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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Brooke tries to talk with Bridget at the insomnia. Bridget insists that she is fine and brushes off her mother's concern. She confesses that she misses her mother but believes it's too soon to rebuild their relationship. A furious Rick asks Amber how he can ever trust her again. Amber tearfully walks upstairs. Eric enters, still looking for Amber. Rick admits that his wife spent the night with another man. Eric warns Rick not to enable Amber's destructive behavior. He encourages Rick to take care of himself. Amber packs her bags and miserably announces that she's leaving. Rick tries to stop her, but she cannot forgive herself anymore. She is sick of feeling guilty for wrecking her husband's life.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

At home Rick informed Bridget that Amber had been out all night. He told her that Amber moved out. Rick revealed that he does not want to end his marriage to Amber. Bridget told Rick that perhaps he will never be able to trust Amber.

Amber went to see Taylor for some support and counseling. Taylor told her that her story does not add up and that she needs to investigate who this man was that she spent the night with. Amber worried that her marriage to Rick is over. Taylor emphasized that Amber needs to find out what happened that evening in order to save her marriage. Taylor offered for amber to stay in the guest room. She assured Amber that Ridge was away for a while.

Erica told Sheila that Amber moved out of her home. Sheila was delighted by the news, but did not let Erica know. At home, Rick reminisced about his relationship with Amber. He told Erica that he does not understand how Amber could do this to him and Little Eric. Erica offered Rick support and a hug. Amber vowed to find out who this man was that she had allegedly spent the night with.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002
by Anna

At the restaurant, Brooke shows Thorne pictures of the baby. Thorne asks if his mom is watching the baby, but Brooke says, no, she gave Stephanie the night off, and Whip is babysitting for her. Thorne thinks it's weird that Whip is with the baby while Brooke is on a date, but Thorne is happy to see Brooke smiling again. He noticed that she hasn't smiled much lately, even at her own wedding. Brooke will only tell him that marrying Whip was the right thing to do at the time. Thorne tells Brooke to go easy with Whip because getting over Brooke is not easy to do. She asks if Thorne has been doing okay since the two of them split up. Thorne says yes, but admits that he's not seeing anyone right now.

At Rick's house, Erica and Rick discuss Amber after Little Eric goes to bed. Erica tells Rick that there is no excuse for what Amber did, even though she had a rough childhood, having a crazy mother and growing up without a father. Erica feels that Amber can't use her childhood as an excuse for the rest of her life. She admits that she, too, is upset with Amber for throwing everything away. Rick complements Erica when he tells her that she has the self-confidence that Amber never has had. He feels Amber could have gone far, but Erica asks what more she could have attained. Erica feels Amber already had everything - a son, a wonderful career, and Rick.

Stephanie stops by Taylor's to visit and is angered to find Amber there. Stephanie asks her why she has not checked herself back into rehab and admits that she is disappointed in her. She hurts Amber when she accuses her of only being at Taylor's looking for sympathy. Amber says that she was the one who left Rick. Taylor steps in to say that even she feels something isn't quite right with what happened to Amber. Stephanie doesn't agree that Amber is a victim, and she angrily leaves the room. Taylor comforts Amber after Stephanie's comments. Amber says she wants her family back, and she won't give up and let everyone think they were right about her. Taylor reminds her that Amber has some work to do if she wants to find out what really happened and reclaim her family. Amber asks to use the phone, where she calls Forrester and asks to speak with the model, Katelyn. Katelyn, Lance's date at the pool party, has already heard about Amber going home with Lance. She gives Amber Lance's phone number.

Rick admits that Erica is more than the babysitter, that she has been there through the miscarriages and the addictions and rehab. Erica tells him that she understands how he could have fallen in love with Amber, but sometimes you can fall in love with someone and know that it's not right. Rick says he felt that all the problems between him and Amber had made them stronger. He was proud of her after she came back from rehab. He feels that maybe he should support her now, too, and take her back. After all, it was just one mistake and she was sorry for it. Erica can't believe what Rick is saying. Erica tells him that it could happen again, and Rick could do so much better than what Amber is giving him. Rick admits that he misses her, even knowing what Amber did was wrong. Erica assures him he will have a strong loving relationship back one-day, just maybe not with Amber.

