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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, August 12, 2002

The Spectra clan is at the party Bridget threw for C.J. discussing how things are going with him and Bridget, being that he angrily yelled and fired her. Kristen thinks it will be impossible for Bridget to forgive him after everything Deacon put her through. C.J. tries to break down the walls he built between him and Bridget, but she is very leery. "You must care or you wouldn't have thrown this party for me with all my family and friends", he pleads. He tells her things will be different. She forgives him and Sally breaks in and asks what they are doing, are they coming to the party or not. They all head downstairs. When downstairs they toast C.J. He takes her aside to thank her. "You Forrester's go all out, he states. Bridget asks why he lumps the Forrester's together, think of me as Bridget, she asks. He agrees and apologizes. Bridget has a surprise for him. It is a video of his life, including Becky and Macy. C.J. is almost in tears and she knows that she has touched him. After the party, they go to her loft and he begins to unpack all she has packed when she was going to leave. He thanks her again and asks her why. She doesn't get a straight answer, but he already knows.

Ziggy stops by Sheila's house and she steps out looking all hot and knocks his socks off. After a few cheap one-liners she rebuffs his advances and heads out to cause trouble for some unbeknownst person. Meanwhile, Massimo and Sherman are eating dinner and Sherman states that Mass should leave and get away from Los Angeles. Sherman states that Stephanie needs her head checked for not sticking by him. He tells him that he needs to find exact opposite of Stephanie. Sherman states that the right woman is out there and she may just walk through that door. Massimo disregards what he is saying until Sheila walks in. He goes up to her, but she states she doesn't want company. Mass states neither does he, but he is looking for trouble and he thinks he just found it. Sheila states you have no idea.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

At Las Olas, Sheila kept her hair partially covered to disguise herself. Massimo flirted with Sheila. He hinted to her that he wanted to invite her on his cruise around the world on his yacht.

At home, Erica suggested to Rick that she bring Little Eric over for a visit with Zende. She admitted that she had used Zende in order to meet Amber. She also admitted that she felt guilty because she had used Zende. She revealed to Rick that it was the type of thing her mother would do-use people to get whatever she wants. She told Rick that she does not want to turn into her mother. She revealed without realizing it sometimes, her mother does influence her, as in the night she wore the red dress-it was her mother's idea!

Taylor asked Amber if she were absolutely certain that nothing happened between her and Lance the night she had passed out at the Forrester party? Amber was completely certain. When Amber repeated her story, Taylor was certain that Lance would have had time to put a drug into her drink-the "date rape drug." Taylor recommended that Amber undergo a drug test immediately to find out if she was indeed drugged. Amber was certain that she was drugged because there was no other explanation for what happened to her.

When Amber telephoned Rick, Erica answered the telephone. Erica would not allow Amber to speak with Rick. Amber warned Erica that the truth about what happened on the evening in question would soon come out and she would soon kick Erica out of her home. Erica responded to Amber by advising her if she really loves Rick she would leave him alone. Amber was hopeful she would obtain the results of her drug test, prove herself innocent of any wrong doing and reunify with her family!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Stephanie meets with Bridget and discusses Brooke's current life. Bridget comments on how much time and effort she put into keeping her marriage together to appease Deacon. She adds that C.J. next door has a personality similar to Deacon's and mentions the birthday party she arranged for him. Sensing some "excitement," Stephanie wonders aloud if she should get involved with someone like him. Bridget assures her that they are just friends. Later, C.J. has fun at Bridget's expense and then surprises her with a special show of thanks. Erica brings Little Eric to Forrester to see Rick who invites her to stay from the upcoming meeting. Rick explains to Whip that Amber will miss today's meeting. As the meeting gets underway with Kristen and Thorne, the family worries about Amber's lack of input.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Taylor his outside as Ziggy entered Lance's apartment. Ziggy found a pile of money in Lance's desk draw. Taylor walked in and asked Ziggy what he was doing in Lance's apartment. Taylor asked Ziggy about the lack of screens on Lance's windows. Ziggy revealed that he is the manager of the building and that Lance was a friend of his. Ziggy also told Taylor that Lance was willing to do anything for large amounts of money. Ziggy let it slip out that he did not want to rat on Lance. Ziggy realized that he told Taylor more than he should have. Taylor explained to Ziggy that she was only trying to obtain answers for a friend, about Lance, who needs the answers to put her marriage back together.

