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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, June 3, 2002

Erica asks Sheila if she has given any more thought about her offer to stay. Sheila tells her that she has decided to stick around. Erica is ecstatic and gives Sheila a hug. Erica leaves to go to work at the Forrester's and Sheila is looking at articles about Amber and the Forresters, thinking if she can only get rid of Amber, then Erica would be free to be with Rick. She also flashes back at how she gave Amber the life she has right now, if not for her she would not be a Forrester. Meanwhile a very jumpy Amber calls Ziggy and asks him to meet her. Rick asks whom she was speaking to, but she lies and tells him it was work. Rick tells her that he will give her a ride to work, but Little Eric comes running down and distracts Rick and Amber rushes out the door saying she has an errand to run. Rick is a bit dumbfounded and Erica arrives and asks him what is the matter. He tells her that he hasn't slept much and is just worried about Amber. Erica is torn up that Amber is treating Rick so badly and wants to get to the bottom of it. Later on, Amber shows up at Ziggy's wondering where he could be. He shows up and Amber asks him if he has got what she needs. He pulls out her pills, but stops her and tells her that they need to talk. "I know who you are", he states. Amber assumes that he is going to blackmail her, but he insists he only wants to help her. "I am not a drug dealer, I am just a guy with connections", he says. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her get messed up in all this and how it will only make her life worse. Amber yells that she doesn't want his two cents just take the money and go. While all this is going on, Sheila hears Amber's voice from her apartment and wonders what she is up to. Amber gives Ziggy the money and runs off. Sheila then asks Ziggy into her apartment and begins to question him about Amber.

Sally and all the Spectra crew are have a party at a high-class restaurant. They are celebrating Sally's big windfall and how Spectra will be back on top. They are really whooping it up, when Sally spots Brooke at a far table and sobers up. Sally points her out to Darla and gets mad when Brooke gets caught staring. Sally goes to confront her, to the dismay of Clarke. Once at the table she taunts Brooke, but Brooke only tells her to get back to her circus, they are missing their ringleader. Sally gets upset and issues a warning to Brooke and Whip: They better watch their step, because they are about to go down.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

At the Café Russe, a drunken Sally went over to Brooke's table. She confronted Brooke and sarcastically congratulated her and Whip on their marriage. Sally was on a roll with insults. She told Brooke she did not really need congratulations anyway because she had marriage "down to a science" by now. Sally babbled on about testing the theory that living well is the best revenge. Sally said she had a problem though, because her enemy is living well. Clarke kept trying to pry Sally away from Brooke's table. He was worried that Sally would divulge to Brooke that Ridge had purchased Spectra Fashions. Clarke did manage to get Sally away from the table finally.

Brooke worried that Sally threats are not empty. Though Whip tried to reassure her, she could not shake the feeling that Sally is up to something. Whip advised Brooke when she married him she opted to abandon crisis, chaos and pain. He told her life with him would be stable. He reminded her they would provide a stable home for the baby and that Rick and Bridget would not need to continuously worry about her.

Erica brought Little Eric to Forrester Creations to see Amber. Megan directed her to Rick because Amber was not there. Rick escorted her and Little Eric into the office. Thorne and Kristen notified Rick that Eric wanted to see him-about where his wife is! They informed him that Amber did not show up for the meeting. They reminded him this is the second time that she bailed on them. They both wanted to know where Amber is and what is going on with her. Kristen warned that Amber is not following through with her designs. Rick refused to make Amber quit. Rick felt that since her miscarriage her design work is all she has. Thorne was angry that Rick would put Forrester Creations in jeopardy just to make Amber feel better. Thorne threatened to address the problem with Eric. Rick asked Kristen and Thorne to cover for Amber temporarily. Rick forgot that Erica was in the room. He realized she had witnessed the conversation about Amber. Erica offered to stay later in case Amber was in bad shape upon he return home. Erica promised not to say a word to anyone about Amber's condition.

Meanwhile, Amber was at the Lair. She was sitting at the and getting very intoxicated with the combination of her pills and drinking heavily. Alex was excited to see Amber. She congratulated Amber on making it big in the fashion industry. Amber was too intoxicated to talk with Alex and asked that she leave her alone.

At Erica's apartment, Ziggy wanted to know why Sheila was so curious about Amber. Sheila just wanted to know what Ziggy meant when he said that Amber "had demons"? She told Ziggy that her curiosity was peaked when Amber handed Ziggy money. Sheila threatened to have Erica inform Rick about that. She also threatened to call the tabloids. After being pressured, Ziggy revealed that Amber was going through a bad time because of a miscarriage and was in a lot of pain. He explained her doctor had prescribed medication. Sheila deduced that Amber is a drug addict. Sheila was delighted by the idea-it was what Amber deserved. Sheila predicted that Rick would fall in love with Erica. Sheila decided that if Erica wanted Rick, she would have him!

