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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Amber learns that Lance knows more than he is letting on. Amber tells Taylor that she must get to Lance so she can clear her name. She can't have Rick thinking she and Lance are having an affair. Amber calls Lance, but he doesn't want anything to do with her. After much persistency from Amber, he agrees. He tells her that he will meet her in the morning. Amber is ecstatic and tells Taylor the good news. Taylor tells her not to get her hopes up, this may not turn out the way she wants it to. Amber calls Rick and begs him to keep his faith in her. She is angry to learn that Erica is there. As well she should be, Erica is busy telling Rick not to believe any more of her lies. She warns him that Amber does not deserve his loyalty and she is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Lance calls Sheila and demands more money or he will blab the whole story to Amber. She tries to talk him out of it, but no dice, the money; or Amber finds out everything. He then makes plans to leave Los Angeles and head out to New York with a large chuck of cash in tow. Sheila gets enraged after Lance has turned her down and after overhearing his conversation, and goes outside to a bee nest near by and proceeds to put the bees the in jar. All the while she is muttering how Lance should have never crossed her. After she collects all the bees into the jar, she ties rope around his door handle then to the handle across the hall, making it impossible for Lance to escape. She heads back outside to the window and lets them out into the room through a tube. Unfortunately for Lance he just happened to be eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich which he dropped and had honey all over his bed and himself. Lance has since fallen asleep and the bees are swarming all over him. They start to sting and he is jerked awake. He is unable to breath and tries to get out the door, but he is trapped. He sees Sheila peaking in the window and begs her for her help, but she refuses. She tells him that he should have never crossed her and now he must pay double-crossing her. Lance crumples to the ground after losing all capability to breathe. Sheila walks away and mutters more words of betrayal.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Amber told Taylor that she will be speaking with Lance today. Amber revealed her intentions to obtain the truth about what really happened the night of the Forrester Creations party when she supposedly left with Lance. Amber assumed that once she learns the truth from Lance, she and Rick can put this incident in the past and get back to the way things were between them.

Rick told Brooke that Amber has a relationship with Lance. Brooke advised Rick to take a stand with Amber, even if it means ending their marriage.

Sheila secretly gloated to herself that she had gotten rid of Lance. He was no longer a threat to her secret that Lance had drugged Amber at the Forrester Creations party. Sheila was now certain that Rick would belong to Erica. Ziggy reminded Sheila that if Erica does get to marry Rick, Sheila cannot go to the wedding because the Forrester family will put her in jail. Ziggy observed and remarked to Sheila that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Ziggy was shaken to hear that Lance had died. It occurred to Ziggy that there had been a discussion about bees in Sheila's apartment. He was highly suspicious that Sheila was responsible for Ziggy's death. When Ziggy left, Sheila decided to herself that she does not want Ziggy to ask any more questions about Lance. She also decided that Amber should just hand Rick over to Erica without any fight.

When she arrived at Lance's apartment, Amber was horrified to discover that Lance was killed by a swarm of bees. Amber knew that she would never be able to learn the truth about what happened from Lance. Amber told Rick that Lance had been killed and she will never know the truth about what happened the night of the Forrester party. Rick told Amber that not giving him proof she was innocent is not acceptable to him and he cannot forgive her. Amber reminded Rick that she still loves him very much. Before leaving, Amber promised Rick that she will learn the truth and she will reunite their family.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Massimo complains that he hasn't been a top priority for Stephanie lately. She admits that she's been sidetracked by Brooke's situation, but that Brooke really needs her help right now. Massimo insists that he wants an equal level of commitment from Stephanie. He wants to show her that Brooke can live without Stephanie. The captain of Massimo's yacht comes in and hands Stephanie an itinerary of a cruise identical to the one that the two of them had dreamed about long ago in college. Stephanie tells Massimo that he is romantic and thoughtful, but she is not sure that it is the right time to go away for several weeks. Massimo tells Stephanie that he wants to take Stephanie away from L.A. so that their relationship can progress. All Stephanie has to do is say yes- the crew and the ship are waiting for her. When she hesitates, he fears that she is using Brooke as an excuse to keep him at arms length. Stephanie assures him that she's not, and agrees to think about it and talk to Brooke to see if she and the baby could do without Stephanie for awhile.

At the pool, Whip stops by to visit Brooke and wonders why she isn't her usual talkative self. She admits that she is concerned for Bridget, working at the Insomnia surrounded by C.J. and all of the Spectra clan.

At the Insomnia, Bridget thanks Sally for meeting with her. Bridget tells Sally that she wants to throw a surprise birthday party for C.J. at the Insomnia. Sally reminds her that C.J. stopped celebrating his birthday after Macy and Becky died. Bridget wants to do something nice for C.J. C.J. comes over to the table to tell Bridget to get back to work. Sally tells C.J. to relax, but he insists he can't when the restaurant is so busy. C.J. gives Bridget 2 minutes to get back to work. Sally, after seeing C.J. so uptight, agrees to help with the party. Bridget wants to have the party that night, and she pencils in a "private party" into C.J.'s planner.

Whip reminds Brooke that he still wants to be a father for her baby. Brooke wants to stay away from relationships until she figures a few things out. She admits that she always looses her perspective when she is involved with a man, and she doesn't want that to happen right now. Whip is glad that Stephanie is there for Brooke. Brooke admits that she doesn't know what she would do without her. She tells Whip that staying away from Bridget is hard on her. Brooke wants things to be different for this baby. She's afraid that she has destroyed Bridget's trust in everything and wonders if Bridget will ever be able to love again.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Darla took groceries over to C.J.. She questioned whether he is interested in Bridget. C.J. denied any feelings for Bridget. He reminded Darla that he had found the love of his life and had married her and now she is gone. Darla tried to gently advise him that it is okay to let go of Becky.

