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Amber entered a drug rehabilitation program. Sheila arranged a makeover for Erica and coached her into making her feelings for Rick known. Ziggy discovered Sheila and Erica's true identities, but Sheila scared him into silence. While trying to gather information for Forrester, Kristen discovered the truth about Ridge and Spectra but agreed to remain silent. During a baby shower, Stephanie warned Brooke of the consequences if Bridget ever discovered the truth about Brooke and Deacon. Later, Bridget overheard Deacon on the baby monitor, professing his love to Brooke.
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Bridget overheard Deacon on the baby monitor, professing his love to Brooke
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Brooke and Rick discussed Amber's addiction and her time at the clinic. Rick told Brooke that Amber wanted her line to continue without her, so it didn't hurt Forrester. Brooke agreed. Later on, the Forresters discussed whether Amber's line should be started in her absence. They feared the press would have a field day with the news that Amber was suffering from a drug problem. Rick vowed that the line would be a success, and nothing would go wrong.

Eric updated the Forresters that Spectra's showing was the same day. They all wondered if Sally was up to something, stating that they wouldn't put it past her because she had done it before. Rick said that someone had to infiltrate Spectra as a spy and make sure they would do nothing to sabotage Forrester's show. He voted for Kristen, since Tony was one of their designers; she adamantly declined. The rest of them pleaded with her, telling her it was the only way. She unwilling agreed after they made their case that they had too much invested in the line to have Sally destroy it.

Meanwhile, at Spectra, Ridge and Massimo planned their own attack. Ridge let everyone know that Amber had been admitted to a drug rehab clinic. Tony stated that he didn't want to use that against her, but Ridge said they would not have to. With the line that Spectra was bringing out, the Forresters would not know what hit them. When the public saw what Spectra had to offer, Ambrosia would be a thing of the past. "We will crush Forrester," Ridge growled.

Tony wanted to do no such thing and told Ridge he could no longer hide the truth from his wife. Ridge said that he didn't want his part known until after the show, but Tony still disagreed. Kristen showed up at Spectra, but neither Tony nor anyone else was around. She stepped into Tony's office and noticed designs that were not his usual work. She went to find him.

When Kristen hollered through the door, Sally begged Tony not to tell, and Ridge hid. Tony covered, but Kristen was not convinced that everything was normal. She went to get on the elevator, but it was full. Thinking that she was gone, Massimo and Ridge emerged. Kristen then heard Massimo's voice through the door and wondered what business he would have at Spectra. She walked back in and found not only Massimo but also Ridge. She was in a state of shock.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Ridge tried to convince Kristen that he was at Spectra to gab with Tony, but she didn't fall for the lie. Tony finally revealed that Ridge owned Spectra. Massimo confirmed that Ridge was designing for Spectra but downplayed why they'd kept it a secret. When Kristen threatened to tell the family, Ridge ordered everyone but Tony out then insisted that she not tell anyone about the company. Kristen finally agreed to keep his secret.

Sheila called Ziggy to the apartment for help, and when he hesitated, she pulled back her hair, lowered her blouse's neckline, and started to come on to him, asking for his help with her daughter. Erica arrived and argued that she didn't need anyone's help. Hearing that Amber would be gone for months, Sheila demonstrated with Ziggy how she could surreptitiously "court" Rick.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

At the rehab facility, Caitlin assured Amber that her desire for pills would soon be gone. Just then, Rick arrived, and Amber ran to his arms. He comforted her then remarked about her sharing a room with Caitlin. Amber explained that she didn't want to be alone. When Rick started to kiss her and hinted that they should make love, Amber quickly put him off, claiming she was not ready. Just then, the nurse called Amber to her group session.

Sheila surprised Erica with Kay and Sherry, who quickly stepped in and did her hair and nails. Sheila was thrilled by the results and encouraged Erica to take the initiative and go after Rick if she really wanted to be with Rick. Erica rushed to the mansion and offered herself to a lonely Rick.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

At Erica's apartment, Sheila warned Ziggy not to go to the police about her. She threatened that if he did, he would simply disappear, and then he would be fish food. No one would ever find his body. Sheila continued to threaten Ziggy. She warned him that she knew Ziggy had given Amber the illegal pills. Ziggy realized that Erica was really Sheila's daughter, Mary. In addition, Erica was aware that Sheila was a fugitive from justice. Ziggy concluded that Sheila was going to continue living her life through Erica. He finally understood why Sheila wanted Erica to have a relationship with Rick.