Erica told Sheila that she has surprised how attached she is become to Little Eric. Erica admitted that she feels she has been help to both Rick and Eric since Amber left. For the first time Erica is aware that Rick would be able to have feelings for her. Erica told Sheila that she is good for both Rick and Eric.

In Rick's office, Amber told Rick that she does not want Little Eric around Erica any longer. Amber told Rick that she was drugged the night of the party. Rick did not not believe her because her drug test had no drugs in it. Amber was adamant although there was no drugs in her test-that's because she took the test too late. Amber felt strongly that Erica is responsible for her being drugged. She even went so far as to accuse Erica for being responsible for Lance's death. Amber explained that Erica is the only person who had the motivation to ruin her and Rick's marriage-she wants Rick!

At home, Rick told Erica of Amber's theory that Erica drugged Amber. Erica was upset and told Rick that Amber is out of her mind. Amber continued on her mission to prove that Erica drugged her.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Ziggy tells Sheila that a strange woman had come around asking questions about Lance. He also says that this woman gave him one of her cards. Somewhat unnerved but trying not to show it, Sheila takes the card and sees that it belongs to Taylor Haynes. She tells Ziggy, it doesn't matter if Taylor is asking questions, because there is nothing in Lance's apartment that can connect him to Sheila in any way. Ziggy tells Sheila, yes there is! When Sheila demands to know that the "something is", Ziggy tells her it's the money that she gave Lance; the $10.000. Sheila tells Ziggy to go to Lance's apartment and get the money. Ziggy refuses, telling Sheila he won't get involved in her schemes. Sheila demands the pass key and at first, Ziggy refuses to give it to her. However, there's something about the way Sheila looks at him that lets him know she's not kidding around and he gives her the key.

Taylor and Amber discuss Amber's failed attempt to get Rick to believe that Amber may have been drugged and thus explaining the reason why she woke up in Lance's bed. Amber tells Taylor that Rick seemed like he was leaning toward accepting her story until Amber mentioned her suspicions about Erica being behind drugging her. At that point, she tells Taylor, Rick stopped listening to her. Amber is so upset because her hopes that her drug test might prove her statements have been dashed and she is sure that Erica is after her husband but she can't prove it. Taylor tells Amber she may be able to offer her some help. Taylor tells Amber that she went to Lance's apartment to look around and talk to people who knew him to see if she could learn anything new. She also tried to get into his apartment, but the landlord (Ziggy) wouldn't let her in. Amber tells Taylor she is grateful that Taylor is supporting her. Taylor says that Amber's behavior doesn't fit the profile of a drug user and until they get to the truth, she will continue to support Amber.

Erica spends a lot of time trying to convince Rick that he needs to wake up and stop being so gullible where Amber is concerned. She says all the statements Amber is making don't make sense and are just more of the same lies she's told over and over again. Rick says not all of Amber's story is hard to believe; with the exception of Amber's belief that Erica had anything to do with her memory lapse and behavior. Erica is furious that Amber is trying to create doubt about her in Rick's eyes. She tells Rick she can't understand why Amber hates her so much. All she wants is what's best for Rick and Little Eric. Erica insists it's not her fault that Amber is throwing away the best thing in her life. She goes on to tell Rick that she feels sad that he won't allow himself to accept that he doesn't need Amber to move forward with his life. Erica tells Rick she needs to go out and makes it clear that she's going to look for Amber to give her a talking to about the things she has been saying about her.

Sheila goes to Lance's apartment to look for the money. She finds it with no difficulty. While giving the apartment a thorough wipe down to get rid of any fingerprints she may have left, she hears a voice behind her ask, "What are you doing in here?" Without turning around, Sheila realizes the voice belongs to Taylor.

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