The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on B&B
Deacon decided to make a go of his relationship with Bridget. On the baby monitor, Bridget heard her mother and Deacon discussing the unimaginable. Stephanie comforted Bridget, and in a rage, Stephanie 'attacked' Brooke for being pregnant with her son-in-law's child.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, June 17, 2002

Taylor went to visit Ridge after Brooke's baby shower. Taylor pointed out that Ridge had been rather hard on his family by becoming a power executive in Spectra. He asked if he had become a jerk and if it bothered her. She admitted that it actually turned her on.

Intrigued, Ridge moved closer to his wife, and they began to talk dirty and make out. Clothes began to fly, and they had sex in his office. After they were through, Taylor had one request of Ridge: get rid of his portrait. She felt that it did not do him justice.

Whip was wondering where Brooke could be. Megan told him not to worry; Bridget and Brooke were probably just cleaning up. She told him how great the shower had gone and how even Stephanie had seemed proud of Brooke. Whip began to relax, but Megan warned him not to get too sure of himself because he was not out of the woods yet.

Whip was confused because Megan had just mentioned how great things had gone. Megan told him that she just didn't want him to be too confident; Brooke still loved Deacon. Whip assured her that they were in the home stretch, unaware of what Bridget was just about to overhear.

Not realizing the baby monitor was on, Brooke and Deacon were discussing their turbulent relationship. She stated that she could not let the marriage fail; she needed to protect Bridget. Bridget was confused and continued to listen. Brooke and Deacon discussed their relationship in a very roundabout way, not leaving many answers for Bridget.

Bridget continued to try to make sense of what Brooke and Deacon were saying, rationalizing that they were making up after an argument. She began to get antsy as Deacon and Brooke started to reveal more about their history. Just then, Deacon started to talk about the night they'd had sex and how it had been the most wonderful night of his life. Brooke, who did not disagree, stated that he had been there when she had needed someone the most.

Bridget reeled from the new development but continued to listen to her mother and husband. Bridget also overheard that Deacon was only staying with Bridget out of loyalty, but his heart was with Brooke. Deacon vowed that Bridget could never find out about them, and Brooke also stated that Bridget couldn't find out that Brooke was carrying Deacon's child. Bridget crumbled to the floor with those words echoing in her head.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

As she listened to Brooke and Deacon talking via the baby monitor, Bridget was becoming more traumatized quickly. She heard Deacon tell Brooke "You're going to raise my child with Whip, and I'm going to stay with Bridget." Bridget was heartbroken and shocked by everything she heard Brooke and Deacon say.

Bridget could not stand to listen to Brooke and Deacon any longer, so Bridget left the house. Bridget was so upset that she was not completely coherent. She fled to Rick and Amber's old apartment, which was next door to Eric's house. Bridget sat in the dark and remembered all of Brooke's past remarks about how much she loved Bridget.

Meanwhile, Kristen was next door, talking to Eric. Eric thanked her for befriending Amber. Kristen did not feel as though it were a big deal, because she was family. Kristen told Eric she was trying to understand Ridge's behavior and his view of being voted out of Forrester Creations.

When Eric began to blame Massimo for the family rift, Kristen questioned Eric about why he wasn't angry with Brooke for changing the focus of Forrester Creations. Eric said very bluntly he could not be angry with the mother of his children because she had made them so happy.

At Forrester Creations, Whip made dinner reservations to celebrate his and Brooke's one-month wedding anniversary. Stephanie went to his office, looking for Deacon. He assured Stephanie that he and Brooke were making the best of the situation. He knew that both Deacon and Brooke were committed to not letting Bridget find out that Deacon was the father of Brooke's baby. Stephanie reminded him that not only would Bridget's world fall apart if the secret were out, but Whip's world would also.

When Deacon returned to the office, Stephanie asked him if he had been alone with Brooke after the guests had left the baby shower. She told him he was a fool for jeopardizing his marriage to Bridget, and he would never really appreciate her until he lost her. Deacon admitted it would be nearly impossible to keep the secret from Bridget. He reminded Stephanie that Brooke intended to have the secret kept.

At home, Brooke thanked Erica for her assistance. She told Erica that the baby monitor would not be needed yet and asked her to put it with the other shower gifts. Brooke did not realize that Bridget had been able to hear her conversation with Deacon via the baby monitor.

Heartbroken and hysterical, Bridget sat by herself and continued to think back about things that Brooke had mentioned to her. She felt guilty for not realizing what Brooke and Deacon had done. When Eric spotted Bridget's car, he went inside. Bridget told Eric that she wanted to be alone. He noticed that Bridget was upset. When Eric approached her, Bridget freaked out and told him to get away from her.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
by Anna

When Eric arrived at the guesthouse, Bridget sent him away. He went home and called Stephanie, concerned that something was wrong with Bridget. He told Stephanie that Bridget wouldn't speak to him and that she had been even more upset when he had suggested calling Brooke. He hoped that it was not something that Deacon had done. Stephanie went to talk to Bridget, hoping she hadn't found out the secret.

