends that Deacon makes her feel safe and that he wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to her. Bridget was concerned that Brooke was very lonely since Bridget had gotten married and Thorne had divorced her.

Meanwhile, at Brooke's house, Brooke had finally convinced Deacon to divorce Bridget. Deacon reflected on mistakes he had made. He admitted to Brooke that he had married Bridget with the hope that Amber would leave Rick. Deacon revealed that he regretted that he had hurt so many people by marrying Bridget. Deacon told Brooke that he admires what she did. He respects that she followed her heart and pursued Ridge, all in the cause of love. Brooke thanked Deacon for agreeing to divorce Bridget with a hug. Deacon left her house, but Brooke noticed that he was still outside. When Brooke went outside, Deacon asked her if she wanted to share a glass of Scotch with him. Even though she didn't think it was right, Brooke agreed to share some Scotch whiskey with Deacon. Brooke spilled some of her drink on her and was shocked that Deacon offered to help her. He suddenly touched her in a sensitive and romantic way.

Friday, November 2, 2001

As things heat up Brooke backs away as she assures Deacon he's doing the right thing in divorcing Bridget. She then suggests that the idea of divorce is not a good thing to toast to and comments on her failed marriages and her loss of Ridge in her life. Deacon guesses that Ridge was an idiot for not accepting her love and compares her relationship with Ridge to his relationship with Amber. Unnerved by the growing heat in the room, Brooke suggests it's time for him to go. However, he slips back into her house and surprises her. Unable to stop herself, a negligee-clad Brooke kisses him passionately. Amber worries to Ginger where her husband is. Ginger tries to convince her that Rick would never walk out on her but Amber admits she might have pushed Rick to his breaking point. Meanwhile, Rick complains to Thorne about his lying wife. Though Thorne tells him over and over to give Amber another chance, Rick sings the same song, moaning and groaning that he doesn't trust Amber and never will. He finally decides that he must help his sister by telling her about Deacon and Amber's kiss the other night. Back at home, Rick sends Ginger on her way. A worried Amber pulls down her pants low enough to show her husband that she had the tattoo lasered off. Bridget steams up the cabin at Big Bear as she describes for her girlfriends how wonderful a lover Deacon is.

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