At home, Rick told Erica that he had gone to visit Amber at rehab. Rick felt guilty that he had not realized that Amber was addicted to her pain medication. He had noticed her mood swings and erratic behavior. Rick thanked Erica for helping him through that bad time. He told her he would not have made it through the situation without her help. Rick was appreciative of the good care that Erica was providing to Little Eric. Erica poured Rick a second drink and convinced him to drink it. Erica encouraged Rick to go upstairs to sleep.

Deacon overheard Brooke talking to their unborn baby. Brooke reminded Deacon that she was committed to making her marriage work for Bridget's sake. Deacon promised that Bridget would never learn that he was the father of Brooke's baby.

Bridget invited Stephanie to a baby shower for Brooke. Bridget begged her to attend. Stephanie agreed to attend the party in order to make Bridget happy. Later, Stephanie warned Brooke that she would be attending the baby shower. Brooke revealed to Stephanie that she was committed to making her marriage work for Bridget's sake. Stephanie warned Brooke that Bridget had better never find out who the father of Brooke's baby was.

Bridget hears Deacon admit his love for Brooke Bridget hears Deacon admit his love for Brooke
Friday, June 14, 2002
by Mike

celebrating beside Brooke. Deacon scoffed that they were Brooke's family, but Whip reminded Deacon that Stephanie had never considered Brooke family. Whip insisted that Stephanie's attendance at the baby shower had signaled a changed in Stephanie's attitude. Deacon retorted that Stephanie was only at the party because Bridget had begged Stephanie to attend. When Whip said that Stephanie was rewarding Brooke for doing the right thing, Deacon snarked that Brooke spending an afternoon "with that judgmental hag" wasn't much of a reward.

Whip knew that Stephanie's approval meant a lot to Brooke and Bridget, and he claimed that, because of Brooke's marriage to Whip, Brooke would finally get the respect she deserved. Deacon sniffed that the situation had nothing to do with Whip, but Whip reminded Deacon that no one would have attended the shower if they had known Brooke's baby was Deacon's -- and Bridget certainly wouldn't have thrown it. Whip said that Brooke needed him and would realize that even more by the time the party was through.

Deacon thought that Whip had concocted a fantasy about Whip and Brooke being birds of a feather, but Deacon declared that Whip was nothing like Brooke. Respect had to be earned, Deacon proposed, and Brooke wouldn't change who she was to please Stephanie. Whip felt that Deacon was once again forgetting about his wife, Bridget, and that Brooke would inevitably be moved by how excited Bridget was about Brooke's baby. Deacon took it in as Whip stated that, after the shower, there was no way Brooke would betray Bridget.

Brooke thanked Kristen for the gift of a seahorse mobile. Bridget handed Brooke the final present, which was from Stephanie. Brooke opened the box and found an exquisite baby book inside. Brooke, Taylor, and Kristen were breathless. Stephanie said that she knew everyone had been surprised by her arrival, given her rocky history with Brooke, but Stephanie admitted that baby showers were about the future, not the past.

Stephanie said she had realized that Brooke was not going to change and that Brooke would always get into preposterous situations, but, above all, Stephanie felt that Brooke was a good mother. Stephanie acknowledged that Brooke had always put her children's needs above her own. Stephanie hoped that when Brooke wrote things in the book about the baby, Brooke would remember what a wonderful life and family Brooke had, adding intently that Brooke's life was with Whip and their baby.

Deacon told Whip that he didn't think a few presents would make Brooke forget that Deacon was the father of her child. Whip wanted to protect Bridget, and Deacon swore that, while he didn't want to see Bridget hurt, either, Whip's charade of a marriage to Brooke wasn't the answer. According to Deacon, Whip was only prolonging the inevitable. Whip turned that around on Deacon and brandished the wedding photo of Whip and Brooke. Whip asserted that Brooke didn't want Deacon -- or for anyone to find out that Deacon had fathered Brooke's child. No one was listening to Deacon, Whip assured. Deacon somberly predicted that a time would come when Whip would wish he had listened.

