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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, May 20, 2002

Whip is getting ready for his upcoming nuptials when Stephanie walks in and pressures him to hurry up. "You're crazy if you think Brooke won't try to back out", she warns. Whip wonders where Deacon is, but assures himself that he is not off convincing Brooke not to marry him. Stephanie again warns that until those vows are spoken, anything is possible. Meanwhile, Deacon is exactly where Whip did not want him, convincing Brooke to tell Bridget the truth and not to marry Whip. He begs Brooke to tell Bridget the truth. He tells her that by marrying Whip, it will only stall the inevitable. After much pressuring she agrees to tell Bridget the truth. Bridget taps on the door and comes in with a gift for Brooke. She is about to tell her when, you guessed it, Stephanie walks in. She tries to force Brooke downstairs, but Bridget stops her, stating she has a gift for Brooke. Bridget upholds tradition and has something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Her first gift is an old picture of Bridget as a baby with Brooke. The next is a new picture with her (Bridget) and Deacon. The next is the snow globe that Deacon gave to her while she was in the hospital after her accident. She hopes it gives Brooke the good luck that it has given her. The last is a rather sad poem that brings Brooke to tears and to the realization she must marry Whip. While this is taking place Deacon is taunting Whip with the fact that Brooke may be telling Bridget the whole truth and may not go through with her marriage to him. Whip scowls that there is nothing he can do to stop the wedding. "You are right about one thing", Deacon quips, it's not me that will stop the wedding, it's Brooke." Deacon and Whip walk down the aisle and place themselves at the front. Deacon tries to convince himself that Brooke will do the right thing and tell Bridget the truth. Just then Bridget starts her march down the aisle and Deacon notices she is smiling. Not long after she makes it down the stairs the wedding march begins and Brooke prepares to walk down the aisle. She stops and a tear rolls down her face as she decides whether on not to marry Whip.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

At Brooke's home, the wedding of Whip and Brooke began. As Brooke walked down the aisle to marry Whip, she stopped and cried. But, Brooke then finished walking down the aisle. Brooke took her place next to the groom. As she stood next to Whip and the ceremony began, Brooke and Deacon exchanged glances.

Upstairs, during Brooke's wedding ceremony, Erica cared for Little Eric as requested by Rick and Amber. She marveled that she was not only at Brooke Logan's wedding, but in Rick and Amber's bedroom. Erica had a minor concern that her mother would locate her in LA. Erica had a long daydream in which she fantasized that Rick had left Amber and was in love with her.

As Brooke's wedding ceremony continued, she continued to be uncertain about marrying Whip. Brooke had flashbacks of Stephanie, Bridget, Megan, Whip and Deacon in her mind. Her final thought was that she could not hurt Bridget by revealing that she and Deacon are in love and about to have a child together. Brooke reluctantly repeated her wedding vows. The minister announced that Brooke and Whip were married. After all of the guests left the house to bid the bride and groom farewell, Deacon stayed behind and wept over losing Brooke.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Brooke chose her old room at the Spa to spend her wedding night with Whip. Whip commented that the room was ordinary and he was disappointed that it wasn't a plush wedding suite. Brooke reminded Whip that sex was not at the top of her priority list since she was very pregnant. Whip confronted Brooke about saying her wedding vows to Deacon since she stared at him as she said her vows. He admitted to her that she doesn't love him or want him to touch her. Whip wondered if he should just leave now because Brooke's played him like "a star-crossed lover." He begged her not to treat him that way. Whip noticed a present and gave it to Brooke to open. It was a skimpy negligee from Bridget. Whip asked his wife to wear it but she didn't. Whip told Brooke to at least meet him ten percent in order to make their marriage work. He told his wife that he did love her.

With the wedding guests gone, Erica and Amber briefly discussed the day's events. Abruptly, Amber dismissed Erica and went upstairs. Erica started to leave when Rick entered the room. Erica asked Rick if Amber was mad at her because she seemed rude to her. Rick reminded her that Amber was dealing with a lot of grief and was in pain. He thought that Amber needed to move on with her life. Erica alluded to having a strange relationship with her mother, just as Amber's relationship with her mother was weird. Before Erica left, Rick offered her a full time job babysitting Eric. Erica happily accepted. Back at Erica's apartment, Ziggy called out to Erica. He let himself inside the dark apartment and sensed that someone was there. He gingerly looked around for someone. Suddenly, someone struck him on the back of his head. Ziggy fell to the floor and the intruder took all of his keys. Erica later came home to find Ziggy lying on her floor.

