The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on B&B

Ridge decided to change focus at Forrester, and he cancelled the bedroom line. Brooke retreated to a spa to gain perspective but daydreamed of Deacon. Bridget visited the spa and later told Deacon that Brooke was ashamed of something Broke had done.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, December 31, 2001

Due to the New Year's Eve holiday, CBS rebroadcast a classic epsiode of The Bold and the Beautiful from 1998.

Classic Episode 1998

Brooke and Ridge's wedding begins, but threatens to end with Taylor and Thorne on their way to tell Ridge; Brooke is pregnant. On their way Taylor has a surprise of her own, by going into labor. Thorne must deliver the baby by the side of the road. Stephanie who is awaiting Taylor and Thorne's arrival looks nervously at the door wondering where they could be. Sally and Lorenzo also want a piece of the action and try to find out what is going on at the wedding, but their source isn't talking. They put their heads together to think up another alternative.


Due to the New Year's holiday, today's regularly scheduled original episode was not shown. Programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd with no lost episodes - the action will pick up exactly where it left off.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2001

Amber fantasizes about the success her new "Ambrosia" line will be to the bottom line at Forrester. Hearing Stephanie call his mother a "whore," Rick angrily confronts her and Taylor and blasts them for badmouthing Brooke. He orders them to leave Brooke's office but Stephanie refuses. Rick reminds her that she's badmouthing the CEO of Forrester and insists that the bed be brought back into the office as a symbol of the success that Brooke is in the industry. He threatens them both and then leaves as Ridge arrives. Hearing what happened, Ridge lectures his wife and mother about the way they treat Brooke but Stephanie urges Ridge to use his new power to make significant changes at Forrester. Ridge admits that he and Eric talked about going back to the classic look of years gone by and Taylor advises them both that she heard people badmouthing Forrester because of Brooke's scandalous designs. Meanwhile, Rick runs home and complains to Amber about the way Stephanie trashed his mother. Bridget pays her mom a visit at the spa and gets off on the wrong foot by talking about how great Deacon is. Brooke insists that she not talk to her husband about her troubles. Bridget then encourages her mother with compliments about her professional life.

Thursday, January 3, 2001

At home, Deacon asked Bridget if Brooke had revealed to her why she's so depressed. Bridget couldn't get an answer out of Brooke. All Brooke hinted at is that she's very ashamed of herself for some reason. Bridget deduced that Brooke's depression was caused by something other than her divorce from Thorne and her recent rejection by Ridge. Bridget was determined to find out why Brooke is so upset.

Meanwhile at the spa, Brooke dreamt of the night that she and Deacon had made love. Without Bridget's knowledge, Deacon telephoned Brooke at the spa to find out why she is so depressed. Deacon told Brooke he is worried about her because he cares about her. Brooke didn't believe him. Deacon assumed that Brooke was feeling guilty because the two of them had made love while he was married to Bridget. Deacon told her not to feel guilty, because if they had known that his marriage to Bridget would work out, they would have never acted on their feelings. Brooke later admitted to Christine that she had committed an unforgivable sin. What Brooke felt was even worse about though, she enjoyed what she had done!

Stephanie went to Massimo's penthouse to tell him that Ridge had been made CEO of Forrester Creations. Stephanie told him that she agrees with him that Ridge is a leader. Massimo was happy that Stephanie finally had something positive to say about Massimo's relationship with Ridge. Stephanie apologized for her lack of compassion towards Massimo. She regretted that he must keep the secret that he is Ridge's father. Stephanie admitted those years ago she loved Massimo and that she still does. She told him that nothing could come of her feelings for him.

Ridge conducted his first meeting at Forrester Creations as the CEO. Ridge allowed Taylor to remain at the meeting because there was something that he wanted her to hear. Ridge. Ridge proposed that the Brooke's Bedroom line of lingerie is eliminated from the company. Eric was pleased at Ridge's proposal. Thorne was surprised. Thorne warned that Brooke would "go ballistic" when she finds out that her line was eliminated. Even with the worry about what Brooke would do, Thorne, Eric and Ridge all voted to eliminate Brooke's Bedroom. Ridge announced that the production of the Brooke's Bedroom line would stop the next day. Ridge commented that Forrester Creations was back in the business of fashion. Thorne warned "God help us when Brooke finds out."

Friday, January 4, 2001

Rick and Amber talk about how Ridge is now CEO of Forrester Creations and how he would never do anything to hurt Brooke. Taking the bed out of Brooke's office was Stephanie and Taylor's idea and Ridge insisted that it be put back. Deacon confronts Megan to find out if she knows what is wrong with Brooke since they are friends. Megan admits that she knows that he and Brooke were together and that they had a really strong connection. Deacon admits that they had a strong connection, but that nothing came out of it. Deacon asks Megan if there is anything he should know because of the way she is acting. When she won't tell him, he storms out to get answers from Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is at Spa Ojai talking to Dr. Isabelle, a therapist, who is staying there. Brooke tells her that she continues to remember the night that she and Deacon were together. She tells the doctor that she hates Deacon and that she is pregnant. The doctor tells Brooke that it is possible that she doesn't hate Deacon, but really has strong feelings for him. Thorne and Ridge talk about pulling the bedroom line was the best decision for Forrester. Ridge tells Thorne that they have a stack of orders from previous clients who are thrilled that the bedroom line has been pulled. When Bridget tells Rick that Ridge pulled Brooke's bedroom line, he storms out to confront Ridge. Brooke has another dream that Deacon visits her at Spa Ojai and they end up kissing.

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