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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Brooke and Rick discuss Amber's addiction and her time at the clinic. Rick tells Brooke that Amber wants her line to continue without her, so it doesn't hurt Forrester. Brooke agrees. Later on the Forrester's are discussing whether Amber's line should be started in her absence. They fear the press would have a field day with the news that Amber is suffering from a drug problem. Rick vows that the line will be a success and nothing will go wrong. Eric updates them that Spectra's showing is the same day. They all wonder if Sally is up to something, stating they wouldn't put it past her, she has done it before. Rick says that someone must infiltrate Spectra as a spy and make sure they will do nothing to sabotage their show. He votes Kristen, since Tony is one of their designers; she adamantly declines. The rest of them plead with her telling it is the only way. She unwilling agrees, after they make their case that they have too much invested into this line to have Sally destroy it.

Meanwhile at Spectra, Ridge and Massimo plan their own attack. Ridge lets everyone know that Amber was admitted to a drug rehab clinic. Tony states he doesn't want to use that against her, but Ridge says they will not have to. With the line that Spectra is bringing out, the Forrester's will not know what hit them. When the public sees what Spectra has to offer, Ambrosia will be a thing of the past. "We will crush Forrester", Ridge growls. Tony wants to do no such thing and tells Ridge he can no longer hide the truth from his wife. Ridge says that he doesn't want his part known until after the show, but Tony still disagrees. Kristen shows up to at Spectra, but neither Tony nor anyone else is around. She steps into Tony's office and notices designs that are not he usual work and goes to find him. When Kristen hollers through the door, Sally begs Tony not to tell and Ridge hides. Tony covers, but Kristen is not convinced that everything is normal. She goes to get on the elevator, but it is full. Thinking that she is gone, Massimo and Ridge come out. Kristen then hears Massimo's voice through the door and wonders what business he would have at Spectra. She comes back in not only to find Massimo, but also Ridge. She is in a state of shock.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Ridge tries to convince Kristen that he's at Spectra to gab with Tony but she doesn't fall for the lie. Tony finally reveals that Ridge owns Spectra. Massimo confirms that Ridge is designing for Spectra but downplays why they kept this a secret. When she threatens to tell the family, Ridge orders everyone but Tony out and then insists that she not tell anyone about the company. Kristen finally comes around and agrees to keep his secret. Sheila calls Ziggy to the apartment for help and when he hesitates, she pulls back her hair, lowers her blouse's neckline and starts to come on to him, asking for his help with her daughter. Erica arrives and argues that she doesn't need anyone's help. Hearing that Amber will be gone for months, Sheila demonstrates with Ziggy how she can surreptitiously "court" Rick.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

At the rehab place, Caitlin assures Amber that her desire for pills will soon be gone. Just then, Rick arrives and Amber runs to his arms. He comforts her and then remarks about sharing a room with Caitlin. Amber explains that she doesn't want to be alone. When Rick starts to kiss her and hints that they should make love, Amber quickly puts him off, claiming she's not ready. Just then, the nurse calls Amber to her group session. Sheila surprises Erica with Kay and Sherry who quickly step in and do her hair and nails. Sheila is thrilled by the results and encourages Erica to go on the initiative and go after Rick if she really wants to be with Rick. Erica rushes to the mansion and offers herself to a lonely Rick.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

At Erica's apartment, Sheila warned Ziggy not to go to the police about her. She threatened that if he did, he would simply disappear and then his body would be fish food. No one would ever find his body. Sheila continued to threaten Ziggy. She warned she knew that Ziggy had given Amber the illegal pills. Ziggy realized that Erica is really Sheila's daughter Mary. In addition, that Erica is aware that Sheila is a fugitive from justice. Ziggy concluded that Sheila is going to continue living her life through Erica He now understood why Sheila wants Erica to have a relationship with Rick.

At home Rick told Erica he had gone to visit Amber at rehab. Rick felt guilty that he did not realize that Amber was addicted to her pain medication. He did notice her mood swings and erratic behavior. Rick thanked Erica for helping him through this bad time. He told her he would not have made it through this without her help. Rick was appreciative of the good care that Erica was providing to Little Eric. Erica poured Rick a second drink and convinced him to drink it. Erica encouraged Rick to go upstairs to sleep.

Deacon overheard Brooke talking to their unborn baby. Brooke reminded Deacon that she is committed to making her marriage work for Bridget's sake. Deacon promised that Bridget would never learn that he is the father of Brooke's baby.

Bridget invited Stephanie to a baby shower for Brooke. Bridget begged her to attend. Stephanie agreed to attend the party in order to make Bridget happy. Later, Stephanie warned Brooke that she would be attending the baby shower. Brooke revealed to Stephanie that she is committed to making her marriage work for Bridget's sake. Stephanie warned Brooke that Bridget better never find out who is the father of Brooke's baby.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Bridget throws a baby shower for Brooke. The biggest surprise is seeing Stephanie there! Everyone has wonderful and kind things to say to Brooke, especially Stephanie. They all focus on Brooke's love for her children and how she's always been a great mother (if nothing else). Brooke gets praise for her ability to start over with Whip and head in a new and positive direction with her life. Brooke really loves the present she receives from Bridget - a baby monitor. Bridget tells her mom the other is upstairs with the rest of her presents. Deacon and Whip do their usual bickering when they are in the same room together. Deacon lets Whip understand that he (Deacon) knows that Whip and Brooke have not slept together. Whip tries to make Deacon understand that it doesn't matter. Later at the house after the guests have left the party, Deacon manages to get a moment alone with Brooke. After sharing how the last time he was in her house, she was coming down the stairs to marry Whip. Deacon starts his usual argument with Brooke of how Whip isn't the right person for her, she deserves better, and so on. Bridget is downstairs cleaning up when she hears the sounds of her mom and Deacon coming over the baby monitor. She's at first surprised and happy to hear her husband's voice chatting with her mom. On her way up the stairs to meet Deacon, Bridget is pulled back to the words she hears Deacon saying. Bridget hears Deacon tell Brooke that Whip will never lover Brooke the way he loves her! Bridge nearly collapses when the secret that has been held for so long is finally out. The timing was classic soap. The secret comes out about Brooke and Deacon's involvement just on the heels of everyone praising Brooke for seeming to have changed into a better person.

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