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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, April 8, 2002

Rick talks to a hospitalized Amber. He worries that it has something to do with her kidneys. The doctor comes in and has a worried look on his face, they ask what it is, but he is very cryptic. He tells them that it is not food poisoning as initially predicted. He tells them that he wants to do more tests and an ultrasound. Bridget and Deacon stop in to see Amber. They ask what is going on and Rick tells them that he feels that it is her kidneys. She again brushes off the notion that it's her kidneys. The doctor tells her that she shouldn't be doing anything strenuous or stressful. Rick tells her to cancel her premier for her Ambrosia line. She refuses and asks the doctor if she can leave. He agrees and they walk out to sign the appropriate papers. Rick tells Deacon and Bridget that he fears that Amber's kidney may be failing thanks to him. She now only has one good kidney when she donated her other to save his life a few years ago.

Stephanie stops by to see Eric, who is surprised, but elated to see her. She tells him that she was seeing the neighbors, but later confesses that she missed him. He tells her that he has missed her more than ever. "Why", she asks. "Like you didn't know", he sheepishly answers back. He begs her to please come back, but tells her not to answer him until tomorrow night. I am going to cook you dinner for our anniversary. He then brings up Massimo. He tells her that Ridge found out that Massimo orchestrated his whole downfall, by coaching Rick on being business savvy. He warns her how dangerous Massimo is. He tells her to plan to stay when she comes for dinner. She looks at him, but doesn't answer. She is starting to leave, when Eric says tell him tonight, tell him that you are coming back to me. Meanwhile, Massimo is visiting Taylor. She doesn't want to hear what he has to say. "He will never forgive you for stabbing him in the back, and I don't blame him", she says. He tells that he did it for his own good, but she spats back not to rationalize the awful things that he did to him. He asks her what if he was to make Ridge sole heir to his company. She asks him why. "I must give it to someone", he replies. That answer doesn't suit her and she asks him to leave. Stephanie heads to Massimo's. He tells her that Ridge must learn the truth. Stephanie tells him that would destroy her life, if he were to reveal the truth. She tells him that that would kill her. He tells her that the thought of living without one or the other or both would kill him. She asks if he would settle for her. They start to kiss and head toward the bedroom. Massimo is not sure of what to make of Stephanie's change of heart.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

At home, Taylor announced to Ridge that she had met with Massimo the previous evening. Ridge became very upset and asked Taylor why she had done such a thing? Taylor advised that Massimo wouldn't stop calling and leaving telephone messages for her. Taylor informed Ridge that all Massimo had wanted was to see Ridge. Ridge was not receptive to the idea of seeing Massimo.

At Massimo's apartment, Massimo and Stephanie shared morning coffee. Massimo had remembered exactly how Stephanie likes coffee. Massimo told her that he knew that Stephanie wasn't ready to share a bed with him. Massimo told her he was happy that she was there with him because he considers her his queen. Stephanie revealed that Eric had invited her to celebrate their wedding anniversary that evening. Stephanie advised Massimo that she would not return to Eric if it meant that Massimo would tell Ridge that he's his father. Ridge telephoned Massimo while Stephanie was present and demanded that Massimo meet him in Massimo's office immediately. Massimo promised Stephanie he wouldn't reveal their secret as long as she remained in a relationship with him.

Stephanie went to Eric's to celebrate their anniversary, so Eric thought. Thorne greeted Stephanie and wished her a happy anniversary. Eric was romantic and happy that Stephanie had returned to him. Eric gave Stephanie a necklace with two hearts intertwined. Eric told Stephanie that the necklace represented their two hearts and the fact that they had almost lost their love. Eric touched Stephanie. Suddenly, Stephanie dropped a bomb on Eric. Stephanie announced that she is moving in with Massimo. Eric was completely devastated. Eric couldn't understand why Stephanie would move in with Massimo especially after she had already agreed that she would return home to Eric this evening. Eric felt that Massimo had pressured Stephanie or that something was very wrong. Stephanie knew she couldn't tell Eric why she was moving in with Massimo. Stephanie told Eric only that there would be less destruction if she moved in with Massimo. Eric understood Stephanie to mean that she's in love with Massimo. In his anger, Eric threw Stephanie out of the house.

Bridget stopped by Ridge and Taylor's to deliver a gift to Ridge. She told Taylor that she had heard about Ridge's hand injury and felt badly about it. Bridget also apologized for Deacon. Taylor sarcastically questioned Bridget about why Deacon hadn't come in person to see Ridge if he was sorry for injuring his hand and ending his career. Taylor also mentioned that the reason Rick had done so well at Forrester Creations was because Massimo had coached him. Bridget seemed truly surprised. Taylor told Bridget that a gift couldn't make everything go away.

Ridge arrived at Massimo's office in a fury. Ridge why it is that Massimo keeps interfering in Ridge's life? Massimo told Ridge the reason is because he cares deeply about him. Ridge didn't understand and accused Massimo of being psychotic. Ridge expressed deep hatred toward Massimo. He told Massimo that he would either have to stay away from him or that Ridge would fight him to the death. Massimo said he can't stay away but didn't explain why. Massimo did tell Ridge however, that before he makes a decision to keep Massimo away forever, he must first show Ridge something. Massimo warned Ridge that what he's about to show him will change his life forever. Ridge gave in and agreed to see what Massimo wanted to show him. Massimo opened the door to allow Ridge inside to see what Massimo wanted to show him. Whatever Ridge saw seemed to shock him!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Amber walked into Forrester and was surprised that Megan, Deacon and Bridget questioned why she was there. They told Amber that her Ambrosia collection was put on hold until she was feeling better. Amber assured them that she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her baby and convinced them that it was "their time to shine." Amber said convincingly to them that the show must go on. They supported her in her decision and began busily making preparations for the showing. Alone in the office, Amber had an unsettling sensation as she was drawing.