When Little Eric wanted to play with the baby monitor, Erica gently reminded him the monitor wasn't a toy. Erica was impressed when Brooke's voice came in loud and clear on it from the nursery.

Upstairs, all the women raved over Brooke's "perfect" nursery, and Brooke thanked Bridget for the party. After Megan excused herself, Brooke said both she and her baby were lucky to have all the attendees in her life. Bridget approached Brooke and proclaimed herself the lucky one. When Bridget recognized their past problems and said that it was often like that with mothers and daughters, Kristen shot a look at Stephanie.

Bridget opined that she and Brooke had both grown up, and she expressed gratitude that she and Brooke had become friends. To Bridget, it was a gift to know one's parents as people and to trust them the way Bridget trusted Brooke. Bridget admitted that she hadn't always felt that sure of Brooke, and she marveled at the place they had reached together.

Erica had heard everything over the baby monitor and was visibly moved over Bridget and Brooke's touching display. Erica told Little Eric he was lucky, because nothing bad could happen to him in the family he was a part of.

Brooke again thanked Bridget, who wanted to stop by the office and let Deacon know how the shower had gone. Taylor snagged some sweets for the kids and enjoyed a hug from Brooke. Brooke found herself face to face with an unusually amiable Stephanie, who asserted that Brooke had wonderful things to look forward to and that Brooke and Whip would give the baby a great life. Brooke silently caught Stephanie's meaning and escorted her guests out. Brooke told the inquisitive Erica that she didn't need help cleaning up after the party, which Erica considered amazing. Brooke smiled and said that the shower had indeed been that.

Megan entered Whip's office, having received his message. Whip wanted to know if Megan had seen Deacon at the shower, fearing Deacon might have barged in to cause trouble. Whip couldn't understand why Deacon wouldn't leave Brooke alone, when Brooke had already made her choice to be with Whip so Bridget wouldn't find out about Brooke carrying Deacon's baby. Megan reiterated that Deacon didn't want that secret to come out, either. Megan advised Whip not to worry, as she was sure from having just seen Brooke that Brooke wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Bridget.

Deacon walked into the nursery as Brooke joyfully examined it. Deacon told Brooke he was looking for Bridget because he wanted to take Bridget to lunch. Brooke revealed that Bridget had gone to the office to look for Deacon. When Deacon asked if the baby shower had been fun, Brooke answered in the affirmative and noted how it had reconfirmed how important Bridget was to her.

Downstairs, Erica was astonished to see Bridget return. Bridget explained that she had passed Deacon's car during her drive down the hill and assumed he had to be nearby, since his car was in the driveway. Erica said she hadn't seen Deacon, but would call Bridget if she happened to see Deacon while Erica and Little Eric were by the pool. Erica carried the boy out, leaving Bridget to peruse the post-party surroundings.

Suddenly, Bridget heard Brooke's voice on the baby monitor, telling Deacon that Bridget's happiness meant everything to Brooke. Bridget wanted to go upstairs and surprise Deacon, but Bridget stopped herself when Deacon said he wanted to talk to Brooke while they were alone.

Brooke thought she and Deacon had nothing to discuss, but Deacon wanted to recognize how hard the past couple of months had been on Brooke. Deacon divulged that he'd been having a hard time, too; he recalled that he hadn't been at Brooke's house since the day of Brooke's wedding to Whip, which Deacon wouldn't be able to forget. As Brooke told Deacon she didn't want to get into that, Deacon protested that Whip wasn't right for Brooke, and he wondered how Brooke could trust Whip, given how Whip had seized the opportunity to declare himself the father of Brooke's child.

Bridget continued to listen as Brooke concurred that things with Whip had had dubious beginnings. However, Brooke pronounced that she and Whip were married and were committed to each other. Deacon didn't know if Whip truly loved Brooke or not, but Deacon wanted Brooke to be honest with herself, because Brooke had to know that Whip could never love her as much as Deacon did.

Bridget's eyes widened. She had a hard time keeping her footing. She barely managed to take a seat, and she paled as she heard Deacon's admission echoing in her head.

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