Amber calls Lance at his apartment and tells him she wants to talk. He says they could get together sometime, but she wants to see him now. After he hesitates, she threatens to get the police involved if he doesn't meet her at the Insomnia now. He shows up, looking cool. Amber immediately demands to know the truth. Lance looks nervous.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

At home, Rick was still trying to make sense out of Amber's behavior. Erica told him he has a right to be angry with Amber-she spent the night with another man! Rick admitted that he still loves Amber.

Amber met Lance at the Insomnia in order to question him about their "night together." Amber could tell by the look in his eyes that he was not giving her honest answers. Amber was convinced that there was more to it than Lance was saying. She begged him to tell the truth.

Bridget imagined that a customer at the Insomnia was Deacon. She became freaked out by this case of mistaken identity and told C.J. she had to leave early. Out of concern C.J. went to her apartment to ask her why she is so upset. Bridget revealed that she had imagined that a customer was Deacon. C.J. wanted to know what Deacon had done to Bridget. Bridget revealed that Deacon had an affair but would not reveal anything else to C.J.. C.J. suspected highly that there was more of a reason for Bridget not wanting anything to do with Deacon, but yet claiming she can never forget about it.

At the insomnia Erica and Rick spotted Amber with Lance. Rick became angry and assumed that Amber is having an affair with Lance. Amber tried to tell Rick that she is not having an affair but he refused to listen. Amber returned home to speak with Rick. Erica told Amber that Rick did not want to talk to her. Amber ignored Erica. Amber realized that Erica is interested in Rick. Amber reminded Erica that Rick is her husband. In addition, Amber advised Erica that this is her house and her family and she will not allow Erica to walk away with them.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Amber and Erica exchange hard words. After accusing Erica of using her (Amber's) time in rehab to make a play for getting Rick for herself, Amber tells Erica to stay out what's going on between Amber and her husband. Erica doesn't hold back from telling Amber that she's not the cause of problems between Amber and Rick, but that everything that's wrong between them is Amber's fault. Erica let's Amber know that Amber is the one who took advantage of everything that she had and Rick had to offer her by cheating on Rick with another man. Amber forces her way past Erica to get to Rick to try to explain to him what happened when he came into Insomnia and found her with Lance.

Rick reluctantly agrees to give Amber one minute to say what's on her mind. Amber tells Rick that she wasn't meeting Lance for romantic reasons. She reminds Rick that she loves him and that she knows that she wasn't unfaithful to him. Amber lets Rick know that when he walked in she was just about to get Lance to open up to her about what happened the night she spent at his apartment but that seeing Rick made Lance nervous and he bolted. Amber swears that she is determined to get to the bottom of what happened and begs for Rick to give her a chance to prove to him that she would never cheat on him or throw away her marriage for a one-night stand. Rick sadly tells Amber that he hopes she can.

Stephanie and Taylor discuss Stephanie's comments to Amber on Thursday. Taylor suggests that Stephanie may have been too hard on Amber. Stephanie warns Taylor that she may need to back away from Amber's troubles this time. Stephanie, once so close to Amber, is not supporting Amber against Rick this time around. Taylor notes that in spite of everything Amber has ever done, there's no question of her love for Rick and Taylor doesn't believe that Amber would throw everything away for a one time fling with a stranger. Taylor says that there are things about this latest episode that don't make sense to her and she thinks Amber should have a chance to pursue the truth. Stephanie is skeptical that there is any other truth than what they already know.

Lance hurries to Sheila to let her know that things are getting out of control with Amber, and that Amber is suspicious and asking a lot of questions. Lance reminds Sheila that what she paid him to do was a crime and he wants Sheila to help him out. Sheila tells Lance he should leave town for a while, but Lance insists that he can't do that without money. He tells Sheila he needs one hundred thousand dollars. Sheila says she doesn't have that kind of money, but Lance is determined. He tells Sheila that even though he committed a crime for her, Amber's desire to save her marriage would cause her to forgive him if he tells her the truth. He warns Sheila that he "will be back tomorrow" for the money and if Sheila doesn't have it, he will go to Amber and tell her the truth. Sheila's mind begins working on what she can do to keep the now blackmailing Lance from ruining all of her plans for her daughter, Erica. Her thoughts may be distracted by the buzzing sounds coming from the beehive outside of her and Erica's apartment.

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