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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Stephanie snaps back to reality, realizing she cannot confront Brooke. When Brooke arrives, Stephanie invents a story about a boating accident to cover for Bridget and explain why she was upset. Brooke nervously interrogates Stephanie, but she brushes off Brooke's questions and assures her that Bridget is fine. As Brooke leaves, Stephanie vows that someday she will pay for hurting Bridget. Sheila believes that Amber's absence is the perfect opportunity for her daughter Erica to get close to Rick. Erica and Rick joke together as they feed Eric dinner. She tells Rick how much she enjoys taking care of Eric and complements his fashion designs. Rick offers to let her try on one of Amber's dress and sincerely tells her the dress was made for her.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

At home, Rick allowed Erica to try on a Forrester Creations original dress. Erica told Rick she did not feel like Erica Lovejoy in that dress-she felt like a totally different person.

Erica revealed that the combination of sharing dinner with Rick and Little Eric and wearing the Forrester original, it was like something out of a dream. She told Rick that he had exceeded her expectations of him. Rick and Erica waltzed after they discovered they had both taken dance lessons for many years. Erica admitted to Rick that she has a crush on him. Rick said he was flattered. He responded to Erica by telling her that she is a very special person.

Stephanie brought Bridget to her apartment with her. Massimo tried to make Bridget feel welcome. Stephanie allowed Bridget the time alone that she requested. Stephanie informed Massimo how Bridget had discovered that Deacon is the father of Brooke's child. Stephanie vowed to save Bridget-unlike Macy, who she was unable to save.

Brooke informed Deacon that the reason for Bridget's being so upset was that her friend had been in a boating accident. Brooke thought that Bridget was at Big Bear at the hospital to be with her friend. Brooke and Deacon did not realize that Stephanie had lied about the reason for Bridget's being so upset. Brooke was happy that Bridget had not heard her and Deacon talking in the nursery. Yet, Brooke told Deacon that she did not feel relieved, because something did not feel right. Deacon again vowed their secret would be safe with him and no one would ever find out he is the father of Brooke's baby. Brooke still panicked when she thought of what would have happened if in fact, Bridget had heard them talking in the nursery.

Bridget sat alone and recalled everything Deacon had said to her. She did not know how she could have been such a fool. When Bridget answered her cell phone and heard Brooke's voice she went ballistic!

Wednesday, June 26, 2002
by Anna

Deacon is waiting for Bridget at the beach house when Brooke arrives. They are both worried because they haven't heard from Bridget. Deacon thinks that maybe Bridget does know, but Brooke assures him that Stephanie said she was only upset over a friend being injured in a boating accident. Brooke wants to go see Bridget at the cabin in Big Bear, where Brooke thinks she is with friends. Deacon is concerned that Brooke not travel because she is in her last month of pregnancy, but she leaves anyway.

At Massimo's condo, Bridget is thinking about the time she told her mom about the lack of intimacy in her marriage with Deacon. Then she remembers the gift she gave Brooke before her wedding to Whip, assuring her mother that she could have the special relationship that Bridget has in her marriage. Bridget recalls the special poem she also read to Brooke before the wedding.

Stephanie and Massimo are discussing Bridget's situation. Stephanie tells Massimo how important it is to keep Bridget away from Brooke for now. Bridget comes in the room and wants to borrow Stephanie's car so she can go see Brooke. When Stephanie disagrees, Bridget tells her that she wants Deacon and Brooke to know that she is not a fool, and she wants Brooke to admit to what she's done. Bridget insists that she will explode if she doesn't have it out with Brooke soon. Stephanie advises her to calm down first and talk to Taylor. Massimo agrees.

Kristin enters Eric's office, concerned that he is working late again. She is worried about the upcoming show and says that Forrester may have "put too many eggs in one basket." She feels that they are taking a risk by putting all their efforts into one showing. Taylor interrupts their conversation. She has dropped by to visit with Eric, who is glad to see her. He asks how Ridge likes his new job and wonders what Ridge is doing for Massimo. Taylor, not being specific, says that Ridge is busy with "acquisitions."

When Eric leaves the room, Taylor and Kristin talk. Taylor feels that the two of them are on the same team because both of their husbands are trying to restore Forrester Creations to its former self. Kristin is skeptical how Ridge plotting against Forrester can help, saying that she will put all her efforts into the coming show to make Forrester's designs better than Spectra's.

