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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, February 18, 2002

As Deacon helps Brooke don her shawl to cover her bulging belly, Brooke thanks him for his support during this difficult situation. Deacon assures Brooke that the press conference will go off without a hitch. Unable to help a model close her see-through wrap, Rick complains to Eric about Ridge's unwillingness to help at the press conference. Amber leaks to Megan that Stephanie guessed correctly that Brooke is pregnant. As Rick and Deacon prepare the staff for the press conference, Eric is surprised to hear that Brooke won't be answering any questions. As the reporters enter, Bridget comments to Rick about how scared their mother looks at the podium. Ridge laughs at the idea when Stephanie gloats that Brooke is pregnant. Thorne doubts it as well since he knows Brooke isn't dating anyone. Ridge stares at a camera shot of the podium and catches a glimpse of Brooke's pregnant belly. Assured, Stephanie insists that Brooke get a taste of her own medicine today so Ridge and Thorne head to the press conference where Rick is asked questions about the reinstatement of Brooke's Bedroom line. When Brooke lectures the crowd about her daring line of underwear, Stephanie heads to the podium and questions Brooke about why she won't be the lead model again. She then stuns everyone by revealing that the "queen of family values" is pregnant and pulls off Brooke's shawl to reveal her "condition."

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

At the Forrester Creations press conference, it became a fiasco when Stephanie asked Brooke who the father of her baby is. Bridget was stunned to learn that Brooke is pregnant and couldn't believe it at first. Whip Jones decided to help Brooke out and told the press that, he is, in fact, the baby's father.

In his office, Massimo fretted over thoughts of the kiss he shared with Stephanie. He was so deep in thought that he didn't hear Sally enter his office. Sally tried to take him on a date, but Massimo wasn't interested. Massimo was too preoccupied by what was happening at Forrester Creations. Greg called Massimo from the Forrester Creations press conference as Massimo had directed him to. Greg told Massimo that it was revealed that Brooke is pregnant and that Whip Jones is the father of her baby. Sally was a bit suspicious that Whip is the father. The reason that she was suspicious was that Brooke had a pattern of seducing the Forrester men. As far as Sally knew, Whip was an unknown person.

Back at the press conference, a reporter asked Brooke if she's happy about having a baby with Whip. Before replying, Brooke turned to Deacon who was next to her and looked at him. She then told the press that she is happy. Whip answered questions from the press. He told the press that he and Brooke have a relationship, but hadn't discussed marriage yet. Stephanie told Rick that Brooke should be removed as CEO of Forrester Creations. Stephanie intended to fix all of the damage that was done during the press conference. Stephanie had an informal meeting with Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Rick and Amber. She asked Whip to leave the room, because he is not part of their family.

Bridget went to Brooke's office and confronted Brooke about her pregnancy. Deacon who was present tried to soften the blow for Bridget. Bridget admitted that she was very hurt because Brooke didn't feel close enough to her to confide in her about her pregnancy. Bridget demanded to know from Brooke if she is in love with Whip? Brooke said that she is in love with the father of her baby. Bridget assumed that Brooke is in love with Whip.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Stephanie and the rest of the family confront Brooke in her office and suggest that Brooke protect the legacy she intends to leave for her children by resigning. As Rick, Deacon, Bridget and Whip stare in disbelief, Brooke quickly refuses. Ridge argues that she's fooling herself if she thinks that her actions will not affect the company. Stephanie calls Brooke a "whore" and then is forced to leave Brooke's office by Eric who urges her to calm down. Stephanie instead turns her anger towards Eric and blasts him for allowing Brooke to do this. Eric lays into Stephanie for her outrageous actions at the press conference. Stunned, Stephanie asks him how he can allow Brooke to spit on the name Forrester. Eric insists on working together but Stephanie screams at him to get out of her office. Later, Massimo arrives and tries to comfort a still-angry Stephanie. He offers to solve her problem by taking her and Ridge away from this mess. Sidling up to Brooke as if they're lovers, Whip assures her that they will get through all of this. Bridget senses her mother's hiding more from her and pleads with her to talk about her troubles. Instead, Brooke asks them to leave. Ridge vents to Taylor about Eric allowing Brooke to destroy all they have done and decides to stop Brooke himself. She's caught off guard to hear him praising the advice he received from Massimo.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

In her office, Brooke demanded to know why Whip told the press that he's the father of her baby. Whip simply told Brooke he didn't know why, but he was there to help. Brooke assumed it because Whip wanted the head of promotions position at Forrester Creations that Deacon was hired for. Brooke sarcastically warned Whip that all he has to gain right now is nothing. Whip wanted to know who the father of her baby is and whom he is protecting. Brooke would not answer Whip.