Bridget was grateful to Stephanie for giving her a ride home after the ceremony since Deacon left her stranded there. Bridget felt that something weird was going on with her mother and Deacon. She told Stephanie that she couldn't shake the feeling that something was going on that she didn't know about. Stephanie tried to assure her that Brooke and Whip would be happy together. After Stephanie left, Bridget called her mom to ask if everything was all right. Bridget told her that she was worried about her and wanted to know if she was sure about her marriage to Whip. Brooke assured her daughter that she was sure about marrying him. "I married Whip out of love for you, your brother and this baby." Bridget said that she loved her mother. A teary-eyed Brooke told Bridget that she lived for those words. Hanging up the phone, Brooke doubled over and sobbed uncontrollably.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Erica returned to her apartment and found Ziggy laying on the floor. She feared he was dead. She did feel a pulse and was calmer. She started to call the police, but Ziggy woke up. Erica realized that her mother was the person who broke into her apartment. Erica was worried that her mother now knows where she is.

At Forrester Creations, Deacon looked at a newspaper photo of Brooke and wondered if she was lost to him for good. Rick realized that Deacon was not in favor of Brooke's marriage to Whip. Deacon advised that Whip is not the right person for Brooke. Rick was grateful that at least Brooke's baby would have his father. Rick told Deacon that Ridge had advised him to watch his back. Because Rick did not take Ridge seriously, Deacon warned him that he should do so.

At Spectra Fashions, Sofia wore the new gown that Tony and Clarke had put together. Sally, Darla, Clarke, Tony and Massimo were all excited about this new design. Ridge advised that some corrections needed to be made to the gown in order for it to be perfect. He also warned them that they needed to work harder, longer and faster and attack while Forrester Creations sleeps. Ridge thought about the hand injury he received, because of Deacon assaulting him. Ridge became angry and more determined to compete with and eventually close Forrester Creations down.

Deacon spotted Ridge at the Insomnia Café. Deacon approached Ridge at his table. He congratulated Ridge on his new position at Marone Industries. Deacon apologized for injuring Ridge's designing hand. Deacon advised Ridge that he needs to accept the fact that it is a new era at Forrester Creations. Ridge accused Deacon of taking away everything he had ever worked for at Forrester Creations. Ridge felt as if his life had been ripped apart. Ridge warned Deacon that "now its my turn."

Friday, May 24, 2002

A storm is blowing all over town and it's not just the rain. Ridge and Deacon almost come to blows at Insomnia. Instead they exchange insults and name-calling. Ridge really wants to fight. Deacon offers him the opportunity to take his best shot and then put all of his hostility behind him. Ridge tells Deacon it won't happen there but that soon Deacon, Rick and Amber would all get what they deserve.

Eric visits Stephanie at her home with Massimo. Massimo does his best before Eric arrives to convince Stephanie to put an end to the marriage once and for all. He reminds Stephanie again of the many times Eric has disappointed her, let her down, cheated on her and made her life unhappy. Stephanie wavers saying she doesn't know if she can walk away from the family after all these years. Eric arrives and begs Stephanie to come home. He says he takes responsibility for everything he's done to make her unhappy. Stephanie tells him it's just not that easy.

Erica is still spooked after coming home to find her apartment trashed. With the wind, rain, thunder and lightening she nervously paces around her apartment turning on lights and the radio for sound. Every little sounds from outside makes her jump. She doesn't know what to think. She doesn't want to believe her mother could find her so quickly.

Ziggy comes by to check on her, still nursing a headache from being knocked out. He tries to reassure Erica by telling her that it had to be burglar because the person who hit him had to be strong enough to knock him out. This seems to make Erica feel better. So much that she turns down Ziggy's offer to stay at his apartment over night so she won't be afraid.

Rick consoles Amber who is down in the dumps thinking about how she made a fool of herself at Bridget's party and it resulted in a stranger having to take care of Little Eric. Rick tells Amber she needs to stop blaming herself and they need to both move on with their lives. He tries to make Amber realize that in time they can still have all of their dreams.

Back at Erica's, just as she starts to settle down, the lights go out and she scrambles to find a flashlight that ultimately doesn't work. First she notices the doorknob turning and now knows that someone is definitely trying to get in (deadbolt, chain, turn-latch and all).

Suddenly, the door slams open and at first no one is there. Then through the dark shadows, a figure approaches Erica who is now backed against the wall. When the flashlight shines once again, Erica's mother's rain-drenched face is revealed... and her mother is none other than Sheila Carter!

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