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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, May13, 2002

Zende wants to call Erica. Tony and Kristen walk in and ask Zende why is not dressed and ready to go to the party. He tells them that he wants to call and invite Erica, an aid he met at school. They are both a little unsettled by the age difference, but Zende begs them and they agree to let him invite her. Meanwhile, Erica envisions a life with Rick, but comes back to reality, swearing she could never make him happy. The phone rings and she wishes that it were Zende. It is, and he invites her to the party and she is more than happy to oblige.

Stephanie figures out that Deacon is the father of Brooke's baby. She freaks and Brooke tries to deny it, but to no avail. Stephanie gets in her face and calls her the slut of Beverly Hills and Brooke slaps her across the face. Stephanie gets enraged and swears that if she weren't pregnant, she would kill her right now. She beats herself up for letting Deacon stay a part of Bridget's life in the first place. Deacon warns her not quick beating up on Brooke and help them try to figure a way out of this. Stephanie asks Deacon to leave; she wants to talk to Brooke alone. Brooke tells him to go, she will be fine. Once he's gone, Stephanie tells Brooke for the sake of Bridget, she WILL marry Whip. She will not let her Bridget's life be destroyed. Brooke then makes herself out to be the victim in this whole mess and enrages Stephanie once again. She drags Brooke to the mirror and asks her and asks her to look at her miserable self. She again warns her that she will marry Whip. "What gives you the right", Brooke spats. Stephanie counts out the reasons, but stating Caroline, Taylor, and Macy. "Especially Macy because she died thanks to you. Aand I will not let Bridget become your next victim", she warns. She tells Brooke the only unselfish love you have is her love for her children, if she gives that up, she truly is a monster. Brooke weeps she doesn't know if she can. "You have to," Stephanie states. "Do you understand Mrs. Whip Jones?"
Meanwhile Megan happens in on an unsettled Deacon, he proceeds to tell her that Stephanie found out. Megan asks what she is going to do. Deacon tells her that he doesn't know. They are down there trying to figure it out. Megan is immediately worried about Brooke's safety, telling Deacon that Stephanie despises Brooke and he must go down and make sure Brooke is okay. Deacon rushes off to go find out.

Tuesday, May14, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie condemned Brooke for her relationship with Deacon and her betrayal of her daughter. Stephanie told Brooke that she has no choice but to marry Deacon, otherwise she would destroy Bridget. Stephanie told Brooke that she would attend Bridget's party and pretend that she is happy to be marrying Whip. Stephanie told Brooke that she was not going to allow Brooke to destroy Bridget.

Whip's mother was very reluctant to attend the engagement party for Whip and Brooke. She pointed out that Whip is marrying a woman who is carrying another man's baby; and worse, a woman who does not love him. Whip managed to convince his mother to attend the party, anyway.

Deacon came back into Brooke's office and interceded. He told Brooke to go home. Stephanie advised him that Brooke is going to Bridget's party and that she is going to marry Whip. She berated Deacon for his relationship with Brooke. She told him that he does not have a clue about what love is. She reminded Deacon that Bridget defended him to the Forrester family when they got married. Deacon saw fit to betray Bridget. Stephanie demanded that Deacon quit his job at Forrester Creations, divorce Bridget and leave town. Deacon defended his relationship with Brooke. He told Stephanie that he loves Bridget, despite his relationship with Brooke. Stephanie's anger escalated into violence. She slapped Deacon several times. She demanded that Deacon end his marriage to Bridget tonight. Deacon refused to do so. Deacon warned Stephanie about just how evil Whip really is. Stephanie had nothing but praise for Whip's antics.

At Bridget's party, Mrs. Jones was convinced that Brooke would not show at the party. She noticed that neither Brooke nor her lover had arrived yet. Mrs. Jones began to leave. Thorne arrived at the party. He told Bridget that he was hoping that Brooke is not making another marital mistake. Rick arrived with Amber who appeared to not be well. Rick explained that Amber's doctor would not give her any more of the pain medication. Bridget advised Amber to take a nap in her bedroom. Rick was nervous when he saw Erica at the party. He knew that neither he nor Bridget had invited her to the party. Rick was relieved when he realized that Zende had invited Erica to the party. Bridget kept wondering why Deacon had not arrived yet. Megan covered for Deacon. She told Bridget that Deacon was still in a meeting at Forrester Creations.

Brooke arrived at the party just as Whip and Mrs. Jones were leaving. Whip introduced his mother to Brooke. Brooke told Whip that there was stuff going on that she would inform him about later. Stephanie arrived at the party. She was there to show support of Whip and Brooke. Bridget was happy that Stephanie was in full support of Brooke. Brooke hid her true feelings from Bridget. Brooke glared at Stephanie when Bridget was not looking.

Wednesday, May15, 2002

At the engagement party, Erica explained to a surprised Amber that Zende invited her as his guest because she knew him from working at his school. Erica offered to babysit Little Eric at the wedding, but Rick told her that wouldn't be necessary. Erica received a phone call from her friend from home, informing her that her mother knew of her whereabouts. Erica's mother then got on the phone and told her to come home immediately. Erica refused, so her mother promised her that she would come to Los Angeles.