Meanwhile, Brooke was still enjoying all the gifts from the baby shower. She called Bridget and left a voicemail, thanking her again for the shower and said how happy she was that Bridget and Deacon would be part of the baby's life. Erica walked into the room, and Brooke told her about the special bond between mother and child. Erica mentioned that she had seen Bridget there after the shower while Brooke had been upstairs, showing Deacon the nursery.

Whip arrived at home and wanted to take a shower and be romantic with Brooke until he heard Erica upstairs with Little Eric on the baby monitor. Brooke told Whip that Deacon had stopped over after the shower, looking for Bridget. She assured Whip that nothing had happened and that they'd had a nice conversation about keeping the secret.

Brooke felt that Deacon was accepting that Whip would be the one to raise their baby. Whip mentioned that he had seen Deacon at Forrester after the shower, and he hadn't been with Bridget. Brooke wondered where Bridget could be.

Stephanie went to see Bridget in the guesthouse. As she knocked at the door, asking to enter, Bridget remembered overhearing a conversation about keeping the secret between them and Stephanie. She realized that Stephanie knew that Brooke and Deacon had been having an affair.

Bridget let Stephanie in, furious that Stephanie had always told her not to worry about the doubts she'd had about Deacon. Bridget admitted that Stephanie had been right, that Brooke was a whore. Bridget collapsed, crying in Stephanie's arms.

Brooke called Forrester, looking for Bridget. Meagan told her how nice the baby shower had been, and they talked about the special relationship Brooke and Bridget had. After they hung up, Brooke decided that Bridget had to have gone to the beach, or she might be taking a nap, because she was not answering her phone.

Brooke lay back on the couch to rest, stroking her stomach. As she closed her eyes, she heard Whip talking to Erica in the nursery upstairs on the baby monitor. Her eyes opened as she realized Bridget could have overheard her and Deacon talking about the baby earlier.

Stephanie confirmed that Brooke and Deacon had had an affair and that Deacon said he was in love with Brooke. She nodded when Bridget asked if the baby her mother was carrying was Deacon's. Stephanie comforted Bridget while Bridget cried.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Bridget felt that Stephanie had helped Brooke and Deacon to deceive her. Stephanie admitted she had. However, she pointed out that when she had found out about Brooke and Deacon, it had been all over with. Bridget continued to accuse Stephanie of lying to her. Stephanie tried to point out that she had been trying to protect Bridget from being hurt; she had not been trying to deceive her.

At home, Brooke discovered that the baby monitor had been left on in the living room. Brooke was amazed that she could hear all of Whip and Erica's conversation in the nursery. Brooke began to worry that the baby monitor might have been on when Bridget had stopped back at the house. Erica confirmed to Whip and Brooke that the baby monitor had been on for a long time, but she and Little Eric had been at the pool.

Erica also confirmed that Bridget had stopped by and that she had been in the living room. Brooke realized that if Bridget had been in the living room, she had heard all of Brooke and Deacon's conversation. Bridget then would be aware that Brooke and Deacon were in love and that he was the father of her baby. Brooke felt as if her worst nightmare were being realized. Whip tried to assure her that everything would be okay.

At home, Deacon attempted to cook Cornish hens for Bridget. It was the first dinner she had ever prepared for him. Deacon asked Megan to assist him in preparation of the dinner. He told Megan that he had accepted that Brooke had made the right decision to not tell Bridget the truth.

Deacon said he also had accepted the fact that he and Brooke would never be together. Deacon knew he was the only one who could make Brooke's daughter happy, and he intended to do that. Megan encouraged him to focus on Bridget, and perhaps they, too, could be very happy together.

Meanwhile, Stephanie tried to calm down Bridget. She tried to convince Bridget that Brooke really did love her. Bridget would not accept anything Stephanie was saying. All Bridget felt was if Brooke could do that to her, she had never loved Bridget at all. Bridget told Stephanie she had the image of Brooke and Deacon making love stuck in her mind.

Stephanie reminded Bridget that Brooke was not the only one responsible. Bridget revealed that she was very confused about everyone -- Deacon had lied to her, and Brooke was the other woman. Bridget felt she would never be able to forget or stop hurting over Brooke and Deacon's betrayal. Stephanie tried to encourage Bridget to move on. Stephanie offered to take Bridget away from Brooke and to be Bridget's mother if Bridget wished her to.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Whip rebuked Brooke for speaking carelessly with Deacon while the baby monitor was on. They dialed and redialed phone numbers, but they were unable to track down Bridget. Eric told Brooke that Bridget was upset and refusing to speak to her mother. He revealed that Bridget had been talking to Stephanie when he had left, and Brooke left to look for her daughter.

Whip accused Deacon of destroying Bridget and ordered him to stay away from her and her mother. Stephanie urged Bridget to calm down before she confronted Brooke, but Bridget insisted that her feelings wouldn't change. She remembered talking with Deacon at the hospital, when he had asked what she'd had to lose by staying with him.

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