At the Insomnia, Clarke and Bridget continued to plan C.J.'s party. Clarke warned Bridget that a party may not over joy C.J. right now. C.J. observed Bridget with a customer after she had spilled something. C.J. also saw that Bridget was apologetic to the customer and laughing. Clarke warned C.J. not to continually criticize Bridget as she is new to waitressing.

At Spectra Fashions, Darla, Clarke and Sally continued to plan C.J.'s party. They warned Sally that C.J. is grouchy and in a bad mood. Sally predicted that the more someone cares about C.J., the more they are likely to be hurt. Sally explained this is because C.J. would like to reach out to someone right now but because of his hurt over Macy, Becky and his bad experience with Amber, he's afraid. Clarke explained that he likes Bridget better than Amber. He specified that Bridget is sweet and does not have an agenda as Amber does. Sally agreed that Bridget could be very good for C.J..

Back at the Insomnia, C.J. got angry when he discovered that Bridget had booked a private party without consulting with him about it. Because Bridget did not want to spoil his birthday party surprise, she played dumb and pretended she did not have a telephone number for the customer. Not aware that the party was for him, C.J. fired Bridget. Bridget told C.J. that he is being a jerk and she thought they were friends. C.J. told her it had nothing to do with friendship.

Stephanie told Brooke that Massimo had invited her to go on a cruise on his yacht. Brooke encouraged her to go. Brooke also acknowledged that she had come to be fond of Stephanie and realized she is a very dependable person. Brooke thanked her for getting her through this terrible situation with Bridget and for assisting her with her new baby. Stephanie asked Brooke if she wanted her to stay and be there for her rather than leave with Massimo on the cruise. Brooke asked Stephanie to stay. Stephanie decided to stay and be there for Brooke and her baby.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Sally and Clarke are waiting for C.J. to arrive on the pretense of signing tax papers as part of the plan for getting C.J. away from Insomnia so that Bridget, Darla and everyone can finish setting up for his surprise birthday party. While they wait, Sally and Clarke discuss how nice it was of Bridget to take charge of making all of the arrangements for celebrating their son's birthday. Sally has a moment when she says she thinks she may not have been the best example for C.J. to follow for moving on with his life after having lost both his wife and his sister. C.J. arrives with the intention of signing the papers and leaving immediately. Sally and Clarke try to stall him by asking him to drop off the papers on his way back to insomnia. He protests at first saying he really needs to get back because he is short staffed and Bridget has booked a big dinner party coming in. Sally tells him there's no hurry, and that Bridget can handle the details for a little longer so that he can run the errand. C.J. tells Sally and Clarke that Bridget can't handle the dinner party because he fired her that afternoon. His parents are shocked to hear this since; they know that it was Bridget's idea to have the party for C.J.. Sally tells her son that he was wrong for firing Bridget when the only thing she had ever done was care about C.J.. Clarke adds that C.J. had been on Bridget's case ever since he hired her. They ask him where she is and he tells them that Bridget is probably moving out of the apartment as they speak. Clarke asks his son if he also evicted Bridget and C.J. denies that he did but says she probably wouldn't want to hang around and pay rent to the man who took her job away. Angry with his parents, C.J. storms out of the office telling them if they like Bridget so much, they should hire her and then she can join Ridge at Spectra.

Over at Insomnia, as the final decorations are set up, Bridget tells Darla that she has been fired and that she won't be staying for the party. Darla pleads with Bridge to stay, but Bridget says she doesn't want to see C.J.. Sally and Clark arrive and a short while later, someone announces that C.J. is on his way into Insomnia. As Bridget is leaving, C.J. comes in and is genuinely surprised that a party has been planned for him. Standing in the shadows, Bridget wishes C.J. "happy birthday."

Stephanie goes to Massimo's office and Mass is anxious to tell her of all the plans he has been making for their trip. Stephanie tells him that she can't go with him. Mass is surprised and upset that Stephanie is turning down his offer of a cruise. He wants to know why. Stephanie tells him that she just came from Brooke's house and that Brooke asked her not to go. Stephanie says that she feels she needs to be around to keep an eye on Brooke, and support her newborn daughter. She feels her "family" needs her. Mass tells Stephanie that Brooke is not her family. Stephanie tells him that Brooke does need her and she worries that if she is not around, Brooke might turn to Eric or worse, Thorne. Stephanie drops another bomb by telling Mass that she plans to move into Eric's second guesthouse for a while to be closer to Brooke. Mass asks her if she is going back to Eric and Stephanie says, "No." Mass is angry and tells Stephanie that he has stood around and watched Stephanie put everyone in her family first before him and before herself and he won't do that this time. Stephanie tells him she is sorry she can't agree to go along with his plans, and she's sorry she can't tell him what he wants to hear, but she has given her word to Brooke and Massimo will do what he feels he needs to do, but so must she. Stephanie walks out.

Back at the party, C.J. tries to thank his mom and dad and Darla but they all say they can't take credit for the party. It occurs to C.J. that Bridget was behind the whole thing. He goes to look for her and finds her packing. Bridget tells C.J. she has enough problems of her own without adding his to her life. She tells him that he lashes out at everyone like he's the only person who has ever lost someone or had a broken heart. Realizing that he's been a jerk, C.J. tells Bridget he doesn't lash out at everyone, only the people who care about him. Bridget has lost patience with C.J. and grabs her bag to leave. C.J. asks her to stop, but she keeps heading toward the door. Desperate to keep her there, C.J. grabs her arm and pulls her to close to him. They both realize something is happening between them.

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