In Paris, Whip comforted Brooke about her situation with Deacon. Brooke, feeling depressed, called herself "a loser." She said that it was a tragedy to get older because of the limitations in having her dream come true. Whip reassured her by saying that she'll have the security and love that she desired, maybe not in the way that she envisioned it. Maybe it would be something better! "I want to be that something for you," uttered Whip. An emotional Brooke told Whip that she couldn't be what he wanted her to be. Whip kissed her lightly on the forehead and went to bed. Alone, Brooke admitted that she couldn't go on like this and cried out for Deacon. In tears, Brooke called Deacon and told him that she loved him and that he would always have her heart. She reiterated that it was over between them and asked Deacon if he understood. She then said, "I'm calling to say goodbye-goodbye forever!" With tears streaming down her eyes, Brooke immediately hung up the phone.

At Marone Industries, Ridge gazed in wonderment at a beautifully decorated office complete with Ridge's executive portrait on the wall. Confused, Ridge asked Massimo to explain what this was. Massimo told Ridge that he could use this office and all of its resources to teach those at Forrester a lesson because what they did to Ridge was wrong. Massimo promised Ridge that one day Ridge would own Marone Industries and be his sole heir. Ridge would lead on when Massimo was gone. Skeptical, Ridge listened as Massimo explained that he wasn't getting any younger and had no family of his own to pass his company and wealth to. Massimo said that Ridge had the integrity that he valued and Ridge could also be trusted with his mission for running the company. Again, Ridge asked Massimo to level with him about his real motive. Ridge wondered what the catch was. Massimo told Ridge just to make him proud that he made the right choice. Massimo admired Ridge's qualities of temperament, guts, and determination. Ridge noted that it almost sounded like a father talking to his son. Massimo assured Ridge that all of his intentions would be written in his will and that he could count on his word, which was rock-solid, like granite. Massimo enticed him even further with the power that Ridge would have-a fleet of ships at his disposal, a chance to meet world leaders, and someday pass all of this to his own children! Ridge questioned, "And you get nothing?" Massimo looked at Ridge and said, "I get your respect and gratitude-that's enough!" Again skeptical, Ridge wondered if Massimo was manipulating him.

In a complete turnaround, Ridge announced that he accepted Massimo's offer. Ridge and Massimo locked hands and embraced. Thinking to himself, Massimo realized that all his life was building to this-- he now had it all because his family was united at last!

Thursday, April 11, 2002

At home, Taylor asked Stephanie about her romantic anniversary celebration with Eric. Stephanie revealed that she and Eric did not have dinner together. She also revealed that she and Eric are not going to reconcile. Taylor couldn't comprehend why Stephanie is leaving Eric. She asked Stephanie if its because Eric sided with Brooke at Forrester Creations? Stephanie acknowledged it part of the reason. She revealed she has moved in with Massimo. Taylor urged Stephanie to talk to her and divulge her feelings. Stephanie refused to Tell Taylor anything further. Ridge arrived and informed them that he had met with Massimo. To their surprise, he informed them that although he was very angry when he went to see Massimo, their meeting turned out quite civilized. Ridge dropped on bomb on both Stephanie and Taylor when he told them that Massimo had hired him to run Marone Industries. Ridge also told them that Massimo intends for Ridge to be the sole heir to his entire estate, which is worth billions of dollars.

Massimo paid Eric a visit at home. Massimo's intention was to inform Eric that he had hired Ridge to ruin Marone Industries. Eric was hostile toward Massimo. He advised Massimo that Ridge would never trust him. He reminded Massimo that Ridge knows that he coached Rick. Before Eric threw him out, Massimo informed Eric that Ridge had accepted his job offer. To add to Eric's shock, Massimo informed him that Ridge would be the sole heir to his entire estate.

At Forrester Creations, preparations were being made for the big showing, which would feature Amber's new clothing line. Amber was ecstatic that she finally would be known as a fashion designer. Amber worked on the showing against Rick and her doctor's advice. When Amber did the sound check, she entertained everyone by singing a song. Deacon and Bridget kept an eye on Amber's condition. Suddenly, Amber began having severe pain!

Friday, April 12, 2002

Today was the premiere of the Ambrosia line. Over at Forrester there was the usual backstage hubbub with models rushing around getting ready, pre-show pep talks from Amber encouraging the models to pump up the excitement level while Eric stressed the importance of remembering that even though they were showcasing a new, younger generation of talent, it is still Forrester Creations with the same principles and high standards. Amber was so nervous and excited she failed to notice Rick's surprise - her name on the door of her office. Bridget had a moment when she wished her mom could be there to see her because she knows that Brooke would be proud of her. Deacon assures her that they are making a tape of the showing that Brooke will be able to watch. At Ridge's house, he is moping and feeling a lot of sour grapes toward his siblings for throwing their support behind Amber's line. He says he feels sorry for Eric because he knows that deep down in his heart Eric can't really be enjoying what's happening to his company. Stephanie wishes she could be there to see Amber's excitement as her dreams come true. Ridge says he wishes he could be there to see her fall on her face. Stephanie tries to be objective and reminds Ridge that Amber and Rick are like two little children fulfilling childish dreams. Much of their behavior she excused due to their youth. In Amber's case, she tells Ridge that Amber has had a pretty rocky life and what's happening for her now is like a fairy tale come true. At the finale, Amber sings as the models take a final catwalk. Audience response to her clothing line is very favorable. As she stands at the end of the runway glowing in the applause and cameras, Amber suddenly collapses.

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