Bridget told Deacon that even though Brooke claims she's in love with Whip, there doesn't seem to be any feelings or chemistry between Brooke and Whip. Bridget observed that Deacon didn't seem surprised that Whip is the father of Brooke's baby. Bridget sensed that Deacon knows more about Brooke's situation than he is revealing. Bridget vowed to figure out what is going on with Brooke.

Thorne, Kristen and Eric tried to put a positive spin on Brooke's scandal and the fact that she is still the majority stockholder. Eric was resigned to the fact that Brooke is still CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge was livid with Thorne, Kristen and Eric for not wanting to fight Brooke to regain control of Forrester Creations, especially because of the scandal that Brooke had caused. Eric advised Ridge that if he didn't want to work together to try to keep the company together, he should leave. Ridge angrily announced that he was leaving Forrester Creations.

Massimo tried to comfort Stephanie over the fact that Eric was siding with Brooke at Forrester Creations. He advised Stephanie that now is the time for she and Ridge to cut their ties with Forrester Creations. While Stephanie and Massimo embraced, Ridge walked in. Ridge didn't condemn Stephanie for turning to Massimo at this time. Massimo advised Ridge that his future is not with Forrester Creations. Massimo was confident that Ridge had come to that realization himself.

Deacon warned Whip not to call him "bartender" ever again. Deacon advised Whip that he knows that Whip is not the father of Brooke's baby. Deacon said he is sure of this because Brooke wouldn't be interested in any man like him. Whip bragged that he doesn't care about the promotions position at Forrester Creations any longer. Whip continued to brag that he's going to be raising a baby and servicing the baby's mother. Whip's words enraged Deacon. Deacon grabbed Whip and warned him if he took advantage of Brooke, that he would flatten him. Whip was surprised by the degree of Deacon's protectiveness he had toward his mother-in-law.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Massimo gives Ridge many reasons why Ridge and Stephanie should leave Forrester and join him in his life and at his company. He tells Ridge that he loves Stephanie and that Ridge has everything to gain by leaving Forrester. Ridge isn't sure. He doesn't think he has many options in terms of what he would do if he left Forrester. Massimo tells Ridge he can come and work at his company. There, he would be in control and call all the shots. Massimo promises Ridge fulfillment, control, power with no strings attached. He asks Ridge what he has to compare that to at Forrester and points out that as long as Brooke holds the majority of stock shares the most Ridge can expect to do if he stays is undermine Brooke and make her life hell. Massimo asks Ridge why he would chose a life of frustration for himself when he and Stephanie deserve so much more. He also validates Ridge's feelings that Eric does nothing to support Ridge; instead choosing to give his sympathies to Brooke, and their children together. Massimo tells Ridge he has asked Stephanie to leave Eric and move in with him. Although Stephanie says she doesn't know what she wants to do, she does nothing to interrupt Massimo's statements to Ridge.

Whip "holds court" in Brooke's office with a couple of reporters, elaborating on things he and Brooke supposedly did together during their secret courtship. Brooke and Deacon enter and Brooke asks the reporters to leave, refusing their request to come by her house and take pictures in the "day of the life of the lovers" at her home. Brooke and Deacon are angry at Whip's attitude of prancing around like the "proud father" of Brooke's baby. He's enjoying the lie for all its worth. He tells Brooke she should be grateful to him for stepping up with the lie, otherwise who knows what she might have said to the reporters. Whip is not happy to learn that Brooke told Deacon he's not the father of her baby. He wonders if Brooke has also told Deacon who the father of the baby really is. He hints that if they don't do more to make him happy, give him some respect and appreciation for bailing her out of her current predicament, he will have to occupy his time with other things - such as finding out who the real father of the baby is. Brooke does a fast reversal and tells Whip that he's right she hasn't really shown her appreciation. Deacon is resistant to apologizing to Whip until Brooke pressures him to. She wants them both to back off of Whip so his suspicions will calm down. Whip smugly leaves Brooke's office smiling like a Cheshire cat!

Meanwhile Eric and Thorne are discussing the repercussions of the family split on how to handle the effects of Brooke's pregnancy on the Forrester image. They also talk about Ridge's attitude and unwillingness to join the family in trying to put a positive spin on the budding scandal. They wonder at how different he is from the other members of the family in his thinking and action. Thorne is concerned that Ridge might leave Forrester. Eric is convinced that when all is said and done, Ridge will show himself to be Eric's son and do the right thing. Eric thinks in some way it may be his fault for not being sensitive enough to Ridge and Stephanie's feelings. Thorne assures him that's not true.

Unable to dismiss anything that Massimo has said, Ridge realizes he has an important decision to make.

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