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

At the office Megan urges Deacon to stop thinking about Brooke. As she talks, Deacon realizes that Brooke lied about sleeping Whip. At home Rick assures Brooke and Whip that Amber will be fine in the morning. Rick worries to Erica about his missing wife and waits for a call from Amber's doctor. When Dr. Wilson calls, he confirms that he hasn't prescribed any medication for Amber who has failed to come in for a checkup. Erica offers to stay with Little Eric so that Rick can go looking for his wife. After he leaves, a "wasted" Amber comes home and stuns Erica, screaming at her to leave and calling her a "nothing" who no ones cares about. Erica calls Rick who asks her to keep Amber there. Amber becomes frantic and rushes past the babysitter.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

At home, Taylor answered the door. She was surprised to discover a frantic looking Amber! As Amber began to calm down, Taylor noticed that her eyes were dilated. She asked if Amber had taken drugs? Taylor found a medicine bottle with pills with no label or prescription on it in Amber's purse. Amber admitted that she had obtained the pills from a drug dealer. She then revealed that she is a drug addict and in need of help. Amber again became hysterical and said she's better off dead. Amber felt she had failed Rick because both of her babies had died. Amber demanded that Taylor give her a pill-now!

Meanwhile, Rick asked Erica to stay overnight at his house to babysit for Little Eric. Rick felt it was best that she stayed, in case he had to go out and pick up Amber in the middle of the night. Rick told Brooke and Rick that Amber is addicted to pills.

Erica went to her apartment to pick up some clothes she would be needing while staying overnight at Rick's. Sheila said all rotten things to Erica about Amber. Sheila could not convince Erica that Amber was not good for Rick. Sheila told Erica that Rick is attracted to her. Also, because Erica is young, beautiful and has class, she is the perfect match for Rick. Sheila told Erica she can have Rick if she wants him. Erica nixed what Sheila was saying about Rick at first. Erica assumed that Rick is out of her league and married, therefore not attainable. Erica also would not want to be a home wrecker. Sheila was convinced that its no coincidence that Rick's family is breaking up as he is inviting Erica to stay overnight. Sheila was adamant that Rick is Erica's destiny.

Taylor convinced Amber that she wants help to save her marriage and her life. Taylor gently advised Amber that she needs to accept the babies deaths and move on. Taylor reassured Amber that going to a rehab would not equate leaving her husband and child- it would be getting on the road back to them! Taylor telephoned Rick to inform him that Amber was there and safe. When Rick arrived, Taylor advised him that Amber needs emotional support right now. Amber revealed to Rick that she is a drug addict and plans to go to rehab immediately. Amber admitted she couldn't tolerate the pain of losing two babies and the pills eased her pain. Rick said he was proud of Amber and behind her completely!

Friday, June 7, 2002

Taylor asks for Stephanie's help and the entire Forrester family (except Ridge) is waiting for Amber when she and Rick arrive home from Taylor's house. Taylor tells the family that Amber has agreed to go into rehab today, but that Amber feels she has disappointed and let everyone down. Instead everyone in the family, beginning with Brooke rallies to Amber's defense telling her they are not judging her but want to support and love her. Brooke reminds Amber of how she recently had to go away to handle her own problems. Deacon and Bridget assure her that they will spend lots of time with Little Eric. Thorne, Eric and Stephanie also give her their love and encourage her to believe that she doesn't have to fight her battles by herself. Erica has been asked by Rick to spend the night in the house with Little Eric because he's going to drive Amber to rehab. Sheila sees this as the beginning of Amber going out and Erica coming "moving in." Erica keeps reminding her mother of how much Rick loves and protects Amber. Sheila sees this as an opportunity for Erica to pick up where she left off and have everything that she lost. She also thinks that if Erica can win over Rick it will be a perfect Revenge for Sheila against Brooke and Stephanie for everything that Sheila went through with the two of them in the past. As Sheila hides outside the Forrester living room eavesdropping on the comments to Amber, Sheila's mind flashes back to her many interactions with Brooke and Stephanie. She seems to be very happy at anticipating the real significance of bringing together her daughter, Erica and Rick Forrester whether Rick wants to or not. Sheila's back and psychotic as ever. It looks as though Amber, Brooke and Stephanie may have trouble up ahead.

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