Brooke phones Eric from her car to tell him that she has not seen Bridget yet, but is going to Big Bear to find her. When she arrives at the cabin, she can see that no one has been there. Deacon calls and Brooke tells him that Bridget should be at the cabin by now because visiting hours are over at the hospital for her injured friend. Brooke then gets a call from Bridget, who is still with Stephanie. Brooke, concerned about Bridget, asks if she is okay. Bridget ignores her questions and tells her mom she will come to the cabin so they can talk. After talking with Brooke, Bridget tells Stephanie she is ready to confront her mom.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Stephanie warily drives Bridget to the cabin to meet with Brooke. She offers Bridget the chance to back out, but Bridget orders her to continue driving. When Stephanie warns her that Brooke is manipulative, Bridget insists that she can handle her mother on her own. As Brooke waits, she talks on the phone with Deacon, who still believes that Bridget did not overhear their conversation. Overwhelmed with relief, Deacon informs Megan of his plans to take a vacation with Bridget. Deacon tells Megan the scare of the afternoon opened his eyes to the importance of Brooke's relationship with her daughter. Massimo warns Stephanie that Bridget could snap as she confronts her mother. Stephanie recalls the fierce look in Bridget's eyes and tells Massimo that Bridget will survive.

FRIDAY     JUNE 28, 2002

Deacon and Whip form a surprising alliance when Whip tells Deacon to "stay away from his wife" and Deacon says, "Ok." Both men believe they have narrowly escaped Bridget's finding out about her husband's affair with her mother. Deacon tells Whip that Brooke has gone up to Big Bear to meet with Bridget. They agree that it was a good thing that Bridget didn't overhear Deacon and Brooke talking over the baby monitor; they are concerned about how Brooke will react if the secret was revealed and she had to deal with the possibility of losing her daughter. Whip tells Deacon he doesn't have to worry, that he will raise Deacon and Brooke's baby as if it were his own child. He also volunteers to help Deacon set up a tour for Bridget that would get her out of LA and away from any possibility of learning the secret. Deacon tells Whip that Whip isn't the right man for Brooke, but neither is he. While the men are sharing thoughts about the situation and the best way for resolving potential conflict, Brooke is up at Big Bear and is shocked to learn from Bridget that Bridget knows about her affair. Brooke realizes that Bridget did overhear her conversation with Deacon. Bridget tells her mom that she has had to deal with talk and negative comments about her mother all of her life. She says she has always believed in her mom and not paid any attention to what other people said. Bridget makes Brooke realize how much she has always stood by her mom and believed in her mother's love for her. Bridget's very angry with Brooke. She wants answers. She wants to know how long the affair has gone on, when Brooke and Deacon would meet and where. Brooke doesn't want to discuss the sordid details. Instead she pleads with Bridget to give her another chance. She tells her daughter how much she regrets what has happened. Bridget tells her that Brooke regrets being caught but not the betrayal. Stephanie, who has driven Bridget to Big Bear, is talking to Massimo on the telephone. Massimo tells Stephanie that the confrontation between Bridget and Brooke will turn the tide in determining whether Bridget will forgive her mother or turn away from Brooke and survive the scandal by cutting her ties. Stephanie says she just wishes Bridget had given herself more time to get her thoughts and feelings together before confronting her mother. Inside the cabin, Bridget asks Brooke why she didn't get an abortion. She also lets Brooke know that all the secret steps Brooke has taken to keep the truth away from her disgusts her. Brooke lamely offers to "send Deacon away so they could put the whole thing behind them and start over." Bridget brings her back to reality by telling her that even if Deacon did go away, every time she looked at the new baby when it's born, it will only bring her back to how the baby came to be in the first place. Long story short, Bridget tells her mother that she made choices about what she wanted and choices come with consequences. Brooke's consequence is the loss of her daughter. Bridget tells her mother that she is through with her. She will never trust her again, and she will not so easily forgive her. As she struggles with Brooke to get out of the cabin, Stephanie enters and tells Brooke to respect Bridget's decision and let her go. Brooke suddenly collapses to the floor telling Stephanie the baby is coming. Brooke is only eight months pregnant, which makes her going into labor early. Stephanie hesitates, it seems she can't tell if Brooke is sincere or pulling a stunt to get Bridget's attention. Brooke asks Stephanie to call the EMTs.

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