Bridget thanked all the Forrester family for attending her party. She noted that the Forrester's come together to celebrate the family's strength and unity. Talking to Stephanie, Bridget sensed that something was bothering her mother. She wondered if her mother was getting "cold feet" about the wedding. Stephanie told her not to worry.

Deacon asked Brooke for a few minutes alone so they could talk. Away from the others, Deacon told her that they have to stop the wedding right now and tell Bridget the truth. Whip interrupted them and escorted Brooke back to the party. Whip reminded Brooke that she just has to get through one more night and then Deacon would be out of her life for good. Whip's mother told Brooke that she wished she could know her better. She reaffirmed Whip's good qualities and told Brooke how important she believed the sanctity of marriage to be. Joy hoped that this would be Brooke's last marriage. Whip assured his mother that he and Brooke would be very happy together.

Stepping outside, Stephanie saw Whip and asked him why he wasn't with Brooke. She told him that she knew what was going on and scolded him for playing games with her family. She questioned Whip about Bridget finding out their secret and asked Whip if he was going through with this wedding. Stephanie told Whip that Bridget loved her mother so this wedding has to happen and has to last. She begged him to keep Brooke away from Deacon. Back inside, Stephanie told Brooke to stop sneaking around with Deacon. Stephanie then told Deacon, "Stay away from her—she's going to marry him and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Arriving late at the party, Ridge and Taylor sensed the tension among the family. They thought it was strange that Deacon and Whip didn't acknowledge their presence. Thorne congratulated Ridge on his new job. Distant with his brother, Ridge assured him that the payoff would be enormous after he was finished building the business from the ground up. Ridge reminded Tony not to tell anyone that he was now running Spectra Fashions. Ridge gloated to him by saying that they would make a fortune and put Forrester permanently out of business.

In a toast to the wedding couple, Bridget told everyone how dedicated Whip was to her mother and how loyal he would be to her. She saw this wedding as something positive for the family in light of the recent turmoil. Teary-eyed, Bridget stressed how important it was to have relationships with those that we love. She mentioned all of the joy that Deacon had brought to her life. Bridget announced that she was thrilled and very happy for her mother and Whip. Stephanie then leaned over to Brooke and whispered to her, "You're going to marry Whip and raise that baby and forget all about Deacon Sharpe!"

Thursday, May16, 2002

Outside at Bridget's party, Erica panicked that her mother would find her in LA. Kristen and Tony were concerned about Erica's state of mind. Erica denied anything was wrong.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally predicted to Massimo that amber's designs would be very hard for Spectra to compete with. Massimo reminded her that Ridge is a legend, talented and that Forrester Creations will not know what hit them.

Outside at Bridget's party, Amber grieved and blamed herself for the death of her two babies. She swallowed some pills to numb her emotional pain. Inside, Deacon advised Whip that if he marries Brooke, Deacon comes along with the package. Deacon tried to persuade Brooke that Bridget needs to know the truth. Brooke vowed that Bridget should never discover that Deacon is the father of Brooke's baby. Whip and Deacon pretended to support one another in front of Kristen. Mrs. Jones told Stephanie that Brooke does not seem to be excited about her marriage to Whip. She was surprised to learn that Stephanie is in favor of Brooke marrying Whip. Bridget congratulated Ridge on his new job at Marone Industries. Bridget told Ridge that she is worried about Brooke because something seems off. Ridge explained that Taylor made the same observation about Brooke. A very intoxicated Amber came back inside. Everyone noticed that Amber was intoxicated. Rick ushered Amber to the bedroom to sleep it off. Bridget approached Brooke and demanded to know exactly what is going on with her right now! Brooke denied anything was wrong. Before Bridget could press Brooke for an answer, Whip gathered everyone at the party, then asked Deacon to be the best man at he and Brooke's wedding. Outside, Rick asked Erica to assist he and Amber at Brooke's wedding. After the party, Stephanie advised Brooke not to mess things up!

Friday, May17, 2002

It's the day of Brooke's wedding. Amber is lethargic (hung over from her prescription meds). Rick struggles to get her to dress Little Eric but Amber just wants to go take a nap. Bridget is running around tying together loose ends of her mom's wedding. The house is buzzing with caterers, floral arrangers, etc. The only thing Deacon has on his mind is getting to Brooke and trying to talk her out of walking down the aisle. He tries to call to talk to her but Rick answers the phone but Brooke tells Rick to tell him that she's too busy and can't talk. He comes to the house and Rick waylays him and tells him that he needs to get dressed. He's just about to leave to go to Brooke when Bridget shows up and Whip teasingly tells her to "get her husband out of his clothes" and into his wedding attire. Erica shows up just in the nick of time and offers to help get Little Eric dressed. Brooke is in her bedroom having flashbacks of the entire romantic times she and Deacon have spent together. She's getting nervous and starting to think Deacon might be right. All she can think of is that a marriage to Whip can't work because she doesn't love him, then she goes back to the side of thinking that it's the right thing to do for her daughter and her unborn baby. Stephanie shows up in Brooke's bedroom and recognizes that Brooke is struggling with doing the right thing. She tells Brooke she wants her to choose her daughter's welfare over her own desires. Whip comes in also and tells Brooke she's doing the right thing and that everything will be all right. Stephanie and Whip leave for Brooke to get dressed and finally, Deacon is able to get in to see her. No words are exchanged; they just fling themselves into each other's arms.

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